Top Ten Armies: 03/02/14

EDIT: Click here for the Review of the CPAC March Madness II Day 2!

Many top armies retain their positions this week, but we do see some shifts towards the lower end of the rankings. 

Top Ten

1. Doritos [+0] [87.00]

2. Army of CP [+0] [83.30]

3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [78.68] 

4. Light Troops [+3] [77.94] 

5. Dark Warriors [-1] [76.00]

6. Nachos [-1] [72.88] 

7. Ice Warriors [-1] [64.76] 

8. Army Republic [+0] [64.27] 

9. Redemption Force [+4] [56.88] 

10. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [55.88] 


Close to the Top Ten: 

11. Water Vikings [-1] [52.88] 

12. Smart Penguins [NEW!] [42.75] 

13. Chaos Army [NEW!] [38.75] 

14T. Frost Squad [NEW!] [37.75] 

14T. Striking Raiders [-2] [37.75] 

The full statistics can be found here. 

To check out the full Small and Medium Top Ten, see here.


1. Doritos: The Doritos remain in the top spot this week, once again narrowly beating the ACP.  On Sunday tensions grew between DCP and RPF as numerous accusation and flame posts were made, including one in which DCP accused RPF of being hackers. They had their first event on Sunday, at the Battle of Tuxedo where they got up to sizes of 50+. Then on Thursday they had another battle, this time for Alaska which they claimed they won and the army saw sizes of up to 35+. They topped off their week with a Training Session on Saturday, following the end of the war with RPF and achieved sizes of 30+.

invasion of tuxedo5

2. Army of CP: The ACP started off their week by fighting a war with the DW, however, after two days peace was declared by both armies. Two battles did occur during that time, in which the ACP was able to get about 30 for each. Following their peace, the ACP had a training session getting sizes of about 30. The ACP wrapped up their week with a practice battle against the Nachos, in which the ACP averaged about 25 and maxed 30.

3. Rebel Penguin Federation: The RPF began their week still reeling with effects of Elmikey’s defect to the DCP. The RPF’s week was consumed by their efforts against the DCP. The first battle of the war was fought on Tuxedo, RPF’s Capital. RPF claimed to have maxed out at 60. Next, at the Battle of Big Surf, the RPF averaged about 20. Then, the RPF’s Ausia had an unscheduled event on an undisclosed server averaging about 10. At the Battle of Half Pipe, the RPF’s Ausia averaged about 6. At the Battle of Thermal the RPF was able to average about 25. In the final battle of the war, the Battle of Alaska, the RPF averaged around 15. The DCP and RPF soon brokered a peace treaty in which all servers were returned to each other and a cease fire was declared. RPF finished off their week with two events. The first of which was an Ausia event celebrating the month of February, in which they averaged about 13. RPF’s final event of the week was the CPAC’s March Madness Tournament. The RPF maxed 35 and quelled UMA’s prospects for an upset.

4. Light Troops: The LT climb into CPAC’s Top 5 this week; they began their week with former Leader Spi101, rejoining the army. The LT was later pulled into the conflict between RPF and DCP, declaring war on the DCP. However, SWAT later declared war on LT forcing them to redirect attention. The LT “cleansed” the server of Slushy with sizes averaging 20. Then, the LT invaded Snowbound from SWAT with sizes of about 25. The LT’s UK division maxed 10 while invading North Pole. Next, at the battle of Snow Board the LT were able to average about 15. Then, the LT invaded the DCP on the server Ice Cream, averaging about 8. The LT finished off their week with CPAC’s March Madness Tournament, beating out the Romans with sizes averaging 25 to 30.

5. Dark Warriors: DW had quite an eventful week. They kicked off their week with the Battle of Snow Angel against ACP at which they maxed 25, which they claimed was great for a UK event. Later that day they had another battle, this time for Slushy which they admitted defeat to after maxing 21 but the war was soon to end the next day. On Wednesday it was revealed that someone within DW has impersonated Ambrosha and pretended to banish Freezie from Dark Warriors. The next day they had a Training Session which they averaged 13 and maxed 20 at. Friday saw the creation of the new ‘Final Zapple’ DW leadership which was followed by another Training Session with sizes of up to 25. Their week finished with unscheduled training on Frosty  which they maxed 21 at.

6. Nachos: Nachos fall out of the Top Five this week after dropping a spot to 6th. They started the week with a disappointing event where they maxed 15 and averaged 10 on Monday, their next two events were UK and US ones on Wednesday where they maxed 15 and 25 respectively. On Friday they had a PB with their ‘great’ friend ACP which they managed to max sizes of 17 at. They finished their week with their CPAC March Madness battle against WV, where they maxed 27 and averaged 25, taking home the victory.


7. Ice Warriors: IW also get knocked back a spot in the Top Ten this week. Their week started with the results of their 3ic elections, followed by an AUSIA event which they claimed to have maxed 14 at, but no pictures of the event. On Monday they had a UK event where they maxed 19 and averaged 15 and this was followed by a USA event the next day when they maxed 25+. Wednesday saw the retirement of the short-time IW leader, Ben and another USA event with sizes of 14+. On Friday they had another Training Session, this time they maxed 25+. They finished their week with a Tactics Session on Saturday when they maxed 21 on CP.

8. Army Republic: AR are a non-mover this week as they retain their position at 8th. Their first event was an AUSIA on Sunday when they averaged 3 and maxed 9. Later that day they announced a declaration of war on Doritos and the next day they claimed victory on Sleet when they maxed 25+, then later that day they had another invasion which DCP did not show up to but this time AR averaged sizes of 6. Thursday saw the retirement of their former leader Yoangelyo. The following day AR maxed sizes of 15 at the Battle of White Out. They finished their week with two events on Saturday- The Battle of Crunch where they maxed 15+ and the Raid of Ascent where they got 20+.

9. Redemption Force: RF hopped up four spaces in the Top Ten this week. RF started their week with an unscheduled event where they averaged 19, this was followed by another unscheduled event the next day when they averaged 17 and maxed 20. They took the server White House from the UPA on Wednesday when they maxed 21. On Saturday they had an AUSIA event with sizes of 8-10. Later that day they announced their new trio leadership.


10. Special Weapons and Tactics: SWAT make an appearance this week, as they come in at 10th. SWAT started their week with two events on Monday where they averaged 15+ at both. They had another event that day when they defended Snow Bound from the Light Troops with max sizes of 20. SWAT are currently in the middle of a war with LT.


weekly poll

This week, following the beginning of our annual March Madness, we asked you who you believed is most likely to win the tournament. The results were quite interesting, as you can see below:


New polls released every Sunday!


So, what did YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


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63 Responses

  1. Meh…… nothing changed.

    • Join the diamond age of HSA!

      • Excuse me but you’re at the shtty age of HSA.

  2. 69TH

  3. Although I agree with the rankings, I disagree with our “35” in the battle vs UMA. I’d be happy to show you some pictures which will prove that it is in fact higher.

    Anyways, nice top 10.

    • we have a pic of our bot saying we have 55 in chat.

      • That’s great. However you did not have anywhere near 55 on cp at any given time. If you seriously believe you do then you should see a doctor.

        • LOL ikr

  4. neat

  5. its the same

  6. smart penguins? wtf. i thought wn will be here

  7. Quite good


  9. Cool top ten, and sexy top ten writer.

  10. Umm that is a really bad picture for LT

    • ^

  11. well done gents

  12. well done UMA

    • Hear hear!

  13. how ironic that ACP just lost to HSA @ the poll result

    • how ironic that LT only got 4th cause RPF went into their uniform at a battle

      • lol DCP is only big because you took Elm and his loyalists from RPF

        • DCP got 40 before elm, then when elm came we got around 50. I’m pretty sure 40 is big l0l

        • No one from RPF joined lol

    • Sorry to burst your bubble.

  14. Glory to the Light.

    • One week later LT died.

  15. Cheetos should be in Top 15. We averaged 11+ all week.

    • WN maxed 17,they aren’t here.
      Just pointing that out.

      • Wow… people need to pay a little more attention, frost squad averaged 7 and had like 3 events… I dont understand…

        • Mhmm.

          • Haha, whatever… maybe next week lol.

  16. wv had 3 events honestly idc if we stay 11th but atleast include the other two events….

  17. UMA not even in the top FIFTEEN? Seriously?

  18. Inb4 Flimoo’s Anime

  19. Great Top Ten!

  20. GREAT TOP 2!

    • xD

  21. Good job DW.

  22. “Nachos fall out of the Top Ten this week after dropping a spot to 6th.”
    Should be Top Five.

  23. congrats to acp for making number 2. dw is number 5, so that’s good too

  24. Although DW fell one spot it was a tough week. With the Amb impersonation scandal and new leadership changes, I’ll still stay it was a great week. Go DW 😀

    • say*

      • Wait youre thinking about retirement?

  25. 1. Doritos [+0] [87.00] PERFECT

    2. Army of CP [+0] [83.30] PERFECT

    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [+0] [78.68] PERFECT

    4. Light Troops [+3] [77.94] PERFECT

    5. Dark Warriors [-1] [76.00] PERFECT

    6. Nachos [-1] [72.88] BIASED SHOULD BE 8TH

    7. Ice Warriors [-1] [64.76] BIASED SHOULD BE 6TH

    8. Army Republic [+0] [64.27] BIASED SHOULD BE 7TH

    9. Redemption Force [+4] [56.88] BIASED SHOULD BE 10TH

    10. Special Weapons and Tactics [+1] [55.88] BIASED SHOULD BE 11TH

    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Water Vikings [-1] [52.88] BIASED SHOULD BE 9TH

    12. Smart Penguins [NEW!] [42.75] PERFECT

    13. Chaos Army [NEW!] [38.75] PERFECT

    14T. Frost Squad [NEW!] [37.75] PERFECT

    14T. Striking Raiders [-2] [37.75] PERFECT

    • You are literally just too stupid to insult.

    • Bagaimana purata boleh dibuat berat sebelah?

      • Actually I am not stupid and you dont just call somebody stupid over what they thought of some Club Penguin Top 10 Army thing I am smart in reality I get good grades in College noobs shut the fuckup and ive been on Nachos Army Republic and Ice Warriors chat and its nothing like 6-8 soo

        • I did not say you were stupid. And if you were in college, I have three words for you: get a life.

          • Are you drunk I have three classes right now two Monday and Wednesday and one Tuesday and Thursday so dont you go start judging or saying that I aint in college or I will cuss you out and I am passing ALL but Math so cut the crap and get your head in the right place cause its not there when you reply to mah comments bish I am 19 into mah 2nd semester kthanks smd

          • Mondays and Wednesdays: Online from 4:25-6:00 and 8:00-10:00 PM EST and for Tuesdays and Thursdays I am online from 9:15-9:45 sometimes and 6:30-10:00 PM EST there you go Rodger now crew OFF

            • Rocky, Just shut the fuck up already. No one cares about your school schedule. Get a life.

              • I beg your pardon but nobody was talking to you at least Im retired I dont go onn unless those time cause everyone keeps saying :”Ohhh getta life Rocky your on here so much well I just gave my hours that I am on here during Mondays-Thursdays which is mah school days so shutup about me for once you prick

                • ^ Delete that and this comment

                  • Not the video the one before that ugh

  26. Where’s UMA?

    • UMAD

  27. Light Troops good job!

  28. Add Earthing Warriors at atleast 14th!
    We maxed 12+

  29. arctic ops did much better than SR and Chaos….

  30. 😦

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