Ambrosha Banishes SaW and xiUnknown From DW

FROSTY, DW Capital: After creating a rebellion against the current Dark Warriors, DW creator and CPAC Legend Ambrosha has now banished SaW and xiUnknown, both DW Legends/Former Leaders and CPAC Legends. Will this affect the army as the DW civil war continues?

The Dark Warriors have had a tough week so far. Hiring Elmikey has resulted in much change for the army, and it also has faced much opposition, including a rebellion started by Ambrosha when his orders that Elmikey were to be removed in a coup d’état were not carried out. Now, Ambrosha has banished SaW and xiUnknown (who were both taking the side of Freezie and Elmikey’s Dark Warriors) from the army. A post has yet to be released, but CPAC were able to obtain these images:

Interview with Kyle103, Dark Warriors 2ic (Ambrosha’s DW)

Supa: What is your opinion on the recent banishment of SaW and xiUnknown from DW?

Kyle: My opinion is that we wanted to keep the DW alive from ruining it, because if we didn’t then the DW would be in a big trouble from causing the drama. Those who didn’t help us will be taken off the HOF.

Supa: What do you think about Freezie and Elmikey’s DW, and why do you think Ambrosha opposed them?

Kyle: Well I think that Freezie and Elm really push me off because I was helping DW to keep them alive without ruining it. I was trying to help them but they only care about the new troops of DW.

Supa: Do you have any further comments?

Kyle: Yea, I always talked to Amb as a true creator that I always care about. I always wanted to keep the DW safe, and keep it alive from those idiot legends.

Supa: Thanks for your time.

Kyle: No problem, I always want them to become happy as a true DW I cared about.

Interview with Ryan, SWAT 2ic

Supa: What is your opinion on the recent banishment of SaW and xiUnknown from DW?

Ryan: SaW and xiUnknown fought for elm – a dictator, to lead DW. They fought Ambrosha in this conflict and ,ade fun of the people who hated Elm. Of course Ambrosha would get after them.

Supa: How do you think this will affect Freezie and Elm’s DW?

Ryan: The banishment of SaW and Unknown will change a few of the viewers’ opinions but it will end up wiping out their DW. They don’t even own DW’s empire.

Supa: Any further comments?

Ryan: Bring it Freezie and Elm.

Supa: Thanks for your time.

Statement from xiUnknown:

I am very livid right now. I don’t know if I will join “Elmeezie” because I have been retired for over a year. Myself and SaW had nothing to do with this. I saw Freezie being bullied on CPAC comments and I backed him up.

What effects will this have on both sides of the Dark Warriors? Will Ambrosha’s commands be carried out, or will they be ignored? Who is in the right in this conflict? Comment with YOUR opinion!

๖̶̶̶̶̶̶ۣۣۜۜ๖̶̶̶̶̶̶̶̶ۣۣۣۜѕυρa єм

CPAC Reporter


57 Responses

  1. Oh yea

    • 1st to reply to a comment!

      • Supa Em is in DW, “biased” is what the community prefers, but I prefer the word Partisan instead.
        >>> <<<

        • Please find a point in my post where I was biased against Ambrosha’s DW.

  2. And I am Ryan

  3. What’s next?Ambrosha shutting down DW.

  4. LMAO!

    How dare you. How can you banish me and SaW after WE created the history of your army.

    Don’t be mad at us because Freezie made a decision. You are completely pathetic and now I 100% support Elm and Freezie. Get a life you 20 year old. You retired 7 years ago and did nothing for DW.

    Even though I retired a year ago, I did not deserve this. You are terrible

    • Grow the fuck up pal. Im tired of your shit, and the rest of youe life. You’re no longer the legend of DW and you’re to remain banished from DW. Good luck sir, and good day.

      • This is where I begin to disagree. You are now planning (or rather, have) banished the people who are easily DW’s two greatest leaders of all time. Regardless of what side you were on in this war, that should be a massive red flag that someone is getting a little too power-crazed.

  5. Ambrosha is the creator of DW. Without him there would be no DW. So he can do what he wants. But Freezie’s dumb brain doesnt understand this.

  6. GJ Amb. Enough of the betrayal it ends NOW. Freezie got bullied on CPAC comments because he made a BAD decision, is it really hard to understand? Unk and SaW are amazing leaders and I respect them, but if there going to backup with some leaders that are betrayers, that’s just BS.

    • How does one betray an army by making it good?

      • Making it good? You guys are making DW very worse. Half of the CP army community hates your leadership.

        • And the other half are for it I suppose.

          • the other half doesnt care

  7. Please tell me. Do you only care about how much your army rises? Do you only care about a rank? Dont you care about what the troops want? You are siding with someone you have known and liked for 2 weeks or something. You have known Ambrosha for like 3-4 years. Yet you side with Elmikey. Why? Because either you need attention, or you cant admit defeat.

    What Elmikey will make you do is recruit 24/7. What will you get from that? Just larger sizes. You wont have any fun. I hope you know that CP armies are not essential for your life. Dont make it your life.

    • I agree with this comment. Whoever you are, you have my respect.

      • Respect for you too bro!

  8. Nice one Amb

  9. Shit’s going down

  10. Whats SWAT got to do with this that your interveiwing Ryan?

    • SWAT has nothing to do with this conflict. However, Ryan was able to provide me with this evidence and has strong views on the subject which lead to him joining Ambrosha’s DW. I did not know the rank he joined for and he wasn’t online for me to ask when I realised this, therefore I put SWAT 2ic until I found out.

    • I am who discovered the story

  11. wait what

  12. i used to respect freezie, he is a peasant now, even ambrosha can do better

  13. Upvote: Elm and Freezie will end up with control of DW

    Downvote: Ambrosha and whoever he decides will

  14. Can we stop posting on DW.
    The last 2-4 posts I’ve seen were about DW CIVIL WAR, AMBROSHA REMOVES PEOPLE

    • its called the news dear

      when DW is the biggest news story, you’re gonna get a lot of posts on DW

      then again you at SMAC might not understand that concept idk

      • Well I’m just stating my opinion. I just don’t like hearing the same thing a lot. And we do understand that concept at SMAC my love.

        • Currently we have MORE than five out right now.

          • I love how Lord Turtle’s comments are getting downvoted here at CPAC but if it were SMAC, people would be smashing that like button with their foreheads.

            • Logic ;D.

              • Ikr.

      • that was a burn

        • You need a tampax pearl for that hotass vagina of yours cause you just got burned! (Wary)

  15. Supem go suck a dick

    • I’m not even going to go into detail about what a retard this guy is.

  16. Elm, Freezie, SaW and Unknown don’t know what common sense is. You bring in a 25 year old dictator who acts like he is 6. He can’t do any more than lay back and have his followers do what he is too cowardly to do: Fight. You are ruining cp warfare Elm and I can’t go into detail about how much of a fag you are Freezie. Elm you are a coward and you know it. SaW and Unknown you had it coming. You guys can cuss me and Ambrosha out all you want but come up and fight. I am a proud DW 3 ic and I will not sit back and watch everything thousands of people formed be destroyed. Now I tell you. Don’t be a coward. Come up with us and fight!

    • How is he going to destroy it……

    • lol werent you the one that said you were lorenzo bean? sit down son

  17. You cant do that….

  18. Cant wait to see how this ends I bet you Amb still wins although its gonna be hard with Elmikey and Freezie and Unk against him LOL

  19. Reblogged this on Club Penguin Army Comedy Central.

    • Do you reblog everything?

      • I just wanta reblog these posts about Dark Warriors situation LOLOO

        • But you reblog everything. *facepalm*

  20. This army community being screwed by the idea that the creator of an army has as much authority/ power and is able to intervene whenever he wants.

    Ambrosha is one of those people I call “name creators”. In other words, all he did was create the name of the army, and his leadership wasn’t too significant. About a year ago, most of you might remember Bid Now returning to CP armies during CPPA’s golden age. He too, led the Pirates 6 years ago, but with very small sizes. I would even consider Commando993 to be a name creator in some sort of way.

    Either way, the point I’m trying to make is that these people are basically like a symbol representing the army, more or less like the Queen of England today. Elizabeth does not hold very much power in the government- she never really did, yet she does a very fine job of representing the monarchy. However the ones that truly shaped Britain were the prime-ministers like Thatcher and Churchill, and in CP army’s case DW was shaped by SaW and Unk.

    To conclude, Ambrosha shouldn’t have this kind of power in DW. If you are retired, you should stop meddling in public affairs. Since when do you see the royal family start a rebellion when they hate a prime minister or government official? To top it off, Ambrosha never influenced warfare as much as Oagal or PM did. At least Bid Now knew his position and never tried to do anything foolish.

    You retired 6 years ago, now came back like a little child crying and asking for attention to get what he wants. SaW and Unk created the DW that you see today. For all I know your DW is long gone and half of them joined IW after you realized your army was dying out.

    ~coming from a guy that dislikes Freezie, Unk and SaW.

  21. Ambrosha is just like:


    • What the fuck, image command? DO YOUR THING!


      • bro, don’ send meh dat.

  22. Ambrosha just opened a huge can of worms.

    • The GIF above is Ambrosha right about now.

  23. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 9
    Structure & Language: 7.5
    Overall grade: 8.25

    This was a good post however the introduction to your post should stay at the normal font size and I would recommend aligning your interviews differently. However apart from that, keep up the good work.

    This post was added to the staff record page.

  24. Wait,there is a DW Civil war?

  25. O mah gawd, this post is getting so old now. I feel bad for SaW and Unk.

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