(Note: This topic is slightly related to the topic I addressed in my previous post).

Dedication [noun]

Complete and wholehearted fidelity.

Dedication is faithfulness. Dedication means being faithful to something no matter what. In Club Penguin Warfare, being dedicated means sticking to that army through thick and thin. Being active in that army.

However, can you be dedicated to more than one army at a time?

I have been taught that you cannot serve two masters. You will either hate one and love the other, or you will either be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both armies.

However, does that apply to Club Penguin Warfare? Is it true that if you are in two armies, you will be dedicated to one army more than you are dedicated to the other? This may be true, and this may be false.

Being in more than one army is common. Although I have seen a few people who are in a single army, most people are in more than one army at a time. However, they are not equally active. Some armies, like the Night Warriors, prohibit their soldiers from being in any armies but NW.

In a soldier’s point of view, that is unfair. Why can’t they be in more than one army at a time? It’s unfair, isn’t it? Why must they dedicate their Club Penguin career to a single army, instead of spreading it around in multiple armies?

However, a leader’s point of view is much different. If your soldiers are in one army alone, then your troops will be much, much active. They may not have a large number of soldiers, but all their soldiers will be fully dedicated to one army. Which is better: 10 active troops and 90 slightly active troops, or 40 completely active ones?

Definitely 40 completely active ones. The fact that a person can only be in one army seems unfair to a soldier sometimes, but it is a great way to run an army.

Often, when two armies battle, there is a soldier that is in both armies. Which army should he fight for? Should he go with the army in which he holds the highest rank, or should he go with the army he loves the most? If a person was in only one army, wouldn’t that eliminate the possibilities of that dilemma occurring?

Will we see armies disallowing soldiers to be in multiple armies any time soon? Probably not, especially for small armies. What’s the point in quitting a large army for a small army that might die in a couple of days/weeks?

However, let’s get back to this question. Can a person be equally dedicated to two armies, or will he slightly dislike one and love the other? I believe in the latter option.

Dedication, my dears, is what gives an army hope. Without dedicated soldiers, an army will fall apart. No, an active soldier is not the same as a dedicated soldier. An active soldier fights for the army, comes on the army’s chat, and comments on the army’s site. However, a dedicated soldier fights for the army even when the future looks grim. A dedicated soldier is willing to defend the army when people degrade it.

Would you prohibit your troops from being in multiple armies, or would you let them be in as many armies as you want? Can a person be dedicated to more than one army?


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  1. Detication is something we lack because the teenage mind is built for immediate self-gain rather than seeing the bigger picture. Therefore meaning we will remain traped until we have some lucky breakthrew. Like nations were in 2007.

  2. I apologize for posting on a Sunday, however, I felt there had to be at least one post today, since both Donut and Mike did not post.

    • There’s two if you count mine. Although since there’s only 2 hours left in Sunday (PST) I don’t know if it counts.

      • Yeah, i’m in PST, and I posted at 10 (my time).

  3. Well, it is, i believe, wise to be in multiple armies, but no more than 3. However, if you are in a large army and a small army, you see multiple perspectives. I recently had a disagreement in SMAC comments on Order 67 with Oagalthorp. Though in making an army strong he is as wise as they come, his days in ACP had kept him ignorant of smqll armies and their point of view on the topic. I was able to see both fortunately, being in a small and large army. Also the key is to be only in brother ally armies if u choose two large or two smqll instead of one and the other. If you are members of allied armies, you will never have to side AGAINST your other army. But what if the one army needs their ally in battle? Simply dress in the army mainly holding event, not acting as ally. However, I only recommend the Small-Large combo. If too many ppl make the Large-Large or Small-Small ally choice, the alliance ranks are made up of too many same ppl and destroy the alliances objective to have more troops.

    • Although, Hero12985, Coolster114 and myself were the figureheads against Order 67. I think it came out with good results, without it, small armies wouldn’t know their place.

      • Random…
        I only used “order 67” to describe oagalthorp and my discussion…

  4. Dear CPAC,
    Please update some of your widgets, especially the one to my left. It has many reporters that no longer post on this website. Also update the order of the RSS feeds.

    • ^^^Yes GP/Skloop/Blue, please update these widgets.

  5. The army you are dedicated to is usually one of your first armies you’ve joined and had fun in it. Personally, GT… I’ve been in GT for more than 1 year.

  6. I think most large armies should either require or advise those who sign up to join that army to only be in that army; I found at times that I could barely keep up with ACP, never mind trying to stay active in armies like the Nachos, WW, and Ice Warriors. It’s madness. It makes more sense to be in one large army, and then if you want, a couple small armies.

    I believe ACP has a rule against people that are leader ranks in a large army becoming an owner rank in ACP. However, this rule has been broken before, along with the ACP’s policy of not being able to be given a rank higher than Major General (or something around there) upon joining (Lucario, former leader of the Watex Warriors, was given 2ic in ACP during Shaboomboom’s second term in leadership immeadietly upon joining in exchange for WW’s ally-ship (although I don’t believe that is a real word).

    Personally, I think joining more than one army at a time is madness. I would not be capable of being active in more than one army, and even then, many people questioned my activeness, which was part of the reason I would most likely still be a second in command of ACP had I not retired in October.

  7. Actually, some armies I know are starting to make soldiers stay loyal to 1 army. If a majority of the armies start doing this CP Warfare won’t be the same. More rules=Less fun, Less fun=Troops quit.

    • Just NW

    • I believe the One Army policy is good in theory, yet it only restrains you more and makes it more likely that if u even wanted to start an army u would retire.

    • I don’t think it makes much sense for armies to make their soldiers only be in that army, but its a wise choice to pick one army to focus on.

  8. […] Dedication […]

  9. “I have been taught that you cannot serve two masters. You will either hate one and love the other, or you will either be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both armies.”

    Were you inspired by Matthew 6:24 and Luke 16:13?

  10. I am dedicated to DCP. Through wind, storm, fire, natural disasters, and other bad things I will just grit my teeth and fight alongside it. I have been in it since my birth in CP armies, and will NEVER forget it. Now that DCP is FW I am dedicated to them.

  11. I did it from 2010-2012.

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