The Difference Between Hacking and Scamming

Differences Between Hacking and Scamming

Hello, and thanks for reading the intro to my first post. Today, I will talk about hacking and scamming. Many people get these two meaning mixed up. (Click read more to get to the post, or read further to get to know me better) I am the new CPAC philosopher, my job is to post my opinions on battles and post debatable topics. (You can click read more now)

You can see many people around XAT saying that got their WordPress hacked or their XATS scammed. Do you know what those words mean though? First off lets look at the two words meanings.

ScamTo trick or cheat someone out of their possession(s). A ripoff.

Hack To program a computer in a clever, virtuosic, and wizardly manner. Ordinary computer jockeys merely write programs; hacking is the domain of digital poets. Hacking is a subtle and arguably mystical art, equal parts wit and technical ability, that is rarely appreciated by non-hackers.

Do understand? Let’s put it in internet words. To scam, you are taking someones possession(s) (like XATS, accounts etc.) without exploiting glitches. To hack you are basically using your knowledge and coding to get something illegally.

Let’s look at some previous or made-up Club Penguin army related hacking’s and scamming’s.


  • A hackgroup getting main owner on an XAT chat without authorization.
  • Using a program to crack a Club Penguin account.
What is a hack group? A hack group is people working together to do things that annoy a lot of people. For example, they raid XAT chats, spam sites, troll everyone and make it hard to have fun. They even live up to the name “hack” and dox the people that annoy them, DDOS (Denial-of-Service) users and even crack log-in information.
Some hack groups that you may have heard of, or may need to stay away from are Anonymous or ‘Anon’, Infinity and there are many hackers who are not in groups, but I will not name them due to various reasons.
Though there are many more, a lot of people scam then hack. I will not list all but be aware that there are more then you think.


  • Tricking an internet user into giving you his/her login name and password.
  • Trying to do a certain task on a site but instead deleting everything.

Even though this post is to show differences, use this to your advantage also.

Also, people say they scam or hack and tell you to give them something or they will hack or scam you. My advice would be to ignore them because if you do give them something, they’re going to leave anyways.

Philospher~ ♫Smsm3♫ Signing off

Remember guys! Me Gusta Light Troops!


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  2. This post is VERY inaccurate.

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