March Madness Final Four Results + Championship Times!

Klondike, Tournament Final Four– The Final Four went underway, and the Light Troops, Army of Club Penguin, Nachos, and Ice Warriors stood out in each battle to bring up close battles with exciting finishes. The championship will be a classic as a rivalry is renewed, find out who these two armies are by reading more below.

Battle 1: The Light Troops have a grudge with the Army of Club Penguin, so of course they attempted to win at all costs so they could upset the number 1 army. The two armies hit sizes of 35-40 as lock outs occurred in every room. The battle was close in the start as LT seemed like a clear winner in the stadium. The Iceberg however was mostly ACP’s and in the final room as a return to the forts, the Army of Club Penguin finished the job and give themselves a chance to win their first ever March Madness trophy. Judges vote was 3-2.


Battle 2: The Nachos and Ice Warriors, the two were seeded in opposite branches last year leading to the Nachos beating the Ice Warriors in the finals, could the Nachos do it again or will the Ice Warriors claim revenge. Each army hit max sizes of around 32-35 The battle was going IW’s way size wise to start with in the Iceberg with 24 Nachos and 26 Ice Warriors, the Nachos however would tie the Ice Warriors in sizes during the trip to the stadium. In movement to the snow forts the Nachos managed to bomb and create good formations that the IW copied and caused the winning over of many judges. The Nachos will make it to their second straight March Madness championship and look to repeat with the 3-2 judge vote.


Championship times:


Army of Club Penguin vs. Nachos

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

10 AM PST; 11 AM MST; 12 PM CST; 1 PM EST; 5 PM UK

Klondike: Forest; Forts; Berg; Stadium

Reminder: The Final will be 45 minutes in length and one 15 minute overtime will only happen if the voting is at a dead lock. The judges will be only permitted to judge if they are certified officially by the CPAC officials and proven neutral. Forest, Forts, and Berg will each be 10 mins, and Stadium will be a final 15 minutes, if overtime, a random room will be selected.

So who wants to hold the cup, will the Nachos own two March Madness titles, or will the ACP claim their own.



22 Responses

  1. lol

  2. moo

  3. Loving the tropht

    • Trophy

  4. ACP vs Nachos. About time.

  5. The ACP won’t go down without putting up a good fight. Good luck, Nachos.

    • More like, ACP won’t go down without CPAC helping their ass.

      • Still mad you got crushed?

        • The same could be said about ACP if CPAC weren’t biased for once.

          ACP peasants are below LT and they will always be.

      • LT is still butthurt they lost to ACP.

  6. Copied? The 3 lines is IW’s signature formation in tournaments 😥

  7. Despite ACP’s recent top placement in the Top Ten, I still think this could be a close battle.

  8. Ooooh, ACP vs Nachos….Shit’s goin down.

  9. shit be getting real

  10. Secksy Final Four

  11. Ice Warriors for thae winner

  12. I’d be interested in judging as someone who is ex CPAC and never been in Nachos or ACP for an extended period of time.

  13. Bullshit LT should of won against ACP.

  14. This will be a great challenge for the Nachos and one fucking tough battle

  15. I am so helping the Nachos in this one.

  16. i honestly think this should be the trophy

  17. This will be a close and intense battle. Good luck to the ACP.

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