As the Ink of the Page Keeps Fading

This isn’t a rant post nor a post that will reveal some big secret many want to know, it’s just a simplye post, with a really eye-catching title that will express my concerns, doubts, and explanations to a series of issues I feel need to be resolved.

Table of Contents

  1. CP Army Deodorant and Pit Bull.
  2. Died and Prejudice
  3. Say “Good-bias”
Note: The following post is rather informal and will portray a variety of context that will include opinionated remarks and speculation that is not encouraged nor approved by the CPAC staff. It is completely my fault if this post is biased or offensive, and I am aware of the consequences I will face.
Also, some of this post is outdated, since half was written a few days ago.
I, Joee, CPAC reporter, sincerely apologize for any trouble this post causes.

CP Army Deodorant and Pit Bull.

I check CPAC regularly (afterall I am a reporter here), and I’ve noticed that there are a lot of “falling down the pit” posts (some posted or drafted). For instance, the one that said “Ice Warriors, Falling Down the Pit?”

So I started thinking of a title to a post that could counter their annoying unoriginal remarks with a pun or with some wry humour. I conjured two things:

  • Deodorant – If we’re in a[n] [arm]pit, I would hope that it’s not musty.
  • Pit Bull. – What is this “pit” bullcrap?

Onto the actual analysis.

I think by now you’ve guessed I’m going to discuss CP Armies’ decline. And yes, I am.

A few months ago 40 was the highest anyone ever got. ACP claimed they got maybe 60 and they did… for two events. I assumed when we hit summer we’d get super active and the CP Army world would be hit with a grand expansion.

Nope, Chuck Testa.

We’re at an all time low. I’m writing this memo in a battle between ACP, LT, and the Nachos (who are raiding). ACP has 20, LT has 20 also, and the Nachos have maybe 15. This is a USA event. UK events aren’t any better. And yet these are the Top Three? Only averaging 15-15?!?  Months ago 15-20 was medium! Years ago it was considered small!

ACP‘s recent max has only been 30. I believe they may claw their way back up to 40, but it seems a bit doubtful.

Historic armies are falling. RPF, UMA, and WW (who are actually averaging 15) practically have (despite their recent revivals). I mean, in a year or so what if getting 10 on CP is a miracle, and a World War will be fought among world powers of 5?

People are retiring, and leaders are retiring. I joined CP in 2006, and armies in circa 2007. I’ve seen a lot of people retire, a lot of armies fall, and a lot of size decline.

We need to fix it, but I don’t think there is a remedy. We’ve tried CP recruiting- it doesn’t work. We’ve tried chat recruiting- it causes great booms that end in great depression (ie. SWAT, LT, DCP) We’ve tried switching frontiers, from CP to maybe Runescape or ROBLOX, but neither of those would work.

We’re bound to fall, and I don’t know what’s binding us. (Lol, did anyone see the pun?)

Leave solutions, questions, and other comments in the comment section below.

Died and Prejudice

This will cover two things- dead/dying armies, and prejudice.

I must say that there have been many revivals lately (such as those of RPF and UMA which are mentioned above) of armies that have previously been rather successful. Like the Blizzard Warriors, Shadow Troops, Dark Warriors, and Ranger Troops.

All of which, are either dead or dying.

BW died earlier today, ST died despite it’s revival after the SWAT-merge, DW was a joke, and RT is claiming to average 20 yet 60% of their size is rouge.

Reviving armies is like eating ten fatty cakes at the same time- you’ll get [sugar]high but crash quickly.

And plus, these armies are dying because we’re taking the small amount of troops in CP Armies, and stretching them across a paper-thin network of armies and leaders all aiming for something every so craved: power.

We’re wearing out our members and stretching them to their limits. Armies will die, and leaders will retire.

To move on to an even more painful subject, I’d express that prejudice has flared up in many armies. I will come right out and say LT has stereotyped all of ACP‘s troops and labeled them according to false judgement. Along with that, I have seen many racist gestures radiate from RPF. It seems immature and childish that both LT and RPF would commit such acts of prejudice, but further more be proud of their actions and words to the extent of enforcing a mentality that justifies their prejudice is a proportion of madness I would’ve expected from extremists and Neo-Nazis.

Ironically, I sound like an extremist myself.

However, both armies are working on decreasing their prejudice.

Prejudice, in a nutshell, means “pre-judging”.


Leave solutions, questions, and other comments in the comment section below.

Say “Good-Bias”

I’ll come right out and say right here, right now, that CPAC is biased. Yes, we all have our opinions that we wish to share to the CP Army world, but we contain that to the best of our ability. I really don’t do that, because I can use fancy language and puns throughout my posts. Lulz. But to be honest, the CPAC audience is biased themselves. They believe that if we accidentally speak bigotry on one topic, all of us must be bigot and biased.

This is false. We’re human (or penguin, according to some), so it’s obvious we’re going to trip up once or twice.

Everyone has exploded over this “Top 20 Most Influential” thing, especially on Blue1/2’s and Funks’ inclusion. For God’s sake please understand that those names were voted on and that we attempted to be as unbiased as possible. If we left all reporters/CPAC-affiliated staff, we would actually be more biased than we already are, and it’d be a very inaccurate poll thingy.

I know personally that your comments have insulted Blue1, when he was just trying to accomplish something that was supposed be for your enjoyment.

Things will be biased (just like this post), so please consider using constructive criticism (as some of you have) and try improving things that have previously been ignored.

I’m going to bold that last small statement and put it at the end of the post to make it look like I had a big inspirational universal that will bring happiness and justice to some crap somewhere in Africa.

“…try improving things that have previously been ignored.”

I think I have bored you enough, and so here, at 1185 words I shall sign off.


Be loyal to the army, not the rank.

As a side note I’d like to say it is “inactivity”, and not “inactiveness”. So stop making up fake words.


77 Responses

  1. First

  2. Oh come on. Seriously?

    • Its called reading when another post pops up.

  3. 100% F**king right.

  4. CPAC has hope yet…

  5. you know what

  6. im sick of failing armies

  7. only historic armies like ACP, IW can survive

    • Ahem, Nachos are historic too *D*

      • I Don’t want to make a list of historic stable armies bro.

  8. lets just kill all the failed ones

  9. order 67

  10. This is when everyone starts falling a bit. For whatever reason, the first few weeks of summer are always small. Then come July they are giant again. Maybe because people are all pumped for summer stuff (which isnt CPA’s) or maybe because people just aren’t on a schedule, but armies always drop right now.

    • We’re talking about the big picture, ACP used to get 70+ at a battle, Nachos 50+, an army was considered large if they could get 30 or 40 now it’s 10-15.

  11. “Be loyal to the army, not the rank.”

    Probably the most underused, but most important advice for anyone in armies. Glad you included it!

    • ^^^^

    • I respectfully disagree with you. It is easy to say “Be loyal to the army, not the rank” when you(people in general) are a leader of a top ten army. But when you are a member troop trying to prove you have what it takes to be a mod and another decent sized army offers you mod, I don’t think anyone would take it down…

      • Some of us went noobs and can get owner in large armies.

  12. once of the best posts on this site in a while

  13. Well done, Joee.

    No, I will not be drafting your post. It is opinionated, informal, everything that most of our posts is not. And it is the truth. It is a problem that many of us, it seems, are afraid to address. We refuse to recognize what is wrong, that something has gone terribly wrong for armies. You also make several good points on other subjects.

    So no, this will not be drafted. Instead, I leave it as one of the finest pieces of writing we’ve seen in quite a long time.

    • Boomer drafted MY post just because it called the audience idiots -_-

      • well boomer is a moron

  14. Great post.

    As somebody mentioned above me, all armies take a slump during these times because of Finals/Exams. If armies don’t start picking up in another week or two then you can start to worry.

    ACP really need to get real and realize chat recruiting is the only way forward. It took DW 1 week to rise and one week to fall, because me and SaW left (the fall was mostly due to SaW leaving)

    • Oh and an idea to get armies bigger is to pay famous CP cheat sites for adspace.

  15. In my opinion, UMA is bound to rise higher, unlike said armies in Died & Prejudice. (I get the play on words) We are an army that is rising slowly, and is nowhere near dead. The whole post is right though.

  16. There are plenty of people on Club Penguin that don’t know who armies are. We’re simply not trying to recruit 😛

    • Well maybe we should consider trying. As far as I know, it’s been ages since ACP really tried to recruit.

      • We lazeh

      • There’s not much we can do to recruit on CP at least, and chat recruiting can be inefficient + we don’t want to be involved with chat recruiting.

  17. In my opinion, it’s not that the armies are all falling, it’s just that people are quickly loosing interest in the same old major armies that have been around for years, so they are resorting to smaller, newer armies, or in some cases, older armies that haven’t been in the “scene” for a long time. Yes, many people ARE retiring and leaving, but they are replaced by a newer generation of ‘soldiers’ who may take their places in the high ranks in the future.

    • There won’t be a newer generation if we don’t start recruiting.

      • Cp armies are bound to change. Armies may end the way WE know them. However, as long as cp is still running and there are snow balls to throw the spirit of cp armies will never die(kinda corny I know). Who knows, we may even go back to the color wars…

  18. Agreed, UMA are rising, and are no where near death, we got 20+ in two separate events this week, and 12-15 in the other two.

    Yeah, a GREAT post though, everything was correct.

    • In my opinion, the amount of veterans retiring is increasing, while less newer people create their own armies these days. There are less quality leaders than ever before.

  19. What happend to good leaders in small/medium armies? I mean not the historic ones like UMA and RPF but those armies that stay medium and have good leaders? I think this is because of small and medium armies leaders being in 5+ armies.

  20. Moo.

  21. Awesome post.

  22. Well Joee, in this case, SIEG FUCKING HEIL

    • LMAO!

    • Where’s the Like button?

  23. If anything, armies are rising. Look at the Top 10s from a few months back. Bottom 5 armies averaged 10. Now, most bottom 5 armies are getting 15+ troops. In the top 5, all armies are averaging 25+. The top 3 all maxed at 35.

  24. I’m pretty sure that if we switched to Runescape It would work out okay.

    • But you’d be useless to the army unless you either paid for membership or if you already played before and reached a high level.
      There’s also the fact that the leader might recruit only high high levels and pures (players who only train one combat skill and their defense level).

      • Either way it could still be organized and the uniforms would be more openly available. You could have (using RuneScape terms) F2P(Free-to-Play) and P2P(Pay-to-Play) players on the same World(Server). RuneScape has less filters and better fighting opportunities to the point where nobody could claim victory.

      • Either way it could still be organized and the uniforms would be more openly available. You could have (using RuneScape terms) F2P(Free-to-Play) and P2P(Pay-to-Play) players on the same World(Server). RuneScape has less filters and better fighting opportunities to the point where nobody could claim victory.

        • Typing error, nobody should be everybody.

          • FML not everybody**

  25. All I have to say for this post is Good job. No more is needed.

  26. I think the biggest problem is simply the lack of new talent. Notice, we’ve seen a huge increase in old veterans (2009-prior) returnig to lead, while fewer and fewer new stars are rising out of the ever dwindling number of recruits. It’s the same reason sites like CPAC have so much trouble finding new staff; there is simply no one to take the job.

    I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Once all the people who joined before 2009 leave for good, armies are in serious trouble if things keep going the way they are.

    • Precisely.

    • Armies the way we know them are in serious trouble. We have to remember that cp armies have changed through out its existance. Do you really think that people in the color wars thought that cp armies were going to grow into what it is today? As long as club penguin is still running cp armies will live. This may just be a evolution of armies…

      • *Insert someone saying they are a color war vet and they thought that cp armies would turn into what it is today*

        • Laughed out loud.


  27. Low amounts of soldiers is better. Trust me, I was around in 2009. Getting 60+ at events is impressive, yes, but it doesn’t make for much fun. And as for the whole idea that armies are on the verge of ending, no. Armies die when Disney decides to stop producing Club Penguin. The reason people think that armies are dying is because these armies that ALWAYS die and ALWAYS come back for their ten thousandth “generation” are too common. Seriously. Shadow Troops, Blizzard Warriors, RPF, Elites, UMA, Watex Warriors. Stop. It’s never going to work.

    And as for these ridiculous euphemisms for post titles about armies falling, why can’t we use normal language instead of something stupid like “Falling Down The Pit”?

    • If we were going to have a small amount of troops in armies, then we will look like clans instead of armies.

      • To be honest, I think we are more related to clans than armies.

      • What’s wrong with looking more like a clan? I’ve found that in my career around armies that battles involving thirty soldiers or less on each side are much more exciting than battles where each army has a ridiculous amount of soldiers.

        • ^ This.

          • Omega has spoken, there is no more debate.

    • Couldn’t agree more…

  28. CP recruiting doesn’t work because we don’t bother to do it… I really don’t see how anyone on Club Penguin could find a CP Army site through seeing some penguins making angry faces on Club Penguin.

    • No, it doesn’t work because of the fucked up filters.

  29. I’d like to challenge the thought of the European force being lower than the American force. Right now, ACP’s European force is stronger than their American force by at least five soldiers. Put together that is a growing force.

  30. I think there will come a time someday when CP armies do die, I think it is just a matter of time. As for armies being judgmental, I feel that is up the leader of that army to make that kind of decision. I am an advocate for Freedom of Speech, but also what people need to understand is that you are entitled to say what you want, but there can be consequences as a result from that. Overall, i’m starting to outgrow CP Armies and when this Summer is over I will be gone.

    • The very idea of cp armies came from one person(penguin) throwing a snow ball to another person(penguin). I’ve said this before and I will say it again. Armies are bound to change. Armies will die the way we know them. However, as long as there are snow balls to throw, cp armies will live forever. It may become extremely unorganized but, it will still live.

  31. Finally a good post with a lot of words that I bothered to read and didn’t make me want to kill a kitten.

    • Fucking animal abuse.

  32. God, your right. You know, this is a good thing for medium armies. But heck, who cares. I blame LT, PR, and a couple of other armies for the friggen chat filter. Did you know that CP checks some army sites and makes sure there playing “safe”? There is CP staff that come around sites like these to see post like “The Bad Language arguement” Im serious. Some time ago, CP thought armies wore a fun thing to do and wore glad we wore finding a new activite. Then armies started with the bloody penguin pics, and cussing on the blog. Really, “Pengfags”? Thats real mature. If i was CP staff, 50 of an army wouldnt bother me. But PR crashed servers. CP got flippy dippy and got really strict about armies.They started thinking that recruiting was advertising and thats why they blocked it out. Lord, i got so much more to say, but its late and im tired. Im going to bed.

    ๓๏๏קเє۞๔๏๏๔lє, Team Gold Major

    • You have a point…

      • Let me continue.Friggen newbies say we are hackers because armies chant the same, say the same, make the same emoticain at the same time. They think its cloning.

        As someone above said, medium armies are growing at least. My army averages 10-15, and its 6 in SMAC medium ten. (Makes no sense if you ask me)

        P.s. You said your own site is biased and unacurate. LOL
        P.s.s. I have a thought that soon that world power will only max 20.

  33. good post.

  34. Excuse my french but…
    The fact is, CP is simply growing gayer. When I joined in 2006 it was meant for a 10-15 year old age group. Now, they fucked it up and turned it into a much more bay bees and hearts and shit. Also, the increase in the CP consumerism is insane. Back in 06-07, you didn’t have to pay crap and you could have a great time. Now they’ve severely limited what you can do as a nonmember, included the whole coin codes and books and shit. Because of all that shit, all of the older age group has been like fuck this, and left bringing up a new era of 7 year olds who’s parents will pay for all the crap they need. When this happens, they get rid of the fun items, and just put in the wig and dating shit. Now instead of thinking of us as a fun activity, they think of it as a threat to the 7 year olds. They didn’t enforce the no third party rule until AT LEAST 09. Now none of us want to go online, so we’re going to fall. And even if we do we’ll get banned for third party.
    Just fuck this.

    • Also, have you noticed, the best computer game right now (minecraft) is improving? When CP was up there it was improving. The fact that cp is in a decline, affects the armies, because no one wants to play anymore, so no one goes to events.

      • Minecraft does have faction servers, where you can actually build bases and raid other clans.

      • Club Penguin was never designed for 10-15 year olds, they just used it. Why?

        When Club Penguin began, it did not gradually enter. Every single person began at the same starting line. That meant the target audience of 6 but also another audience of older people used it, because neither had had the opportunity until it began.

        Nowadays, we have less and less older people going online, because it is not beginning from a brick wall now. People will have been on and gone by the time they’re 12, unlike when club penguin was first created and people began at 12. They now begin at 7 and are done by 9 – which is probably to young.

        If you mean 3rd party rule as in hacking, of course they banned it. And if you mean visiting 3rd part websites, you have to expect club penguin to do this. They are a business, and they want to look good. Their aim is to give young children a safe and fun online experience, not get their computers viruses, pedophiles in their house and porn all over their computer.

        Club Penguin is not in decline, it is bigger than ever before. But sadly, at least for armies, the owners of Club Penguin feel the best target audience are young children, not your young adult an army would want.

        I don’t expect the entire CP army community will be willing to move game. They’ll fight until the end, if there is an end. I don’t think Club Penguin armies will fall, not now and not in 10 years.

        I’m not suggesting we bow down to what Club Penguin is doing but disproportionate arguments like this aren’t what will get us out of it. Disney aren’t going to change for a small group of 300 people at a time who are out of their target audience and remove their highly profitable Card Jitsu, or make the game have guns? Of course not. Solutions will be needed to get around this.

  35. nice post but uma is falling

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