CPAC Special Report: Multilogging in the Army of Club Penguin?

BREEZE, ACP Empire – ACP has been accused of multilogging to boost their sizes several times in the past. Now, new evidence, combined with old reports, has painted a conclusive picture that seems to lend new support to these claims.

In December 2013, Waterkid, as leader of the Light Troops, accused Jerry and then-ACP leader Cassius Brutus of multilogging on the penguins 10sportacus, remy 99, and jhtocp. These accusations stretch back to the time of the Golden Troops, and were a subject of an ongoing debate for some time during the last days of Cassius Brutus’s leadership and the early days of ‘Sercmoo’. At the time, the majority of these accusations were dismissed as hearsay based on lies, with ACP stating that the penguins were owned by the leadership but had been loaned to other troops who didn’t have penguins. (Incidentally, a look through the ACP archives from this period shows Remy 99 in nearly every single event that Jerry is in; additionally, he is seen as Jerry 4 Ever, jhtocp, Acpjerry, and Jerryacp in the span of about a week’s worth of events, though not necessarily at the same time. In at least one case, the penguin, Acpjerry, was likely created that very day, as its name was still unapproved). Meanwhile, 10sportacus is featured in events stretching from January to the present day, almost never without Sercan being there as well.

10sportacus, seen at an ACP event in December 2013.

Separate from this, was a controversy surrounding 10sportacus, in late 2013. A group of ACP retirees, speaking with CPAC, stated that they had raised concerns about multilogging as part of an investigation into the subject, specifically regarding a few penguins that seemed to be in frequent use. One of these was 10sportacus. It was noted particularly that while 10sportacus first shows up on the ACP ranks in December 2013, and that while he seemingly attended nearly all events, he never commented to receive his medals on posts, never placed a join comment, and, as of the April 2014 promotions, has never been promoted. After it was implied that 10sportacus was a multilog on ACP chat, Sercan responded that the penguin was not, and that he would ban anyone who said otherwise.

An event from January 2014, in which both 10sportacus and another accused multi-log, Remy 99, can be seen.

An event from just a few days ago; once again, 10sportacus is visible.

It is at this point that the xat account ‘10sportacus’ appeared on chat. Now, in recent days, Waterkid has come forth with further accusations, directly linking Sercan 4444’s xat account with the account used on chat by ‘10spartacus’ through the xat buddy system. 10sportacus was shown to be Sercan’s old xat account from his GT days, providing a possibly convincing new piece to the puzzle of these penguins.

Sercan and his 10spartacus account

You see, xat has this thing where when you click on someone in your friendlist their OLD name shows and then their NEW one appears. I added Sercan’s old account ages ago (I think in December 2012 when GT returned) and he used that account. Sercan then changed it to be the account of 10spartacus, one of his multi logs.

-Waterkid100, Light Troops Leader, April 5, 2014

This seems to lend conclusive proof to the accusation that the xat account which popped up after people began to grow suspicious of 10sportacus was owned by Sercan, however, the exact status of the penguins themselves, as well as numerous other cases of alleged multilogging remains uncertain.


In spite of this, multilogging remains difficult to prove and even more difficult to punish. Much of the evidence is circumstantial at best, and as such we may never truly know the extent of multilogging in armies.

What do YOU think? Is the new evidence enough to definitively say that ACP has multilogged?

Comment YOUR opinion!

Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂

CPA Central CEO


19 Responses

  1. Vegeta speaks for me

    • Multilogging is something we can’t stop from troops, but from leaders? Seriously.

  2. Just let Shab or Boomer make a special post accusing any army, but ACP multi-logging and everyone will forget this ever happened.

    and pls DOWNVOTE m3

  3. Watch Boomer or Shab try and make a post to save ACP now

    • ^ they will say “o its fake”

  4. Shit mayne, call the cops.


  6. I did note that in my research, that being Sercan’s adding of him and his general proximity to him, but that isn’t really proof, so I left him out.

  7. Multilogging is a lot like doping in the respect that a majority do it and it’s something that I don’t think makes a very big difference.

  8. No

    • I have been waiting for an opportunity to use this gif.

  9. It’s certainly suspicious….things don’t look good for ACP, but we should suspend judgment until conclusive evidence is found.

  10. I don’t get what is the problem with multilogging. It’s just dumb to do and barely going to help an army if you just have 2 penguins you own online.

  11. We’ve been over this what? 100 times, Shab or Boomer will claim it’s fake, LT won’t, We’ll have a WW Again, ACP will win, LT goes in denial, Then we do this again until ACP finally admit they multi-log.

    • I’m confident Shab and Boomer will not attempt to intervene. The evidence is far too overwhelming.

  12. Everybody multi logs I don’t see how this is news

  13. Reblogged this on yankees free nameplates and commented:

  14. When you say “Acp” had multi-logged it makes us all look bad because you’re specifically saying “Acp” but I had no idea that my own leader was doing this until I was very recently notified by a good friend. That explains his retirement. *Tut tut!*

  15. […] Central has been enthralled in a conflict over allegations of the ACP faking pictures; as well as the recent allegations of Sercan’s multilogging. It began with The ACP Enigma, and now the farce is played out; we have finally caught our culprit. […]

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