ACP vs. Nachos: Day of Dispute

The ACP and the Nachos were at it again today in another day of battles. The Nachos came into the battle hoping to turn this war around while the ACP hoped to continue its dominance. By the end of today’s battles, both armies completed what they desired. Wait, what? Both? Yes, yes, you read right.

This afternoon the ACP had an invasion scheduled on the Nachos’ server Aurora. Since Aurora was full, the battle was soon shifted to White House. Both armies arrived on the server with the ACP still as the invaders and the Nachos as the defenders. Each army arrived in similar numbers of about 30 soldiers. However, as the battle continued the ACP managed to have about 40 soldiers battling to the Nachos’ 25+ soldiers. In the end, both the ACP and the Nachos claimed victory.




Since both armies claimed victory, I think it’s time for a poll! Vote on who you think won!


Following the battle, just three hours later, another battle took place! This time the Nachos were the invaders as they attempted to invade Ice Breaker from the ACP. Both armies arrived in much smaller numbers compared to the morning with about 20+ soldiers evenly leaving it to be another very interesting battle.

It seems this war has turned into disputed battles with no clear winner. Neither army is willing to admit defeat, but that doesn’t mean you guys still can’t vote on the winner!

After a day of battles, who do you think really won? What do you think about this war?



33 Responses

  1. i love how minifotty(acp scum) goes in orange and says “ACP WE SURRENDER”
    what a noob

  2. How can 25+ can compete with 40+ is my question.

    • thats not what you said when LT had 40 and ACP had 5-10(and you still claimed victory)

      • lol.

        • ikr. ACP would max 5-10 against the 40+ LT and would still have the guts to say “WE WON”

          • Lol look at this picture

      • Because Ioio you guys loged off first. You cant just make a time limit in war

        • and since when is that some kind of rule? We stayed and clearly won for 30 minutes and then we logged off. 30 minutes is way enough considering you guys didn’t get more than 12-13 and we got 35-40 the whole time.

      • More like your hating on both armies. U jelly nachos are the ones fighting ACP while LT is struggling to get 10+?

        • what you said is so irrevelant to the fact that ACP are the biggest sore losers ever.

          • Since when did LT suddenly understand not claiming to win everytime? Last time I saw LT in a war, they claimed to win all of their events.

          • And since what gives you the right to rage reply all the comments that doesn’t agree with your petty insults?

            • we claimed to win all our events because we actually won them with WAY bigger size than ACP and better tactics. ACP has never had bigger size or better tactics except in the last 3 events., and yet, they claimed victory on everything no matter how obvious it was that LT won.
              your remarks towards LT totally describe ACP. I think you mispelled ACP when you said ‘LT’.

              • Dont worry ioio. You still lost the war, as usual. Also, I was referring to the OTHER war around january. The war that you were the yellow PR. And in that war you had horrible tactics and only had 25+, yet you still claimed to win every battle. I have to say though, the nachos have a better chance of beating ACP then LT ever had.

                • LT got 30-40 u are just mad cause acp got pwned

                  • > I have to say though, the nachos have a better chance of beating ACP then LT ever had.

                    • Learn how to use the enter key.

                  • Ioio can defend himself without a LT noob defending him.

                    • the only noob here is you, let’s be honest.
                      the nonsense you speak is beyond me

                    • Ioio, let’s just say that you ‘flew the coop’ again.

                  • If ACP got “pwned” why did they win the war?

                    • Cause Flippers sister had to come to rescue by defacing LT site.

                    • There was more than one ACP-LT war. Not all of the war’s ended in defaced sites.

  3. acp won

  4. In my opinion, it was a tie battle.

  5. ACP & Nachos: Learn how to lose, since one of you has to sooner or later.

    Contrary to what seems to be popular belief here, there is dignity in a well-fought defeat.

    • Nachos actually admitted defeat on like 5 battles.

      • What puck said

  6. Nachos owned both

  7. This battle gave new hope to the Nachos. This could be a turning point in the war.

  8. Speech time:
    Friends, ACP, countrymen… I come to you today to announce our awesome victory against the Nachos on the battlefields of Blizzard. We have, with great effort, beaten the Nachos on every corner. We haven’t let them have a single breath of air this entire war. We have been crushing them with an iron fist. They are the challengers, and we have proved we are superior. To show mercy, Mchappy, Funks, Flipper [WHO IS IN FACT A NOOB] (Shhh, he’s just jealous of my spying skills), and myself decided to make the war one of the best. We will never want to surrender, however we just wanted to have a mutual argeement because the war stupid/boring and it’s caused by absolutely nothing reasonable. However, when the Nacho leaders came to the chat we had the meeting on, they were hypocrites and they were very immature. Some examples of this include them saying we had bad sportsmanship. This is completely false! I decided to ask them of an instance they could explain when we had bad sportsmanship and they had absolutely nothing to say! So we’re locked in a war with a bunch of immature people who don’t feel like accepting mercy. How rude! ACP, I urge you not to take the Nachos lightly anymore. It’s about time that we end this war, but we will end it without peace! If the Nachos continue with their horrible attitudes, we will take all fifty of their servers! We may even take them faster than we thought. This could sound cocky, but you know what, we’ve won the first five battles of the war without any doubt, and I went to all of them so I would know. The Nachos have no chance and they’re only hurting themselves. So I say we wait for the Nachos to come to us, or we prepare for a total war! ACP forever! -Capncook its real this is a note from capncook i say acp won you know bacause im from acp anyways its mostly the 1st one who logs off cp loses

  9. >Ioio can defend himself without a LT noob defending him

  10. please tell me how this is against ioio and not u telling false facts about LT

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