Army of the Week: Cabin Warriors

NOTE: The Cabin Warriors changed their name to the Shadow Knights.  Click HERE to view their site.

In the third full edition of Army of the Week, we take a look at a fairly new army: the Cabin Warriors.  CW are a small army, but it is fair to say that they seem to be rising.  Can they rise to be a medium, and in the future possibly large, army?  Or will they remain a small army?  The upcoming next few weeks could determine the answers to these questions.

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Because CW are a rather new army, there isn’t a whole lot to tell.  The Cabin Warriors were created on April 4th, 2012 by Cpaul1 and Adro3The army drew many people into joining it quickly after it’s creation.  The army grew fast, reaching sizes of 18 at events.  They even became the 12th largest army at one point, right outside of CPAC’s top ten.  However, they merged into the Pirates, and weren’t seen again until their second generation.  Max took Cpaul1’s place as leader, and he led CW alongside Adro3.  The second generation did good, but not as good as the first.

CW recently started their third generation.  They’ve had a decent start, but only time will tell how well this generation will be compared to the others.

Current Leadership:

The Cabin Warriors currently have two leaders.  They are led by Adro3 and Max.  Both of them have led CW in the second generation.  They both seem to work well together, so the leadership of CW shouldn’t be a problem.  So far they’ve managed to get CW decent sizes, so CW has some decent leadership.

Recent Events:

The Cabin Warriors have had very little events recently, but they have done a somewhat good job in them.  Earlier this week CW had an unscheduled event and reached sizes of 6-7 troops, which is okay for an unscheduled event.

More recently, the Cabin Warriors dueled CPND and the Red Alliance (which was a no-show) and had good sizes of 8+.  Here are some pictures from the event:


I think the leadership of CW aren’t too serious about events, so CW seem like a fun army, and people who are joining an army to have fun would probably join them.  I think CW can make it to be at least a medium army, but I don’t think their current generation will last for a long time, seeing as their past two generations were only around for a few months.  However, they had a fast rise once, there’s a possibility they can do it again and make it last.

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How do you think CW have been doing?  Can they rise to be as powerful as they once were?  Or will they stay a small army with the chances of dying?  Comment with your opinion!

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Reporter


5 Responses

  1. 1st, and there CaW, Crystal warriors own CW, duh ._.

    • That may have been the most odd comment I have ever seen. Who cares if there’s two CW’s? The Crystal Warriors are dead by all means.

    • No, the are SK, they changed named to Shadow Knights and everybody knows CW is Cold Warriors.

  2. you guys need to post on DCP. check it out

    • Our reporters try to cover as much news as possible, we will try to post about your army if we can. If you would like your army to be featured as Army of the Week, please visit The Network page for more information.

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