DCP- Stuck in a corner?

Hey everyone. Keith09 here. Happy easter! *Hears bunny poop out jelly beans*

I’m sure you all know of the army DCP. Currently ranked ninth in the last CPAC top 10. Lots of armies have been flooding in to take DCP down. But why is this? In this post today will find the answers.

DCP have never been much of a favorite. When the short famed army LGT existed, their main target for quite some time was DCP. The DBW wanted war as well when their name was the PBW. They can’t attack till May 1st, so they might go back into war again. Armies such as the UMA and LT are also at a raging war with the DCP. The Elites recently claimed Summit from the DCP. So the DCP tried to set up a protection law. The Elites were mad, and they didn’t accept the protection law. The Elites and other armies believe DCP is too wimpy to stand up for themselves. So they set up some sort of “protection” over their server. The Elites are now invading DCP’s servers as well.


  • DCP is known to supposedly hack.
  • They have been forcing certain small armies to merge into them.
  • DCP has a record of making armies mad.

So what about the current war going on?

The LT claim that DCP stole troops from the Light Troops. Troops like Tylund1 and others were recruited by DCP by Alfrondo.

The UMA are in a partial war with the DCP. The war started out with TG. WV got involved not long after. Then DCP joined in to help them. The LT and UMA have currently been working together to defeat the DCP. Since they are brother allies.


(Note: Battles involving TG and WV are not involved. Plus, I might have missed a few battles for this part of the post).

Elites Vs. DCP:

The DCP was a no-show because of a: UMA battle. Some might say that The Elites had no right to claim since DCP had to attend another event. But the DCP never asked for a time change etc. The protection law didn’t work out.

LT’s raids of Slushy:

Day 1: The LT did some strong raids to show the DCP they meant business. (From the looks of it). DCP claims they broke the treaty. But LT says they didn’t.

Day 2: This time both the UMA and LT BOTH raided Slushy. LT claims that DCP tried to take troops again. DCP got sizes of 5+.


DCP was a no-show. So LT won.


Interview with Ioioluk4 LT leader and creator:

Me: Green

Ioio: Yellow


Me: first off, what do you think sparked this war?

Ioio: Well, they stole our troops.

Me: Is that the only thing that caused this war?

Ioio: Between LT and DCP, yes.

Me: but is there any specific thing that made the war progress?

Ioio: DCP refused to show up to battles.

Me: How do you think the war will progress?

Ioio: Well yeah. I believe the Elites, LT, and UMA will win.

Me: Thanks for your time Ioio

Ioio: Np.

Interview with Wgfv current UMA leader:

Me: Green

Wgfv: Red


Me: What do you think caused the war with DCP and other armies?

Wgfv: The UMA declared war on TG, then we found out the WV had been plotting against us, so we struck first. As a result, DCP came to help WV and they declared war on UMA.

Me: What do you think will happen next in the war? Will UMA play a big part?

Wgfv: Yesterday, DCP suffered 3 losses at the hands of UMA and our allies. The tide of war is going to our favor. I think UMA is going to take down DCP.

Me: Thanks for your time Wgfv.

Wgfv: No prob.


(Possible interviews coming soon)

So what are your opinions on the war? Do you think DCP will be able to defeat the enemies piling up? Or will they fall apart?

~Keith CPAC Reporter

[Note: Yes I am in LT. But if you payed attention, this post doesn’t just focus on them. Plus it is NOT biased. I do not give my opinions saying “Ooooo LT is stronger!”]


41 Responses

  1. Hello. :O (cuss on Xat).

  2. Love the penguin named “Elites Rule” in their pic.

    • Ikr…

      • i wouldnt be suprised with an army lead by khimo to use a bot :/

        • So, since your from DW, and khimo lead DW, are you saying he used bots in DW?

          • Did I mention a member of NeoN on thier chat is a mod?

    • where do you see that? I can’t see any penguin with that in their name

  3. A few notes: DCP were originally helping WV, but a few days after we came in, they signed a treaty with uma knowing they would be ditching us, so who’s the one here to blame? Are we to be hated fr roping an ally and automatically getting sucked into this all?

    Also, DCP has recently had a website change:


    • For* helping*


  4. I love Wg’s answers compared to Io’s’

  5. well since tacos shut down, ive been out of a job. so i joined UMA and DCP. Gimme a break, ive been gone for 2 months.

  6. Me too.

    • Clother is the same person as you, same WP pics means same email noob.

  7. Still no TG talk???

    • Our time will come, right nowv people are admiring our rise.

  8. This war would be 100x funnier if Brandon was a leader of DCP.

    • ikr

  9. 1st!

  10. hai

  11. dcp sucks lt will kick there asses

  12. DCP won

  13. DCP is stuck


    • Tan, want me to go to your house and slap you for that?

      • Somebody’s got the Sudden Heebie Jeebies

  15. Wow. This is really gonna be one heck of a war eh? MORE UPDATES MIGHT COME SOON IF THE WAR HEATS UP.


  16. World War is approaching!

  17. Tan,Who told you to declare war on Light troops,Water Vikings,Elites Etc. I understand you are declaring war DCP. DCP Has to suffer. But it doesn’t just mean you just got bored and you declare war on like several armies. Elites,Light Troops,DCP,Water Vikings And any other armies will get about 100+. Nachos get about 40+. 100 is way higher than 40. It could kill the nachos permantly. The only explaination i could find is you are crazy. Your being crazy about the armies that are rising. And now you declare war on Light troops which is currently Defeating DCP. Dude just understand this. Several Armies could max about 100+ could be the size of ACP in the past. This could Kill nachos,Even Fido Agrees that These several armies could kill nachos. You can’t always make nachos just 100+ large.

    Thats the talk with Tan.

    Now to the talk with Puckley.

    Puckley,If you agree this war,How come you don’t know that 100+ could kill nachos permantly,You had the chance to stop tan from doing this. And now when Nachos dies,It wasn’t our problem. It was YOUR own problem. Tan will realize it was the huge mistake for declaring war on Light troops and any other mistake. Plus I am in Light Troops. It doesn’t mean saying “LT WILL WIN GO LT LT LT LT LT” which is totally babyish. I am the 3rd In Command On Light Troops. I hope this will understand how Nachos is going to die and how was it killed.

    Now for my opineon for this post

    I say that Light Troops,UMA,And Elites will win,Because DCP is now falling and maxing 5+ Which is totally the size of a small army. DCP is falling to a small army,So i totally think LT,UMA,And Elites will win. Kthxbai.

    Puckley,and Tan i hope you will cancel the war or nachos will get killed by the end of the day

    ~Spiderguy22 Light Troops 3ic.

    • Which is why IW and ACP have full schedules planned for the next few months.

      • This doesn’t mention the war currently right now.

    • The only problem is the Nachos are way too popular and they have been going for too long to die from this. Plus, you don’t know if all the armies could successfully work together to bring down the Nachos. When they are in war themselves.

      • Dude,Nachos just declared war on like 7 armies,And that could maxe about 90-100+. Which is going to make nachos die,Nachos maxed about 40-45+. This comment what i posted was originally to convince Tan and Puckley to cancel the war so they could survive,Plus i am in nachos,I expected better from them,Declaring War on LT is just wrong. I am in both armies too,Nachos and LT fighting is just wrong,I’m not even sure who am i going to help,But all my loyal is To Light Troops. Light troops is the only army that i was 100% loyal to it. And now nachos stepped in and try to ruin LT’s Success agains their worst enemies,Golden Troops. Their enemy,DCP,Was falling to LT and LGT. Which Means Light Ghost Troops,It quickly became world power. But it was dead. Nachos being too popular isn’t the problem right now,Nachos just was only bored and then they declare war. Wtf? And Keith about saying “Plus,you don’t know if all the armies could successfully work together to bring down the Nachos” Could be true infact. The only problem is Tan and Puckley going crazy. Ads is okay with it,Ads has nothing to do in the war,and plus Ads doesn’t do crazy wars like Puckley did right now. All i say,Ads should be the nacho leader. I hope Ads doesn’t do the same mistake in another year,2012.

        • I guess we will have to see. But I understand your point of view.

    • Get your facts right two Nacho leaders confirmed that they are now only in war with UMA

  18. Cpac the war on ignorance may turn into the next world war due to the involvement of Nachos and the possible alliance with the ACP and Nachos to end that war We may be looking at a world war6

    • Dude,Why would ACP help nachos if ACP knows this war is going crazy.

  19. I think ACP has better things to do then be the world police like before. (At least that’s what some people think).

    • The “world police” doesn’t always help a particular side, like what’s happening right now with the Nachos.

  20. DCP hacking? I laugh we don’t hack.Very little people in DCP know how to hack why not go investigate some other army that actually DOES hack.And I’m sure that Elites,UMA,and LT for sure use bots….LT is actually known for using bots why not go after that then bagging on DCP?

  21. the “day 2” raid of slushy was b4 a battle and we weren’t going to waste our energy and time to defend that get your facts right will ya?

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