Army of the Week: Cub Penguin Army Union

In this edition of Army of the Week, we focus on one of the few, possibly even the only, Australian army in the entire army community: the Club Penguin Army Union.  AU is a pretty new army, and almost everyone in their army is from Australia.  Despite not many people in the army community living in that timezone, they have managed to get decent sizes in events, and there’s a possibility of them rising to be a medium army in the future.

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The Army Union was created in May 2012 by Sidie9.  Before that, the army had went through many different names, going as far back as October 2011 when they were the Army of Darkness.  Since their creation, AU has had war with many small armies.  AU was a powerful small army, missing SMAC’s medium top ten many times.  Eventually, AU made it in to SMAC’s medium top ten, and have had sizes of over 10+ in the past.  At one point in recent times, many arguments arose in AU, and the army as a whole fell.  Now they are rising again, but only time will tell whether they will be powerful enough to enter the medium top ten.

Current Leadership:

The main leaders of AU are Sidie9, Cisco99, and Jodie.  There are also two 1st in Command ranks.  Holo2, Skyfish, and Pontongpasir are ranked at Emperor (Head 1ic), and Stormer4879, Prince jake, and Jodielyn are ranked at Head General Major (1ic).  Though there have been some leadership problems in the past, the leadership of AU seems to be doing better now and seem to work well together.

Recent Events:

Near the end of July, AU was at war with CW.  The war was short-lived, and there weren’t a whole lot of battles.  More recently, AU had a great unscheduled event with sizes of 6+ and great tactics.  Here are some of the event’s highlights:

Tomorrow, AU will be competing in the SMAC Smac-down tournament.


Although AU is mostly Australian troops, and because of their timezone they would have trouble having lots of battles with other armies, I think they have what it takes to rise back to being a medium army.  However, I’m not sure if there’s enough Australian troops in the community for AU to become a large army.  They may be able to create a decent USA force, but it would be challenging for both forces of the army to go to the same events due to timezone issues.

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How do you think AU have been doing?  Are they strong enough to rise to become a large army?  Or will they fall simply because of timezone issues, or even other reasons?  Comment with YOUR opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter


17 Responses

  1. NOTE: I did not mean to offend any Australians in this post. I simply meant that because of the living far away from North America and Europe it would be hard for them to make it to battles with other armies. I apologize if you took this the wrong way and thought I had something against Australians, in which I do not.

    • racist against australins!


      • I forgot to delete the ‘racist’ :$

  2. Someone add CP Ice to the network.

    • why dont you

      • I’m not an editor.

  3. *Cough* I led AU to medium then they fired me.

    • i wonder why

  4. Australasia ftw.

    • What the hell. Its Australia not Australasia

      • LAWL. Australiasia is the region of Australia and all the islands surrounding it.

  5. Tomato, nice post, I lead that event, it was our best ever uk event (im uk) and if LT was to log on at the same time, we would of beaten them. By the way Blue1 has just hired me to do the exact same thing, please contact me as soon as possible

  6. am I the only one who noticed in the title it says Cub?

    • +1


  8. prada バッグ

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