Battles of Bobsled and Mountain – Another Day of Debate

In the first battle on the 17th day of the war, the Army of Club Penguin prepared to invade long-time Nacho server Bobsled. Since the leaders knew Bobsled would eventually be full and lock out their troops, they moved to the server Crystal, which at the time was 3 bars for nonmembers.

Both armies had soldiers on an hour before the battle. The Nachos “officially” logged on about 40 minutes before the battle and the ACP “officially” logged on 30 minutes before. Both armies began recruiting at the Town, but when it got full ACP moved to the Plaza and began to recruit there.

A few minutes  before the battle, the Nachos moved to the Dock and began to get organized. Just as they began to get settled, the Army of Club Penguin entered the room and began doing a clover frenzy. The Nachos defended with war faces. The battle then raged on at the Dock for about 20 minutes.

Looking at the pictures above, you can tell that the Dock was a very close battle. ACP had an obvious advantage in size, but the Nachos were organized. However, it seems their tactics could have been better.

The Nachos then moved to the Forest and made a ” U”. ACP soon followed, and did a line-breaker by covering up the Nachos. The Nachos did a series of bombs and frenzies, which appeared to have brought ACP’s sizes down a bit. Eventually, after 10-15 minutes, ACP moved to the Ice Berg. The Nachos quickly followed.

The closest part of the battle was at the Ice Berg. Here both armies had equal sizes, no less than 26 and no more than 30, and good tactics. The Nachos improved their consistancy, tactics, and size at the Ice Berg. ACP still had good size and good tactics, but they were very unorganized. When both armies moved to the Ice Berg, the Nachos surrounded the top half and ACP surrounded the bottom half. Both armies executed their tactics well. Soon, the ACP and Nachos did their “waterfall” tactics, where they run up and down the room spamming emotes.

Following the battle, both the Nachos and the ACP ended up claiming victory. Both army leaders seemed very proud of their army’s size and performance during the battle. Another day, another dispute, but who do you think won the battle of Bobsled?

Just a few hours later, the ACP and the Nachos were at it again in another battle. This time the battle was on Mountain. Both armies arrived on Mountain with smaller sizes compared what each army had during the morning. However, that definitely did not keep this from being another great battle!

The battle took place in a series of rooms starting with the Dock followed by the Boiler Room, Dojo, and then the Cove.

Once again after the battle, it was disputed on who actually won.

Did the Nachos win? Did ACP win? Are both armies being immiture? Are the Nachos attracted to cows? Is the ACP full of crap? Will the Patriots win the Super Bowl? Am I asking too many questions? Comment your opinion below!

NOTE: I finnished the post with 1457 words. I decided it would be safe to save the draft, which was obviously the wrong descision. My post ended up, somehow, getting cut down to 434 words. Sorry about it’s shortness, it was actually pretty awesome before WordPress deleted it.



20 Responses

  1. Stupid wordpress…

  2. Nachos win both Nachos are coming back and hard!

  3. nachos are just voting themselfs biased pool (facepalm)

    • Define bias, my child.

    • ACP can vote for themselves too?


  4. Lol, le nachos won.

  5. they agreed that ACP won mountain

    • No Puck changed his mind

      • no he didn’t

        • Yes he did Dash made him change his mind

          • look on your website

  6. Someone please tell me why it’s so difficult for armies like ACP (and LT when they were number 1) to make a straight line? I understand your big, but work on the lines.

  7. Post on IV.

  8. Why is it that all CPAC posts nowadays seem to be on ACP vs Nachos? Yeah it is hard to find other battles, but I was fired for lack of posts since I couldn’t find anything else to report about.

    • Because there is an ACP-Nachos war going on. In this war there are battles. It’s our job to report on battles. There are also plenty of other posts on other armies. Look around the site. -_-

  9. Pie, it was your options on the captions about “organization and Tactics”. Takethat out, and it would be fine, just like puckley’s.

  10. Omg. ACP might lose their first war to Nachos!!

  11. Lol, Idk who won

  12. guys… This war might tear apart ACP or nachos but, seariously, it is just a game.
    ~lovelove29 club penguin peace givers leader

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