One Man Beats ACP

Yes, you read correct. Two days ago, on August 8, I was reading The ACP Saga and some other pages, I somehow decided to invade Mammoth from ACP. I was on the Rules page, so I commented something about me invading their server alone on August 10 at 12 am Pst. Unfortunately, the comment disappeared when it went to await moderation, so I got no picture. However, I thought ACP would moderate it and I would be fine. Mind you this is more than 24 hours in advance. This morning at 12 am Pst, I logged onto Mammoth for my invasion.

ACP ignores my notifications that I am invading Mammoth.

To be fair, since it was strategically planned at the worst time, I went to a pretty full ACP chat and repeatedly announced that I had commented on the Rules page and was awaiting the ACP to fight me. Everyone online ignored me as you can see in the picture to the right. This gave me mixed feelings. The ACP just ignored me and therefore I had no opponent. Yet, they should have come on, even if I was just a noob. I decided to leave chat and continue my invasion. I made as many tactics as one man can do. Yet I had no opponent so it didn’t matter.

Look at that one man vertical line. It is now 12:13 am PST.

 Throughout the battle, I did well. No ACP foes at all. I did Vertical Lines,

One Against ACP and I am winning. It's 12:14 am PST.

 And no ACP showed, just me.

A beautiful One Man Jbomb. It's 12:19 am PST.

I did an amazing Jbomb that covered a whole 100 pixels of snow,

A great E+9 and Diagonal line. It is 12:26 am PST.

And no ACP even when I did an amazing E+9 in diagonal line.

It is 12:30 am PST and ACP didn't show at all.

So naturally, I claimed victory after half an hour. So let it all be known that Redd Kool was the first penguin to single-handedly take on ACP and win. I am also the first individual penguin to ever own Mammoth, and I believe the first non-ACP party besides UMA to ever have owned Mammoth.

But I am  not going to be a jerk. I found out that ACP has had some site trouble and probably never got to seeing, let alone moderating, my comment. And, I suppose it was an odd place for me to comment, but any Editor/Admin would still have seen it. So I hereby return Mammoth to its rightful owner, the Army of Club Penguin. But let this be a lesson to all. Even one man can defeat the ACP, and the ACP can be no shows too. And ACP, your Pst Midnight soldiers (whether they were European or American or what) didn’t really care. If my threat was real (which it was until I found out about the WP incident), ACP would have lost Mammoth to one person. It only would have taken two of them to stop me.

~Redd Kool~

The Man Who Defeated ACP Alone


83 Responses

  1. first

  2. […] Redd: I took Mammoth. Hi, I am Redd’s Mammoth post. […]

  3. 2nd

  4. You need 5 people to claim a server, how new to armies are you? Is this the kind of stuff CPAC hire these days?

    • Flipper,
      1. This was made to point something out to the CPAC audience.
      2. That’s the dumbest rule ever made. No way could it apply anywhere.

    • That rule doesnt exist anymore. Everyone agreed it was unfair on small armies!

      • Agreed.

        • then how do small armies gain servers if they dont get 5, like you said, small

      • If there is a rule like that,there couldnt be tiny(not small) armies.When tiny armies get 5 thats like ACP getting 150.So some armies even have 1 people active.I saw a tiny army beating pretzels with only 1 people.

      • 20 v 10…

  5. Flipper it was a joke calm down and BTW I WAS THERE TOO D:<

  6. I made the event do i get a promo

    • Ok you are now 1ic of yourself

  7. I know (hope) it’s a joke, however you didn’t “defeat” ACP as you didn’t fight them, you just took the server. And yes, you need to own two servers before you can take a server.

    • That rule doesnt exist anymore. Everyone agreed it was unfair on small armies.

    • 20 v 10.

  8. Fail..

  9. He was just trying to make a point in this post, not actually claim it as an invasion…

  10. honestly guys LET IT GO he probely was trying to think of something to post and it was a joke

  11. This is the best post ever made on this website. Very true about it’s points. The target of this post is quite obvious. I’m not going to say it here because the readers have to find out by themselves. The only clue I can give is that this post is targeted at idiots.

    I’d say the CPAC has a keeper. Seriously. Unless you’re in the ACP and you want this potential young man out, vote to keep this man on the site.

    CPUN Head

    • I love how the ACP leaders are defending themselves by declaring that this broke the rules, when that’s hardly the point.

      • Agreed Dee.

    • Got that right.

  12. I believe the 5 ppl rule is still here so I think you failed to claim it (wary)

  13. I take back what I said

  14. XD

  15. Amusing, here I thought this would be another article about me.

    • surprisingly, i thought so too

  16. Lmao. Best post ever on CPAC.


  18. Orange Republic took Breeze legit. :PPP

    • Breeze is now under the Purple Empire’s dominion.

      • How the hell would Breeze be under the “Purple Empire’s dominion” if you never invaded it legimately?

      • No, because you are just trolls. Therefore you fail.

        • You only call us trolls and ignore us because we make a mockery of your pathetic armies. Your time is done, accept it.

          • I thought Skloop ip banned them..?

      • Vio, he was implying that it’s possible for small armies to invade important servers.

      • So you realized you trolls werent a Republic? Very good, an Empire is fitting.

  19. I dunno what to say.

  20. Both of those rules were dismissed by the Club Penguin LoN(League of Nations). They had a meeting in which small, medium, and large army reperasentatives at it. It was voted by the majority that those rules were to be abolished. For proof and more info, go to .

    • Pfff, Mammoth isn’t neutral and ACP already had 15 servers or more.

  21. Go Redd! Oh Yeah! xD

  22. I would have at least sent a Private Chat to whichever leader would be on when you were invading, but if this were to be truth then anybody could take a whole army’s like ACP nation, and they won’t fight 1 person because nobody would bother being online 24/7 on any server because there is 1 penguin there “invading”. Therefore the 2 servers & 5 man army rule.

  23. The trolls troll when they don’t get it. 😉
    Btw nice post.

  24. The 2 server rule is ridiculous and is just another excuse to not fight. This post went over most of your heads.

    • I agree, I was pretty disappointed when I saw the ACP actually DEFENDING themselves from this…

      • lets get the army leaders to invade mammoth 😀

    • That may be but not the 5 man army rule.

      • That rule was taken out too…

  25. In the colour wars there were no 24 hours rules, 2 server rules or 5 man rule
    1 man/women would still fight a whole group of penguins and the group of penguins would not ignore him!
    Example: Reds say got 5 troops and greens got 1 the greens would still fight and the Reds wouldn’t ignore him/her =D

  26. Lol
    Reminds me of the time i took Fjord with a 2 man army!
    Good times…

  27. After I read this post this was my face…

  28. Im on vacation right now and i am indeed part of the redd kool army and i do have a pic of us with 5 ppl. i am sorry but i cant supply it at the moment due to the fact my only internet access is my phone

  29. I love how only ACP seems to abide by the 2 server and 5 man army rules

  30. Most of this post was unneccessary boasting and bragging and saying ‘I’m the first penguin to do blah’. And I once again agree with ACP, how the heck can you invade a server with one person? It don’t work..

    • It wasn’t boasting or bragging, you are missing the whole point.

      • The point, I believe, was to expose a huge gap in the security of ACP. And if you don’t think that he boasted or bragged in this post then you, sir, are an imbecile.

        • Ok, so yea, maybe there was alot of bragging, but you’re STILL missing the whole point. Also, you’re wrong, people can invade with 1 person, especially small armies. And you, sir, are one of the people this post was pointed at…

  31. Oh please. I am an ACP Major General and to be honest, Ken and Flipper, your both acting like babies. So what, he wanted to do something fun to burn some time. Jesus he is one man and it is quite obvious that he can’t just take it. Even if some how he was allowed to have it, we could just take it back. We have 100+ soldiers and he’s one man :p

  32. ACP can be such cry babies.

  33. Lol, I like this post. It proves a nice point, although it could’ve been written to better explain that we should not ignore noobs, instead of coming across as a bragging post (just a little bit :D). I do hate when armies ignore minor threats, or even major threats but when they are only raiding. I’ve seen many people go “oh who cares, it’s not like they can claim the server” You should care about raids. Raids are more fun than scheduled battles.

    I do get that it is a joke, but is it possible for one person to own a server anyway? I know that Shaboomboom claims to own Mittens, but I think that topic should be adressed by armies.

  34. Oh ACP. I love how you feel the need to defend yourselves. Yes, this post was completely bragging, but their is an underlying message that most of you seem to stupid to understand. Read it again, you’ll figure it out. The 5 man rule and the 2 server rule were discarded in a meeting I was present at with Small, Medium and Large armies (Nachos were there and others). Even if I could legitimately take your precious server, you could take it back at any time with your mass of troops. And like Jed said, I had 5 people on at one time. Unfortunately, I didn’t take pictures until after Jed left. Once again, this post was to prove a point that few of you got. It was also meant to be a good laugh. ACP, I gave you the server back so quit whining and reread the post. Maybe you will see the whole point other than my boasting.

  35. I love how the only people complaining are the ACP leaders. The lower ranks in ACP aren’t even’t complaining. Ironic much?

    • Im even a mod rank and i think Ken and Flip are acting like babies

  36. I find that this post does really bring out a question that no one has seemed to ask, does size matter? Well with an opponent yes, but without one, no. But I do believe if a small army invades a server a big army can keep it anyways. I think the rule should be that the major armies can have the server as their own, and so can small armies, since their both way out in different leagues. So yes, a one man army can invade Mammoth, but it would only be disputed between small and medium armies. The major army therefore still owns it as the overall bigger army to have control of said server. Small/medium armies, have control of said server in their own “league” you could say. When a small-medium army gets major, or a major army drops down, they are now in a different league of armies, so now other armies their size could invade them. This almost makes the top 10 a good thing also, because it keeps a bit of balance, even if armies make such a fuss over it. If all armies wanted to be able to invade, I would say we abolish the top 10’s altogether.

    • The only problem is what happens when they get Major? If I invaded Mammoth xD, then I get 30+ ppl, do I pr ACP get Mammoth?

  37. I think the 2 server rule was disbanned while the 5 man rule was kept on principle.

  38. I have a very short minute. I laugh how ACP (besides Kingfunks) is taking this so seriously! Really.

    • im not taking it so seriously

      • Neither me nor birdpingu nor Klug nor Shab nor Kingfunks and most of ACP thought this was genuine.

        • Well then, sucks for you?

  39. I’m in ACP, yet I believe Shab, Flipper and Ken’s whining and defending is rediculous. I mean seriously, can’t take a joke? This post has a point other then boasting. I’m kind of dissapointed in my leaders for acting like such babies, and it makes me embarassed to even be in ACP.

  40. I give Redd Kool full ownership rights if he wishes to reinitiate the Renegade. *wary*

  41. The best post ever made in 4 years.Best ever made in all huge,small army news sites.Congrats Redd Kool.Everything on this post is maybe funny to some,but its more than correct.This guy is the best reporter ever.

  42. The leaders are so split personalities.
    After an invasion:
    Leader when posting on ACP site: “Don’t worry we will invade it again!”
    Leader when on other chats: “This could collapse us, we need to convince everyone that ACP won”

  43. I love how ACP makes excuses like this.

  44. lol you can take it from ACP we dont care we will just come back and take it from you like taking candy from a baby. lol

    • Except the baby has a rocket launcher

  45. ACP are the babies

  46. Acp are babies. hehe

  47. lol, I did that to IW before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. acp got owend!

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