Winners of the CPAC HQ Contest

The time has finally come! The winners of the CPAC HQ Find-the-Differences Contest are…

First Place (gets first pick of the prizes): Zak

Second Place (gets second pick): 313f1/Chandler

Third Place (gets the remaining prize): Robbybobby

Congratulations to the winners, please see Funks or I on chat to get your prize! Again, the prizes you can choose from are:

  • 100 xats
  • 25 days
  • CPAC Contributor for a Month

Congrats to all the winners!




15 Responses

  1. Crap I couldn’t find them all.

  2. This is why im checking CPAC more often. I Did my comment a day after the post was made.

  3. Like a boss. It was actually very easy, I don’t know why people thought it WAS hard.
    I’ll take the 25 days, my good man.

  4. pro’d it can’t wait to see what prize i get 😀

  5. I was….Just wondering, the reason I lost must have been the fact that I added to my original answer That DID have differences, but there was another one I wanted to point out to people that was extra? Plz Respond cuz i would like to know what I did wrong for the future.

  6. Lol… Fail

  7. 1 question-whats 25 days? 2 question cpac contributor for a month is that you working in this cpac website if it is ill like to join and what should i do im just 11 im serious AND JOIN ACP ITS A GREAT PLACE WE GOT TEA!

    • it took like a day this was my secret i was on cp and i looked on the picture looked on cp looked on cp and then i got it thx for all this and good job who did this and join acp ok there good and it was easy ppl ut its ok so for all users that did it i might do a party on cp you can meet me put your team clothing on and meet ppl from other teams ill be fun and the director for the cpac and sir blue cockwa can come too and the ppl that were in the picture but be careful i dont want ppl to fight about that team and that team or something so ill try to plan it some day and for the hard work that cpac wanted a new base good base ppl and for all not allies that are not againts ACP please help acp get there server back and help us defeat LT but you dont have to join acp just help them if its ok with the acp dirctor or icey cold or there staff or generals so anyways let the party began until i get a day to plan it if you want to come say i if you wanna come to a cpac party

      • Days: lets you use powers on xat(if you have them)
        and having contributor basically lets you post on CPAC but a admin must approve your post before anyone can read it you can either have 100 xats or contributor(days got taken by zak) the remaining prize goes to me 😀

  8. Use this as answer sheet

    • It’s missing something. Find it yourself. 😉

  9. k ill try to do the party about the 20 here will be my plans


    5:30 est
    4:30 pm central
    3:30 pm mountain
    2:30 pm pacific
    10:30 pm United Kingdom/GMT

    So everyone who wants to come just say i in the comments
    p.s. and all website armies just update it on you guys computers and if you come be nice to one another p.s.s.hope any battles there or make a big battle

    -313f1/ Chandler

    • i

    • i (if i can make it)


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