The Duties of a Soldier

All army leaders can agree that there are certain responsibilities that soldiers must fill out for an army to function properly. This is a post on the duties that a soldier must preform for the army’s well-being.


A soldier must be willing to remain patriotic of their army, whether the army does well, poorly, or amazing. Patritoism is not loyalty. Being patriotic does not mean you support the government, only the nation as a whole and an idea. So if the government is opressive or incompetent, it would not be anti-patriotic to have a revolution.

Loyalty with a Limit

Almost all soldiers are loyal towards their “army” (ie. They worship their government) . But few seem to have a cap on how loyal they are willing to go. Although all soldiers must aid the army and its government through times of crisis, in a time of peace and security there is no reason to remain loyal to an opressive government that is hurting the army. If an incompetent government is hurting the army then having a revolution is simply supporting the army over the government.


Activness is pretty much straight forward. Sure, maybe training or recruiting is a pain – but that doesn’t mean you can abandon your army on self-intrest. If you attend the events not only will the army be stronger but you till will profit from more promotions and more fame.

 Responsibilities of a Leader

Soldiers are not the only ones with responsibilities to the army. Leaders too have responsibilities that they must full-fill.

Leaders must do everything that a soldier must do (Fight, stay active, be loyal to the army, etc.) but what I feel that most leaders forget is that they must be Loyal to the Army. If your army dislikes you then it is your responsibility to step down before revolution divides the army. If your army struggles, it is your responsibility to attend and schedule more recruiting events. If your army is corrupt, it is your responsibility to erradicate the corruption.



                                                                        Interview 1, Motoxjohn, IW 4ic (I am in bold, Motox is in regular text)


What do you think are the Responsibilities of a Soldier?

Well, a lot of soldiers don’t think they need to take on responsibility, they may be members, but they have to do their part on helping the army rise. They need to help new recruits join and tell them how to do things.

What do you feel are the Responsibilities of a Leader?

A leader needs to keep their army proud and strong. They have to support the army, make it rise and always be active. If they don’t do those they could just kill the army.

Is it patriotic to stand up to your leadership if it is wrong?

Yes, I do believe that would be the right thing if the leader is punishing the troops for stupid reasons. If they keep doing the wrong it will make the troops quit and then the army will die. That’s why you always need strong soldiers to stand up to those kinds of things.


Interview 2, Neos, UMA Premier


What do you think the Responsibilities of a Soldier are?

The Responsibilities of a Soldier are to be active, to follow orders, etc. But in my mind, they must represent their leaders as well.

What do you feel are the Responsibilities of a Leader?

The leaders are responsible for the successful development of the army. He/She should be a good person but also act serious – while at the same time maintaining a sense of an example to leaders to come.

Is it patriotic to stand up to your leadership if it is wrong?

I simply find it a duty. What would fail, a good government or a bad one? It is patriotic to stand up to your opressive government.


Interview 3, Iceman4899, ACP Hired Gun


What do you feel are the Responisbilities of a Soldier?

Defend the island. Punish whoever threatens ballence help your team

What do you feel are the Responsibilities of a Leader?

 to guide your team. Keep ballence. only go to war when nessisary or pretty much just don’t shoot random people for no reason

Is it patriotic to stand up to your government when it is wrong?

 I think it is because if the leader is bad he is leading thousands to thair deaths


So you’ve heard it from me, you’ve heard it from three others, leave a comment discussing what are indeed the Responsibilities of a Soldier, Leader, and otherwise.

If it is incredibly good, it may find its way onto this post.


“Speak to Imperialists in the language of Fire, with words of bullet and with the sharp wit of the Bayonet”


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    • If I made a news post a week ago it wouldn’t sum up very well if posted today.

      Maybe I am oversaturatimg the market though. They’ve already cut through half my reserve.

  4. The responsibility of a soldier is to fight for their army, but know when the leader is becoming, in a sense, abusive. Blind loyalty accomplishes absolutely nothing.
    The responsibility of a leader is to command his/her fleet to victory, while respecting the rights of the soldiers that the army would be nothing without.

  5. YAY! Neos is in this awsome posteh!

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  7. It all a matter of opinion if your government is incompetent. Saying to rebel if the govenment is incompetent is vague and could be abused.

    The same way extemist muslims rationalise their actions by saying it was self defence under attack, which is permitted.

    • I don’t see how hijacking airplans and flying them into buildings while killing thousands of people is self-defense.

  8. no NW interviev hmm

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      2) How can ANYONE be biased on the responsibilities of a soldier?

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  13. What is the main responsibilities of a soldier?

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