Benjarkin Ousted by SWAT Leadership

MAMMOTH, SWAT Empire – Mere hours after ACP released a controversial declaration of victory in the war against SWAT, the leadership of the army has fired longtime SWAT Leader Benjarkin.

The Special Weapons and Tactics Army has been embroiled in a fiery war with the Army of CP over the past week, and just earlier today ACP claimed victory, alleging a war score of 21-2 (SWAT claims the score remains at 10-10). ACP has decided to ignore all future SWAT invasions, while SWAT continues to invade, claiming they still have servers they took from ACP, bolstered by servers they have been loaned by the Light Troops. 

In the midst of all this, just moments ago SWAT Leader Tempah announced the firing of fellow SWAT Leader Benjarkin

Today, on the 26th of April 2014 the SWAT of CP announce the firing of long-serving and army legend Benjarkin. This was not an easy decision to make however we are confident it is the right one.

This decision was one we’ve[the leadership] had in mind for a few days and has been announced due to an argument breaking out on chat making it impossible for us to continue on with Ben.

The reasons for the decision are as follows:

  • The leaders didn’t believe Benjarkin was as committed as they/we are. We spend hours recruiting new troops, something Benjarkin rarely did.
  • Benjarkin’s confrontational attitude led to many arguments on the chat be it with me, Taco or numerous other troops.
  • Constant swearing leading to new recruits not wanting to be involved with SWAT.
  • Consistent threats of couping other leaders.

Despite the unfortunate way Benjarkins reign has come to an end the SWAT of CP would like to put on record it’s thanks for all Benjarkins efforts within SWAT over the years, he remains a SWAT legend.

The SWAT will now move forward without Benjarkin.

Tempah, SWAT Leader, April 26, 2014

The SWAT Legends Page lists Benjarkin as one of SWAT’s great leaders, accompanied by the following description. 

Benjarkin is also known for his amazing recruiting skills throughout the SWAT Army. Benjarkin led one of the best generations in SWAT history with the help of Badboy00923. Together they got SWAT to 2nd in CPAC without the help of any godfathers or former leaders.

SWAT Legends Page,, April 26, 2014

The firing of Ben came as a surprise to many in the army, with soldiers of various ranks expressing confusion at what exactly had occurred, and some doubt that it was for the best of the army. 

I really don’t feel that it was the right choice; Ben was a pretty good leader. Sure, he didn’t recruit AS much as the others but he was pretty good. He also [swore] but I think we should have given him another chance to see.

Gangsta, SWAT General, April 26, 2014

Never really liked him, quiet, just hope he doesn’t come back like always…

Mattg, SWAT Leader-in-Training, April 26, 2014

I don’t know what happened. 

Farley128, SWAT General, April 26, 2014

There is, obviously, a great variance of opinions on whether or not Benjarkin’s removal will help or hinder the army. However, regardless, this was a dangerous time for such a move, as SWAT is bogged-down in their increasingly messy war with ACP, and the army attempts to rise to the Top Ten. Only time will tell just what sort of effects this will have on the army. 

What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

๖̶̶̶ۣۜѕιя вℓυєѕσcкωa тнє 2η∂

CPA Central CEO


71 Responses

  1. 1st!!1!!!!1!!!1!!1

  2. Benjarkin is also known for his amazing recruiting skills throughout the SWAT Army. Benjarkin led one of the best generations in SWAT history with the help of Badboy00923. Together they got SWAT to 2nd in CPAC without the help of any godfathers or former leaders.
    SWAT Legends Page,, April 26, 2014

    Okay. This made me laugh.

    1. Badboy was never leader in that generation, as he wrote that description.
    2. I was the main leader of the generation as when I retired SWAT crumbled and was merged by BenJarkin into LT.


    • They are on about SWATs last generation. Badboy did lead and they got CPAC 2nd.

  3. Ben was no use to us, he barely recruited, he did nothing but cause fights. He probably used the n word 50 times today.

    • You act like you are useful, Mr. Lorenzo Bean.

  4. whocares

    • I think that gif was really…GOLDEN.

    • I love the golden girls

  5. I guess you can say… Fort and Ben went out with a Ganger

    • Have you forgotten that we feel uncomFORTable with the decision to fire benjerkin?

  6. I think SWAT really FORTified their leadership by getting rid of Ben.

    • I think that their FORT could really crumble.

      • I think that SWAT’s troops need some comFORTing in a situation like this.

        • They need to STEP back and cheer up

          • I think if they motivated themselves they could really take a STEP in the right direction.

        • The trauma induced by this coup is really unFORTgettable.

          • can you not spell correctly or something

            • Mr. Blue2, we put a lot of efFORT into these puns. I’d appreciate if you STEPped aside so we can create the ultimate pun which will go out with a GANG and leave everyone feeling BLUE

            • Lol dicks (Wary)


          • This coup seemed so unFORTunate

            • you already said that
              now THAT’s unFORTunate

              • These puns are starting to take a step back in terms of quality.

                • FORTget it, this can’t work out. Just step aside.

          • UnFORTunate for this to happen

          • Ganger needs new SWAT team

          • Stop bulding a FORT with these puns!

      • Ben should have put more efFORT into his leadership

        • Maybe without Ben we can finally get the FORTy+, Ganger and I want.

          • If not, Ganger may get so stressed out that he experiences severe inFORTility.

            • I’m just gonna say it FORThright.

              You’re puns fucking suck more then cheap whore.

          • that would be rather FORTuitous

        • These puns require a lot of efFORT. I suppose SWAT just wants to go out with a GANG

          • I feel a lot more comFORTable without ben leading

        • maybe we’ll get FORTy+ if we go to the snow FORTs

          • OUR battle with ACP took like FORTy minutes yesterday

          • Can all of you guys just go suck a FORT.
            *yea I’m out of FORTin ideas ._.

            • Well it looks like SWAT will have to put in some efFORT to get out of this mess.

              • These unFORTbidable puns are really lacking efFORT.

  7. his post gave me:


    I removed all the other ones that you obviously don’t have dear.

  8. Lick my fat schlongnog

    • You don’t even have one.

      • Come back to SWAT bish<3

        • Busy. Maybe around summer.

    • *poke*

  9. SWAT will always fail, and they think the score is 10-10 when they FORT ACP.

  10. some_text

    • niceonecool

  11. Mkay, I’m opening up bids. What army does Benjarkin army jump to next? I’m putting 100 XATS on UMA. Anybody else?

    • This made my day.

    • He went to Ranger Troops.
      Didn’t see that one coming.

  12. Lol?

  13. Someone explain to me why this post is stuck to the front page?

    • Nobody knows.

    • Cause your dad fucked a slut and gave birth to a faggot after the plan b pills failed to work

      • shut up you mat licker

        • wtf 3rd grade insult?

          BOOGER EATER!!!!!!!

          • hurry up and finish making my curry or you aren’t getting a tip

            • Lmfao Musta and Change mah motha fakking neegurs

            • Are you implying that I’m indian? lol

    • because it was the top story of the evening

      why do you people feel the need to rage about what news we do cover and then still rage when we don’t cover anything

      • Who cares hehe

      • Rage? I think you’re mistaken.

  14. “Constant swearing leading to new recruits not wanting to be involved with SWAT.” Dude the whole SWAT leadership and chat swears regularly, Practice what you preach, fools.

    • Why would you comment on our chat, it’s something we’ve been working on recently.

  15. idk if this is cpac worthy, but im glad this army hopper is out again

  16. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.

  17. Wow, such misFORTune.

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