Nachos can they get up from this fall?

Hello it is me again. Today I’m going to talk about the powerful Nachos who are not so powerful anymore. Right now if you have not noticed the Nachos are on a fall. They have been dropping in the rankings of the top ten ever since onme of their great leaders, Hurricane, has retired. Do you think that is their problem? Well alll that I know is that they will need a miracle to go on a rise but that is what Nachos are made of, miracles. Let me analyze some of Nachos last events and some of the leadership changes.

Their last event was a tactic session where they really did not get the sizesthey wanted. They managed to max a size of 15 and they had not so great tactics.  The author of the post, Oberst said that he knew the Nachos could achieve higher numbers but the session was still good. He also stated in the beggining of that post, that the Nachos will do their best to get back to the spot they “belong” in the top ten. Here is the pictures of them in the forts, where I personally think they did their best.

Another event that they had was the raid of UMA. This event they showed their true potential but it wasnt really enough to shock Kingfunks while making the top temn as he put them as 6th, a spot lower. In this event they maxed 25+ with marvelous tactics, which shocked me. In the post you could tell that Chrisi Blule was very happy. He also said that in the forts DW were watching the event and UMA couldn’t fit  in due to that so UMA moved to the plaza. After that the Nachos moved over to the forest,(the best room for that day) where they thought you UMA would follow but they didn’t. Here is a picture of the Nachos in the forest.

Now for the leadership part. As I said in the beggining of this post, Nachos leader Hurricanex. They now got a new leadership which seems to be doing ok but I think they could be doing better with a lot of good names. The new leadership looks like this, Chrisi Blule, Dashing Snow, Obby, and King Kinz. Chrisi Blule has been Nachos leader for almost 2 months now and is a great leader. The problem is that he is UK and as they have some UK troops, they also have many American troops. Then the rest are fairly new, except King Kinz has been leader before and has returned to help Nachos as they need right now. This leadership has lots of potential with both US and UK leaders. This is dangerous because the can invade at both at American and UK times. I think this leadership could get number 1 if they just try.

Interview with Oberst Nacho Leader


Him: Orange

Me: Do you think Nachos are on a fall?

Him: I think we were in a fall, but now I believe that has started to diminish.

Me: Do you think once Hurr left, that started the fall?

Him: Yes I do.

Me: What are you, the leaders, are going to do to officially stop this fall?

Him:  Basically we still have a lot of work to do finish out but we are going to be implimenting a new recruiting system that we will entice new members to join the army. We will also be hosting  more fun events  to break up the repetitive strain of recruitings.

Me: Anything else you would like to add?

Him: I think that as we look to the future a revitalized Nacho Army will strive towards becoming one of the top competitors in the CP Army community and will look towards forging new relations with armies and changing things up a bit in general.

Me: Thanks for your time.

Him: Thank you.

Well that it for my post. I hope you like it and comment with your opinion.


20 Responses

  1. … UMA’s “Stay In Plaza the Whole Time and Maybe They’ll Leave” tactic worked….. nice job UMA

  2. Hurr retired when he saw us getting lower numbers, I dont want to say fall.

    • I didn’t retire when I saw Nachos get low numbers. I retired for a reason, and only I know my reason for retiring.

      • ?

      • That reason being the nacho’s numbers getting lower.

  3. The iw r falling do to a brig gen rage quitting and some how it all leads back to me :(! This will spoil my chances of getting 4ic! Everyone was friends with the brig gen.

    • badstorybro

    • Can somebody say “Trying to get attention”? IW isnt falling either XD

  4. That king kinz, he is a hunk (lolwut)

    • that king kinz, he is a drunk

  5. What cheese isn’t yours? NACHO CHEESE (Nat yo’ cheese)

  6. 2 days since a new post…

  7. I’ve been leader since November… I’m sure that’s more than 2 months…


  8. Add a Title, Subtitles, Intro, Read More Button, A – In Between “Nachos” and “Can they gut Up from this Fall”, Put “Interview with Oberest” in the middle, a little more color, and It’s epic.

    • no

      headline then sub headline then lead then transition then quote from the interview then transition then quote from interview then transition then quote from interview (keep going until you end with a quote)

      does on one know how to write a correct news article?

      • I wasn’t saying it in order. -Ono-

        • I’m just saying in general how to write a news post nothing against you 🙂

  9. Where is Pie when you need him…

    • Pie sucks, he gave all our servers away.

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