A Slow Week for the Nachos

FJORD, Nacho Capital- As war rages on with the NRA v NoD there are a few armies staying isolated. This list includes UMA, Golds, Nachos, etc. I have chosen Nachos out of this list. They have had a relatively slow week starting with losing their 5th spot on CPAC Top Ten. Want to see what else has happened to Nachos? Read More to find out what they are up to….

The Nachos started their week with a bad Training/Recruiting Session maxing 15 and averaging 10. This is great for small armies but not for the standards of big army leaders like Danny. He was the one who led and posted about the results. Reading this post makes sense why he is mad. Nachos had over 80 comments on their active count but only maxed 15. Here is a picture of this event:

This could mean something! Lets look farther into their week to Tuesday. On Tuesday they had a good day with 1 UK Event and 1 US event. They did slightly better maxing 15 at UK event which met the standards of UK Leaders then later having a US event maxing 25. All was happy with Nachos at this point. They were doing what they wanted to be doing at the time. Here is a picture of US event:

That concludes Tuesday but what happened Wednesday? Sorry if I am boring you to sleep but it gets slightly exciting for the Nachos here. They have a Practice Battle against Ice Warriors which was a very fun match for both armies. They both were just having fun stated in Nachos posts. They maxed 20 doing well. Here is a picture:

With Ice Warriors admitting defeat obviously, they had another Practice battle with their former Sworn-Enemies, ACP. They called it the battle of War Faces vs Clovers! Pretty clever, eh? This was probably the most exciting thing that the Nachos took part in of that week. It was a very close battle. ACP was victorious by 1 troop. It was Nachos: 17 v ACP: 18. Close battle but here is a picture:

This concluded their events for the week but as they entered the weekend they had an exciting battle against Water Vikings. This was for March Madness Round 1 being held here at CPAC. All the leaders were very impressed with their victorious sizes. They maxed 27 while WV maxed 10. That shows that the Vikings are slowing down in sizes. The news of the victory was told by Paco, our Editor in Chief here at CPAC. Here is a picture of their victory:

That concludes Nachos’ week. This week they have recruiting and training sessions planned.

Are Nachos dieing slowly or rising slowly? Comment what you think below! Cya!



CPAC Reporter


48 Responses

  1. well part of it is probably because we are doing nothing interesting, plus we probably scared off a few troops last week or so

    • LOL Nice 😉

  2. Pretty short post,but I’m blind lmao.

  3. this post title is fucking stupid

    • I meant to put Week not Time

      • with and a should not be capitalized. you capitalize nouns, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and verbs.

      • and yet still you didn’t change the title

        don’t worry, I took care of that for you

    • He’s only new Zak, take it easy.

      • Thanks Bro

      • mercy is for the weak

        • And non-constructive criticism is for the cowards.

  4. How are the UMA and Golds isolating themselves from the war when they’re actively IN the war? Absolutely no sense, please research what is going on between armies if you’re going to refer to them in a post.

  5. UMA nd Golds stepped in…

  6. You could make this a segment, you evaluate what each Top 10 army did for their week. Just a thought.

    • they already have that. It’s called the top ten.

      • Maybe people want an in depth description of an army to catch up on what’s going on in the army.

        Well, I guess you only care about RPF and if they got first or not, so you only need Top Tens.

        Media serves a purpose for everyone I guess, just next time think about other’s purpose in the media.

  7. This is kinda boring….I mean the whole thing is about how boring their week was. Not exactly news worthy…

  8. wtf is this shit I demand a refund

  9. stupid post
    ”a slow week for the nachos”
    this post was made on Monday, how can you predict what the Nachos will do within Tuesday – Sunday ?

  10. Jesus Christ people give him a break, he’s new to CPAC and nothing really news-worthy has happened ever since the NRA-NoD war ended 😐

    • Thanks 😀

      • Try philosophy.
        Try Satire.
        Does CPAC still do editorials?

        • @STAFF MEMBERS you should absolutely never do what was just suggested until you have gained reasonable experience and proven yourselves skilled authors

  11. ^^ Leave him alone, ffs.

  12. Why are you targeting the Nachos in particular? Plenty of others haven’t done the best and haven’t had criticizing posts written about them.

  13. CPAC: put Nachos higher than ACP
    Noobs: “WHY U SUPPORT NACHOS!!!!11!!”

    CPAC: make a post on an army… because sizes are mediocre.
    Noobs: Yep. Perfect sense.

    • True

  14. Well since being declared a dead army by a lot of people in November I think it is a very slow but strong recovery and as long as we work on our US division (which is weaker than our UK division… and our Ausia as well) we may end up getting back to our old sizes of 70+ everyday and hopefully win March madness or the upcoming legends cup even if we don’t it’s still a recovery and hopefully we never experience what happens back in March again

    • Good luck dude I have a respect for that 😉

  15. UMA was not isolated in this war..

    • UMA didn’t even do much in the war. Just supplied with 2 troops.

      • I did watch LT surrender though.

        • LT will destroy UMA

  16. Hey There CPAC! Just wanted to notify you the Cheetos of CP have declared war on the Water Vikings. Thanks.

    • I will post on this immediately!

      • Actually Correction, Smart Penguins, sorry for the Mistake.

        • Just commenting again to confirm you got the change, sorry for the inconvenience.

      • lol


      • ?

        • SP is 11th on CPAC and 1st on SMAC.
          Cheetos are in like 7th on SMAC and nowhere on CPAC.

          • And…


    • Except there are no “good armies.” Most that are worth noting in the news are either High from there meaningless victory in a war that never happened, or hiding away to rebuild to start another Meaningless war that will either end in 2 days with a surrender from one side, or last 5 months with all battles being undecided due to the massive egos in charge of both armies refusing to admit defeat no matter how obvious.

      • Well from what I see CPAC only makes these types of posts about the Nachos. B1 even told me himself that CPAC cannot report about things JLA armies don’t like (idk what to call them anymore) ; which are DCP/RPF/ACP… CPAC claims they’d lose “business” if they do. It’s pretty BS. CP Armies could have been great but you blindly followed CPAC as if it were the supreme master of CP Armies. The staff here obviously don’t care about the growth or success of the community as a whole. They only care about themselves and their small circle of friends. CPAC is a weapon of mass deception imo..

    • could you perhaps define “good army” before you spontaneously combust from the anger evident in your comment

      • Well the only Good armies are those that Support Fuhrer Elm. You know, the ones that go back and forth between being happy they are first or complaining when the media discovers dirt on them and make them look bad.

  18. CPAC Post Evaluation
    Content: 8
    Structure & Language: 8
    Overall grade: 8

    This post was added to the staff record page.

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