Artic Warriors Recent Rise

Hey guys, it’s me Ederan doing a report today about the Arctic Warriors and it’s origins,upcoming events, sizes, and where they stand in the top 10.Click the read more button to continue reading this article.

So, first off  Artic Warriors  were created on January 31st, 2011, by Etac14. She had created many armies before, so this wasn’t unusual. However, most of her armies instantly went inactive. This is why the Arctic Warriors were so different. AW got off to a rocky start, during the first week, they had a training session. Only four people showed up. During the next two weeks, all the events were canceled due to the lack of troops that came. She almost gave up on the Arctic Warriors, due to their early failure.

Etac14 nearly gave up on the army. However, the two invasions on February 26, 2011, turned everything around. Floppy brought along a few friends from the Tornado Force to join the Arctic Warriors. During the events that day, the Arctic Warriors had an average 8 troops, and Etac regained hope in her army.

The Arctic Warriors rose very rapidly. Hurricane was made leader on March 7th, and during the five days he was leader, the Arctic Warriors did better than ever. They had their first ever full chat that Thursday, and they had an average twelve troops during a server invasion on Friday.

Sadly, Hurricane quit the Arctic Warriors. When Etac14 realized she was fired from the Fire Warriors, her former home army, she panicked. She threatened to end AW if she wasn’t un-fired. She reset chat and removed Hurricane from the Arctic Warriors’ website. Due to this outburst, Hurricane quit the Arctic Warriors.

The next day, the Arctic Warriors had two people at their invasion, a drastic drop from the twelve people they had at the previous invasion. Etac realized they had no hope, so the next day, after another bad turnout, she ended AW.

Etac decided to restart the Arctic Warriors yet again,it had been nearly a year since she started the Arctic Warriors,  She pulled out the old site, and began fixing it up before finding people to join. That day was March 20th, 2012, the first day of spring.

Many people were interested in joining, and at their first event, they managed to average around 8 and max around 10. During the next few weeks, the army grew and grew to solid top small/bottom medium sizes. The chat became active, and the Arctic Warriors became noticed.

A month had passed since the army restarted again, and they were going strong. The Arctic Warriors managed to snag the #1 Medium spot in SMAC’s top 10 only a few weeks after their creation. The sizes of AW began to steadily grow, thanks to the superb group of owners. Mchappy, Twi, Floppy, Fluffy, and Etac, all worked hard to get the army into top shape. They were averaging good medium sizes, and Etac was satisfied.The Arctic Warriors earned the 10th spot in the CPAC Top 10.


The Artic Warriors have had much more achievements since then and have been going strong to achieve there goal to be number 1.They have recently been engaged into a war with Shadow Troops.They will be protecting their server frosty, against Shadow Troops.There other events include a UK training session, and  the final tournament round for the CPAP against the  Sky Troops, But due to the fall of the Sky Troops they shouldn’t have a problem winning.


You cannot give Artic Warriors enough credit for there recent sizes just look at these pictures:

They have had a great rise in the past  2 months and are heading towards there goal.


The Artic warriors have recently gotten  5th on top 8, yes you heard right 5th.

Here’s what Funks had to say about them:

“The AW seem to be here to stay and have earned a surprising 5th place on the top ten/eight list. In several events they averaged sizes of 20 – 25 and performed good tactics to go along with those great sizes.”

Who can blame him, the Artic Warriors have great leader combination  of Etac and Twaizan, these 2 keep the army focused and organized in order to get these sizes.


Well with the Artic Warriors gaining on the top spot what do you think will happen will them?Will they continue to rise, or will they crumble to the ground?Comment with YOUR opinion, until then readers march on!

~Ederan CPAC reporter


14 Responses

  1. Everybody always underestimates Sky Troops. This is a fall, not death. I think we may surprise you, just as we surprised everybody in the Legends Cup ll and the Scary Showdown.

    • I remember when you guys defeated GT/TG (I forgot) in Legends Cup and IW in Scary Showdown.

  2. Another report on AW?

    • Ikr, I mean I don’t mind all the attention but I think it’s getting a little TOO much, I mean, so much for AW rising in the shadows.

  3. I know right, Gordy. Thanks for making another post on AW! :mrgreen:

    • Well I was in need to make another post and I found out that AW was really interesting, so you’re welcome.

  4. You spelled Arctic Wrong.

  5. Overrated. You’re in the Arctic Warriors, I don’t think you should be posting about them ALL.THE.TIME. Sorry, but why not post about the Nachos leadership conflict?

    • The author of this post is not in the Arctic Warriors, “someone”.

  6. Im not in the arctic warriors you dumb cracker.

  7. Didn’t I just post about this? : |

    • Someone should do something about ST.

  8. Or maybe we can listen to that “cracker” “someone” and all have a nice post over Nachos.

  9. If anyone writes another post on AW, I will have the scalp of this reporter’s head on my desk in the morning

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