BREAKING: New Regime Alliance Surrenders to Nation of Domination

UPDATE, 10:24 PM EST: Doritos release a post that encompasses the terms of the treaties, as well as how the servers are being divided between the 7 armies. That post is here.

UPDATE, 10:02 PM EST: Golds surrender half of their nation in order to avoid war with the NoD.

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – Only just days into what seemed like the next possible World War, the New Regime Alliance surrenders to the Nation of Domination, ending this mass-scale conflict abruptly.

The New Regime Alliance was the name given to the alliance formed by the Light Troops, Army Republic, Water Vikings, Golds, and Hot Sauce Army. Their goal was to defeat the Nation of Domination, the alliance comprised of the Doritos, Rebel Penguin Federation, Army of Club Penguin, Ice Warriors, Special Weapons & Tactics, Underground Mafias Army, and Redemption Force. The end came quite suddenly, being that the alliances were only created about a day ago. The Water Vikings dropped out of the NRA only hours after joining, and signed a treaty with the NoD. The Golds then followed in their footsteps, ending their war with UMA and declaring isolationism. This led to the NRA being greatly outnumbered, the ratio being 3-7.

The NoD then scheduled a defense against the NRA, where they defeated the NRA with ease. The Army Republic surrendered before this invasion, with the post, made by Buritodaily, being titled “We Won’t Forget // Operation Conquérir”.

Today, AR and our allies were forced into submission against the ‘Nation of Dominance.’ This is the first war AR has surrendered under Vinny and I in over a year. Talk about a great run. Although we despise surrendering, Vinny and I are daring, but smart leaders and we knew when we had to step back. We won’t forget what happened this war. We won’t forget the countless allies who turned their backs on us. Who stabbed us in the back because they were desperate to get power the easy way. We will not forget. We will enter isolation for the time being to focus on rebuilding. In this time of isolation we are going to make sure we grow as large as we possibly can. Here are the terms of the treaty.

  • Neither army on each side can attack each other until April 15th.
  • Armies within the NRA will lose half their nation. AR gets Toboggan and White Out no matter what. (Not that we needed half those severs anyways)
  • No Armies on both sides of the alliance can help other armies attack an army in the opposite alliance.

This war does not mean the end of AR in any way shape or form. Now for the first time under Vinny and my own’s leadership, we can focus on rebuilding this mighty empire to the heights it reached in the summer of 2013. This army is going to function completely different than it has been. We are going to take this crumbled nation and restore it to dominance. The armies we fought this war were arrogant and desperate for control. The treaty they proposed was cruel and unnecessary. They may be trying to paint us as the unjustified ones, but the harder they fire at us, the harder the bullets will bounce back.

Based on the text, the NoD forced a very harsh treaty against the Army Republic, stripping them of half their nation, along with restraining them from attacking anyone involved in the NoD, which is over half the Top Ten. However, the fact that this war is not truly over is evident, with the Army Republic reiterating the fact that they will not forget, and that the “bullets will bounce back harder”. The entire post can be read here.

A photo of the treaty signed by AR, retrieved from the ACP website.

The Hot Sauce Army then surrendered as well. They have yet to post on the subject, but a picture was supplied on the ACP website. This is seen below.

The treaty signed by the Hot Sauce Army.

The Light Troops, similarly to the Hot Sauce Army, have yet to truly post about their surrender. But their surrender is shown in a picture on the ACP site as well, as seen below.

Spi101, Light Troops Leader, agrees to the treaty.

The NoD may not be done just yet, as they are currently speaking to the Golds about either surrendering half their nation or being attacked, due to them simply dropping out.

This war, in my opinion, was a big letdown. We were all expecting a world war, and ended up with what I consider to be a dud. But the conflict, though stopped, seems to not be completely over, as the Army Republic carries a hunger for vengeance that the Light Troops and Hot Sauce Army most likely crave as well.

What do YOU think? Is this the last we’ve seen of NRA vs. NoD? Or has the conflict really just begun? Comment with your opinion below. Until next time,



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    • I like how this got downvoted before it was even approved xD

      • I like how it was up-voted before it was approved.

  1. 100% agreed.

    • ^ Was supposed to be a reply to Blue2’s comment.

  2. wow glad this pathetic war did not take off

    • wooooooooooooooooooooooow nod peasants downvoting

      • Wow, a CPA noob.

        • lol you know nothing about me, get off my field

          • LOOOL

            • ikr this random guy calls me a ”CPA noob” when i have been in cp armies for 5 years and this guy suddenly came out of nowhere, like who is this random guy loololololool

          • A field? This isn’t your website.

            • lol are you dumb you stepped on my own field not cpac silly

              • When you said “my field”, you meant 100% CPAC. Go slaughter a fucking sheep.

  3. I would agree that the war was a dud. I don’t understand how 24 hours ago no one could shut up about “WORLD WAR 8 OH MY GOD” – and B1, you mentioned in your ww8 rhetoric post just the sheer amount of talk there was about this war – and the war is over within a day. Huge letdown. How many battles were even fought? And maybe it’s my inexperience with modern army politics, but why are you demanding half their nation after fighting them for one day?? It seems like taking 13 of AR’s servers or half of LT’s nation only serves to humiliate those two, and foster a sense of resentment going forward. This “world war” wasn’t actually a huge burden for you to fight, NoD leaders. Don’t humiliate your enemies unnecessarily. That will only come back to bite you in May.

    • this would be ww7

    • I think only 1 actual battle was fought. Most of the NRA was trying to surrender as soon as the NoD was announced, and to LT and HSA’s credit they did at least make an effort. Definitely not the most exciting war. The treaty was probably a little excessive but the NoD Leaders didn’t expect anyone to agree to it, in other words it was made excessive in the hope it would be rejected and the NRA would stop trying to surrender and let the war play out. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, and so another war has ended quite anticlimactically.

      • Leaving the war play out would most likely turn into the same amount of servers being lost as in the treaty. I mean it was 7 vs 3 one WV and Golds dropped out.

      • Lol, Boomer, the leaders of the NRA were daring but we weren’t stupid. As soon as the NoD unnecessarily gathered 7 armies in the top ten to the alliance, it was clear that we were going into suicide. This war was never supposed to be so complicated. Giving an effort, would have only resulted in them creating an even harsher treaty or fought to kill us entirely.

        • Half your empire Burr. Half.

          • We used like 3 servers… Was it a dick treaty? Yeah, especially considering AR could have killed ACP 7 months ago, but we let them off while only taking 2 servers, but the leaders of the NoD were obviously dumb enough to realize they were only adding more fuel to a fire that had just begun.

  4. Man that was fast. I believe there were 2 battles fought, at least with HSA/RPF.


    My reaction exactly

  6. My Reaction exactly

  7. God flipping damn it

  8. Fine, be happy with this

  9. Humiliation

    • The war that ended in a day…. This was possibly one of the worst let-downs I have ever seen.

      • Logging on CP for 10 minutes and gaining 48 servers may be a let down for NRA, but not for NoD.

        • Effency.

    • It may be, but so will DCP when you go right back to getting 15.

      • That’s not humiliating, considering the fact that you can’t even get 15.

        • Yes, which brings me to something else.
          You made a pretty dick move just by forcing a SMAC army to give you servers.
          Also, you can’t change the servers you took. You take what I gave you.

          • All shall burn for the betrayals given

        • Got 15 a few days ago son

          • You have like 3 servers now son

            • #rekt

              • Shouldn’t you be in college?

                • And the award for least original comeback goes to…

              • Boomer and his fancy gifs make the comments section 17% more interesting.

            • Because 1 bar servers are so useful

              good luck with them

              • Lets also add, we have 13 servers now fyi.
                Musta is 10 servers off. ^.^

  10. we all saw this coming

  11. oh god my sides

    • I did not think I could ever be truly disgusted by idiotic rhetoric. Vinny, I stand corrected.

    • What…. I don’t even….

    • I think he was clearly joking, hence the (WARY)

      • Seems to be a recurring theme

        • ermahgerwd, was Snaily right the whole time? :O

        • LMFAO.

  12. Wow, I was really looking forward to this war too. Oh well, the community will go through a world war in the future one way or the other, it’s just a matter of time.

  13. dis how i c it

    AR HSA & LT “hey u no whut wud b funny? if we dun declared war on aye cee pee & da oder nubz! LOL”

    ACP “oh noez, we gunn b invaded time 2 call in……. EVERY1!11111111!”

    AR HSA & LT “oshiet we finna get fuxxed up, les juss suhreendeer, k? k.”

    AR “we gunn remember dees!!1111!!!1!21 angry angry rage rage”

    and scene….

    • It’s funny because most of the armies joined the alliance voluntarily.

      • It’s funny cuz it’s probably the most hype any war has ever gotten, for the smallest result.

        • Very true

      • “Most of the armies joined the alliance voluntarily.”
        Blaze told me that you guys outvoted him.

    • ACP declared war on AR first which then AR called in allies forcing other armies to come to ACP’s aid.

      • AR has been planning to declare war for awhile. This was just a catalyst. Don’t rain on my fucking parade.

      • AR was using allies against DCP (cause they’re afraid of us) and when DCP asked UMA&ACP for assistance, Burr was like “NDA IS BACK” and he made an alliance so we did the same and we destroyed them


  14. k

  15. woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  16. The shortest “World War” ever.

    • This never was a World War. It was close to one, but it wasn’t.

      • it wasn’t a World War*

        • Gayest war evaaa

  17. lollll

  18. Bit of an anti-climax.

  19. Well that was easy…

    1. Get mad at each other and threaten to kill the armies
    2. Have one battle and get a taste what the war is going to be like
    3. Have peace, sign a treaty, and buy the leaders some hot chocolate

  21. NOD is basically NDA

    NRA = JLA (without Nachos and DW)

    So bascially, the NOD hasn’t really won yet. They’ve let DW and Nachos off the hook when really they should have crushed them.

    Especially RPF, I thought they would have wanted DW’s blood after the amount of times DW has mocked RPF, and the amount of undisputed RPF/Nacho wars

  22. Christ that was boring … I hadn’t even cracked open the second bottle of Whisky …

    • If the current triumvirate could impose terms THIS cruel, I’d love to know what Max would have conjured up from that silly little head of his for this given situation had he still been ACP leader….

      • Don’t tempt fate – she has a strange way of surprising you. 😉

        • Oh look, another extraordinarily vague remark regarding ACP by Cas. What a shocker.

          It was a mere hypothetical.

      • I made the terms lol

  23. This was possibly the most hyped conflict in a while. Eh, what can we do? All these ‘World Wars’ after 2012 barely last 2-3 weeks

  24. This war was like seeing someone naked for the first time, at first you’re excited and then you be like ._.

    • lmaoooo

  25. Bloodline Empire, New Dawn Alliance, New Regime Alliance, Nation of Domination.

    Half the fun of these “wars” is hearing the beyond ridiculous names they come up for themselves. The other half is gut busting, knee slapping, propaganda they state.

    “ACP es terrorist!!!!1111!!!”

    “ACP r nazis!!!!111!!” (other then bot, of course)

    “CPAC IS EVLL!!111!”

    “dey r bulliez!! we must keel dem!!!1!!1”

    (this one is stupid enough, as is.)

    “CPAC style of warfare is to blame for us not getting 1000 troops a month”

    Oh. CP Armies, you never cease to crack me up.

    • This above… states what is wrong with this continuing conflict, hell I’m starting to consider this an extension of the same damn conflict started with BA….

    • NRA’s purpose wasn’t to destroy the ACP…


      • Black Alliance was.

  26. Army Hoppers For Dummies (Wary)

  27. I try so hard to be funny because the one thing I joke about, people will make it out to look like I’m serious. Ignorance. It was a mere metaphor to explain what we were talking about at the time.

    • Youre hilarious I said that about you in mah retirement post which is course on the DCP site they were the only ones who would make post about mah retirement (Wary)

    • stop vinny, the acp kids dont understand what ur sayig

      • *saying

  28. In the real world, we only had 2 world wars in the entire existence of humanity. In CP Army world, we’ve had over 7 world wars in simply 8 years. Anything can happen in just 24 hours… That gives new meaning to every second counts..

    • 6 world wars, not 7, A majority considers JLA V.S. NDA not a world War due to it’s relative short nature

      • ^^^^^^

  29. One fight. NRA lost half their servers. #NRA_Fail_Of_The_Year

    • Waterkid or Burr or Spi disliked this. (This comment is meant to be disliked)

  30. The CP Army Liberals are just upset with the alliance being named ‘NRA’

  31. And I’m just here playing black ops 2

  32. Only dead men have seen the end of war

  33. […] *Nation of Domination vs. *New Regime Alliance: Ended. More here. […]

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