Elmikey Defects From the Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 9:17 AM: In a statement to CPAC, Sir Pj has stated that he told Elmikey very specifically that he was retired from RPF and did not plan to return unless DCP declared war. DCP announced their invasions shortly after this, with Pj saying “it was almost like Elm wanted me to come back to RPF”.

UPDATE 1:40 AM:  Elmikey has stated that he does not plan to return to RPF.  Click HERE for the picture of the conversation.  Read more for details.

UPDATE 9:05 PM: The Rebel Penguin Federation leadership election has ended. Read more for details.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire – RPF’s tumultuous leadership elections have finally come to a close – and Elmikey was not the victor.

RPF has been in turmoil for nearly a week now, starting with the firing of Snaily5 and Lilstar by Elmikey, and later his firing of almost all other owners including fellow leader Sir Pj, who just a few days before he had declared one of his most loyal supporters. Finally, last night RPF Creator Commando717 stepped in, took control of the site, and held a leadership election between Lilstar, Sir Pj, and Elmikey. This set off a posting war in RPF (all of which have now been deleted) as each side attempted to sway voters with powerful speeches against their fellow candidates. Elmikey defected to DCP for a brief period, before returning to RPF and making another series of posts about Pj and Lilstar. When it became clear tonight that Elmikey was going to lose the election, he defected for a final time to the Doritos, along with several of his closest supporters, leaving Sir Pj, Lilstar, Ultipengunj, and Silverburg as the leaders of the Rebel Penguin Federation. The fall of Elmikey has also led a number of former high-ranking RPF like Djgtjvgyhxgy, who had previously quit because of Elmikey’s actions, to rejoin the army.

Commando’s dispatch to the RPF Soldiers about Operation Razor’s Edge.

As mentioned above, the elections were nullified when Elmikey defected to DCP, sending RPF into “Code Red.” DCP also released a statement, saying they intended to destroy the RPF, seize control, and place Elmikey back into power.

Today, is the beginning of a new war. A war against evil traitors. They are killing our brother allies from the inside. They are making up lies about their main leader Elmikey, the one who brought them back from the dead and achieved record holding sizes. The lying and corrupt Pj and all of his followers will be destroyed by the great Doritos. Either we get our old brother allies back, or you feel the wrath of the Doritos.


Don’t get me wrong, Doritos. This is not an invasion against our brother allies, the RPF. This is an invasion of the corrupt version of the RPF that is being ran by a complete idiot that is going to kill RPF and we must stop them.

-Mustapha10, DCP Leader, February 21, 2014

RPF responded to DCP with what has become their signature tactic: a mass regimen of invasions intending to blitzkrieg the Doritos and end the war in a few days.

There remains a number of divisions, especially among lower-ranking troops, in RPF, with many still looking favorably upon Elmikey and hoping for his return.

An illustration of some of the turmoil that remains in RPF.

When asked about the recent turmoil and how RPF plans to handle the rising crisis, RPF 2nd in Command Djgtjvgyhxgy had this to say:

Elm has, for months, disregarded the USRPF constitution and treated his soldiers like garbage. Anyone who wasn’t his brainwashed servant would get thrown out of the army, regardless of their rank, status, or experience. Now that Elm is gone, RPF is free from his shackles, allowing us to grow and not be held back by his dictatorship. This is a step in the right direction.

-Djgtjvgyhxgy, RPF Second in Command, February 21, 2014

RPF Leader Lilstar had this to say:

I wouldn’t really say its a crisis. It’s just a change. RPF is in great hands and my fellow leaders and I will not let it fall. We shall continue protecting troops and striving to grow the army together. So far, we are giving everyone in the army their respected and/or previous rank before this mess happened. We are recruiting for our continuous sizes in events, and hope to fix any situations regarding troops who have felt mistreated in any way.

Lilstar, RPF Leader, February 21, 2014

Elmikey and Mustapha10 refused requests for comment.

The arising crisis in RPF presents a few questions. The army has been wracked by turmoil for several days, and as a result sizes and morale have suffered. Normally, a DCP/RPF war would be nearly no-contest, but RPF’s weakness and DCP’s current strength could turn the tables in this war.


Lilstar, in a significant margin, has been elected leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation. Sir PJ has returned to the army as UK Leader. Silverbug returns as AUSIA Commander, Ultipenguinj has been promoted to US Leader, and Djgtjvgyhxgy has returned as 2ic following a long defect from the army. Departures from the ownership include Vo Yo, who has retired from Club Penguin Armies, and Hefman, who has joined the Doritos for a 2ic rank. In one of the most shocking announcements of the night, Elmikey, following his loss in the leadership elections, how leads the Doritos. DCP sits at the juncture of merges between Golds Leaders, RPF’s Elmikey, and their original commanders. In a comment to the army, Elmikey said the following. 

RPF used me and threw me away I will never forgive you.

I saved Club Penguin armies using the army I loved which was RPF and for that I am proud. I will always fight the good fight and fight for what I know is right. I will never let anybody take advantage of me again the way RPF has, I will never return to the Rebel Penguin Federation.

I was the head of the snake in RPF and I spent about 9-10 months here slaving away to make this the best experience for you all. I was overthrown for only trying to make this army better and making changes we needed. The leaders that I placed to lead with me for extra assistance have overthrown me because they were too blind to see what’s in front of them.
I can say I am the best leader in armies and I will remain fighting the good fight. The RPF certainly is not fighting the good fight anymore. I brought you all here and brought us together. I even brought the Club Penguin back to CP Armies. If it weren’t for me CP Armies would be borderline dead and RPF wouldn’t be relevant and none of us would be here today.

I have declared war on this corrupted version of the RPF.

Elmikey Not Returning to RPF

After a long discussion with Elmikey, he has released that he will not be returning to RPF after the RPF vs. DCP feud.  He has directly stated that his intentions are to remove Dj and Pj from RPF while leading DCP.  Picture shown below.

He claims that he enjoys DCP more than RPF and that RPF’s leadership election was invalid.  He states, “Commando said I would have won the elections.  Most of Lil’s votes were invalid.”

He also still plans to execute the invasion of RPF on Sunday and is looking forward to leading against them.

♣||»Sιя Bℓυєsσ¢кωa тнє 2η∂«||♣

CPA Central CEO


CPA Central CEO


CPA Central Editor in Chief


164 Responses

  1. RPF has finally left communism! Time for celebration!

    • we were never communists. Communism is an economic thing, not political.

      • And political and social gg though

      • Crose, even you cant deny the communism that went on…. Lol I see your dislike bar is going up agin

        • lol do you people even know what communism is? Communism is a social system where everyone has the same amount of money, which usually fails epicly because then people see no point in working. There is no connection between that and armies, unless you mean Elm was a dictator raiding peoples homes and taking away their money. Lol I can totally imagine that xD

          • +1 Mostly True

          • But you just said Communism was an economical thing. What’s wrong? Getting a little confused bro?

    • You are an idiot. Communism can not exist in CP armies; it was made by a pedo called Wgfv to make UMA and himself look cool. As someone below me stated (a bit incorrectly though), communism has two main parts: economics and politics. How are you supposed to destroy capitalism in a virtual world? More importantly, the only factor these dumb kids actually follow under their “communist governments” is that every soldier and leader is equal but even that idea is completely deteriorated, as in military even the Soviet Union had higher ranking officers who were “more equal” than the lower ranks. Wg was basically creating a dictatorship under the name of communism.

      Summary: RPF under Elmikey could have been a dictatorship, but not under a communist regime. It just can not exist in CP armies.

      • Wg is not a pedo…

      • why people dislike what I said and not the exact same thing written by somebody else is beyond me…

        • Because either people are 2 faced, dscrimination, hypocritical, retarded, or have an empty heart and mind because of their negative attitude towards life and the social aspect of life 100% Lol

  2. I don’t even know who to trust anymore. Everyone who promised me safety while in Cp armies has betrayed me. 😦

    • Trust anyone who is fighting for the good of RPF as a whole. Yesterday, that was Elmikey. A week ago, that was Elmikey. Now, that is Lilstar, Pj, Snaily, and any other leaders of RPF.

      • Well said.

        Stay loyal to the RPF, Pink. I assure you the current leadership will treat you well.

    • Yup. That pretty much our entire community as a whole. Welcome to CP armies!

  3. Who knows how this will shape up.

  4. Despite what Elm says, the RPF shall rise. The amount of people who have returned, including many experienced veterans, greatly outnumber the amount of disloyal traitors who left with Elm. The RPF will come out of this stronger than ever. Elm isn’t the RPF, his dictatorship isn’t needed for survival.

    If there are any former RPF out there who left the army because of him or were fired by him, rejoin. He can’t touch you anymore, and the new leadership will make sure you are treated well.

  5. It’s hard to know who to trust. Elmikey said many times he was loyal to RPF above all else. He said that today, hours before he betrayed us for DCP. Elmikey, you have good intentions, but you are taking this the wrong direction.

    RPF, I urge you to remain loyal to our army, the Rebel Penguin Federation. Elmikey was a good leader, one who brought great success to the RPF. But he is only one leader. We will not die because of the loss of one leader. I believe we will win Sunday, with all those who remain loyal to our great army.


      • no maybe its just fantasy that was caught in a landslide

    • Dcp is simpler to swat they go big take more than can chew and fall hard so don’t worry RPF is better off without elm

  6. WRONG elmikey won
    the votes were rigged(this is unlegit source)

    • Is that the BS he’s spoonfeeding you guys now?

      Some votes were fraudulent, however at the end of the day, Lilstar still won. And either way, Elm ragequit BEFORE a victor was even declared. It’s on him, not us.

      • trying to lie huh!!

        • No, I’m not. I don’t need to lie when the proof is right there. It’s all over CPAC, all over the RPF site. You really think Commando would back us if it was rigged? He defended Elm every other time, even when he banished me, even though Commando has described me as the equivelent as a childhood friend and an almost seven year veteran of the RPF, for saying the Elm was inactive and that the DDOS claims were false.

          He’s a brutal dictator that is the opposite of what a true RPF patriot should be. He doesn’t respect other people’s opinions and suppresses people’s freedom of speech. Not only did he breach the USRPF constitution on numerous occasions, he actually removed it from the RPF site.

          Elm, you, and all of his loyalists are disgraces to the RPF. Anyone who supports what he does doesn’t deserve the title of RPF. He betrayed the army that he has acted like was his child and now plans to destroy it. You are but a puppet for supporting him.


            • crose the second has appeared

              • that’s just low :/

          • SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT lilstar won. booooooo!!!!

          • yeah he taked my right of speech too,glad he got pwned by all the other RPF loloolol

      • this source is not accurate. bozo

        • What does Dj have to gain by lying. If anything, the votes wee rigged in Princess’s favor.

        • Yo kid have evidence before argueing about it on cpac, also insulting people smarter than you is very pathetic

          • SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT lilstar won. booooooo!!!!

          • +1

      • he left before the election was over so either way he lost.

        • but elmikey is lying.
          he will be begging to come back next week ironically

          • Yeah he’s DEFINITELY gonna do that.

  7. I’ve always hated RPF, but Elmikey is gone and I don’t even know who I would side with. I love DCP… But, this whole RPF army is nothing without Elm. They are just a plain old army, not that much hatred, they are just …

  8. At last the dicator’s reign of terror has ended, I will try to rejoin you as soon as I can RPF, as, I’m currently at a wrestling tournament.

    • Joy to the world!
      Elm’s Rein Is Done!
      We Sent Him Crying To DCP!

      He Said Don’t kill Me Please.
      I Beg with you my friends
      Then his rein was done, Then his rein was done!

      Our Community Can rest From Now On!

  9. Civil war: Elmikey vs Sir Pj

    • That statement would be correct if Elmikey wasn’t in DCP.

  10. possibly

  11. RPF will fall under the power of the non-class and corrupted leader Sir Pj.

    • I used to respect you Whats Up….

      • Exactly.

      • You don’t need respect to be successful.

        • ha! gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

    • Dcp will fall under 12 year old corrupt non loyal idiots like you. Pj is the leader you wish you could be Gooch. Shoot them ers to the 360.

      • 1. I’m 13
        2. I’m already a better leader than Sir Pj
        3. I’m loyal to DCP

        • dude your 13 and a leader? That’s quite an accomplishment! I’m 13 as well, and I know I could never lead an army lol.

          • crose just blew away whats up!

        • Bro, in this community there are about 5000 13 year olds. I’m 10 and I lead an army Just because Elm’s cock is dry now doesn’t mean you have to let his suck yours.

          • On your profile it says you have 4.5 years or army experience. You were 5 and a half years old when you joined?

          • Yet, your “army” maxes 5.

            • No, My Army Tied with our failed army you left, If we max 5 why have we tied with Golds and won 3 tournaments?

              • Your*

              • Yet, the Golds did better than your army, which your army is in desperation right now, which you aren’t helping SR at all.

      • You have no idea what you are talking about. Pj ruined RPF, he is evil. Don’t let yourself be tricked by the supremely moronic tennis ball sized thing of his that he claims to be a brain.

        • LOL

          It’s not my fault Elm ragequit. Not my fault DCP declared war either. I was retired the whole time and have only returned for this war.

    • 11, you hated Elm forever only a week or two ago and now because you got leader over a glorified merge into their brother allies suddenly you love him? YOU sir are the corrupted hypocrite, so I guess you and Elm have a lot in common then.

      • I’ve actually liked Elmikey since I got leader in Golds.

  12. I am glad that RPF has finally grown a bone and fought back against Elmikey, who has now gone down in my books as the leader with the worst Manners of all time (Or 2nd Place if you count Lord Pain). This is possibly the worst way he could’ve gone, going to an army that is going to war with RPF if he wants any hope of getting power back, he shouldn’t alienate his army and join the army going to war.

  13. 1 down, 1 to go.

  14. they were rigged I have proof
    true winner was elmikey

    • woah so convincing

  15. true vote
    25 lilstar(valid)

    Lilstar supporters are jealous

    • Lilstar is two people?!

    • Woah!!!! Elmikey Multi logs too!! And he found out how to like his own comment!?!

    • Lilstar admitted to rigging.
      ”I sadly admit I rigged the election, in my most stupor moment”

  16. Yeah Commando actually told me I did win the vote, lol.

    • But after what RPF has done to me?

      No thank you.

      • More like what you did to RPF

        • Made it go from irrelevant to #1

          So horrible …

          • just because you got good sizes does not mean you made a polluted and disgusting army

    • Then send us the evidence you did

    • Bite me

    • The same as commando told you he wanted to give you admin, and would never give it to me?


    • CPAC CONSPRICY TO: Elmikey overthrowing.
      ‘CPAC’ always hated elmikey. So they told Commando 717 to hold elections to rid of Elmikey. They always criticised. Some of their employees voted in the RPF election so Elmikey could get kicked off.
      Lilstar bribed them into telling them she won. And cpac also said elmikey was a controversial person when ,he was not.
      DORITOS CONSPRICY TO:Elmikey overthrowing.
      The doritos were always jealous that the ‘RPF’ had a powerful leader Elmikey. So spies were on RPF chat planning a overthrow, co-ordinating with CPAC. So they declared war because they wanted to show the community the RPF were losers.
      NACHOS CONSPRICY:Elmikey overthrowing.
      The nachos always hated Elmikey. So they declared war for the sole purpose of showing Elmikey was loser. And they helped organized the illegal election. they are a type of illuminati group.
      ACP CONSPRICY:Elmikey overthrowing.
      The ACP co-ordinated with cpac,because they hated RPF.
      Lilsat used to be part of the ACP.
      They cheat to get number#1 on the top ten.They sent user to rig the election.
      these are just theories to be debated/not proven facts

  17. the RPF has surrendered to the Doritos and are merging

    • Has Elm been sharing his pot with his loyalists? That’s a whole new level of crazy that I haven’t seen from anyone but Elm himself.

      • I’M NOT CRAZY. IT’S TRUE you loud mouth!

      • If you say a lie long enough, and loud enough, eventually youll find people dumb enough to believe you

    • ummm no….that’s a complete lie.


        • um how does that make me a nerd? I am one, but you wouldn’t know that from that comment. Perhaps you are a stalker 😉

          • noooooo I’m not. I was just guessing

  18. RPF is back in business. Alliances have already started to be restored and old veterans are re-joining. Elm can have his fun little parade in DCP, but he’ll be begging to be back in a week or so.

  19. Finally, elm is gone. I kind of feel like joining RPF now.


    • LOLWUT


    • He’s not coming back. Nobody in the RPF wants him back. Even his supporters, the ones who didn’t leave with him, are beginning to like the new RPF over the old one.

      Maybe instead of blindly following Elm, you should give the true RPF a shot.

      • by the way, I’m not a member of ‘CP’ army community.
        I just read here for fun.

    • He can only come back if the leaders let him which, of course, they will not be doing.

  22. Took RPF long enough to wake the f up. DCP is no threat, by the end of March, Musta will be the only leader and the others will try and do their own stuff. The Doritos are like the Lakers last year, all star starting 5 but they barely managed to maintain a positive record.

    • That is 100% idiotic & untrue, we already have plans for March. I’d be happy if you just shut the fuck up.

      • doritos are going to be more polluted than RPF anyways, i cant wait to see them on smac

        • more polluted than Elmikey’s RPF i meant

    • Shut up kid, you don’t even know me. I’ve led DCP single handedly many times and I am not afraid to do it again. However, I have Toysoldier which was a day 1 dorito and me and him are in this together. I also have faith in my best friends Elm, 11, and Drew and I highly doubt they would leave DCP.

      • I wasn’t taking a shot at you, all I said is out of the 5 you are possibly the loyalest one and I doubt the new 3 will stick around.

      • Why are you still sucking Elmikeys dick? He’s lost power in RPF, you’ve got no reason to kiss his ass anymore.

  23. The funny thing is that had Elm not panicked and defected, he would have won the election.

    • True, although he did threaten demotions if troops didn’t vote for him, and we were going to reset the votes because of that anyway.

      • Once again another lie from your Sir Pj …

        • Sorry, I must have brainwashed over 20 troops and told them to say that.

        • I’d rather belive PJ than you. Reason?
          ”Rpf is too much of a family to leave.”
          Sounds familar?

      • How amusing it is that he shot himself in the foot and it cost him.

  24. inb4 DCP becomes 1st on SMAC

  25. Thank God that he’s gone. Like so many others who were banished by Elmikey for refusing to accept his crazed decrees and edicts – I have re-enlisted in the Rebel Penguin Federation. I will not desert RPF.


    Former USRPF President Max.

    • yea and this is what happens after leaving me alone in the romans

      fuck u bitch

  26. i would sing DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD…. but hes leading with musta idk if thats worse actually.

  27. Even though he was an insane dictator, he was a good leader (with unique methods), with the biggest ever RPF sizes, consistently near the top of the T10 and he won wars. Without him it’s likely RPF would still be bouncing from low top 10 to medium obscurity as they had been before, with 20 leaders in this time. Very entertaining as well.

    • we don’t need Elm to succeed!

      • SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT lilstar won. booooooo!!!!(man this is a nightmare ).

    • Tom is correct you empty souls Lol

  28. lilstar sucks!!!!!!!!!! he said he’ll demote 60 soldires

    • You’re getting Lilstar confused with Elmikey. And elm didn’t say that, he did it.

      • I didn’t do that Pj.

        Sir Pj you have made up over 50 lies about me to turn my own army against me. This is a war against YOU. Not RPF, you fooled them.

        • I had retired when DCP declared war, and made it perfectly clear to you I would only return if DCP declared war.

          So you declared war, knowing I would come out of retirement once you did. Sounds like you wanted me in RPF.

          • *had already

        • SO TRUE(LILstar supports are idiots,and most of them voted twice)
          they said elmikey was ‘gay’

          • So Commando717 is an idiot? So all of RPF are magically idiots because they don’t like Princess Elmikey? Find a better argument and come back to me on that later sport!

            • THEY ARE dude.
              get some common sense.

          • Which can mean Happy…..

      • noooo she lied

  29. Sorry

  30. ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  31. rough life

  32. Can’t wait to see what happens

  33. O.

  34. Update 9:17am is a flat out lie, Pj’s retirement post was propaganda to turn more members against me and gain more support.

    • Do you ever shut up? The fact you must go out of your way just to keep calling PJ a liar is making you look like the ones you were removing from the ranks of RPF.

      • get a life ‘Tap dancer36 hell’s best’

        • May I ask why it took you 2 weeks to tell me to get a life?

          • my comment was out of context

      • Tap shut up your arguement is irrelevant


      ever hear of a screenshot friend?

    • It was intended to show troops that I was leaving the army, as every retirement post is.

      Anyways, you still haven’t explained why DCP declared war not long after I told you I wouldn’t be returning unless DCP declared war.

  35. Elmikeys are already more then old enough. Just fucking retire.

  36. SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT lilstar won. booooooo!!!!

  37. >and Dj


    Elm, your time is over. Why don’t you stop being an insolent douche and harassing children and get a fucking life? You’re certainly old enough to retire and move on, and trust me, everyone but the DCP is sick of your bullshit. Once we’re done with you, your handful of loyalists, and those foolish to stand by you, you will have no where else to run.

    At this rate, the only “future” you’ll be looking at is becoming a janitor on an anime image board, living off hot pockets and relying on your parents for survival. You’ll never have a real job, you’ll never have a girlfriend or any friends, and you’ll never be at a healthy weight. I suggest moving on from armies and getting a life for it’s too late. After all, you have nothing left here. Not even Commando wants to deal with your BS anymore.

    • LOL.

      • this is elmikey, the person who literally removed the rpf constitution for excuses

    • that’s mean you bully

    • your exaggerating:Djgtjvgyhxgy, he has life. but some times it seems he does not. But he does like everyone. he will get job. And no girlfriend (mind your own beeswax). he’s still a kid so he still has enough time to plan his life. GET A ‘LIFE’ YOURSELF!!(and ignore him). AHH Elmikey hating cowards/idiots

  38. Dis post

    • djgtjvgyhxgy is the biggest faggot i’ve ever met, and he still is. he was always irrelevant.
      inb4 dj tries to rebel again with Elmikey back in RPF

  39. You people may not have the brains to realize this but last night me and Elm and an hour long conversation about the problems our government and society has and he’s literally one of the smartest people I’ve ever met on Xat and I know he used to be crazy before according to some of you but he’s a better leader than he was in those days and he’s improved massively

  40. This post gives me aids

  41. and RPF died.

  42. Proved you all wrong. RPF is still alive and better than ever as of May 2017.

    • Would be way bigger if RPF didn’t die only months after my 2014 coup.

    • 24 years of life, and this is all you have to show for it. Hopefully by the time you’re 30 you’ll have realized how absolutely pathetic it is that you wasted the entire first third of your life in a virtual playground intended for eight year olds. Nobody cares about armies anymore. Except for yourself, the children who follow you, and that Onlooking Snow faggot, who’s almost equally as pathetic as you.

      Is this truly the only place where you feel as though you have control in your life? Is that why you incessantly cling to your childhood? It’s time to grow the fuck up pal. You’ve been a child for far too long.

      • Thanks for your comment. I am 21 right now, not 24. I have two jobs, and RPF is a side hobby. I appreciate your well thought feedback. See you!

        • Being 21 doesn’t make you dwelling here any less pathetic.

        • who else doubts that rpf is just a hobby for elm xd

      • No one cares about armies anymore? Tell that to the the hundreds that join RPF everyday lol. Might wanna post that comment under your real username, maybe you aren’t that great irl either buddy

        • haha yeah man, fight the good fight my mans, hundreds join every day, thousands every week, and millions every summer, yet even after hijacking a dead community to take advantage of all the hangers-on from said community it still takes a miracle and a half to get any significant number on a cp private server.

          this is even after months now of doing this, turning the site into a cpr cheats/tips site, having multiple events per day, starting your own “news” site, and as previously stated being the only competitor left in a game over 11 years old

          i agree my friend, rpf has never been bigger when it has an ocean the size of a fish bowl to itself.

        • “Hundreds” Yeah clearly you’re a delusional fuck, you might get 5-10 a day but not hundreds so don’t sit here and bullshit us because the only person you’re bullshitting is yourself. Everyone except RPF has accepted armies are dead but clearly you can’t, it’s probably got something to do with the fact that you’re a fat lazy arrogant chav who hides in his mother’s basement because he can’t get a social life.

        • You can’t say that Lol doesn’t have a point though.


  43. Why tf are we randomly commenting on a post from 3 years ago? No matter what’s said about CP armies, they hold a special place in the many people who cared about it.

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