Night Warriors Go To War With Ranger Troops

Lately the Night Warriors have been on the hunt for more servers in their attempts to rise through the Top Ten. Yesterday, on July 25, the Night Warriors declared war on the Ranger Troops, ranked 6th in the Top Ten. In the post declaring war, Second-in-Command Corey claimed the war “will be a long war since [the Night Warriors] have a lot of servers.” Servers being the reason for the war, the Night Warriors plan to take this war until they have taken all servers possible. In the same post, Corey told his troops:

“I trust that you all can get the job done and come out on top in every event.”

The Ranger Troops met the challenge with complete confidence. Today, they responded with the challenge to invade all NW servers “before they have a chance to do the same.” Ranger Troops’ leader Paco claimed in his response:

“The Night Warriors are trying to commit suicide so lets just murder ’em and save ’em trouble.”

Both armies plan to invade a large amount of servers from the other. As part of the battle strategy, the Ranger Troops will be invading a series of NW servers late at night. Night Warriors responded that night events are when they are most active, fitting with their name. Both armies seem very confident with the war. NW believes the Ranger Troops to be too inactive to be much of a problem, but with RT a good four ranks higher in the Top Ten, will NW be able to win the war they set out for?

Let’s take a look at some recent battle pics:

NW’s Recent Invasion of Ice Palace from AU

Ranger Troops Recent Victory Over Doritos

The Night Warriors recently had success against the Army Union, but will they have the same with the larger Ranger Troops? And with Ranger Troops aiding in the ACP-Nacho War, will the RT be able to defend from NW? Wherever this war leads, with so many invasions already planned, this is sure to be a lively war.

– Redd, CPAC Reporter –


8 Responses

  1. Why you no use pics from the Summit battle?

  2. Why you no use pics from the Summit battle? Besides that, nice post.

    • I did the most recent event I could find (besides special events like UK). That way, it isn’t showing what you’re CAPABLE of, it shows how each is LIKELY to do.

  3. Wow The Nacho ~ ACP war is Turning into a True World war. What World war number are we on? 6 or 7?

  4. The RT pic just looks like an angry group of red penguins.

    • ikr

  5. First, Why not use the picture from one of our good events. Second, the war is cancelled, Saw and Unk attempted to scam money out of NW and RT.

    • First, I already explained why.
      Second, the war wasn’t over when I posted but thanks for the update.

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