CPAC March Madness Day 2 Recap: Shocking Upsets

KLONDIKE, CPAC Tournament Headquarters – Day 2 of the battles proceeded on Klondike as the last stages of the Sweet Sixteen phase of the March Madness Tournament went underway.


Battle 1

Army of Club Penguin vs. Hot Sauce Army


Conflict had begun the night before that we will clarify at the bottom of this post, this section will be strictly summary based. The battle begun with even sizes and a penalty as the Hot Sauce Army entered the stadium early after no CPAC judge had told them to, this was later canceled out however when ACP did the same at the entrance of the iceberg, both armies were nailing each other with counts of 40 each with many troops locked out and forced into other rooms. The tactics department leaned a little more on ACP and consistency to the HSA. With this being said, the tied atmosphere led to a 15 minute overtime to see if an army would decline or a more obvious choice would be ensued. That however did not occur, from the forts, stadium, iceberg, forest, and mine, each army was consistent in what they were strong with. In the end the Hot Sauce Army won on a vote count of 3-2, however the ACP is going to move on due to a disqualification of the HSA which will be explained at the bottom.



Battle 2

Dark Warriors vs. Doritos of Club Penguin


The Dark Warriors came out strong and the Doritos well, they did not show up at all, due to this the Dark Warriors technically upset the number 1 seed Doritos. The Doritos had reason however with their battles against the Army Republic going underway. DW hit a 25-30 mark and really did not need tactics as a no show disqualified DCP, however here is an image of DW barraging me with snowballs.



Battle 3

Special Weapons And Tactics vs. Army Republic Chaos Army


The Army Republic had to defend from the Doritos, leaving their decline of participation imminent, the SWAT side decided to challenge another army, Starz challenged and urged the Chaos army to fight them, and so they did. Sadly for SWAT, it backfired and the Chaos army, well, welcome to the tournament. SWAT maxed 6 and averaged 4 while Chaos maxed 7 and averaged 6. Felt like a SMAC battle, but oh well, the show must go on! Chaos will face the Army of Club Penguin next round.



Battle 4

Ice Warriors vs. Striking Raiders


The Ice Warriors pretty much murdered the Striking Raiders with a 40 in size and superb tactics, best ones in the tourney, the Striking Raiders fought hard however and didn’t fear the Ice Warriors.SR hit a max of 9 and did good on tactics. In the end the Ice Warriors won on a 5-0 vote



Concerning the ACP and HSA Fiasco: The CPAC administration was lied to and the confusion cost the Metal Warriors the tournament spot. We sincerely apologize to Lenco and the Metal Warriors as a lie was told to Bluesockwa2 by several members of HSA in order to secure themselves a tournament spot. Paco was asked by HSA if they could take the spot of MW because they would be “killed in a fight against ACP” and were “almost dead anyway”. They were clearly informed that I (Paco) would consult with the Bluesockwas on the matter but that I would be uncomfortable changing the bracket so late. Several members of HSA then told Bluesockwa2 I had approved the switch and he made the change. In the end, this led to total chaos and confusion, as MW showed up to the battle, then had HSA kick them out saying they had Blue2’s approval for the change. This led further to the fiasco with the judging later on.

As a result of the capital crime committed by HSA in lying to the tournament organizers, coupled with myriad accusations of allies and other disconcerting practices, HSA has been disqualified from the tournament and ACP will move on to the Elite Eight next week. Dpd, an HSA advisor (one of those who lied to Blue2, along with Benjarkin) also concealed his identity as an HSA member earlier, acting as a judge and never once mentioning what he knew full well was a conflict of interest to the organizers. He has been banned from judging at CPAC tournaments indefinitely.

We apologize deeply to all who were affected by these lies and the subsequent problems they caused.

๖̶ۣۜۜCнιєƒ Paco ɪ

CPA Central Editor in Chief

March Madness Organizer

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO


26 Responses


    • I knew it was gonna happen :3

    • If the ACP didnt show up,
      but the MW did. While HSA was there,
      ACP will not be moving and MW will right? Paco :/

      • MW was in the battle room the whole time which ACP and HSA was also in. Your comment barely made any sense either way.

        • MW’s 3 troops were there, they were just watching the battle

  2. First

  3. Lel

  4. Well that failed. Better luck next time HSA. Maybe you will live long enough to secure a spot in a tournament…

    • …Or not…


  6. MW should be in the next round as well as chaos and acp for a 3 way battle.

    • Let MW and chaos team up.

  7. LOL.

  8. HSA shall die – such as Romans did.

  9. “There will be revenge.” ~ Speaking for the Hot Sauce Army

    • If you can stay alive long enough you might have a small chance 😉

    • Revenge for what? You guys cheated.

    • That quote was awfully cringeworthy,

  10. Chaos and MW combined. Acp would go 40+ with MW and Chaos going 13+

  11. We didn’t cheat. It was a misunderstanding. No need to DQ us. CPAC can continue to let ACP be there bitches, but in my mind, HSA WON.

    • I wish we had our allies helping us too. We might’ve maxed 50 instead of 40.

    • Whatever you say Mr. army hopper.

  12. Why am I not surprised DPD was behind this..

  13. Go DW!

  14. Much bias. SR beat IW, no doubt about it.

  15. Thank god ACP moved on to the tourney, and I’m pleased Dpd (Brady) is banned from judging tournaments as he was really unfair and rude.

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