Doritos Defend Snow Plow From Light Troops

I apologize for getting inactive recently.  I have had some family issues and school issues, as well as the fact that I tried making a few posts but got beaten to it by someone else.  I’d also like to ask why I am an author on the site when earlier this week I was an editor.  If anyone knows why, please say so.  Also, I noticed all of my polldaddy polls are gone.

Now that I got those things cleared up, let’s get on with the post.  LT and DCP battled today for the server Snow Plow.

LT, ranked 4th in the top ten, attempted to invade Snow Plow from DCP, ranked 8th in the top ten.  Both armies claimed victory after the battle.  LT’s Sun Division was invading Snow Shoe from AR.  Their Light Divison battled DCP for Snow Plow.  Here are some pictures from the battle.

Below, LT do suns while DCP does mad faces in the Snow Forts.


Below, LT start to do flowers while DCP does sick faces in the Snow Forts.

DCP in the Dock:

LT in the Town:

LT claimed they won becuase they said DCP stayed in line and hardly did any tactics.  DCP claimed they won because they said LT kept retreating and logged off early.  I asked a leader from each army why their army was the winner.

Question: Why did DCP/LT win the battle of Snow Plow?

Wwebestfan (DCP Leader): We successfully defended, we had better tactics, our size was about a penguin or two bigger, we stayed on longer.

Ioio (LT Leader): Because we had better size and better tactics and because DCP just sat there doing nothing.

Now it’s time for you to decide who you think won the battle.

That just about wraps up this post.  As CPAC is a non-biased news site, I did not choose a winner.

Comment with YOUR opinion on this battle.  Who do you think won and why?

Tomato 8883 CPA Central Head Reporter


28 Responses

  1. First, booyah! :mrgreen:

    • cheater *D*


  2. 1st. I think it was tie because from looking at the pictures it seems both armys did great, and both armies claimed.

  3. awesome post

  4. The last pic was when we were JUST logging in.

  5. LOL dude that is Light Troops Sun division battle. This post is very un-organized.

  6. That was not LT, If u can read the penguins names it had ppl in lt. Lt was split into 2. One sun, one light. Light was yellow, and the Sun division was Orange. That pic was not Dcp.


      • That was not DCP on the first part

        • stfu supra

  7. This picture is LT’s sun division when we were invading AR. How are you so stupid to think this is DCP, hell this picture wasnt even on the DCP site. Plus you can see me in this picture my CP name is ROBBY.
    This post was horrible

    • you seem pretty chill

  8. Firstly, you should use more of LT’s pics as we have over 10, doritos have 3, one of which we’d logged off as we’d claimed victory. This was half of LT, the sun division. Also, if you look you’ll realise that in all of LT 10+ pics we won, 2 actual pics from DCP and 10+ for us.

    DCP hiding something?

    • the 3rd pic on this post was also after we’d moved room because we’d won or after the battle, why would DCP sit in an empty room if we were invading.

      • also, DCP did no tactics, they did about 3 good ones maximum.

        • actually the 3rd pic is OUR sun division.

          jesus christ

          • srs bsns

  9. When You Said

    DCP In Town: And Pasted That Pic That Was Under DCP IN Town

    It was The Light Troops Sun Division That was On The Other Battle *Ono*

    Light Troops Won Anyway,Only If you didn`t Post The Pic That Was Under DCP IN Town.


  10. This Pic^

    That Pic above Me Is Not The DCP,It Is The Light Troops Sun Division *Ono*

    Delete That Pic From The Post *Ono* <<<<<Delete That Pic^^^^^^^^^


  12. Sorry for the mix up, I put in a different pic.

  13. LT won 😛

  14. Also, the dock picture was taken after the battle.

  15. Well i think DCP WON Becasue If LT logged off first then DCP won. At one picture it shows LTs size dissapearing. They look ike they have the same number. So bye CP warfare law DCP won becuase they stayed on longer. Lt willclaim victory by their law not the real law. Lts law is cover up everything that can make you lose. Say we won by tactics and size. DCP dosnt have to move if they dont want to it cant make them lose.
    This comment was writen with a club penguin soilder with 2 years of experience.

    • A guy with 2 years of experience thinks armies have their own laws?

  16. Doritos are currently ahead on the poll

    • Doritos win

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