Ask Shab

I know the title and this type of post overall is corny but I’ve decided that since no one else has, I’ll make one of these posts.

This post is designated for everyone to ask me questions about myself, about CP, about advice, about anything at all.

Do you have a suggestion? An idea for a post? An army you want to be reviewed [Medium armies only please]?

No, I’m not out of posts. In fact I have about 5 or 6 written as backup to be posted whenever there is a lack of posts.

So, in the comments ask any questions, put any suggestions, whatever you’d like. If there are enough I’ll devote a whole post to it. Otherwise I’ll answer questions at the bottom of my posts [or in the middle so you will have to actually read the entire thing  😉 ]

CPAC Head Philosoper


46 Responses

  1. Why do cows go moo?

  2. Dear Shab, can you beat up a real ninja?

    • Can you see a ninja?

  3. Dear Shab, what is the acp chat password?

  4. Dear Shab, can you force flipper/ken to give me 3ic? *Wary*

  5. Dear Shab, Do you think that Light Troops will rise to top 5 *wary*

  6. Dear Shab,
    Are you epic?
    What’s your password?
    What’s your favorite burger?
    Pizza Hut or Pizza Comoany?
    Pie or waffles?
    Predict the next ACP leader? (XD)

  7. The answer is obviously no. Didn’t you see Oagal and Fort last night?

  8. Dear Shab
    How old are you?
    What is the ACP chat password?
    What kind of ice cream do you like the most?

  9. Dear Shab:
    AM I EPIC?
    Are You EPIC?
    Does E=MC2?
    Is this getting a little to long?
    Will I get 3ic soon?
    Will I Be a Billionaire?
    Will I be transformed into a mouse?
    Is this so LONG?
    Is this going to end soon?
    IS this a rip off of Ask Ogal?
    Is Ogal a Girl?
    Is Fort a Girl?
    Is Rapidly a girl?
    Is Nono a Girl?
    Do I suck at Capitalization?
    Is Boomer a Girl?
    Am i a hacker?
    Is Garfield Fat?
    Do you like Icecream?
    Do you like sound effects?

    Is This The Real End?
    Will the World End in 2012?
    Are my hands hurting from typing so much?
    OK IM DONE!!!

  10. Dear Shab, can yoi be a lamp?

  11. Shab you don’t hate me and is dissapointed in me right?

  12. Dear shab can you give me your penguin?

  13. Dear shab why do pigs go oink?

  14. Dear Shab, why is U not after Q in the alphabet :O

  15. Dear Shab,
    what is ACP chat pass?
    What is your pass?
    What is the worlds pass?
    Why won’t you tell me these pass’s? *wary*

    • xD

  16. Shab I can still take care of your penguin right?

  17. What is pass to ACP and your penguin?

  18. Dear Shab, why are you so Shabish?

  19. Dear Shab,

    What is your CP pass?
    What is your Xat Account pass?
    What is the ACP chat pass?
    Why is the sky blue?
    Who’s cooler: Ken or Flip?
    Does Seanehawk suck?
    Are you having fun reading this?
    What is 1x0x9x8x6x7x5x4x3x9911x725 equal to?
    Is the Puffle Warriors going to die?
    Who’s cooler: Funk or Funks?
    Do you like pizza?
    How about bagels?
    Or doughnuts?
    Bananas are good, aren’t they?
    How come Alb is a fail at making parties?
    What were the two turning points in WWII?
    Who was President of the USA in 1983?
    Who are the WW leaders right now?
    Will WW become a Top 3 army soon?
    Aren’t you getting sick of CP?
    Or are you annoyed by my questions?
    Are you a hacker?
    What is the Great Gatsby?
    What is your favorite hockey team?
    Who’s your favorite player?
    In the heart of a human, trace the parts of the heart a blood cell must go through to obtain oxygen.
    Should I stop?
    Am I awesome?
    Will ACP get hacked and die soon?
    What is the 16th moon of Saturn?
    What is the capital of North Korea?
    Is Justin Bieber really a girl?
    Or is Lady Gaga a male?
    Who was the 13th leader of WW?
    Who will win the CfC?
    Can you answer all these questions?

    Because here are the real questions!

    Should there be a server limit that should be enforced?
    Should we do another Order 67?
    Does the top ten really mean everything?

    Hopefully, you will consider ALL these questions.

    • Yeah NOW you’re right Shab. Funks is cooler, because now I’m a boiling volcano. D:<

  20. Dear Shab,

    Must I download those icons like the one in your post, or can I view it then go and add it as a picture?

  21. Dear Shab

    Do you like waffles?
    Do you like pancakes?
    Do you think you are epic?

  22. Dear Shab,
    Do you think the merge between RBAA and The Elites will make it into the Top Ten??

    • Elites are already in the top 10 😆

  23. Shab will you come on chat sometime (not necessarily ACP, and talk with me) D=

  24. Dear shab,
    Pie or Waffles?
    Are you epic?
    Do you online date? (If so who)
    What is your worst fail?
    Would you die to be in ACP?

  25. Dear Shab,
    Can I have some xats?
    Do you like pie?

  26. Dear Shab,
    Can you make GFX?
    Do you prefer XBOX360 or PS3?
    What do you have a 360 or a PS3?

    • Whats your PS3 name so I can add you (wary)

  27. Dear shab,
    What’s ACP’s Chat pass?
    Are you a virgin?
    Why is your name Shaboomboom instead of Shaboom?
    Did you and Boomer plan this “Boom” thing?
    Why do you like weird pictures?

  28. Okay Shab what exactly are you disappointed about me and how can I fix it?

    • 1. What is it that you really hate about me leading ACP?
      2. Do you think I fail at leading ACP?
      3. Am I one of the worst leaders besides Meat?
      4. Do you think I will get a MoH someday?
      5. Do you think I hate you?
      6. Will I lead ACP any longer?
      7.Do you consider me a very good friend?
      8. Do you think I consider you a very good friend?
      9. Who is cooler Ias or Bob?
      10. Can you please not answer any of my questions with idk? I believe people use it because they really don’t want to tell them what they really think to spare their feelings. But Shab I can take it.

      • If you feel this is more of a private question thingy Shab please answer it on FB =O

  29. When are you going to grow up get a girl friend and get laid and move out?

    • Red is asking about because he dosnt have a girlfriend 😀

  30. Dear Shab, would you like it if you had a puffle in real life?

  31. Where do you get your old man hair on your head Shab?

  32. Dear shab, What is :
    Acp chat name xD?
    Your real name :O?
    Your fake name (From when you took over mexico, central america, and brazil)?
    Ish I Epicness? (Answer no and i get u shot)

  33. 1.What is your favorite type of pet?
    2.Who do you wish to be the next 3ic of ACP?
    3.Do squirrels hunt you?
    4.Do you know Oagal’s next plan?
    5.Herp derp?
    6.What color is Pring’s nameglow atm?
    7.Do you think Elites will surpass ACP and Nachos?
    8.Who is currently the temp leader of IW?
    9.Is your mom’s name Bertha?
    10.Do you know why I’m asking these questions?
    11.Do you know they old guy in your WP pic personally?
    12.What is your favorite fruit?
    13.Do people clap whenever you walk into a room?
    14.How do you get fan girls online?
    15.Is Puck too obsessed with lemons?
    16.Is Wex too energetic?
    17.Does Icey say lol a bit too much?
    18.Is Khimo too loving?
    19.Is Ken too addicted to womping?
    20.Is Poch too not mad?
    21.Is Funk too questionative?
    22.Do you liek soda!?!
    23.Have you ever smelled a french fry very closely?
    24.Are you addicted to Facebook?
    25.Why do you never use your Twitter?
    26.Do you know the reason why Gord trolls CPAC?
    27.^^If you know the answer, why?
    29.Do you secretly host a party on ACP every Wednesday at midnight?
    30.How many cartoons do you watch a day?
    31.Which one is your favorite?
    32.What is the first name of your favorite girlfriend ever?
    33.If you could destroy any person on xat who would it be?
    34.Will you ever become ACP leader again?
    35. Do you know who the next head(s) of CPAC will be?
    36. Do you think I already know? P.S. You should delete important messages on CPAC chat when you leave.
    38. Are you annoyed at this point?
    39. Have you ever picked your nose?
    40. What size do you think Elites will get after this merge stabilizes?
    41. Want some popcorn?
    42. What grade are you going into?
    43. Red socks or orange socks?
    44. What is your favorite air freshener?
    45. Will I kill you for telling Wex that you think Funks is cooler than me!?!? D:<
    46. Which new reporter do you think is doing best?
    47. Do you like birds?
    48. Aside from ACP, which army is your favorite?
    49. Polka or disco?
    50. Are you happy this is the final question?

  34. Can you eat 55 waffles in 90 seconds?

  35. Part 2 of 10
    1. How do i get fat?
    2. How do i call 911?
    3. Why is my dad crying?
    4. Will you awnser in complete sentences this time?
    5. Can we go to that corner on the edge of our street and sell our medication at 10 P.M.?
    6. You have a girlfriend?
    7. What flavor is pie?
    8. Can you say this 3 times fast?

    Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown,
    The succesful thistle-sifter,
    While sifting a sieve-full of unsifted thistles,
    Thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb.
    Now, if Theophilus Thadeus Thistledown,
    The succesful thistle-sifter,
    Thrust three thousand thistles through the thick of his thumb,
    See that thou, while sifting a sieve-full of unsifted thistles,
    Thrust not three thousand thistles through the thick of thy thumb.

    9. Would Club Penguin suck if it was real?
    10. Will Camp Panda ever get off the ground?
    11. Will I really do 10 installments?
    12. Where does belly button lint come from?

  36. Dear Shap,
    if you were to pick a girl in chat to spend time together in reall life wich chat girl would you pick (In ACP)

  37. Dear shab
    Is Khimo Gay?

  38. Will you ever answer these questions?

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