Top Ten Armies: 07/16/12

UPDATED: Full CPAC Top Ten released with descriptions and pictures! Enjoy!

Welcome to another edition of CPAC’s Top Ten. As armies continue to shuffle with more big falls and rises, as well as a few new armies, it has been another interesting week.

Top Ten Armies


1. Army of CP [+0] [93.88]

2. Nachos [+1] [87.88]

3. Ice Warriors [-1] [85.88]

4. Ninjas [+1] [79.00]

5. Underground Mafias Army [-1] [67.38]

6T. Shadow Troops [+1] [61.88]

6T. Army Republic [+0] [61.88]

8. Dark Warriors [NEW!] [55.88]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [53.75]

10. Pretzels [NEW!] [44.75]


Close to the Top Ten:

11. Ranger Troops [-1]

12. Sky Troops [+0]

13. Miners [NEW!]

14. Fort Ghost Recon [+1]

15. Doritos of CP [-7]


1. Army of Club Penguin

The ACP remain on top this week as they continue to battle the Nachos in their current war. They have displayed impressive sizes of 30-40 soldiers throughout the week along with nice tactics to top it off. With battles every other day for the ACP, they have been very consistent day in and out so far. The ACP claim to have won all the battles in their war so far supposedly winning Blizzard, Marshmallow, Flippers, Aurora, and Ice Breaker this week according to their website. The ACP are looking strong as they head into another week of war with the Nachos.

2. Nachos

The Nachos fall in at second this week as they also continue to the fight in the war. They have been doing well in the war too consistently averaging 25-30+ soldiers in their battles. After a rough week last week, the Nachos have rebounded in this war. According to their website, they have won Flippers, Aurora, and Ice Breaker. The Nachos are improving and look to continue as they fight against the ACP.

3. Ice Warriors

Despite being knocked down a position, the Ice Warriors have still managed to have a very good week. The IW were crowned the Sweet 16 champions earlier this week with sizes of about 25+ soldiers. One of the true highlights of the week came in a practice battle between the IW and the Ninjas. The IW performed very well averaging about 25+ here too with great tactics. However, since the battle was so close, both armies to end it in a tie. Things are looking good for the IW, so they hope to keep it up heading into next week.

4. Ninjas

The Ninjas have had a great week too. It’s definitely debatable that the Ninjas may deserve to be ranked higher, but they still fell in one position higher than last week.  The Ninjas have been working on expanding their nation, and they have successfully added Bunny Hill and Belly Slide to their nation this week. In each event, the Ninjas were able to show off nice sizes of about 25+ soldiers. The Ninjas also tied in a practice battle against the Ice Warriors where they also had about 25+ soldiers. Things are looking bright for the Ninjas as they seem to be on a rise.

5. Underground Mafias Army

The rising Underground Mafias Army has taken a step back this week. Following a near civil war within the army, internal fighting continued between leaders. The fighting obviously affected the army since they had two poor events this week. However, they managed to pull together a nice performance on Tuesday with about 20 soldiers. Things seem to have settled down in the UMA now, and they seem focused on continuing to rise now.

6T. Shadow Troops

The Shadow Troops continue to rise as they jump into the 6th position this week. The ST have mainly been focused on their current war with the Army Republic this week. It has been war filled with great battles, and the Shadow Troops have claimed to won the majority of them according to their website. They have consistently hit sizes of about 15 soldiers throughout the war so far. The ST even managed to get about 20 soldiers at a battle. Heading into next week, the ST hope to keep up their strong performances.

6T. Army Republic

The Army Republic stay put this week as they share the 6th position with their enemy the Shadow Troops. The AR are in an intense war with ST at the moment. There have been a ton of great battles with each army evenly sized. The Army Republic have also been to get consistently hit sizes of about 15 soldiers throughout this week. They have also claimed to won the majority of the battles in the war as well. The AR are looking good as they head into another week of war.

8. Dark Warriors

The Dark Warriors stormed into the Top Ten this week after recently changing their name from the Golds. They experienced an immediate rise getting about 15 to 20 soldiers. After tensions snapped between the Dark Warriors and the SWAT, they soon declared war on them. The DW were able to win the first few battles with their large size; however, later in the week it decreased to about 10 soldiers. SWAT began to pull away with the war. Then, DW leader SaW had had enough and later decided to end the Dark Warriors. The DW unfortunately died at the end of the week of this week, but their performance earlier in the week was enough to land them a spot.

9. Special Weapons and Tactics

The SWAT have had a very strong end of the week with sizes of about 15 or so soldiers and very nice tactics. They have been at war with the Dark Warriors, but since the Dark Warriors have apparently ended, the war is now over. Lately, the SWAT have been having a lot of events on a CPPS where they had some impressive sizes. If the SWAT keep it up, they will surely rise in the rankings.

10. Pretzels

The Pretzels have had a great week. They have consistently hit about 10+ soldiers this week with nice tactics. They have been performing well in their events even winning the Small/Medium Army Brawl that was hosted by the CPAC. The Pretzels plan to continue to rise as things are looking great for them.


So, what do YOU think of this week’s Top Ten? Comment with YOUR opinion!


CPA Central Head of Site


83 Responses

  1. 1st

    • No pics!?!…

      • Did you not read the note at the beginning?

  2. no… xD

  3. Pretzels made it! Brave, I know your proud!

  4. Second!


  6. Wow, what a fail Top 10. No description? “Not enough time”


    • Some people have lives.

      • XDDDD
        I bet IW will be first next top 10!!! I have a plan!!!

        -Lion P (IW Major Gen.)

        • noob

          • Talk about yourself, dumbass.

          • STFU! %^$(*%&^&$%

      • But nobody at CPAC has a life…

        • Hope you’re aware that you were “at” CPAC when you wrote that comment. Now, you’re “at” CPAC once again as you read my reply. Really, think before you say.

          • I know. I don’t have a life. 😛

  7. Me Gusta.

  8. The rankings are spot on. Good top 10! Can’t wait until descriptions get added.


    • They should? Tell me more about how they are bigger than UMA, Shadow Troops, and Army Republic.

      • xD

  10. Top Ten is perfect. I see no problems with it at all.

  11. TIP: If you don’t have time to add the descriptions on the right day just do it the day after, unless they’re noobs nobody cares.

    • And everyone said? AMEN!

  12. Shouldn’t ninjas be tied with Ice warriors, because they tied in the PB, and they had the same numbers throughout the week? The ninjas even had a little bigger sizes, and better tactics.

    • ^

  13. IW in 3rd?????? they should be in 1st

    • you trippin

  14. Biased Much? @Blue

    • Oh, shoosh.

    • ^

    • Who are you quoting?

  15. Don’t pull Funks out of retirement. He’s enjoying his full body massage performed by Spanish men with big biceps.

    • XD

  16. How is Ninjas only 4th…..
    I’m so confused right now….

    • Because they got sizes of 25, perfect tactics at 25 points, 9 points out of 10 for posts, and 20 points out of 25 for chat size, for a total of 79. Make sense?

      • Before I comment, none of this is meant to offend any army/person mentioned. I just need to state facts.
        Point 1: Ninjas maxed 31 at our best event this week, and 27 at our worst event this week.
        Point 2: Nachos maxed 30 at only one event, the next best barely scraping 20+.
        Point 3: IW also maxed at 30 at their best event, 27 at their worst event also.
        Point 4: For someone who is on all three of those chats along with the rest of CP army chats to the point of being a no life, I seriously believe you need to be on more than just ACP’s chat before you judge on IW/Ninjas/Nachos or any other army’s chat size.
        Points voiced. I feel so much better now. :3

        • Yesss Funk yess ^

          • Hmmm…. you quit tg, now lead in ninjas, but still have that pic. Oh, btw, remember me? Im a contibuter to site now.

        • ACP/RPF/RT/ST/UMA* Just saying.

          Besides that, I do apologize if I messed up some rankings. It won’t happen again.

          • Well thanks for at least being a good enough of a head to admit to possible mistakes lol.. I’m not sure if any CPAC head other than Woton has ever done it before

            • You heard the man. Go make a CPAC Awards Page, I call first staff memember to admit possible mistake in the Top Ten.

  17. IV next week

  18. If you dont have time for the descriptions, then keep the top ten as a draft then just right a quick post saying the top ten will be late.

  19. My opinion.
    1. Mew2red Warriors
    2. Woton Warriors
    3. Kooldude Warriors
    4. Cold Warriors (my new army)
    4. (my new army)
    6. Shadow Troops
    7. magical flying rainbow unicorns
    8. Popcorn Army
    9. ACP
    10. Nachos.

    Real Top Ten.
    1. ACP
    2. Nachos
    3. Ice Warriors
    3. Ninjas
    5: Shadow Troops
    6. UMA
    7. AR
    8. Dark Warriors
    9. Special Weapons and Tactics
    10. Pretzels

    • Your way off almost all of your TOP 5 are just no name armys that you are trying to promote.. ACP IS #1

      • sorry your TOP 8 are just random armys that you are promoting 9 and 10 are actully 1 and 2

        • Noob warning.. >Can’t understand sarcasm.

    • Kooldude Warriors kicked your ass you biased fart.


  20. Spot on Top Ten, Blue. Good to see that you are good at the job!

  21. Blue, you need to be quiet because you were in Swat. For your information we got 20+ this week and we get nine. That’s sooo biased and DW is dead and they get ahead of SWAT.

    • I was never in SWAT, Blue2 was the one who wasted his time there. And DW’s performance was good enough throughout the week to earn them a spot. For example, if an army got 70+ soldiers and died at the end of the week, they would still take first.

      • And what a waste of time that was.

  22. Love you Puck ❤

    • Anytime! ❤

  23. Descriptions and pictures have now been added.

    these pics show acp scared i am not a nachos or acp soldier and i swear but i love to trool site and founds these. i dont want to act bisaed or anything but these might not or might be true. i dont what to get in a fight with anyone just comment what u think about this. if i get into a figth with u i will call u a noob for the rest of ur life(ps i dont what to show my real user name so no one know who i am and so no one comes after me) thank u

    • speak English please

  25. My opinion(Fake Top 10)
    1.Cheesy Fighters
    2.Woton Warriors
    3.Zak Warriors
    5.Fido Fighters
    7. Elements Army
    Real Top 10
    1T. ACP
    7. Shadow troops
    8.Dark Warriors

  26. I have a suggestion for the top ten. when making it, if the points change from week to week, then make them green if higher or red if lower then before, and the 5 armies close should have their scores as well. if needed then give a precise tally to show your work.

  27. If the Light Troops are still alive (which I bet they are, but they changed their name to the Miners), I don’t trust them. Here is the Top Fifteen you posted:
    1. Army of CP [+0] [93.88]

    2. Nachos [+1] [87.88]

    3. Ice Warriors [-1] [85.88]

    4. Ninjas [+1] [79.00]

    5. Underground Mafias Army [-1] [67.38]

    6T. Shadow Troops [+1] [61.88]

    6T. Army Republic [+0] [61.88]

    8. Dark Warriors [NEW!] [55.88]

    9. Special Weapons and Tactics [+0] [53.75]

    10. Pretzels [NEW!]

    11. Ranger Troops

    12. Sky Troops

    13. Miners [NEW!]

    14. Fort Ghost Recon

    15. Doritos of CP

    See anything wrong with it compared to last week’s Top Fifteen? Here it is:
    1. Army of CP [+1] [96.88]

    2. Ice Warriors [-1] [91.88]

    3. Nachos [+1] [88.75]

    4. Underground Mafias Army [+1] [76.88]

    5. Ninjas [-2] [73.88]

    6. Army Republic [+0] [73.00]

    7. Shadow Troops [+4] [66.88]

    8. Doritos of CP [+1] [54.75]

    9. SWAT [+3] [53.00]

    10. Ranger Troops [-2] [48.75]


    Close to the Top Ten:

    11. Light Troops [-4]

    12. Sky Troops [NEW!]

    13. Golds [-3]

    14. Metal Warriors [-1]

    15. Fort Ghost Recon [NEW!]
    In last week’s Top Fifteen, the Light Troops’ name was colored in yellow, and in THIS week’s Top Fifteen, the Miner’s name is colored in the same shade of yellow. I know that you wouldn’t think it meant anything, Blue, but I think it might.

    • Your suggesting this is some kind of grand conspirancy to make LT rise again as the Miners? Keep dreaming.

    • Um, as far as I know, LT is on a break, and they have not changed they’re name…Again.

  28. LOL look at the pretzels guy does IT GOTS ME A BELL while the rest do


  30. Just 1 question…
    When was it that armies only needed a good strong 10+ for events to make the top ten e_e , if that is how it is now than should miners have as much as right to be in it as Pretzels do then, correct?

    • Its not only based on size. Tactics, Chat Size at events, and Posts on site count as a factor.

  31. Just 1 question……
    When was it that armies only needed a good strong 10+ for events to make the top ten e_e , if that is how it is now than should miners have as much as right to be in it as Pretzels do then, correct?

  32. oops double… my mistake D:<

  33. SWAT should be 12th.
    Bluesockwa Warriors should be 1st. ❤

  34. Army Union should be somewhere in the close catagory at least. http:/ keep an eye on us.

    • Thanks, I will.

  35. *

  36. I think the Nachos should’ve atleast tied with ACP we are beating them..but whatever good top ten.

  37. I like iw and nachos… If they band together we might just defeat acp

  38. I think it is dumb to count posts on the site as a factor. I hate that idea. I mean, what happened to when it was just size and maybe tactics that counted?
    I think only size, tactics, and amount of noobs are the only things that should go toward a Top Ten ranking.

  39. How can i join a cp army


    • & add to comment that Error recruited you.

  40. Red Vikings just got 13 and got 6 more then their last and first battle in which they got 7. If they keep up this pace they’ll be in top ten in no time.

  41. I think that line up is garbage where is xtreme guardians warriors army of cp

  42. Hey guys Just Informing you that i think we could be in your top 10 thats a pic of our Recent event we maxed aroud 17 And our Tactics were pretty good Our website is

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