CPA Central and CPA Files Merge – New Leadership and Content

I am sure that you came to this site to view news about Club Penguin Armies, and not more crap about how this site is changing. However, this post is necessary in order to determine the future of CPA Central and the news we post, so please read it.

CPA Central was first created with the idea in mind to have a website that singularly posted news about battles between Club Penguin Armies. That was our first and only goal. The site was revolutionary and was immediately loved throughout Club Penguin Armies. We wanted to catalog the weekly army news, so we came up with the idea to post a Top 10 Armies of the Week. This idea was also loved, as it added a whole new layer to the site. After a while, we decided that, every once in a while, we would want to . These came to be known as “Philosophy” posts. After seeing how successful CPA Central had become, we decided that it would be a good venue to host tournaments which, in the past, other armies would have to do. These were also very successful. Over the years, more and more content was added that was not directly related to Club Penguin Army news. An entire Philosophy Staff section was created, along with comics, weekly army reviews, army of the weeks, and more. Eventually, CPA Central lost its identity.

It is not that all of the other types of posts are not fine, they are, but it has gotten to a point where they overshadow our first and primary goal: news. This needs to be fixed.

To be realistic, the blame for CPA Central’s lack of news can be placed on the Heads of Site (I mean, there is really no one else to blame, right?). However, this is not to be taken with any offense, as it is not their fault. CPA Central has blossomed into such a massive organization that, with hosting tournaments, posting Top 10s, updating pages, keeping on top of staff, and working with the site design, they have no time to post news – who would? (Trust me, I had a tough time keeping up with the responsibilities of CPA Central back when I was the HOS and I eventually had to retire because I just ran out of time. It is tough.)

Recently, a new Club Penguin Army news site has come into existence, Club Penguin Army Files, created by Pringle, Puckley, and Joker. (Pringle and Puckley were the two people who actually helped me created CPA Central.) This website, contrary to CPA Central, does nothing but post army news. They have made it clear that it is their single objective to do so. They are impressive too; with just two staff members they have been keeping completely up to date on all of the latest army news, posting it on time and in great quality. To be honest, they remind me more of the original CPA Central than the current one does. Although this website is excellent, it unfortunately will take an incredibly long time before they are able to develop a large audience and, even then, they will have to compete with the all-to-powerful CPA Central.

Both sites have their problems. The question is how to solve those problems. The answer is:

CPA Central and CPA Files are merging.

Here is how it is going to happen:


The only staff coming over from CPAF will be Puckley and Joker, who will both have upper management positions on the site. However, their roles are doing to be different than Funks and Blue2’s. Their primary goal will be to post Club Penguin Army news. This will leave Funks and Blue2 time to deal with the rest of the site. Funks and Blue will be in charge of all the other site affairs, such as Top 10s, updating pages, dealing with staff, hosting tournaments, etc (and, of course, still posting news themselves).

Ultimately, here is how the upper staff looks:

Heads of Site Affairs: Kingfunks4 and Bluesockwa2

Heads of Media: Puckley and Joker

Secondary Head of Site: Bluesockwa1


Clearly, the CPAC site is the only site that will be used in this merge. The CPAF site will be archived until necessary again. The posts from CPAF have been imported to CPAC, so you may be noticing a lot of out of place looking posts on the site. Those will be there until covered up by newer posts. The pages will be combined. The Armies and Leaders pages will have some newer content on them from CPAF but will retain many of the same features as CPAC. Two new pages will be added: Records and History. Check those out.


As previously stated, the reinstated goal of CPA Central will be to post Club Penguin Army news. This will be expected to be the majority of our content. However, we will still be keeping many of our features that viewers have grown to love.

  • Top 10s and Sunday Comics: These two weekly features will just have to get in the way of “true” army news.
  • Army of the Week: You have probably noticed that, instead of writing news posts about a single event, often our reporters will write a post about an overview of various armies, or about an army rising or falling. These posts, while they may be interesting, really do not inform you of any actual news event, which is what you came here to see. Often, they are using in place of real news. From now on, all of these posts will be summed up into one: the Army of the Week. One reporter is going to be in charge of creating these. The armies will be selected based on armies that are a part of The Network, a new feature that will be explained more later.
  • Philosophy: The Philosophy program, even though it is almost never news related, has become well liked by the viewers here, so we will not be removing it. Instead, we are making a major change to it: the viewers will write the posts, not the staff members. That is right, you will actually be able to submit Philosophy posts using the YouWrite Philosophy program. A few of these posts will be selected each week to be displayed on CPA Central. After all, is it not stupid to think that only a few select people in Club Penguin Armies have all of the good ideas? This feature will be officially released and put into action soon.
  • Author Applications: With our new Work Here page, we are going to be accepting new reporters year round, instead of having to use space to post periodic Author Applications.

The Benefits:

  • Consistent news posting: With our new staff, CPA Central should always have the latest news, no matter what.
  • Finding our identity: The primary goal of CPA Central has always been to post army news. Now, we’ll be able to get back to that.
  • Guaranteed future: With 5 members of the upper management of CPA Central, there should be no problems when people have to retire.

In this way, CPA Central should be able to get back to the basics and once again provide an experience truly worth your viewing!

I will also be addressing a few other things, based on viewer suggestion:

  • Site design: I want to make a site that works for everyone. Click here to read more.
  • Tournaments: I am not sure if it is really up to CPA Central to host tournaments anymore, as we have heard countless times from our viewers. I have an idea that could finally satisfy everyone and work better for the future of tournaments. I would like to suggest this idea and see if anyone wants to put it to use. It is not something I will actually be doing myself.
  • Features: You can view many of the new features that I have been working on in the pages menu, but I will be officially releasing a ton of exciting new features for CPA Central soon.

After I have gotten everything stated here set up and made sure it works, I will leave once more, leaving the site in the hands of the revised management and you, the viewers.

Thank you for your continued support.



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  1. 1st?

  2. o m g

  3. Lulzed

  4. I think I am going to like this…

  5. Oh danggggg

  6. Fantastic. I knew you’d come around, Joker. 😛

  7. Oh goodness. Hopefully this works because CPAF was far better than CPAC D:

    • I didn’t mean that so horribly but I preferred CPAF. 😀

  8. UGGGH! I don’t know really what to say other than i agree with EK …….


  10. No comment. *facepalm*

  11. Shit’s going down.

  12. The Fuck?

  13. Woton, is it possible for me to do the army of the week?If you want any examples I already have 2 of them, just check out the posts I made on this site,2 of them are similar to what your talking of.

  14. I’m in CPAF too you know, I documented Icey’s last battle ._.

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  17. […] The second problem with this screenshot is that the YouWrite column was not implemented into CPAC until July of 2012, while this post is published in June. Evidence for that claim can be found here. […]

  18. […] The second problem with this screenshot is that the YouWrite column was not implemented into CPAC until July of 2012, while this post is published in June. Evidence for that claim can be found here. […]

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