Sunday’s Comic: When Top Tens are Posted

Comics are now posted on Sundays

May contain stereotypical info.

Hey CPAC readers! Welcome to another issue of CPAC’s Sunday comics. This week, we’re going to check out some reactions to when Top 10s are posted. These reactions are concluded from the “usual” comments that you see on a Top 10 post. This is just for laughs that’s all. Enjoy!


  • This isn’t intended to offend anyone. This is just for laughs.
  • If you can’t read the messages in the last panel, basically it says ranting phrases (“CHANGE THE TOP 10”, “DOWN WITH CPAC”, etc.).
  • This isn’t meant to offend CPAC, I don’t have anything harsh against CPAC. Besides, why would I be posting here then?

Comment your thoughts on this week’s comic!

Want your idea in the next comic? Comment your idea and you may see it next week!


25 Responses

  1. 1st LMFAO

  2. This is spot on lmao

  3. LMAO.

    You should make a comic about what happens when I break the rules and Funks and Blue rage *WARY*

    • Nova and sp00n reference?


  4. Lmao nice, I love these comics.

  5. Love these

  6. Lol

  7. Haha, this is really funny, Disco. BTW, you really don’t need to have all those disclaimers in your post about containing stereotypical info, etc. We all know that it’s just a joke and I’m sure no one will get offended.

  8. Oh so I can’t have a signature plate but he gets to have one? >.<

    • *she. You make the signature yourself. I did it myself btw.

    • Really, no one is supposed to have them.

  9. Also, Disco, I made a new category for you called “Comics” so categorize your posts under there from now on.

    • Thanks Woton! Also, I took your advice above.

  10. xD So true.

  11. funks holding a cup and has his hand on the camera with the same hand cause fuck logic

    • Look at his strap, he’s not holding it 😐

  12. I was under the impression there would be ponies.
    I am disappoint.

  13. Next week: Peaks in CPAC views
    down down down *major army retirement* a million billion view down down down *war* a million views down down down down *Top ten* record site stats

  14. i derped

  15. LAMO


  17. this makes no sense you idiot

  18. how do you make a comic or something

  19. me gusta

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