Sunday’s (Delayed) Comic: Check Before You Claim

Don’t be surprised that this is a day late. We aren’t perfect, aren’t we? This week’s (delayed) comic is a bit of a troll. Let’s say it’s one of those awkward moments when you have that new army claiming a random army. You’ll understand once you read this comic. 


  • The armies that actually own Cloudy are in this comic. 
  • If you’re going to diss me for being late, then it’s your problem.
  • The reason why I replaced the original words of the rage meme is since I’m against swearing (FYI, I don’t swear. Besides, we have kids here!).

Comment your thoughts on this week’s comic!

Want your idea in the next comic? Comment your idea and you may see it next week!


Thoughts from the comic designer: If you haven’t scrolled down, you would see that there is a certain person trash- talking about this comic. I had to delete many comments from this person, so the comic wouldn’t be spammed by his insults. This is for every viewer in CPAC: Watch your mouth. These staff members work hard to make these posts. Respect them and if there’s something wrong, at least don’t make it sound stupid. 


75 Responses

  1. this comic shows cp army people being naked blue popcorn eaters detectives and this isnt even funny


    • You dunce, in the notes he said that’s doesn’t curse. Read something before making an idiot of yourself.


        • Get your grammar right. xD It’s you’re not URE. xD
          Also you incorrectly typed It’s, you spelled it like this *Its* you are supposed to do it like this *It’s*.

          • Your* xD Oops.

            • reply…gets…smaller

              • smaller…

        • dude, as explained in discos notes, she doesnt swear, thus creating “NUUUUUU” Instead of the original. Good day to you, sir.

      • You’re a dunce for calling Disco a guy. ‘Nuff said.

  3. one does not simply just play with the rage face meme

  4. Really funny actually! Make a comic about tactics sessions in armies, with a noob w`anting to do tactics, then just repeating the same one after a ten minute argument!

  5. the light blue penguin in the wig keeps its pose in 1st and 2nd panel


  7. whats that green stuff there? lmfao

  8. this is nothing close to penguin army

  9. this is a true quality comic

    • Show me a good comic then since Disco made a terrible one. If you cannot show one club Penguin Army related, then your argument is invalid. Also I wish for you to explain in five paragraph format why this comic is terrible and give me at least three logical facts on how it sucks. Opinions will not be counted and will show you as a larger idiot then you already are and if you decide to rage back with poor grammar, then you will look like an idiot.

  10. what is this army? blue nudes of club penguin?

  11. the army would still have cloudy cause they invaded it from those armies with out even knowing. your logic is terrible


  12. u had more then a weak to do this cause its delayed and u come up with this? realy?

    • Ever heard of a life?

      • Why are you approving this noob’s comments? Anyways, Disco I think your comic is great. 😉

        • Actually, I think someone else approved these. Otherwise, Blue2 or Blue1 is trying to IP ban this guy.
          I just put these up to show an example of what noobism is like.

      • One does not simply have a life and work at CPAC

  13. the army would still have cloudy cause they invaded it from those armies with out even knowing. your logic is terrible1

    • Billy shutup lol

  14. 14 faceplams above, I think that’s a new record

  15. Stop flooding the post and shut the hell up. I think it’s a pretty good comic.

  16. So funny. 😛 Billy, shut the hell up you freaking noob.

  17. Pretty good 🙂

  18. >Incorrect use for FUUUU guy
    >Not the best imo


    • Shush you, I don’t accept behavior like this. Before I saw your trash, I was happy at the amount of comments. I thought I was good at this and actually gave some happiness to the viewers. Instead, I find your trash. You’re a disgrace for making these comments. Get off and see what you have done, and watch your mouth. If you watch your mouth, you wouldn’t be IP banned from CPAC.
      Thanks Blue2 for IP banning this person.

      • ure trash and u are trash ureself by making these horrible insulting comics that dont make any sense.

        • no one really things its funny disco ure not spreading happiness ure comments are pure full rtarded

          • jesus what are u the fuking super nanny? your will never be good at this kthxbye

            • no one likes you
              just saying
              you troll unsuccessfully

          • Rtarded indeed.

      • I apologize. Billy is only satisfied if you post porn.

  20. Billy has been IP banned for flood. Not a bad comic, either.


      • not a fuking funny comic or atleast good comic either

      • oh yeh i forgot cpac was always filth

        • NOBODY GIVES A WAFFLE!. go make Disco and all the CPACs you annoyed a sandwich. Kthxbye

  21. CPAC should really have more comics on Sunday.. These never cease to amuse me.

  22. someone actually deleted my comments cause some of them maked sense

    • no, because you raged at the lack of porn you insolent little brat. Leave this site if you know what is best for you before we come after you with worse then raging. Go now, your dignity is gone.

      • You stole my comment about Billy’s love for porn.
        You’re dead to me.

        • I did, but it made sense at least compared to the rest of his crap

    • lol “someone actually deleted my comments cause some of them maked sense” ya they totally “maked” sense

    • I deleted them, there was so many, all of them seemed like they didn’t make sense. Basically, you ranted against me like a little internet troll.
      Oh and lol at “maked”.

  23. i regret nothing for talking sh/t about this fuking filth u call a “comic” / i thought this was cpac

    • Hey, I have something to say to you.

      Shut up and go learn politeness.

      • Amen, splasher.

  24. Like I said last week–BLUE2TH (Bluetooth+Blue2=Blue2th).

  25. Its funny how billy wastes his time flooding comments on here, Hence wasting his life while hes at it.
    Congratultaions! You’ve been downgraded to a lowlife!

  26. I find this amusing haha! It’s clever!

  27. Good comic Disco. You’re doing a nice job. Hope to see next Sunday’s.

  28. good comic oh and billy, if you can’t shut the hell up, we got two words for ya, F*UCK OFF!

    • dammit, i hate typos (d)

  29. His comics are good because they are so true lol.

    • *she. derp.

    jk Disc, it’s a good comic, so where is my comic involving Fried Chicken?

  31. SO TRUE!

  32. aw this was cute

  33. SUCKS S

  34. One Does Not Simply criticize a comic but can’t make a better one.

  35. I thought CPAC was better than this. Reporters should just drop it and get started on their new comic so it isnt late AGAIN

  36. I hate it when people say they have a life on CPAC. Nobody here does.

    • I know right!
      Disco makes cool comics and she had logic to it as well!
      Some ppl here are complete trolls *grins*
      I like the NUUUUUUUUU bit

  37. It entertains me to see a Sunday Comic go by…..And then see the complete idiotic arguments that follow. Every Sunday, Folks

  38. If I were you, I wouldn’t explain your comics, I’d just say “Sorry for the delay, but we’re not all perfect. So here’s this week’s comic, titled Check Before You Claim:” or something.

  39. This weeks comic is also delayed! Delayed more than last time.

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