The Issue with Servers

GP: Two things: no additions to the Legends page will be made, and Jim and Amr have their first strikes. If they fail to post again, they will be replaced.

Scroll down for the Top Ten and new posts. All major army leaders must read this post.

First off, I do not plan to create a lengthy 500+ word post. I need to get to the point on this.

Today, I decided that I would update the servers page. When I looked on the list and all of the army sites, I found myself in a mess that I could not untangle. Armies were claiming servers that weren’t theirs, and a whole bunch of armies were claiming one specific server. I can give you some examples without looking at anything else:

  • Summit: A whole bunch of armies are claiming this server. While the NW enforced the Summit Protection Law a few months back, armies such as GT, DCP, UMA, and IW still claim to own this server. This is outrageous. How can five armies claim one server, especially when a Law was enforced on it?
  • Yeti: Many armies claim to own this. Who owns it? UMA gave GT this server but then IW and DCP claims to own it.
  • Sleet: How many armies own this? One, and that’s IW. However, RPF, DCP, and TG claim to own this server.

This is only a small portion of the problem. There are other servers with this same problem such as Tuxedo, Marshmallow, Ice Box, Cloudy, and Rainbow.

Also, I need to send some messages to a few armies:

  • Ice Warriors: Although you claim to have over 30 servers, you really own less than that. Do you mind updating your servers list so we don’t have this confusion? You claiming about a fourth of the Club Penguin Army World is just pathetic when other armies claim or own your servers.
  • Doritos of Club Penguin: I’ve seen this happen due to the fact that WW went to war with you guys recently. But you have to stop claiming servers such as Snowbound, Tuxedo, and Sleet when you don’t even own those servers. Clear up your nation page please.
  • Team Gold: You guys really need to update your list. All armies that are invading you are targeting Sleet, which is on your nation page, when you don’t even own it.
  • Underground Mafias Army: You need to update your servers list. For example, you had Half Pipe on your nation page and when GT invaded it, chaos broke loose between UMA, GT, and WW.
  • Golden Troops: Stop claiming servers…
  • Rebel Penguin Federation: Your page needs to be updated…

Right now, I want all armies to clean up their servers and meet up with other army leaders to figure out who owns what server. Find out what servers you actually own and update your nation pages.

Major army leaders, comment with the following:

  • Name
  • Army
  • Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).

If you see any problems in other army leaders’ comments about what servers they claim to own, reply to them stating that your army owns it, if they don’t own it, etc.

Alb and I want this page to be accurate and with this mess, it won’t get us anywhere.


102 Responses

  1. Wexfief

    Watex Warriors

    Tundra (Capital) (Shared with IW and NW)
    Snowbound (Not Shared)
    Tuxedo (Shared with RPF, UMA has a Land Grant)
    Mukluk (Shared with TG, … I think…)
    Half Pipe (GT has a Land Grant)
    Powder Ball (Not Shared)
    Toboggan (Not Shared, … I think…)
    Marshmallow (Not Shared)
    Ice Cold (Not Shared)
    Sabertooth (Not Shared)
    Shiver (Not Shared)

    • wex, dw beat WW for toboggan, i can get the post link if you would like 🙂 TYVM now take it off *D*

      • They gave it back after the war on a Monday I believe. Don’t take it back of what Saw said.

        • DW agreed with WW to a treaty. All servers were returned to original armies. =P

  2. 2nd

  3. Nachos have no problems *shifty*

    • They do. Cloudy.

      • Look at who else claims to own Cloudy.

        It’s IW.

      • ^Lol.

  4. You can’t tell an army to stop invading servers =\

    • When I say claiming, I mean when a leader just puts random servers on their nation page without invading that server.

    • And ik that but I need to know who owns what server.

  5. Name

    Dark Warriors

    Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Frosty(Capital)(not Shared)
    Wool Socks(Not Shared)
    Sherbet(Shared with IW)
    Arctic(Not Shared)
    beanbag-Safechat(Not Shared)
    Belly Slide(Not Shared)
    Jack Frost(Not Shared)
    Toboggan(Not Shared)
    Icile(Not Shared)
    Ice Box(Not Shared)
    Flurry(Not Shared)
    White Out(Not Shared)

    • and tg gave us Bunny Hill just today 😀

  6. other armies are are claiming summit! :0 how rude!!

  7. Thank you, Wex. I was waiting for someone to make a post about this problem -_-

  8. kk wex, i’ll get on it


    • stop gloating

    • Gill I thought you were a temp 2IC.

      • Me too 😕

      • Not anymore P:, Ruggy steppped down

  9. Yawn… Hmm… I’m hungry. I’ll go eat some CP servers! =D

  10. FINALLY! Great post.

  11. ACP’s nation page is up to date.

    • Mc, it isn’t. You still didn’t add Tea, Zipline and Grizzly to the servers. (don’t call me a dumbo for doing that because I searched ”Grizzly” a hundred times using Ctrl+F.)

  12. Name : Gill1097

    Army : Ice Warriors

    1. Sub Zero(shared /w RPF)
    2. Husky
    3. Below Zero(shared /w IV)
    4. Canoe
    5. Caribou(shared /w Nachos)
    6. Chinook
    7. Christmas(shared /w ACP&RPF)
    8. Cloudy(shared /w Nachos)
    9. Cold Front
    10. Crunch
    11. (Note: Training Facility) Deep Freeze
    12. Deep Snow
    13. Down Under
    14. Freezer(shared /w UMA&IV)
    15. Frostbite(shared /w RPF)
    16. Frozen(shared /w NW)
    17. Iceage(shared /w NW)
    18. Iceland(shared /w NW)
    19. Parka(shared /w RPF)
    20. Sasquatch
    21. Sherbert(shared /w DW&GT)
    22. Sled
    23. Sleet(shared /w RPF)
    24. Slippers(shared /w ACP)
    25. Snowcap
    26. Snowmobile
    27. Snowy River
    28. South Pole
    29. Southern Lights(shared /w AR)
    30. Sparkle
    31. Thermal(shared /w RPF)
    32. Toboggan(shared /w WW&DW)
    33. Tundra(shared /w WW,NW&RPF)
    34. Vanilla(shared /w RPF)
    35. Winter Land(shared /w ACP)
    36. Yeti(shared /w GT)
    37. Yukon(shared /w NW)

    • Btw, I did update IW’s server page ;D

    • Sub Zero is the capital –

    • This is the same as last time

    • That list is wrong, Sub Zero, Thermal, and Frostbite are not shared with RPF. Heres proof that IW completely own these servers:
      Also, were planning on dropping at least 13 servers, if icey lets us : /

      • can one of those be tundra. :3

      • RPF was given them back in a treety after the claiming. You probably wouldn’t remember though.

        • I’m talking about Frostbite and Thermal btw.

          • Turns out I didn’t have the authority to do so.

            • You still signed.

              You have 30 other servers anyway, so it’s hard to feel sympothy for you.

            • Gord didn’t have authority to, he was 4ic, and it’s a rule, if RPF wants to break a rule, by all means you can O-o

              • Fail. Even if you do own all those, why would you need so many? =/

    • lolwut

    • IW completely fail when it comes too servers.

      • Like you

    • dammnnnnn gilllll

      ~ Trickster

  13. Name
    Tj Crooks45


    Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Snow Drift- Capital
    Big Snow
    Bunny Hill
    Snow Day
    Snow Flake
    (Not listed= Server)

    • Labeled****

      • Snow Drift(Capital)
        Ice Cold
        Big Snow
        Bunny Hill (Shared with DW)
        Cozy(Shared with RFW)
        Muluk(Shared with WW) for now
        Rainbow(Claimed by UMA, GT, TG)
        Snow Day
        Snow Flake

        • I’m pretty sure you don’t own Ice Cold or Snowbound either.

    • Yeah… I’m pretty sure you don’t own Shiver.

    • FW Invaded Cozy From you.

      • Tie= Share or goes back to the original owner…. Sharing is caring *awe*

  14. We didn’t just “claimed” servers. After the UMA war, UMA gave us our old Nation back. UMA had control over it during September until December.

  15. •Name Fiasco 121
    •Army RPF
    •Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Tuxedo – Capital. Only RPF, unless some other army claims it.
    Sleet- IW and RPF
    Christmas – IW and RPF
    Sub Zero- IW and RPF, although mostly IW….
    Frostbite – IW and RPF
    Thermal – IW(?) and RPF
    Wind Chill

  16. * Name Vendetta
    * Army NW
    * Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    * Fog
    * Ice Bound
    * Ice Palace
    * Frozen
    * Ice Land
    * Ice Age
    * Alpine
    * Tundra
    * Oyster
    * Jackfrost
    * Hockey
    This is outrageous. Why are you giving orders to armies? You’re not even suggesting, you’re outright ordering armies to decide who owns what.

    • So the server page can be up to date…

  17. .Name Buritodaily
    .Army AR
    .Servers your army owns and tell the statueses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Southern Lights(2)

    Beanie (Not Shared)
    Iceberg (Not Shared
    Dry Ice(Not Shared)
    Cloudy(Shared with Nachos)
    Snow Shoe(Not Shared)
    Hockey (Shared with DCP)

    • Do Nachos share Cloudy with you?

      • Yes, remember. You whooped BMA for it.

  18. *Southern Lights (Not Shared)

  19. Eins Zwei Drei Vier Funf Sechs Sieben Acht Neun Zehn Elf Zwolf

    • lets see…german?

  20. Pochoma123 & Pringle64
    Fire Warriors
    Cream Soda
    Great White
    Hot Chocolate
    Hypothermia (Shared with Purple Heads)
    Ice Pond
    Northern Lights
    Pine Needles
    Rocky Road – Capital


  22. •Name:TanMan626
    •Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Fjord-Capitol.. All ours
    Cloudy-REcruiting..Shared with an agreement.
    Whitehouse-All ours
    Marshmallow: Shared[Other armies agree’d]
    Mountain-All ours
    Blizzard-All ours

    • GT never owned Marshmallow. WW invaded the whole server a couple months ago 😐

      • Yeah, Tan!

        How can you not remember that?

      • You or Bri told me that when Nachos invaded Marshallow for you we could share it…

  23. How bout instead of complaining about the armies why dont YOU update YOUR SERVERS PAGE!!!!!!!!!?????? Fix YOUR page.

    • You artard. He needs the armies to update their pages so he can update his.

    • Hey, this is the TG noob who thought that lesbians were a race!

  24. RPF still claims Sleet?

  25. Karakoran

    -Tuxedo (shared with WW, 5%, landgrant/share to UMA)
    -Tundra (shared with WW, RPF has 5%)
    -White Out (shared with ACP)
    -Parka (shared with IW)
    -Christmas (shared with IW)

    Foreign Colonies:

    -Jour de Neige(French)
    -Aurore Boreale(French)

    • Yeah, we’ve had Sleet with ACP or IW…

  26. * Name: Riotors
    * Army: Golden Troops
    * Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants):

    Big Foot [capital]
    Ascent [Co-capital]
    Klondike (obtained after acp dropped it)
    Summit (land grant/shared)
    Mittens (land grant/shared)
    Big Surf
    Sherbert (shared w/ iw & dw)
    Halfpipe (land grant from ww)
    Ice Box
    Snow Plow

    I believe that is right for the Golden Troops. Also the Golden Troops did not just claim server, after our war with Uma, they gave us back our old nations servers they took from us in September.

  27. Dcp owns summit!!!!!!!!

  28. ➡ Name: Alfrondo1465
    ➡ Army: Doritos of Club Penguin (Main Leader)
    ➡ Servers:
    -Hockey (Shared with AR)
    -Ice Box
    -Ice Rink
    -Ice Cave
    -Slushy (CO-CAPITAL)
    -Snowfall (SHARED WITH GT)
    -Snow Covered
    -Snow Cone
    -Snow Bound
    -Snow Angel
    -Summit (CAPITAL)
    -Tuxedo (SHARED WITH UMA)
    Total Server Count: 18

    • And this is why IW and NW declare war on you. 😀

      • Bite Me.

        • -bites-

        • DCP just depends on allies to get their recruits and then just want to take all of their allies servers, then they get surprised that their allies declare war on them.

      • lulz ikr

    • Alfrando NW owns summit

      • No, DCP has owned it since The start, So bite me.

        • You’re dirty, so why would anyone bite you?

    • I’m pretty sure UMA owns their beloved server Mittens . . . No wonder nobody likes DCP, you lie, you cheat, and aren’t very considerate of others.


    • You guys don’t own Snowbound. Fail. WW does only 😐

  29. The main problem lies within the fact that small armies claim such servers as well. I have seen an army that has named their chat ‘Klondike Chat’ after claiming to own the mentioned server. In my opinion I think a whole clean-up of the server system should be made.

    I suggest we implement something along the lines of a number of ‘teams’ or ‘alliances’ have their servers. For example. Team A consists of ACP, NW, UMA and a number of small armies. They own 8 servers. Any of these armies accepted into Team A receieve permission to use these servers for their own purposes. This would help reduce the amount of armies claiming to own servers.

    The main problem with this would most likely become the issue of claiming to be in a team when your not. For example, ‘The Warrior Squadron’ has the following armies signed up. IW, DW and FW. Yet the Rangers of CP are using the servers that are owned by ”The Warrior Squadron’ stating that they were invited to the team. To clear this up the armies involved in the team could vote as to whether they feel that the army in question meets all criteria for joining, and will bring something to the table. This ‘democracy’ style decision could be made on whether another army can join the team.

    I hear some of you say, “well won’t ACP just make a huge team full of armies liek!!!!!?” Well it all depends if ACP want a legion of small armies on their servers stealing recruits etc.

    Just my thoughts,


  30. Moo

  31. Gill do you really need 30 servers? Just saying (:

  32. This is BS the major armys hog 80% of the servers so small and meduim armys get the few unclaimed servers

    • Blame IW. I totally agree. Armies should own only the servers that they actually use.

      • I believe Commando, Boomer, Trickster, and Person had a meeting in 2009 about it and decided the cap should be 12 servers an army.

        And it was until someone deleted the treaty and Commando found a massive loophole that gave RPF 24 servers.

  33. 57to
    Army: Ice Vikings
    Capital-Polar Bear
    Below Zero

    • Mukluk is owned by TG and WW only… I think WW invaded Mukluk from you back then anyways.

      • No, we still have it.

        • Since when? 😐

  34. Name Pwener1
    Army Banana Army
    Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Cold Snap- Capital
    Icicle- Shared with DW

  35. GT can claim as many servers as we want you idiot.

  36. Name-Sercan 44444
    Army-Golden Troops
    Servers your army owns and tell the statuses of the servers (Capital, Shared, Land Grants).
    Ice Box
    Snow Plow
    Half Pipe [Recruiting server] ***
    Big Foot [Capital]*****
    Klondike [War server] ***
    Summit [Party server] **
    Mittens [War server]***
    Yeti [Recruiting server]*****
    Big Surf[Backup Co-capital]
    Flippers[Party server]

    Sorry for cussing btw,*wary*

    • Lol @ backup co-capital.

  37. IW has a treaty with me (personally)

    Whichever Army I lead(s) gets to share Deep Freeze with them. Icey and I agreed on this over the former UK servers dispute.

    Now that im leading GT, IW shares it with them.
    Gill- Refer to Icey if you do not believe me

  38. Some Major and Medium Armies will be invited to a meeting hosted by myself to discuss certain issues.

    Stay tuned to the GT site for details!


  39. Oh and, Deep Freeze (land grant from IW, also shared with IW)

  40. Nick5013
    Outback-HOME BASE

  41. Might as well make it an even 100.

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