The Retirement of Woton

I’m a real person. We all are. The whole notion that we exist behind alternate identities is an incredible idea that came along with the creation of the internet. If I weren’t a real person, and were simply the identity “Woton,” living within the confines of this Club Penguin Armies world we’ve created, I’d exist here forever. But, I’m not. And, so, like thousands of real people have done before myself, I’ll take part in what we’ve coined “retiring.”

Yes, in case any of you are wondering, I was going to retire at the end of the summer. However, upon recently returning from a two week vacation in Europe, I realized that the site had been run excellently while I was gone and that my leading the site for the next two weeks would simply interrupt an adaption process of the new owners of the site becoming used to running it. Yes, the next two weeks might run smoother with myself in charge (and, yes, I might have a fairly large ego), but I think it would simply work better if I retired now.

I would like to make this retirement post different than any others than have been written prior to it, because I feel that I’m a different individual than anyone who’s come before myself. I’m not going to write a list of people I’d like to thank (there are simply too many that I’ve accumulated over the years), I’m not going to write a history on myself (it would take too long and I feel would mostly be only for my own gain), and I’m not going to write a list of my accomplishments (as much as I may want to). Instead, I’m simply going to write a closing statement.

I’ve gone over in my head a thousand ways to end my final retirement post. A year or so ago, when I slipped away from Club Penguin Armies, I never actually got the chance to truly retire. That’s why I returned; to go out the right way. But, now that I’m sitting here writing this, I realize that there’s too much emotion tied up around beginnings and endings. The way I end my time as a part of Club Penguin Armies isn’t really going to affect how that time was, just like the way I entered Club Penguin Armies didn’t completely affect how my time in them was. In the end, people won’t remember me for this post. They’ll remember me for the thousands of other posts I’ve written on my Club Penguin cheats sites, my armies’ sites, and CPA Central. They’ll remember me for the time I’ve spent chatting with them on Xat, and fighting with them on Club Penguin. They’ll remember me for who I was, what I did, and how I interacted with them. And I’ll remember all of them too… all of you. For everything you and Club Penguin Armies have done for me. For the lessons I’ve learned, the skills I’ve gained, the people I’ve met, and the incredible times I’ve had. Club Penguin and Club Penguin Armies have been a huge part of my life. That part of my life has to end now, but it will affect how I live forever.

In the end, emotional endings are more fun.



57 Responses

  1. I will miss you so much, Woton. Thanks for all the help you gave me.

  2. My reporting skills would be horrible if it weren’t for you.

    • They’re still horrible

      • Not horrible but some of them are still quite bad if I must say so.

      • parred.

        • One of the only posts he made on here advertised CPAWN.

          • That was Asd, not Ajman.

            • Then I don’t remember you making any posts on here

      • That’s why I switched to Page Maintainer.

      • harsh…

  3. that is poetry man! By the way, you were a great CPAC head of site.

  4. Woton, Not even Hell could out power you. May this be your final retirement and May CPAC go strong.
    Fear the Gold

  5. Bye Woton. You were a great writer and you’ve changed armies greatly. Thanks for all the posts and fun 😀

  6. bye Woton <333

  7. Bye Woton , your posts were epic and your a nice and funny guy. We will all miss you

  8. Imma miss you Woton, even tho we havent really talked much since Rfw/Fw lol. ❤


    • Gurl, you be trippin

  9. Bye Woton :(. I’ll talk to you on tfm (Im Kattykit on tfm and im your friends list) if you still go on it. You made epic post 😦


    • I will

  11. Bye woton Can I lead Woton Warriors I will lead them to Glory and LEMONZ

  12. Bye Woton….Will you still be on XAT? D:

    • Woton never goes on XAT.

      • Ive seen him on xat :/

      • Hes a mod at ACP chat… Where have you been?

  13. BYE WOTON D:

  14. It’s funny how people take cp armies so seriously.

    Bai Woton. Doubt you remember me. But if you do, great!

    Good luck in life!


  15. Woton,

    First, I have a story to tell. I was going to tell it at the end of summer bash, but as they say, no time like the present.

    Back during the Christmas Tournament of 2008 (or maybe some other event, I can’t seem to remember the exact time. I had just joined armies, and often read various cheat sites. Woton, your site was one of my favorites.(funny pictures, by the way :P) Anyway, when I saw you on Club Penguin, leading MCP, I went crazy because “I was meeting a famous blogger” xD I sent dozens of friend requests… Never did I imagine I would be working with you on CPAC. Thank you for all you have done for CPAC, and for me. I am a better reporter today then I ever was. You have brought CPAC to great heights, and I promise you that you are leaving it in good hands with Funks and I.

    For everything, thank you. You will be missed.


    P.S.: Will you be attending the End of Summer Bash? Since I still have yet to actually speak with you in person. 😀

  16. Bye Woton D:

  17. *copies post* You mean. MY retirement post.

  18. Woton you helped me by giving me some reporting skills. I will miss you. Well bye woton

    “Never stop dancin” 😀 ~ Warr

  19. Which one was Woton again?

    • He’s the fat and funny one. Without his fat he’s just Dunkin, but with his fat, he’s Dunkin Donuts.

  20. Forever missed my good man and i have a army for small top ten on the rise!

    • Half of those penguins are randomly dressed
      Comment that on SMAC, not CPAC

  21. Bye Woton, I loved your posts and CPAC wont be the same without you…… 😦

  22. Different emotions are going through me. I am disappointed that you have retired. When you took over as head of site when I was going to get it, I felt extremely angry. I regret feeling that way and Im glad I met you. Not many get the chance to be a secondary head under you, and Im glad I got that chance. I can’t wait to run CPAC now, and you have taught me many things that I will use to run CPAC. We will all miss your post’s and the staff will miss you shouting at them when they go inactive (I lol when you do that :P). Thank you woton, I won’t let you down and you will always be remembered.
    ~Kingfunks4 CPA Central Head of Site.

  23. Thanks Woton, for introducing a whole new scheme to CP armies, creating CPAC. I wish you all the best in life, and maybe one day you will return

    Great talking to you

  24. thanks for the years, Woton.

  25. Bye Woton, you epic cinnehbunz

  26. Bye Woton you were a very good person and you bring CPAC one of the best News site . You don’t know me for sure but I do . I like your posts and everthing but I want to know how old are you .

  27. I can’t believe Woton is retiring! He was the one who took RFW or FW to it’s highest point . I remember when he took my penguin for a FW video! I felt honoured that time!

    Bye Woton , the epic!

  28. Woton, you are the most intelligent guy I ever worked with, & I loved the opportunity to actually work with you. You are the most legendary guy I ever known, and I hope you have a great life. It was great working with you.

  29. I love you =(

  30. Bye again.

  31. Goodbye Woton.

  32. …..i bet Woton has no idea who I am but I read every single one of your posts ever since I found out about CPAC. They were funny I just loved them. Goodbye Woton 😦

    You WILL Always be remberd in Ninjas Woton as a legend. And everywhere else.

    ~Josephp3,Ninjas 2ic

  34. I’m not sure what to say, as I never got the chance to really know you, but you’ve always been a great Head of Site for CPAC. Thanks once again for the privilege of being a reporter here at this amazing site you’ve formed. You will be truly missed by many, Woton…

  35. Touching. 😦 im ganna miss you so much. just pleeeease visit some time 😦

    ~Bird Pingu

  36. Bye…

  37. Aw.. >.< I read your whole Retirement Post , don't worry.
    Bye, Woton.

  38. Woton I learned so much from you. I’m sad this day had to come. Your impact on CP armies changed it forever. I read all your posts. Your posts were possibly better than anyone else’s on this site. You had so many good ideas. I’ll miss you a lot.

  39. BTW didn’t you say you would retire on the broadcast for the end of summer bash?

  40. BAI WOTON.


  41. Bye

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