Revealed: Pirates Scandal

Previously, CPAC uncovered some details about the recent ‘Pirates and The Alliance relations’. These have today proven to be untrue as Waterkid100 admits the reason he made that decision and the post.

Waterkid recently made a post on the Pirates site, titled ‘WE’RE STILL IN BLACK ALLIANCE’. This post talked about the reason he made the post and why the events followed afterwards. Below is a picture of the post:

If you cannot see it, here is what it says:


Okay, people said I was ”hacked” or trying to frame the Alliance, but this is the story of why I made that post

So after the Blizzard invasion of SWAT, Zoo889 came to Pirates chat and PC’ed me saying if I took ”bribes”. I only had Gold and I needed allpowers so I asked him how much he would give me, so he told me 2,000 xats. I asked him what I had to do and he said I have to say I was on Nachos side and to make a declaration of war post on Black Alliance. I thought Zoo was pretty stupid because I could delete the post later, so I agreed. I didn’t honestly mean Pirates left Black Alliance, I only did it for the xats. Once he payed me (a total of 2500 xats) I deleted the post and I had to log off because I had school tommorow. Pirates are still in the Black Alliance and I wasn’t hacked nor trying to frame The Alliance.

This tells us that the war will continue with the Pirates in the Black Alliance, up against The Alliance. More on this subject as it comes.

-Superoo13, CPA Central Reporter


41 Responses

  1. It is horrible he would do such a thing.

    • “It is horrible he would do such a thing.”
      >Would most likely do it if he was Water.
      >Says it’s “horrible” even though ACP troops scam all the time.

      • i’d do that lol

      • Dafuuuug you talking about ACP troops scamming people? o___o Im 2ic and I’ve been in ACP 4 years and I’ve never seen scamming on ACP chat or any reports of it.

  2. lol superoo i cant wait till waterkid comments on this hes going to be so angry i cant wait to read it i need another good laugh today… im also waiting for some other kid to comment on my comment telling me how waterkids the man and im terrible… thats always funny to am i right? thank god for CPAC

  3. Oh wow, his defense doesn’t even help him. It would just put an even more target on his back for it makes Pirates look worse.

    • Amen my man

  4. Errbody declare war on pirates now

  5. This is one of the most biased posts I have seen on CPAC in a long time, and it shows how willing people are to cut each other down these days using the media. Honestly, people are going to have to start requesting to post on their own army or an enemy army. “showing how sick and shameful he is”. You, sir, are a reporter, posting on CPAC. This is not where you post propaganda for ACP. If you want to make a post on the subject you must make sure that you take a neutral standpoint, meaning that much of the stuff that you have said in this post needs to be taken out.

    On top of that, you say that Waterkid doing this is a terrible thing, yet ACP has done the same thing, but worse, to win a war they were very badly losing. If you remember correctly, or were even around, ACP declared war on the Golden Troops because GT took the #1 spot in the top 10. GT was beating ACP in the war, so the ACP decided to play dirty and accuse GT leader, Riotors, of being a doxer and hacker who bullied small armies and forced small army leaders or targets for doxing to pay “fees” to keep their site or private information safe. If you don’t believe me on this, read
    I found it funny how in the post, it said, and I quote:
    “This is why ACP must win the war”
    All of this was proven to be false, yet ACP kept on using it as propaganda and ended up forcing Riotors to retire. Without their leader, and with troops defecting from GT’s side fearing for their own army/information, GT fell, and ACP not only won the war, but killed that generation of GT. By the way, I never saw an apology from ACP.

    This is what makes me not want to read the news. Armies like Nachos and Pirates do stuff like this(if you remember the Nachos taking pictures to frame ACP for hacking) and everybody jumps on their case and thinks they should be punished. If ACP does this, then everybody believes they are just protecting armies.

    Let me clear one thing up. No matter how much effort people put into trying to make ACP always look like the good guys, eventually, the truth will come out somehow. It did this summer, when Riot made the post “Uncovering ACP”, and will again. Hopefully this time, people will back off and finally see ACP for what they are, an army that, for at least the past year and a half, have relied on propaganda and fear to remain a large army.

    Next time you make a post on ACP or an enemy of ACP, make sure you take a non-biased standpoint. This post is the best example of bias I have seen on any news site in a long time.

    • Thank you Alex for your advice. I think with comments in response to my posts like this, it helps improve my career as a reporter!


      • Well you did deserve it…

        • Finally, I tried looking for that post to prove ACP aren’t protectors.


  6. Most of what Alex said is correct (if exaggerated slightly). While I appreciate your posting, avoid refering to people as ‘shameful’ or presenting your own views about them, in order to keep your posts bias-free. I will be editing the post later to remove any major incidences of bias.

  7. This is another one of this guy’s biased posts. When are we going to take him off the site already?
    First off, Waterkid was smart to do what he did. Nachos are the ones who did something horrible by trying to pay an army to join their side, not the other way around. Waterkid taught them a good lesson, that’s all. But obviously, since you’re in ACP, you have to accuse him, when it’s really the Nachos’ fault for trying to do something like that.
    Please, just take him off the site, this is like the 10th pots he makes that is fully biased towards ACP…

    • Firstly, Ioio, I would like to say ‘this guy’ is called Superoo13. Secondly, there are no current plans he is to be removed from the site.

      I would like to see you try to write a post day in day out about what goes in Club Penguin.

      • Correction: It’s “this girl” not “this guy.”

        • put me on site and i’ll write some good posts, mofo

        • that has got to be the oldest joke in the book my friend that was actually embarrassing…..

          • He isn’t your friend you perv…

            • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL calling me a perv are we now? after your the one following me around on chat and commenting on legit everything i say? LOLOLOL that was the greatest laugh i think ive ever had on CPAC and that says alot kid you should just give up you creep seriously LOL

              • Your such an idiot dude seriously like you are laughing for nothing only a noob would wanna be like some cool guy thats too good for something

                • LOLOLOLOL oh my god i love this wwebsite so many laughs from nerds! lol best thing ever and that comment made no sense thats what i loved about it lol

                  • I will die laughing if I ever find out that your laugh IRL also goes LOLOLOLOLOLO

                  • It so funny watching little immature 10 year olds call people nerds and try to make up comebacks by laughing and just plain insulting them. Honestly kid just because you get bullied at school everyday does not mean you have to be a jerk on the internet. Grow a pair,and quit being a immature brat. @ major general camplazo3.

  8. I challenge and will give anybody to write a report which I will post on CPAC. You know, it isn’t just an automatic thing that happens guys. People have to site down and put in work. Think about how long you waste everyday just on a Club Penguin chat doing nothing, why not do something productive? Please, go ahead and write your reports. You can send them through CPAC’s ‘YouWrite Philosophy Program’.

    Think about that next time you just come and go ‘bias’. This applies to all things on CPAC, Top Tens, anything! Did I ever once mention ACP in this post, you are all just jelly and that’s why you mention them because you know it’s ACP.

    • sure

  9. Gee, I don’t like how everyone’s focused on Waterkid lying. Sure, that was bad, but I’m ashamed with Zoo for trying to bribe Pirates.

  10. and i ain’t even mad

  11. The post should be titled ‘nachos scandal’

  12. I say this is a sad representation of Waterkid’s morals. If he is willing to make a post switching sides for 2500 xats, then what are the odds of him betraying his coworkers in the real world?

  13. Not a surprise coming from an army who made fake pics, used bots and framed the opponent,, invade unfairly and impersonating well known members of the community. But seriously? Bribing? What’s next, threatening to leak people’s IP? I don’t know about you guys but Nachos definitely ruins the whole “fun” in armies.

    • Ruin*

      • I remember a time where Waterkid retired and included the IPs of army leaders in his retirement post

        Boomer: That was actually the first time I found out who Waterkid was xP

  14. Water did the smart thing. He gave that kid a lesson. He fufilled his wishes (say you were joining the nachos) got paid, and retracted. Good on you, that teaches him.

  15. Why does Waterkid get 3 posts? He’s just causing a bunch of drama, it’s not that important…

    • i didn’t ask for the posts though did i? faggot

  16. Camplazlo please calm down and stop making yourself look like a noob

  17. Waterkid is stupid! HE is so gullible! HE JUST WANTS XATS!

  18. Trucks

  19. I like trains.

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