What Makes a Good Quality Army?

Hey guys, it is me, Mike/Monsterfully many of you have been complaining about the length of posts, whether it be small or large. I will fulfill thoses “requests” by making a bigger, better quality post. So, here it is!

Many small armies think that one day, they will make the Top 10, but first, they need troops. How will they gain those troops? Well, first off, they need an army (obviously), but they will need a good quality army. You may ask, what makes a good quality army? If you ask that, then this is the right post for you! You need a good name for the army. Never copy others’ names because they could end up in a war, which isn’t that good for an incoming army. You also need great leaders. Without leaders, how will an army stay stable? Of course you may say back during the Color Wars, they didn’t have leaders and they operated fine, but a leader will make it more stable without chaos. You also need a sufficent website to host your army on. Most armies use WordPress, but some armies may use hosts such as Webs, Blogspot, Homestead, ect. Some armies may have their own domain (if they have the money) to reach their website easier, but you do not need a domain whatsoever to make the most powerful army (or in this case, good quality). The ACP does not own a domain nor pays for their website. If you choose to pay for a domain, check with your parents first and make sure to pay them back (because you do not own a credit card, hopefully) in cash so when the bill comes, they can reach for the money YOU gave them to pay for YOUR website. A good quality army should have a good quality government. Make sure to decide on what kind of government you want. You can have a democracy, which is when the citizens vote on who is leader and/or high spots, an oligarchy, which is when no one can vote but the main leader votes for the next leader. It also means it is ran by a group of people, or a dictatorship if you wish. I will be interviewing a few people asking “What makes a good quality army?”


ACP Main Leader

Monsterfully: What do you think makes a good quality army?

Bobcatboy10: 1. Being consistent on chat and Club Penguin. 2. Good leadership and 3. The right decisions (1 or 2 won’t mess you up)

Monsterfully: Your reasoning?

Bobcatboy10: Well there are more but these are the 3 big ones I can think off the top of my head.

Monsterfully: Thank you for joining us.

Bobcatboy10: Thats it? 😮

Monsterfully: Yep.

Bobcatboy10: Ok thank you for having me.


Nachos Leader

Monsterfully: What do you think makes a good quality army?

Joker: Well first off you need troops and some experienced leaders.

Monsterfully: Your reasoning?

Joker:  Well, if you have an experienced leader, they will have great tactics and strategies, and you need good numbers for the tactics. If you have 5-10 troops your tactics won’t look good and it will look way better with more troops.

Monsterfully: One more question, what is the conclusion now between you and 50cent?

Joker: Well me and 50cent never really got along, he was overthrown and I took his spot. He did get really mad and did some crazy stuff, but surprisingly me and 50cent actually had a nice conversation at times.

Monsterfully: Thank you for joining us.

Joker: Thanks for interviewing me!


I would like to give thanks to ACP Leader Bobcatboy10 and Nachos Leader Joker for letting me interview them for a few minutes. Hopefully this length of the post goes up to your “standards” and I really worked hard on this. Feel free to give your opinion in the comment box below.


Have an awesome day!








23 Responses

  1. 2nd-ness

  2. 3-ness

  3. 4TH-ness

  4. 5th-ness

  5. 6th-ness

  6. 50 did nothing wrong.

    • I never said 50cent did anything wrong. But this is in Joker’s point of view, not mine. Please respect what his opinion is but now, they are sort of nice to each other.


      P.S: Guys, stop doing “1st, 2nd, 3rd, ect” comments… It’s annoying XD (not towards you Hemto).

      • 10th by reply! 😮

    nice post.

  8. 9th-ness

  9. 10th ness

  10. You made it bigger! Hurray! Wait… O.o

    Sounds pretty much like another of those Quality over Quantity posts, but still, good job!

  11. What makes a good post- more words.

  12. Diggum…. You want more words? O_O I thought about what you said before and I went throug with it, but now you say that?! You try making a super long post about one topic! Remember, quality over quanity 😉

  13. 12th-ness

  14. 2nd by Reply

  15. 13th-ness and 14th-ness because Tap Dancer faiked too claim 13th.

    • Failed*

  16. The thing about Color War-age armies being stable without actual leadership, is that they were hardly armies, more of hordes of penguins that snowballed each other to death.

  17. Can other people be interviewed, not just ACP and Nachos : \

    • Yea! Like someone from IW! (and NW if Tomb wants I guess)

    • I didn’t really have time since I was busy that few days. I was also kind of sick so please mind the lack of interviews. On different posts, I will interview many people from different armies (most of them from the Top 10 list). But thank you for mentioning that mistake, I will try my hardest to reach high ranking soldiers in the top 10 army list.

  18. lol

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