Joplin, MO/Tan’s Leave of Absence

Tan’s Post HERE

Tan Edit: Thanks for posting this I had about 5 minutes to post mine cuz intrenet and electricity were being gay. Another tornado is expecting to hit again tonight in Joplin. Please keep Joplin in all your prayers because as of right now there is no tornado sirens currently working. I’ll try to keep you guys updated on the situation. Thanks. -Tan

This Post Was Written By Oberst

If you have been keeping up with the news recently, in the last few months there has been a large amount of Tornado’s affecting many of the Midwest and Southern states of the USA.

On May 22nd, 2011 a EF4 Tornado hit Joplin, Missouri.

An EF4 Tornado is the 2nd highest possible Tornado that can happen, period. It has winds from 166 – 200 Miles per hour. When this Tornado hit Joplin, it practically destroyed much of the city. As of this current time, 116 people have been confirmed dead and over 1,150 have been reported injured. Tanman626, one of the Leaders of the Nacho’s lives in Joplin. He has survived the Tornado, but much of the city is in ruin. He will be taking a temporary leave from the Nacho’s to help clear the rubble of this disaster and help others in their time of need. As for the Nachos, Ads354 and Puckley will be the 2 leaders till Tan returns, then they will all resume their current positions. We ask that you keep all of the victims and families in this disaster in your prayers, and to hope that as many life’s can be saved as possible.

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34 Responses


    • Not much of achievement…

      • True.

  2. 2nd ❤

  3. Thank you for posting about this. Many lives were affected indeed. @Bamf and Firestar, does it really matter if your 1st or 2nd? It’s retarded when thats all you think about, instead of praying and hoping for the best for Joplin. I live close to Joplin, and I’m going out there soon to help clear the rubble.

    • This is America, they’ll be fine. If school around the country don’t apsolutly flood them with money from collection drives then the massive army of people coming in from nearby towns will fix the problem.

    • i ud=sed to live near Joplin, in nearby Springfield.

      • **used

      • THUH SIM-SONSSSSSS (its how I usually say it)

    • I put a ❤ meaning so they can get better … MEANIE D:

  4. Hey you know what we should have a day to support Joplin and its people

  5. Now we know where Tan lives! Lol jk, but we have to be grateful to still have the Nachos leader still alive today.

  6. But what sucks even more is that he almost got impeached the same day just hours before the tornado.

    Well, good luck Tan.

    • I didn’t get impeached? o.O

    • I didn’t get impeached? o.O

    • Key word: “almost”

  7. ❤ you tanman!!!!!! 😦

  8. Many of us hate each other, but if we lost even the one we hated most to death, then all of us would be saddened

  9. Im terrified of Tornadoes. I know about tornadoes, considering I live in WI. Prayers go out to Tan and his family and others of Joplin. Tornadoes are probably one of the most underated storms and I think the devastation they can cause are just starting to catch up with the people of the world. Again, im terrified of Tornadoes. I have been in 5 and I freaked out everyone know matter how old I was.

  10. Random Conspiracy Believer Person: “Some UMA guy sent the tornado to try to ruin the Nachos plans!”

    Me: “and I assume that Elvis is still alive?”

    Person again: “…yes”

    Me again: “o__o”

    Person: “so, what about area 51?”

  11. AND My GRANDMA DIED IN AN F4 Tornado in Minneapolis, Minnesota

    • I heard about that tornado I am terribly sorry for you loss.. I will be praying for you 🙂

      • You put a smilir face at the end D:

  12. “cuz intrenet and electricity were being gay”

    …Don’t use the word gay. use a different word instead.


  13. I’ve never been in a tornado. Just a couple dozen earthquakes.

  14. No no. It’s en EF5 200 MPH winds.


  16. i lived in newfoudland during hurricane igor … ep4 tornados there two


  18. i feel your pain tan

  19. All of the CP army community is praying for the people of Joplin, MO. Just shows how many good people there are here.

  20. There was a tornado?

    • Big too apparently.

  21. keyser, its the 8th worst natural disaster in history now they say. 130 dead so far 1500 missing city of 200,000 almost completely destroyed. the winds got up to like 210+ mph i think. yeah there was a tornado :p

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