CP Army Central March Madness Sweet Sixteen Day 1 Recap

Klondike– The battles raged on, the armies didn’t quit, in the end 4 out of 8 came out standing and those will move on to the Elite Eight. Here are the results and summary for each battle, this will be a notably short post and the Elite Eight times will be posted on Monday, March 3rd!

Battle 1: Redemption Force vs. Water Ninjas

The Redemption Force and Water Ninjas each had good chat sizes to begin with, but as you know, chat size doesn’t determine winners, converting that into CP size, and making organized tactical assaults is how you win, and in the end, 16 seed Water Ninjas took advantage as 14th ranked Redemption Force could not convert the chat size they had to CP size and maxed 6. The Water Ninjas on the other hand maxed a shocking 17 and was efficient in the tactic section. 6 minutes into battle, the Redemption Force knew it was going to be a mess and had surrendered the round to the Water Ninjas, whom will move on as they upset RF 5-0 on a judge vote.


Battle 2: Rebel Penguin Federation vs. Underground Mafias Army

This battle was probably the most anticipated of the day. The grudge match of bitter rivals, UMA and RPF. Both armies had good sizes and high hopes. In the start RPF was fearing a potential upset, moving into the Iceberg however, the RPF maintained ground and relaxed a little bit, RPF hit a good 35 all around while UMA was less successful as they had hit 24, In the end the UMA who really wanted the upset could not get it, however it was closer then anyone expected with a 3-2 vote by the judges.


Battle 3: Light Troops vs. Romans

This battle was very much clearly LT’s to win, but hold on, wait a minute, Romans did indeed show up with the help of Casius Brutus and his pals who maxed a whopping 5, The Light Troops however were relentless on attack and took on a max of 32 with Spi facing his former army. The vote was pretty much a 5-0 count in the end and the Light Troops will face the Water Ninjas next round.


Battle 4: Nachos vs. Water Vikings

Well, this battle was very interesting, it seems the Water Vikings had not prepared for the battle as the judges came on to a dead chat, by event time however they managed to get a decent sized chat. The Nachos on the other hand were ready to fight and had nice size all around the battle with a max of 27 and the Water Vikings had a max of a sorry 10. The battle was one sided the whole time but the Water Vikings had no intentions of giving up. They fought hard and did finish with courage, however the Nachos will face the Rebel Penguin Federation in the Elite Eight with the win on a 4-1 vote.


Here is the Bracket as of March 1st:



21 Responses

  1. Good job WN!

  2. BS WV MAXED 11 “RAGE” :p

  3. I do love it when judges vote for the army who clearly lost just for fun *wary* I’d do the same

  4. ummm…the vote for RPF/UMA was 4-1. Also RPF maxed 55 😉 good post but try and get the facts right.

    • who ever down voted me I’m not being biased I’m stating the facts.

      • wtf r u on about u had 35 on chat u retard, no way an extra 20 troops are gonna logon without going on chat

        • No, we had 55 on chat, shown clearly in our results post.

          • ”55 on chat means 55 on cp noobs1”’

            • When you try to make fun of something Elmikey would have said, please spell it right.

              Anyway, gj for making fun of something he always said 😀

        • lol can you people even read? we have photo evidence shown clearly and obviously in out results post, like Pj pointed out. Honestly, some of the people here need to go back to kindergarten and learn how to count.

          • crosetology is a mystery

  5. Also, could you change RPF’s pic to one where we weren’t just entering the room?

  6. Reblogged this on Cparmy-instant news.

  7. I find is funny how rpf has to argue about everything.

  8. We tried

  9. The brackets seem to be poorly put together, the right side is much stronger. ACP has a fairly clear path to the finals compared to armies such as RPF, Nachos and RPF who have to face 2 Top 5 armies. The seeding should be more balanced next time around.

    • not really, ACP has to face AR and LT

  10. Good job UMA! You may have lost but you still did better than expected, you guys make me proud.


  12. Uma max about 20 and go out
    WN max about 10 and go through.
    This is why we needed seeding.

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    plz join(a.s.a.p)

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