Kingfunks hits a home run! : Mchappy is A.W.O.L

Today, Kingfunks4, the longstanding ACP 2ic was temporarily promoted to Supreme Commander of the Army of Club Penguin. This is unusual and new for many members of the ACP.

Kingfunks has been 2ic of the ACP for 29 days now. He was promoted from 3ic in the recent owner rank shuffle that happened once Mchappy took power after the retirement of ACP Leaders – Flipper and Kenneth.

Mchappy appears to have mysteriously disappeared from the ACP in the last week, a lot of theories have come up as to the whereabouts of his absense, the most interesting and perhaps far fetched one I’ve heard is  ‘Mch’s ship has been compromised by Nachos, we are sending help’.  But the unofficial line that ACP seems to be taking is that Mchappy is on a temporary break. As said by Kingfunks himself

”Mch[happy] is taking a break” – Kingfunks4, ACP Temporary Leader

This quote obviously gives us some insight into the issues surrounding the mysterious disappearance of Mchappy. But a lot has not been answered for, the ACP website has made no comment on this issue. Could they be hiding something? or is this simply a case of a Leader who needs a break from the stresses of running one of the largest and most time consuming armies in Club Penguin?

Ekpenguin, ACP third in command and longstanding friend of Kingfunks, has generously provided me with this statement on his thoughts for the future of ACP under the new temp leader.

 Comment with YOUR opinion! What effect will Kingfunks’ temporary leadership have on the Army of Club Penguin? Is Mchappy really just taking a break from the stresses of ACP?

Max Cassius Brutus, New CPAC Reporter 😀


36 Responses

  1. As this was my first post, I would appreciate all the criticism you can give me.

    • so pr0

  2. Interesting, good post.

  3. This was not what I read at “Event Report”

    • Wait. It’s even better than that at “Event Report”.


    • I agree with the last thing you said, “!!1!2UPIREQBTR8EVFYU!!!!”

      • chillax dude

  5. Very nice post, Cas.

    • Danke.

  6. short and straight to the point.
    As for ACP, Well everyone has been waiting for this day to happen. I will be at their funeral.

  7. Nice post!

  8. Mchappy always “takes a break” during Nachos-ACP wars. Nothing new.

  9. Mchappy was Unhappy.

  10. Well, since Mchappy IS a good friend of mine, he would have probably told everyone if he was taking a break. But then again, he didn’t make a post before he left, so he probably has something happen in his personal life.

    • Just because you’re in ACP doesn’t mean Mchappy is your friend.

  11. Icey has not really been on but now Kingsfunks is temp. leader somthing is wrong. This cant be normal.

  12. Speaking of which, I’m having trouble deciding wether I should stay in ACP or quit and join a different army.


  14. lmao Funks just has to lead ACP any chance he gets

  15. ACP just keeps getting worse and worse.

    • Wow, no flame from ioio. I’ve got to be doing something right.

      • same thing happening to LT

  16. good for funks

  17. I ATE HIM.

  18. Great choice Funks. Choose yourself. But congrats on the self promo ;D

  19. funks cant even lead ….

  20. You said you wouldn’t be biased Cas *wary*

    • Explain how this post was biased in any way? I think I gave both sides of the argument

  21. The plan is working my comrades.

  22. The word “longstanding” in the first few sentences doesn’t really fit when you later say that he’s only been 2ic for 29 days.

    Honestly, I’m not surprised by Mchappy’s disappearance. Similar things happened last time he was leader. But Kingfunks appointed HIMSELF temporary leader? That is not an ordinary decision when it comes to the leadership of the ACP.

    • That isn’t true, it was a general agreement within the owner ranks [2ic and 3ic] and Boomer/Oagal who I talked to this week.

    • Theres something up about Kingfunks. Is he behind the disappearance of Mch?

  23. ACP is doomed

  24. he leads another army i’m positive

  25. Good post, but under 300 words is a little bit short. Post regulations usually tell you that 400-500 words is a good post.

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