Legends Cup Round II- Day 3 Results

Another interesting day in the Legends Cup, the results of which may surprise you.

Battle 1: Ninjas vs. Pirates


Winner: Pirates

In an upset, the Pirates take home the victory this round, as they beat out the Ninjas ever so slightly in size. The Pirates will go on to battle the Ranger Troops in Round Three.

Battle 2: Sky Troops vs. Night Warriors

Winner: Ninjas

No, that’s not a typo. The Sky Troops forfeited 10 minutes into the battle, and the NW have been disqualified for infringement of rules twice over. The Ninjas have been added back into the tourney and will face the winner of the Red Vikings vs. Doritos battle.


Legends Cup Gamesmaster


13 Responses

  1. Wow

  2. If there is another battle that both armies loose, can Cobras be put back in the tourney?

    • Give it up. Cobras are dead in this tourney,

      • goblin when u go bak to ur old rank im gonna demote u to 3rd lowest rank

  3. what rule did NW break

    • I cursed out Blue in pc.

  4. Why didn’t anybody tell Sky Troops that NW had been DQd. Sky Troops should get a second chance for that. We were mis-informed.

    • The only reason we forfeited is because we though NW were still eligible. If we had known they weren’t, we wouldn’t have forfeited. I wasn’t there to make a decision, so I didn’t know what was going on.

      • They decision regarding NW was made the day after the battle. I spoke to many people before making it, and I apologize for any issues it caused.

        • Still, if NW is disqualified, who they battled should take their place.

        • Still, if NW is disqualified, who they battled should take their place. I need to talk to you on chat about this.

  5. I wasn’t online during NW’s battle, PC me sometime Blue1.

    • Will do. Perhaps we can work something out.

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