The Multi-Logging Scandals Continue: Ganger90 Caught Red-Handed

UPDATE 10:57 PM EST: In a final test that seems to prove Ganger and Fort to be one and the same, it has been observed that when Ganger and Fort59 were both brought to CPAC chat for a test by Blue2, his banning of Ganger’s account also caused Fort59’s account to go offline. (For those unaware, this happens because the accounts share the same IP address but are on different browsers, effectively the final nail in the coffin for this case).

UPDATE 9:36 PM EST: Picture courtesy of Sidie shows Ganger detailing multilogging plans in PC.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters — Another one bites the dust in a never-ending story of attempting to take advantage of Club Penguin. And this time, once again, it’s a newly elected CP Army Legend. This is just getting sad now. 

As it happens, multi-logging is the new black. In the past year, we’ve seen more major army leaders — and some CP Army Legends — face a vote of re-induction, widespread distrust by their troops, and, in summary, major taints on their careers. Since December of last year, CPA Central has covered multi-logging scandals spanning armies such as the Army of CP, the Light Troops, the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Army Republic, and the Nachos. Powerful people such as Jerry, Buritodaily, Waterkid, Vinny, Elmikey, and many others have seen their career accomplishments questioned over this abuse of Club Penguin. Essentially: it’s what drugs are to pro sports.

So, how are we going to get armies off this multi-logging rush; the ecstasy of logging onto more than one penguin and telling mainstream media it was your sister? It’s a hope at this point, that if enough army leaders fall, we will eventually drive the point home that one, two, however many soldiers isn’t worth bringing everything you’ve worked for into question. With that foreword, let’s begin.

It was on January 7th of last year that CPA Central first brought the possibility of SWAT’s multi-logging into question, and we haven’t spoke on the issue since. Ganger90 denied the accusations saying that although a post had been made, multi-logging never actually happened — it was only suggested. It wasn’t until recently that new information has popped up on the topic, and with the help of some sources who have requested to remain anonymous, we are able to present to you proof of Ganger involving himself in multi-logging.

Above, you see the first in a series of pictures coming from SWAT’s site. While this picture was taken to show the time, you see that Ganger currently has tabs open on Chrome and on Opera. This could be purely coincidental, to be fair — please note, however, that it has taken place on more than one occasion. In the below image (from this post) we see Ganger has Firefox, Chrome and Opera open.

The penguin being called into question is Fort59, assumed to be a multi-log used by Ganger90. In the same results post, which was made by Ganger, “Fort59” is the user logged on Club Penguin for one of the screenshots. Also good to note, Fort59 is not on the SWAT Ranks, and everything else we usually look for checks out: Fort59 is only at events Ganger90 appears at, and for those events Ganger is not a part of, Fort59 is not there either. See the evidence below; I warn you however that due to previous experience with bringing down multi-logging or picture editing, we expect the post will be taken down and the evidence removed. For your convenience, it’s below.

Click to enlarge.

For two events where Ganger90 and Fort59 are spotted together, please see the screenshots here and here. Another piece of evidence that we don’t have in most of these scandals — and, arguably, the most definitive — has to do with the IP addresses of Ganger90 and Fort59 when commenting on CPA Central. We’ve dealt with IPs in posts before, but for those of you who don’t know an IP is basically something that can identify your location, and consequently who you are. 

Above, you see some of the comments from the 2011 CP Army Central Summer Awards. This is the earliest mention of Fort59 from what we’ve seen, and his IP directly matches with Ganger90’s. While Fort59’s commenting on CPA Central is not too recent, Ganger90’s IP address still consistently matches with the comments made in 2011. Ganger’s comments on CPAC, as recent as April 6th of this year, show that the IP match remains the same.

If no information shows definitively otherwise, this scandal will come into mainstream media just as the issues with Jerry, Buritodaily and Vinny are coming to an end. As seems to be the newly accepted process, it is likely Ganger90’s Legend Status will need to be reconsidered if nothing is shown to prove the information shown incorrect. If a decision of that sort takes place, you will be notified in the July 2014 Inductions.

Army leaders, if you haven’t taken the hint by now, I’ll spell it out for you: if you are involved in something like this, stop now before you are brought into a scandal like so many before you. As always, my friends, your thoughts, comments, enlightened opinions, and angry fits of rage are welcome. For CPA Central, I’m Bluesockwa1. 


CPA Central CEO


103 Responses

    • Fucking brilliant man.

      • #Exposed

    • Oh man, 65 likes and 1 dislike [from Ganger]

      • And this was the 100th comment on the post ^

        • Is that Jaime Lannister?!?!?

  1. damn we’re on acp’s level 😥

    • actually we haven’t edited a pic yet, pc me on if you can edit

      • You faked several ausia invasions which is worse.

        • SWAT’s guide to Ausia is doing a US event and calling it an Ausia event

          • So if fort voted for ganger which was ganger, than the vote would be 9-10 which makes him unofficial and not appointed legend right?

  2. I want to come up with a witty comment like Boomer but all I can say right now is… lol

  3. Ganger’s reaction:

  4. ily still ganger

  5. What

  6. You Seriously Just noticed this now??

  7. pew pew pew

  8. if you don’t multilog you’re not taking advantage of a simple and effective tool to help your army, and are a loser

    • i never multi-logged and LT still turned out better than most the armies that do

    • so you pretty much admit you multilog?

      • Sorry, Toy. Some of us have lives we have to tend to that take away from the 24 hours we could spend recruiting new soldiers since all the other recruits left after their first event… =/

        • Sticking up for a fellow multilogger eh?

          • True or not, he’s still accomplished much more than you. I’m not justifying his actions, I just think that constantly abusing the auto-typer is somewhere in the same range as multi-logging.

            • so recruiting new troops into my army so I actually have legit soldiers is considered the same thing as cheating?

              • but you do multilog anyways so

                • How do I multilog LOL? Show me proof bro.

                  • Do you REALLY want me to show proof? Cause you already know I have proof. I also have proof beyond Multi-logging.

                    • Yep 😀

                  • Notice how when toy is in a event palkia678 or whatever that penguin is called is in those pics as well as himself and the day toy joined DW the penguin logged on for DW as well

                    • You’re not meta, you’re mustapha.

              • you aren’t recruiting them. a program is.

                • If I didn’t activate the program, then it wouldn’t be recruiting. 🙂

                • More to it than that, don’t you think? Otherwise AR wouldn’t have failed.

                  • took all your servers didn’t we?

                    • no

      • Oh yes, I’ve been using two penguins for events since before you were even around.

    • You can’t decided whether or not someone is a loser. Who are you, anyway?

      • Derek, the UMA one, the one that doesn’t give a crap what anyone thinks anymore because ‘everyone’ is just as pathetic as myself.

  9. and if you’re stupid enough to get caught you’re a loser

  10. Well, lovely to see it isn’t green this time.

    As far as legend being stripped away, I think thats a tad too much. The fact that he’s been publicly called out like this puts a mark by his name alone.

    I would say suspend SWAT from the Top Ten, but there is no guarantee they’ll even make it on their own merit.

    Let’s just all take it for what it is. Ganger taking the easy way, it happens to the best of us.

    • if we get suspended from top 10 i want ACP suspended for a month

      • I want your keyboard to be broken for a year.

        • Oh damn

    • the difference with this is that the multilogging proof dates back to as far as 2011 as seen in this post.

      • the difference from us to yours is you had Sercan AND Jerry doing it as well as editing pics.

  11. smfh

  12. More proof:

    • thats him saying it after the cpac post

  13. who puts the bar thing on the fucking side of the screen?

  14. Expooooooosed.

  15. Note to all armies. If you hire someone as a decent rank and they were a high ranking member of GT, chances are they multi-log. Need proof? Look at the list of GT leaders and compare it to who has been caught doing malicious deeds to their army or the community as a whole.

    • Yes GT is “Gigantic Liars” at multi-logging. lmao

    • Not purple slime though… yet.

      • Slime was a noob back in GT, highest she got was a mod.

  16. Woah Ganger. Just got inducted to legends, and now this? SMH bro.

  17. byebye legend status

  18. The picture provided by Sidie is fake, as it is not SWAT’s chat bg

    • Dude it was from 2 years ago.
      Before you say that doesn’t count, it does as Ganger did nothing this year and wasn’t around much last year. So a lot of Ganger’s legend material came from 2012.
      Good day sir.

  19. Been in SWAT for a “long time”, still a member in an army which consists of predominantly owners and mods. Not even on the ranks page. Gangers attempt to make it look legit. lol

    • Ganger claiming it was just his cousin –
      Another pitiful excuse –
      He asked Fort to PC him, yet again? Used to live with him…?

      • Ganger really is trying hard.

  20. Dear Ex-GT Leaders, stop getting involved in scandals and ruining the reputation of our army. Thank you.

    • Sad to say you are the only one still decent.

  21. if Ganger’s legend status gets revoked because of this, then shouldn’t Flipmoo’s as ACP edited pictures AND multi logged? And if SWAT is getting suspended from the top ten because of this, then so should the ACP.

    • No because flipmoo is the only one part of the trio who hasn’t been involved in the most recent ACP scandals.

      • As if Flipmoo had no idea this went on…

    • Flipmoo wasn’t involved in either of the scandals, but Jerry and Sercan were removed from consideration as a result of them.

      • There’s no legit proof that Ganger Multi-logged. You can assume hes Fort59, even though I’ve seen Fort59 as an owner on SWAT chat. In that picture it shows Fort doing the tactic and not Ganger, wtf? Also, I have multiple troops who send me pictures of battle.

        To be honest, if you want to remove one multilogger from the legends page, you should remove them all. I know of 5+ legends who have multilogged.

        • Why would Fort59 even be an owner? He’s not even on the ranks, yet he claims he is Ganger’s cousin and he’s apparantly even been in SWAT for years. No one has known he was Ganger’s cousin.

        • Heres the legit proof:

          -Fort59 not on ranks
          -When you’re in two browsers you can’t really do two tactics and the same time.
          -These pictures can support that Fort59 is a multilogger due to his taskbar showing 2 and 3 browsers open at once.

          Also, please name those legends.

    • first time I’ve agreed with waterkid

    • Sadly, Waterkid, ACP asslicks CPAC so bad, they decide not to suspend ACP.

    • Lol swat isn’t even in the top ten

  22. No wonder they claimed it was a tie!!!!!

  23. I always knew when i once saw Spi in their clothes. I always knew.

  24. spi joined the doritos or nachos but he left dw

  25. SWAT also faked AUSIA invasions which were infact USA

  26. Reblogged this on ACP: The Official Army of Club Penguin and commented:

    Following faking American events as AUSIA events, not admitting defeat in UK events despite being more than half our size…. SWAT has now been proven to have taken part in Multi-Logging!

  27. This is like the CP Army version of fucking Major League Baseball PERFOMANCE ENHANCING DRUGS IN CP ARMIES EQUALS PERFORMANCE IN MULTILOGGIN TROOPS IN CP ARMIES Read all about ittt mofos 😀


    • I thought he was his cousin?

      • “Welp I’m dying better play some cp armies before I die!!!!”

    • you always were an angry little nooblet

  29. Inb4 Ganger comments.

  30. It’s great that Ganger’s cousin is so active in the army and can be called upon whenever necessary.

  31. I Kicked fort59 on SWAT chat and ganger got really mad xD

  32. So now that he is caught shouldn’t he have to be revoted as a legend? Because thats what happened to Burr and Vinny when that post was made.

  33. fort is obviously ganger’s grandma why else would they be using the same ip
    it can’t be just ganger using 2 computers

  34. what has happened



  37. inb4 half of the people making fun of ganger will be revealed multilogging as well (acp your already exposed) im not saying what ganger did was right but still dat circlejerk

  38. You cannot stop people from multi-logging, It just shows how much they care for the army, if you have the ability to get one more penguin online than you currently have then why not take the opportunity? Almost all leaders and other troops multi log. The only time people actually care I guess is when they get caught.

    • And how many times have you multilogged for DW Freezie?

    • Before people start screaming “OMG DW MULTILOGS”

      This is not Freezie66, the Freezie who led DW.

  39. dw doesnt multi log you idiots we r a legit army who recruits

  40. i know this is off topic but did rpf kick out pj?

  41. hes a terrible army leader and rpf is too scared to admit losing i know that they had like 15 ppl and we had 30 on our battle 😐

  42. i mean like rpf never admits losing one time they avereged 9-11 and silverburg is the only smart one in rpf

  43. ok get back to the multilogging thing :p

  44. […] SWAT blames Verum to being the reason they cheated. But please take into consideration that there was a penguin called “Forts59” attending every single swat event. I think Ganger is literally autistic or something because he multilogs the same penguin after he got exposed on 2014. The post can be read by clicking HERE. […]

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