Addressing the Issue Regarding CPWI

It has come to our attention that a fellow news site, CPWI, has been defaced. The culprit posted on the site, blaming the hack on Woton and the rest of the CPAC staff. We at CPAC had NO PART in the hacking of CPWI, and we do not condone or allow such actions on our site. We are launching an investigation to find out who hacked the site and tried to frame us.



CPA Central CEOs


10 Responses

  1. lolwut

  2. CPAC don’t need to hack any other news sites, everyone knows they’re the best already. :¦

    • Ever since they got rid of funks CPAC has increased in quality.

  3. It obviously wasn’t CPAC, considering it says “Love, the CPAC staff, and Woton <3". That obviously wasn't from CPAC.

  4. what is CPWI?

    • That’s what I’m saying

      • Club Penguin Warfare Insider. Large army news made by SMAC Heads, it’s also a sister site to SMAC.

  5. CPWI claim to be the Number 1 Army News resource


  6. Well we should do something

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