UCCP Go To War with Pirates

Greetings, CPAC. You may or may not have noticed that the United Countries of CP (ranked #10) have decided to declare war on the Pirates (ranked #9). This could turn out to be very interesting, as these armies are rather similar in size. But who will come out triumphant in this war? We must wait and see….

The War Begins-

The UCCP have recently announced they’re going to go to war with the Pirates. The UCCP’s reasons for war are rather simple:

Hey Guys recently we got in major top 10 and pirates didnt like it and they put bad comments and want an alliance vs  they wanted war with us so we gave them one and we scheduled an invasion info below this is our first war with a big army i hope we win.


The UCCP also state that they want to avenge the Icy Troops, and want to ‘kill those criminal Pirates‘.

 The Pirates simply state that the UCCP are idiots for going to war with them.

Only 1 invasion is scheduled so far, which will be the UCCP invading Migrator, the Pirates capital. This event is scheduled for August 30th. The results of this battle will be posted at a later date.

Interview Time!

Interview with UCCP leader Crazy.



What are your reasons for going to war with the Pirates?
Well we made the CPAC top 10 out of nowhere, and Waterkid said in a comment that we belong to SMAC, so to show him we belong in CPAC, we declared war.

What’re you expecting from this war?
Well since it’s our first big war I am expecting us to go out strong and put up a good showing, and I think we can win this war. That’s why we are doing 2 PB’s with the LT to get ready.

Who do you think will be triumphant?
I think it will be us. Yes Pirates might have more exp[erience] than us, since they have been in CP Warfare longer, we have only been in CP Warfare for to 2 months, but we have great troops and if we recruit we will easily be triumphant.

 How long do you expect this war to last?

About 2 or 3 weeks I would say.

Any last comments?
No, other than don’t underestimate us.

Interview with Pirates leader Waterkid.



What do you think about the UCCP declaring war?

What’re you expecting from this war?
Well, obviously we will win. UCCP won’t last through one war, not even one battle.

Who do you think will be triumphant?

How long do you expect this war to last?
After this battle they will back out.

Any last comments?
Samras bra size is b38.

So, as you can see, both leaders have two very different opinions. As usual, both armies think they’ll win, but only time will declare the victor.

Who do you think will win the battle of Migrator, and the war? Do you think the UCCP will last it out, or will they back out after 1 battle? Comment with YOUR opinion.



29 Responses

  1. Firsties.

  2. Second

  3. penis

  4. btw i didnt use grammar, grammar is for gay people


  6. im laughing my ass of at waters interview

    • Ikr =P

  7. Nice job. 😀

    • Thanks =P

  8. I wonder what Samra will think of this.

    • xD

  9. Ailen vs predator, MESO CONFUSED

  10. were gonna win i agree with Mustapha but we aren’t noobs say it all you want we will win

  11. the pirates are arrogant bastards,i really hope that uccp will win this war.


    • UCCP Won ;D VICTORY!!!

  13. uccp won the first battle of migrator check our post in our site

  14. YEAH BUDDY ❤ (Niall horan from one direction say's that ) ;D
    U.C.C.P :DD

  15. The Pirates have underestimated us and lost Migrator. SEE UCCP RULES. Mess with the best die like the rest. I dont call the other army names like some idiots. If I would I could pawn them all I wanted. They are wannabes. And if you want to interview me new chat~UCCP Main Creator

  16. Waterkid100 dosent admit we won but we did can someone please come to uccp and decide who won

  17. uccp didnt win we crushed them

    • Ha you wish

  18. u wish they did Uccp won and you know it your just a loser.

  19. UCCP Won..Pirates are just butthurt . Denial Much!

  20. waterkid ur losing to what you call noobs,its like 20 to 7 UCCP won fair with no allies u used LT secretly we did it with no allies cuz we arent nOObs unlike pirates who are (wary)

  21. UCCP will win

  22. Uccp will win war with there troops eyes closed

  23. Hey UCCP guys maybe make wordpress accounts

  24. pirates just took ALL of uccp servers, suck our dicks UCCP.

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