New Reporter: Shadowclub6

Message to Skloop: This post does not have to be 500 words, right Skloop? LOL

 ***→ If you believe this post was biased, I was given permission.  Simply do not read on. ←***

Hello readers, I am Shadowclub6, your most recent reporter added to the Club Penguin Army Central Team.  I do not have as much reporting experience as some of the others, but my reporting skills are pretty decent, consisting of correct grammar, and interesting information.  Here is my main experience in Club Penguin Armies.

Experience: 3 Years

Main Armies: Dark Warriors Leader, Army Republic Leader,  League of Lightning Founder, Roman Fire Warriors 2nd in Command, Crystal Warriors 2nd in Command, Fort Ghost Recon 2nd in Command, Tacos 2nd in Command, Team Gold 3rd in Command, Underground Mafias Army 3rd in Command, Hot Sauce Army 1st Generation Highest Moderator(Number 3 Largest Army at the time), and Army of Club Penguin Middle Moderator. (ACP)

Note: I can also create good Graphics, Custom Penguins, and Avatars. (Definitely not as good as the others though!)

I am ready for my experience in the Number 1 Club Penguin Army News site!  See you guys later.

Club Penguin Army Central Reporter,



5 Responses

  1. i wana be a reporter

  2. 2nd

  3. Was this needed?

  4. I don’t believe this crosses 100 words…

  5. Skloop must’ve had a racket going on when he hired these low-quality reporters.

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