BREAKING NEWS: Network: Among Us All Along?

EDIT: I have interviewed one of the members, known as iLLusive/Fallen.

Zak: Why did you decide to create Network?

Fallen: We came together with the same intentions, and decided: “Hey, why don’t we go underground?” We obviously didn’t stand a chance against other underground hackers, so we decided to mess with CP Armies for now. We were also curious.

Zak: Who did you still plan to hack before ending Network?

Fallen: Army Republic, Night Warriors, Dark Warriors, and Pretzels.

Zak: Do you think Network could’ve gone even further if it hadn’t ended?

Fallen: Only time could tell, but yes of course, I had so much hope for Network. In two days we took down SWAT and, released a leak, gathered a couple dozen emails, and defaced the The Army of Great Penguins and Water Vikings.

Zak: Anything else to announce to the army world?

Fallen: Yes, we are criminals. Our crime is curiosity. My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like. My crime is that of outsmarting you, something you will never forgive me for.

Today, a staggering announcement had been made. I was revealed the identities of the 5 members of Network: iLLusive, Silent, s0ul, Viral, and r3mote.

iLLusive: Known as Ace/Fallen

Silent: Known as ItzAlex

s0ul: Known as Zer0byte

Viral: Known as Gamer/Rebel

R3mote: Known as Dream/Chuck



15 Responses

  1. 1st MWAHAHAHA SUCK IT I mean nice post

  2. Network pretty much fails, I took over within minutes once i found out they hacked it xD

  3. gamer is a hacker?

  4. Well. I thought we might of finally come across one that didn’t do it for “Teh Lulz”. Man was I wrong.

  5. Not legit hackers. Maybe conmen, but not actual hackers.

    • They’re real.

  6. Although we faked the identities, we did do our hacks 100% legit. Not every hacker is a fake.

    • MAN SHUT THE HELLP UP CHUCK. GET OFF MY SITE. No jk. go out with me pls.

  7. You know what guys. I really like cheese…. yeah thats about it also well nevermind thats it actually….

  8. Lol, that means s0ul got doxxed a few days ago.

  9. They never could hack to begin with.

    • I’m not sure how we were able to knock CPAC offline twice in the same day and get into all of Trackdude20’s accounts along with SWAT and without hacking. Hmm.

      • You’ve had your time in the sunlight. Please crawl back to wherever you came from.

  10. I don’t care what you guys say, but I respect these guys.

  11. […] army were in their 9th generation, created by Kevin, when Step Up 646 had his account hijacked by The Network. This happened approximately two weeks following the comeback of the Romans, and things were […]

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