Additional Legends Page Updates

Kingfunks4: For now, I am counting this vote as void, why? Because this post had more comments than the other post did in one week and most of the votes for Wwebestfan are for DCP. We will redo this but next time you will be requested to provide a logical reason and your vote will not be counted if you don’t do so. If there are reasons like “he led dcp and was cool” it will not be expected thus ruling out the two candidates asking people to vote for them which clearly happened. Yes, I don’t think Wwe and SaW are legends. Wwe is a good leader and could be a legend in the future with the IW; but right now all he’s done is create DCP and get them to 4th, many people have got armies to 4th and aren’t on the legends page. SaW should NEVER be a legend for doxing and “hacking” people; would hackers get legends in real life? (If they did it for bad causes or reasons). Basically anyone who has broken the AHB should not be added as a legend because they have not helped the community, if anything we should have a HOS for them. I don’t care if you call this biased or unfair; it’s the truth and this is what’s going to happen. If this happens again we will have a comitee for adding legends to the page and that will take the right away from the viewers which we don’t want to do as we want to give you the opinion on who gets added to this page and who doesn’t. I will keep this post up for a while so this edit IS CHECKED BY EVERYONE to show CPAC don’t tolerate unfair voting.

In the initial voting, CPAC left out two people who we now find may be deserving of the title of one of the Greatest Leaders. This voting is an exception, one that will not likely happen again, for these two.

Candidate #1: Wwebestfan

Wwebestfan is the creator and longtime leader of DCP, having led them to the Top 5 several times in the past. He is also a former LT, CPST, Tacos, and RT leader, and brough UMA back to the Top Ten after a large era of confusion.

Candidate #2: SaW/Feephill

SaW, at one time known as Feephill, has led 5 Generations of DW, 3 Generations of the Golds, 2 ST Generations, and SWAT. All these armies have been in the Top Ten under him, and he is known as a skilled leader.

Comment votes in this form:

Additions for Greatest Leaders

1. Yes/No

2. Yes/No

Vote yes or no for each candidate to be a Legend. They need a 75% yes majority to be admitted. This vote will last from June 21st, until June 24th.

Again, this is an execption, so please do not expect it to happen often. Because of the extesive support displayed for these two, we deicded a vote may be in order.



211 Responses

  1. 1. No
    2. Yes

  2. 1. no – Only led DCP and didn’t actually rise them that high.
    2. no – he’s a good leader but a hacker/doxer should NOT be added as a legend – if someone hacked the UN would they be made a legend? No.

  3. 1. No
    2. No

  4. 1. No
    2. No

  5. 1. No
    2. No

  6. 1. No
    2. No

  7. 1. Yes
    2. No

  8. 1.Yes.

  9. 1. No
    2. Yes

  10. 1.Yes
    2.No (doxers should never be legends)

  11. 1. Yes
    2. No

  12. 1. Yes
    2. No

  13. 1. Yes

  14. Yes

  15. -Yes

  16. WWEBestFan

  17. 1. Yes
    2. No

  18. 1.Yes

  19. 1.Yes

  20. 1. yes because hes the best friend i got also i like his army because its epic because is so big
    2. no because hes a hacker and who wants a hacker if a hacker was a legend we would
    of called the legends page the hackers of fame list so i vote no for saw hes a no goody bad guy

  21. 1. WWebestfan – yes!!!
    2. SaW/Feephill – No!!!


  23. 1. Yes
    2. No

  24. 1. yes
    2. no

  25. 1.Yes

  26. 1.Yes
    2. No

  27. YES

  28. 1.Yes

  29. 1.yea

  30. 1.yes

  31. 1. yes. (wwebestfan maybe a perv but he’s the greatest DCP leader i ever met!)
    2. yes. (if i didn’t vote for you then you would hack me to death D:)

  32. i vote for WWEbestfan

  33. 1) Yes because wwe is amazing and he made dcp much bigger and better
    2) NO.

  34. 1. Yes
    2. No

  35. Yes
    Hell No

  36. 1. Yes because Wwe is an effective leader.

  37. 1. Yes
    2. No

  38. YES YES WWE is awsome and effective

  39. 1. Yes
    2. Yes
    3. (for cheeze to be on legend page along with dino) FUCK YEAH

  40. 1. Yes
    2. No

  41. Wwebestfan – Yes, Wwe is a great lover. He also created the DCP which are big and stuffz. Plus I like Doritos so I’ll vote for him (:

  42. 1.yes 2. no

  43. yes ice warriors

  44. No offense, though but im that i think that WWe should be my vote so i vote for him 🙂 IW

  45. 1.Deffiantly he deserves it
    2, Hail no

  46. Yes – Wwe definately deserve it

  47. 1.Yes! 😀

  48. 1. Yes
    2. No

  49. i mean Wwe.

  50. 1.Yes led DCP to their highest stage ever
    2. No , Hackers/Doxxers should never be legends , EVER.

  51. Yes

  52. Look how much people are voting for Wwe, he spammed IW and DCP chat like the no-life he is. SaW has a life so obviously he’s not doing that. Completely unfair.


  53. 1.Yes hes an excellent leader!!
    2.He cant lead for crap and is a hacker/doxer

    • Your leader is also a hacker/doxer.

      • Which makes Saw less of a hacker/doxer, how?

        • Karakoran, how is that statement making me a less of a hacker/doxer? Are you that of a dumbass that you made such comment, and calling Joseph Stalin not a legend? Get out of here.

  54. 1.) Yes.
    2.) Yes.

  55. Yes

  56. 1. No.
    2. No.

    Is this a joke? You’d like two people who are very connected with the hacking aspect of armies-something many people, including this website condemn- to be on your legends page? Not only are they not deserving of it in regular standards, but both of them have been connected with hackings in the past.

  57. 1. HELL YEAH
    2. Okay…

  58. 1. Yes
    2. Maybe..

  59. Maybe.
    Yesh. ;3

  60. 1.)Yes

  61. No

  62. Yes.
    I d k

  63. 1.Yes

  64. 1. Yes of course
    2. Never in my life

  65. 1.yes wwe is the best he made most of the armys here today

  66. 1.Yes

  67. yet you forget Riotors. Y U NO REMEMBER RIOTORS?
    1. No, he hasn’t done enough yet
    2. SaW deserves this because he can still lead an army to the top even when everyone tries banishing him.

  68. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  69. 1. Yes

    2. No

  70. Hi. I think SaW does not deserve to be on a legends page or any awards – he fricken doxed IW troops and stole powers in the summer of 2011, and he took my 6k! Wwe on the other hand is a great leader, He’s cool, and he totally deserves to be a legend… To me he already is.
    1.) Yes.
    2.) HELL NO!

    • yes he does

      • it doesnt matter what he did it matters if hes legend all you ppl are the ppl he doxed.

        • The fact that he has doxed or hacked at all should be an instant disqualification, AcpCommando. He’s done actions no one can defend.

  71. 1. yes
    2. no

  72. yes

    • ****

  73. 1. yes
    2. no

  74. Yes

  75. 1. Yes. ❤
    2. No. I'm sowwy, you can kill me naooo. </3

  76. 1. Yes
    2. No

  77. 1 yes
    2 no

  78. 1. Yes
    2. No

  79. 1. Yes
    2. No

  80. 1.Yes
    2.Hell No

  81. NO

  82. This is absolutely ridiculous. Wwebestfan has only been in Club Penguin armies for two years and he is already considered a legend?
    What is wrong with you people? Add Johnhancoff to the list. He deserves it more then anyone. He has lead alongside with Saw in both Shadow Troops Generations, including the Dark Warriors, Golds and Swat. If not, Johnhancoff HAS more experience then Saw and has BROUGHT all of the armies he has lead into the Top Ten. Johnhancoff is highly more of a skilled leader then Wwebestfan and Saw. Rethink your decision and add him. What is the problem about adding Johnhancoff anyways? Im sure everyone has whined about Wwebestfan and Saw being given a chance. Why Johnhancoff can’t be given an opportunity? He has six years of Warfare experience and has brought multiple armies into the top 10..

    • I’ve been in warfare for 3 years; May 29th 2009.


  84. 1.Yes because Wwebestfan is a great person and leader for armies.
    2.No because Saw/Feephill is not a very good leader.

  85. 1) Yes
    2) No

  86. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  87. 1. Yes

  88. 1. Yes
    2. No

  89. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

  90. yes

  91. 1. No.
    2. Yes.

  92. YES

  93. 1) Yes
    2) Yes

  94. 1. No (you shouldnt be allowed to spam chats telling them to vote for you)
    2.Yes, but barely since he used to hack. But he stopped hacking and lead well

  95. 1.)Yes 2.)Yes SaW for leader

  96. Nope

  97. Additions for Greatest Leaders
    1. Yes
    2. Yes

  98. 1. no
    2. yes

  99. Additions for Greatest Leaders
    1. No
    2. Yes

  100. Yes

  101. Yes

  102. 1. No
    2. Yes

  103. 1. Yes
    2. Yes

    • No


      • 1.NO WAY

        2.YES WAY

  104. Yes

  105. 1. No

    2. No

  106. No

  107. 1. YES YES YES YES
    GO ICE WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • nooob

  108. 1.Yes

  109. 1. No
    2. Yes

  110. Additions for Greatest Leaders
    1. Yes
    2. Yes

  111. 1.yes

  112. no

    2 saW you decerbe to be a legend YOU DECERBE IT but i dont vote for you (no)

  114. 1. nope

    2. Yes

  115. 1. No
    2. No

  116. 1. yes
    2. no

  117. 1.Yes

  118. 1. yes
    2. no

  119. 1. yes
    2. no

  120. Yes.
    Idk, I can’t decide. Just yes for Brandon.

  121. 1. no.
    2. no.


  123. 1.No
    2.yes yes yes yes
    GO SaW


  125. 1. No
    2. Yes

  126. #1 wwe

  127. 1.Yes

  128. 1. no
    2. yes

  129. 1. No
    2. Yes

  130. 1. Yes
    2. Maybe, Saw has doxed in the past. I think he has accomplished many great things in his career but I think that should also be put into consideration.

  131. 1:yes

  132. 1. Yes
    2. No

  133. 1.Yes

  134. 1.NO

  135. 1. Yes
    2. YES

  136. Yes

  137. 1. (Wwebestfan) Yes
    2. (SaW) No

  138. No

  139. 1. YES
    2. No.

  140. 1.NO


  142. 1.Yes

  143. No

  144. Yes

  145. Yes

  146. 1. No
    2. Yes

  147. 1) Hell NO
    2) No

  148. No

  149. No

  150. 1.No

  151. yes

  152. 1. Yes/No

    2. Yes/No
    Hell yea. Saw is the man.

  153. 1. No

    2. No
    Anyone who voted yes for the second is probably braindead.

    • Looks like somebody is continuously cranky at the fact that he didn’t get his foolish name on the legends page. Its been a year since you have been acting this way towards me, get over it bro.

      • In case you didn’t notice by me commenting, “I AM LEGEND” and stuff I really didn’t take it seriously. No I don’t really care if I’m a legend by CPAC standards or not. Though I do care whether you are. No one should be fooled into thinking you were any more than a doxer with a lucky streak in leadership.

        Also it’s been a year since I’ve been active, that’s why.

    • Finally, someone who agrees with me. If Wwe gets put on the legends page then it’s basically saying all anyone has to do to be considered a “legend” is to create an army, be extremely annoying about it, retire every single time something goes marginally wrong, and then miraculously return to keep the army from absolutely failing.

      Just because SaW has lead a bunch of armies and made them large does not mean he should be put on the legends page. This is the problem with inducting people into the legends page, people are going to push for whoever is popular AT THE MOMENT. That’s why hall of fames (sort of like real life legends pages I guess) have requirements before somebody can be considered.


      • Klug, this is for ”greatest leaders”. It could be anything that symbolizes that title. I didn’t only make armies rise, but I’m known to be one of the best recruiters along with Icey. Last year, I made a total of 10 operations in DW to get out of its turmoil, and it worked. That, you can call it a ”strategy”. Meanwhile a foolish name such as Karakoran is inducted as a strategy master, when he didn’t do crap but to ignore IW in a war that RPF started.

        @Kingfunks I get what you mean by hacking and doxing. I completely get it. But the thing is, that DOESN’T erase the fact that I made armies rise. I didn’t dox or hack during my leadership as well.

        • Also, for all those DCP noobs out there on this post, Wwebestfan has DOXED and HACKED before. He even defaced this website before.

          • I know, it’s a shame they’d let doxers like you two even be considered for legends.

            • It’s a shame they’d let ignorant individuals like you chosen as a nominee for strategy master. Really unpleasant, don’t you think?

              • I’d take an ignorant legend over a hacker legend any day.

                • I’d rather take a hacker legend than an ignorant legend, a hacker legend would repay for those damages that he caused by doing good for the community which will later give him legend status as a reward. On the other hand, ignorant legend is simply ignorant.

        • You may be a good leader, but many people have done what you have done with different armies that I would not consider the greatest leaders.

        • Making an army rise is nearly interchangeable with increasing its size. Increasing its size is nearly interchangeable for being a good recruiter. So yes, all you did was make your army grow in size. Pretty lame considering they died without even leaving much of a legacy.

          Again, I don’t deserve the title of legend and I think I made that pretty much clear. But you should really stop pretending like you know the first thing about the RPF-IW Wars. It was more than just “ignoring the IW”. The Battle of Thermal, for instance, was one of the greatest upsets in CP Army History.

          Regardless of whether or not you did it while you were a leader, you still did it. It’s one of the worst things you can do in CP Armies, and you should be reviled for it. Not declared a legend.

          • According to this comment, it’s clear that you don’t know about my 5 year career in CP armies. Not only did I made armies rise, I made strategies in order to win a war for example the ”10 Operations” used in DW v RFW war, also used in DW v NW/WW wars, teaching soldiers how to recruit to make even more armies to rise which helps the CP army community, and I believe that is enough for me to be consider one of the greatest leaders.

            Also, the funny thing is you voted for Khimo and Supperz for legend status? All they did was make armies rise, and that is it. But, when you hear armies rise and SaW in a same sentence, you complain about how that isn’t a valid reason. So hypocritical, don’t you think?
            I know I still did it Karakoran, but the thing is, it doesn’t erase my history with CP armies. If you do something bad in your career, that doesn’t mean it’ll erase your time frame of being good, and I believe I should be rewarded for THAT time frame ,which is getting legend status.

            • Well in that case I’ve taught people how to recruit too. Pretty much every leader has done that. The only difference is that you have no loyalty at all and jumped from army to army and did it in each one. Anyone could do that. And don’t give me some “10 Operations” crap like it was the work of the Messiah. It wasn’t worth noting by any means.

              I mistook Khimo for some one else (MY BAD, been a while) and Supperz and me are like bro love, which is why I voted for them. Though I really didn’t expect either would win. I just did it to be nice to them. (Sorry Supperz)

              Anyway, even if I was the most hypocritical person ever like you pretend to believe, that still merely means I’m wrong to vote for them. It doesn’t validate making armies rise as a reason to become a legend.

              You could do something to make up for it like repay any damages or lead an anti-hacking campaign. It’d be better than just pretending it didn’t happen and dismissing the problem. Anyway, to examine someone for legend it must be all of their actions we take into account. Not a specific time frame. If anything that’s more of a excuse to reject a valid argument than a real proposition.

              • If you taught soldiers how to recruit, then how come during your leadership era, RPF couldn’t pass the number 5 in soldiers? I taught my soldiers how to recruit WELL. I didn’t jump army from army in a fast pace. I usually leave armies due to exams, education comes first. What are armies going to benefit me in my later life? It was worth noting actually, if you were in armies, it was pretty popular during that era, there was an operation posted every 3 days concerning on how to win the war, and improve DW at the same time. Also, it was worth noting, because you want things that I planned out during my time being here.

                I don’t get how you voted for Supperz, just because he’s your friend. This is why these legend comment votings shouldn’t occur. You’re here complaining at the fact that I’m a nominee, meanwhile you voted for somebody who isn’t even close to me. Who sounds foolish right now? You do. Sure, you ”mistook” Khimo, you just don’t want to sound anymore ridiculous.

                Explain to me what else did Khimo and Supperz do in their leadership besides the fact that they made armies(not sure about Supperz, he didn’t anything I believe.) You are hypocritical, if you’re going to complain about me granting nominee because I made armies rise, but not only that. Meanwhile, you voted for Khimo, who is known to be making armies rise, and that’s all he did. If there is anything else which I doubt, I want it asap.

                You just said it, ”do something to make up for it like repay any damages or lead an anti-hacking campaign.” I don’t need to explain any further, you already know what I’ll say. To consider someone for legend, that means they did something good, which what you’re trying to say. I did things that were good and bad, but I repaid for those damages.

              • In addition, I found your opinion to be somewhat important, but when you said you voted Supperz for legend just because he’s your friend, I could careless about what you say about me.

  154. 1. No
    2. Yes

  155. yes

  156. 1.yes

  157. 1)ehh no wwe needs to do more 2)oh yeah saW is the man who cares he used to dox and hack who cares he doesnt anymore so stop whinning bout yo fricken powers no one cares get over it get another one

  158. No
    Closer, but still a no for now.

  159. 1. Yes/No
    2. Yes/No
    Nope :PP

  160. 1. Yes

    2. Nope

    Sorry Saw 😛

  161. 1. Yes

    2. No

  162. 1: Yes
    2: NO

  163. Additions for Greatest Leaders

    1. Yes

    2. No

  164. No

  165. 1.YES

  166. 1 Yes
    2 No


  167. 1. Yes.
    Wwe’s a deserving legend.

    2. No
    Saw doesn’t deserve to get anything after all that doxing and blackmail.

    • And Wwe didn’t dox at all.

  168. 1. Yes
    2. No

  169. Thank you for the step-in, Funks. I think a committee of people experienced in armies would be a great idea of a way to nominate people for legends, because when you let people vote, they’re just going to nominate people who are popular at the moment. A committee would work much better.

    1. The committee would be composed of people with extensive army experience.
    2. They would decide who to nominate and compose a detailed overview of the person’s army career and contributions to their army/armies in general to put on the post in order to appease anyone who may not know or have heard of said person.
    3. Voting would be continued as it is as of now.

    • This would be much better than the current system where anyone with an army in the Top 10 can become a legend.

      • Agreed. Can’t believe 59 people voted for me! Awesome! Thank you for the support.

    I voted SaW cuz he is my fav leader srry wwe u left dcp for iw and iw is bad in my oninion SaW never leaves armies like that. SaW RULES

    • Yeah man. SaW definitely never leaves armies like that. He leaves them WAY more often then that and just leaves when he gets bored. For the most part, Wwe was loyal to his army.

      • Ganger, I believe hes meaning that Wwe left an army for another army. I don’t leave, because I’m bored, the reason why I leave armies is because I don’t have time to be leading by myself meamwhile the other leaders aren’t doing crap.

        Sure, Wwe was loyal to his army, but he is the main reason why DCP has a bad reputation.

        • The bad reputation came along in 2010 – 2011, while I was still a noob; which would never admit defeat, and especially the troops bribing me for ranks, but that didn’t really happen until 2011.

          The reputation wasn’t as bad in 2012.

          • And when you lead a hacking group…

          • You bribed troops with high ranks, they didn’t bribe you, especially during wars.

  171. Lol, no.

  172. no
    yes saw is awesome

  173. Wwe is just as much a hacker as SaW is. Syndicate much? 10+ armies hacked in a week or two by a group he was leader of.

    • +1

  174. 1. No
    2. Yes

  175. To people who said that Wwe was a good candidate and SaW was not due to his hacking/doxing history, you obviously forgot when Wwe got temporarily banished from armies for his repeated hacking, doxing, and site defacing. Read up on your history before you vote for the guy with the coolest name.

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