Recruiting: CP doesn’t allow users to say “Look”? || Elites: Top Ten Standard? ||CPA Central: Medium Top Tens?

Table Of Content:

  1. Recruiting: CP doesn’t allow users to say “Look”?
  2. Elites: Top Ten standard?
  3. CPA Central:Medium Army Top Tens?


CP Doesn’t Allow users to say “Look”?

It has been like that for a while, CP trying to stop armies. In recent times, Clubpenguin administrators have banned to word Look, which means you cannot use the statement “Look up Nachos of CP to join”. This has forced armies to use another methods, with many using “Loo ook” which is much more confusing for “noobs”. Some, however, are doing less recruiting due to the fact it is much harder to recruit people.

Lets take the Army of CP for example. They had recruiting from Monday to Thursday. Flipper, ACP Leader, gave a command to say “Look up army of cp and join”, of course that did not work. They told him that you had to say “Loo ook”, but by then the recruiting had ended so the chance of recruiting any new soldiers had failed. This could have got ACP at least 5 or more soldiers, which is a huge boost if you keep recruiting.

Without recruiting, armies wouldn’t thrive and live as they do now. Should every army stop recruiting today, in a few years time armies would be dead due to people retiring at a certain age. Recruiting also allows armies to show a good size with people who don’t join the army, but help for the event (These people are called Rouges). Here is an interview with Aninja, DCP Main Leader.

Kingfunks4: Hello

Aninja: Hi

Kingfunks4: Do you think recruiting is the most important event?

Aninja: Hmm, not sure, but I know invasions are best for the Doritos, since the fact Doritos doesn’t show on CP.

Kingfunks4: What do you think about CP banning the word “Look”?

Aninja: Well, I can see why they’re doing it because they don’t like CP warfare, but  I think it’s pretty Stupid. Then it will be a waste of time to recruit.

Kingfunks4: Do you think it will affect a certain army more than another?

Aninja: Not in particular.

Kingfunks4: Thanks for the time.

Aninja: Np.

What do YOU think about CP banning the word Look?


Top Ten Standard?

Recently the Elites have made an incredible come-back in their 6th generation. The Elites new generations usually fall, like the 2nd, 4th and 5th generation. However, the 1st, 3rd and now maybe the 6th generation may have paid off. They where recreated by Khimo, ACP 3ic, and 57to who is widely known in armies.

There first event was a massive success, and when they were made had many people coming in to join. They had 15 – 20 at their first event and beat many top ten army numbers by a lot. Here are some pictures of their first event…

First Line, we got bigger later

Now that is amazing for such a new army to get that at events. They are also trying to get the rising Clubpenguin Crew to merge into them. They are also testing their wits against the top ten army, DCP, by invading their new server Sumit. Here is an interview with Former ACP Leader and former Head of Site, Iasage.

Kingfunks4: Hai Ias

Iasage56: HELLO

Kingfunks4: Do you think the Elites will be as good as their 1st and 3rd generation?

Iasage56: Its doubtful, this happens a lot with Elites and this is after all their 6th generation, the only real reason they succeeded before was it was new and original, and if you try so many times it’s bound to succeed some of the time. They might get low top ten and die .

Kingfunks4: Do you think their first event with 20 was a fluke?

Iasage56: The first event being large happens a lot with armies, people are newly enlisted and there is a buzz about the leaders and recruits, everyone is active and there is a lot of excitement. After a while this fades with almost all armies.

Kingfunks4: What do you think will happen at the invasion of DCP’s summit?

Iasage56: I think the Elites will probably  get a good turnout, as it is so close to them being formed, and they have a good chance of winning. Winning will hep moral in the army, and a good placement in the top ten will be sought, which could be rewarded.

Kingfunks4: Thanks for the time Ias!

Iasage56: Cool 😀

How well do YOU think the Elites will do?

CPA Central

Medium Top Tens?

In the past the CPAC added Medium top five’s or medium top ten’s below the Top ten itself. This was to show who was below the top ten and close to reaching it. If we did include a top ten for medium armies,we would have it the same day as the major top ten. It may be in a separate section like this…

Major Top Ten

  1. ACP
  2. Nachos
  3. IW
  4. NW
  5. GT
  6. WW
  7. RPF
  8. WV
  9. DCP
  10. UMA

Medium Top Five

  1. CPST
  2. IV
  3. Tacos
  4. CPC
  5. BB

So those are two separate top tens/fives and will have words between them like I do at the end of the top ten post, or we will have it connected so it will say “The close Five” or something like that. What is YOUR opinion. It is up to you if we have the medium top five.

The last part of this 3 part-post was short because there was nothing else much to it.


"Where the going gets Tough don't slow down, speed up"

88 Responses

  1. IM IN DAT

    • your interview took ages to write.

      • I used to do like 3 of them lol.

        • Take summit away, and HellClan shall be unleashed on chu.

      • did you see Elites pictures? Their bigger than WV.

  2. 1st 2nd or 3rd *wary*

  3. 1st, i think

    • crap 3rd

      • 4th..


  5. AR is just on the side of everything happening eh? Well, W/e’

    • Yeah, imagine that, your army isn’t the only one that everyone always talks about ever.

  6. Lol, i think the armies to quit complaining about recruiting =P I would find another term (I think search works again) and keep going to recruit. If search or look doesn’t work, then use “Lo ook” or “Find” or “Go to”

    ..Not that hard to find another way around it.

    Anyways, I like the post and elites will die down eventually. Most “ancient” armys (golds, elites, pirates..etc) always die down.


  7. People need to stop thinking that the Club Penguin staff is out to destroy Club Penguin Armies. You don’t know that. I don’t think the Club Penguin staff is even aware of the army communities existence. The most likely reason for banning the word “look” is most likely in the phrase “look up”, as they would not want people advertising for other online games on Club Penguin. Not necessarily armies.

    • How come they banned me for saying lo ook up?

      • Actualy it was Lo ook up ice vikings

    • someone awhile ago went to the club penguin building in canada and interviewed billy bob. In that interview billybob acknowledged armys and their excistence.

      • That was like 2 years ago when Billybob wasn’t Jewish.

  8. Why add Medium Top 5? That is what CPSMAC is for…

    • Because SMAC is a terrible site.

      • Because CPAE stole SMAC’s reporting purposes.

  9. We don’t need a medium top 5/10 if we have SMAC or CPAE…

  10. Bad post.

  11. Nice post. Glad to see Tacos doing well.(former leader, twice)

  12. CPAC is for LARGE ARMIES. If you’re complaining there’s no “Large” in “CPAC”, you’re correct. But what exactly is SMAC (and CPAE, CPAHO, everything else) for? They don’t report on large armies. They are for medium and small armies.

    Sure, all the other news sites out there suck. But CPAC is for Large armies only, not Medium or Small.

    Anyway. Elites? You saw HSA. They became as big as the Elites once were, and then POOF! dead. I’m serious, this is another of those “hot shot armies” as I like to call them. The armies who are lead by a well-known person in CP armies. The army that gains many, many troops, but suddenly dies out once reaching astounding sizes on CP.

    • ^^ 1 4GR33

    • Coincidentally the most recent armies like that have been Oreos, Romans, HSA, and now Elites. Who has lead all of those armies? Khimo, Khimo, Khimo, and Khimo…

      • Khimo is becoming a jr Hurricane.

    • Yeah, but if we want to add medium, we can. Honestly, the viewers of this site don’t really have a say in how we work when it comes down to the final call.

      • Woton has a fair point. If we want to include Medium armies we can.

        • But the CPAE and SMAC won’t have a job…

          • That’s a good thing.

          • Yeah, it’s not our responsibility to give them a job. Especially since SMAC has decided to break off from CPANN (even though Skloop literally created them as a branch of CPAC) and CPAE really needs to step their game up.

            • I’m with Etac on this

            • Did someone delete CPAE?

              • Oh, it was my mistake… I went to the wrong link.

  13. Nice post.

  14. Disney is gay. The end.

    • ^^ 1 4G433

  15. CP has been trying to stop spam
    Maybe if you’d actually talk to people asking questions at recruiting sessions instead of continually annoying them and looking like idiots they wouldn’t be banning you.

    • S.P.A.M

      Stupid. Pointless. Annoying. Messages.

      Many people have tried talking to people but the response they get is love hearts or “will you be my bf/gf” or “I love you”. Also when you try talking to people, alot of the things you say get filtered and you don’t know what that person sees.

  16. “Look up” doesn’t work but “look for” does. THAT IS MY KNOWLEDGE FOR CPAC FOR THE DAY!

  17. Elites are in there 7th generation.

    • 6th tyvm. Leaders say so, and the last generation was Cas’s (5th). I think Supperz would know 😛

    • Nupe, Suppz confirmed it was 6th ;d

  18. Have a medium Top 10, but let CPAE run it. Also, only post the Top 5 they mark.

  19. When GT was averaging 30 a month straight(better than half of the Top Ten), we had to wait 2 months to receive Top Ten.

    • Lol proof? Ganger, GT never maxed 30.

    • Ganger, really, stop ranting. Spending 40 minutes on CP in the town recruiting a whole bunch of rogues is very simple. The top 10 armies aren’t always getting 30 because they don’t spend their time doing this and they actually fight. All i saw from GT past 7 events was them sitting in the town WITH bots saying “TURN ORANGE AND DANCE HERE FOR STAMPS”. I did not see any picture of GT moving rooms, they always stayed in the town.
      So stop ranting about how GT got 30 in every event, you just sit in town on a 5 bar server and recruit rogues and never change rooms. That is more than simple.

      • Also, you never AVERAGED 30. Do you even understand what “average” means? I doubt you do. You maybe MAXED 30, but never averaged 30. I remember GT already being in top 10 after 3 weeks, not 2 months. Stop always exaggerating.

        • Why do you even care? Can’t you just leave a small reply like everyone else instead of ripping your panties?

  20. What were you thinking now cp is gonna stop us from saying LOO OOK, they look at all cp army and cp army news sites!

    • It takes them like 6 months, don’t worry.

    • 5years into the future… CPAC Post: CP Bans the word LOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOK.|| Kingfunks is still here…

  21. I have many methods of saying “LOOK”, but i am keeping them secret so not every army says it, and then CP finds out and bans it.
    For the Elites part, i agree with Etac, but well, they could probably live longer.
    And for the last part, yeah, i think there should be medium top 5/10.
    Good post.

    • There are hundreds of obvious ways of saying look, it’s not massive secret..

  22. Well yea Elites will be the 1 hit 1 wonder army.

  23. Are you kidding me? elites get it but TG dont even get mentioned one bit?

    • You excpect me to post on everything 😐

    • I’m not trying to put the hurt on anyone, but that’s just a bunch of yellow noobs with about 50% of real TG peepz d;


    • EVIL!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, and why were you even Editor in the first place?

    • Prior to today I was the only Head Of Site not admin.

      You weren’t here for months and werent in CPAC anymore, but retained admin. Whilst it was impossible for you not to be, it was still the case, and editor was a minimum.

      It is like how former leaders in armies keep owner and (in acp at least) editor on the site as reward for the work they did in that army, and the , what I feel, was the considerable work I did for this site.

      • I’ll put you back to Editor. I’m not sure who made you Author in the first place…

        • Dont look at me.

          • But you’re so super sexy…

            • Ikr.

          • Maybe Blue2 did?

  25. No offense to Khimo and Hurr. I love them both.

    But these guys make armies that last a month and then they leave and re-create another army. They turn out to be successful but they leave anyway. It’s why I never join an army with them because I know the future of the army.

    Oh and Hurr, if you still want me too, I can make that nation page for you? Like the Pirates?

  26. Why don’t we just get rid of CPAE? No one likes it anyway. Reply to this post if you support?


    • I personally like them, but they really need to start maintaining a higher quality level of posts, pages, and their site.

      • Even if they should, that’s not really for you to decide since it isn’t your site. You should be worrying about CPAC only and not other News sites.

    • No, it would be better if CPAE merged into us and we did Major, Medium and, Small army news because, it sucks having to look at 2 or 3 sites instead of just one with all the news…

      • It’d be confusing though. If you wanted to do that, I’d say get staff members to specialize in small, medium, and large armies specifically.

    • I don’t get it, since when did CPAC control the likings of CPAE? Sure CPAE may have lower standards, but they report on armies that have… Lower standards. So why does a news site that reports on Low standard armies have to have high standard quality?

      CPAC reports on armies with generally larger standards, so it calls for CPAC to have high standards.

      It’s all about the types of people and armies these sites report that basically pick the type of quality the site has.

      • Because it would be better if one of the high members of staff here (Ie. Me, Woton, Blue or Skloop), helped out to get CPAE organized.

        • You retired from CPAE; You made the worst top tens.

          • I wasn’t a “High-up” in CPAC at the time. And actually, when CPAE was even better then it is now, I made the best top tens CPAE had in their creation (Ask Lental, Shimmy and Gishta)

            • -.-

  27. Broken,CPAE Is actually very popular just because not many join small or medium armies doesn’t mean the sites suck.

    • But still, Lentalsoup is a FA

  28. Just stick with the Top 10 that’s what this site is for right?

  29. A Medium Top Ten??!?!? O:

    Yes, hello Walmart. I want to order 80 mexicans to come help make a top ten.

  30. Umm, they unbanned the word look. I tried.

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