The Final Apology — The Fired Staff — The New Standards — The Format Options — The Final Promise

Nathancool1: Today someone who claimed to be a member of IATW said they will be hacking the Nacho chat at 6 p.m GMT tomorrow. It is no fake. They found out everyone’s IP address in less than 3 seconds. Watch out guys IATW are back 😮

Boomer: IATW is still down/out of a site, possibly because Joe might be in the middle of being sued by Disney (seriously), so it’s likely either just a good hacker or an old member of IATW who is bored. IATW isn’t back, but just be careful of hackers in general.

Nathancool1: I’m sorry, I have been very inactive. From now on I will try to make 1-2 posts a week.



The Final Apology


I’m sure you’re all getting tired of the dramatic posts, but if things don’t go well after this, you won’t need to be hearing any more. At least from me. And no, I’m not retiring, at least not yet.

Before I get to the changes I’m making, I want to apologize one final time for how the site’s quality has been lately. As it turns out, there seem to be absolutely no good reporters around anymore. I was under the impression that I could be in charge of the Top 10’s, the site’s operation, the reporters, and the occasional post, and leave most of the actual reporting to reporters. That only makes sense, since it’s even the name of their job. I guess I was wrong. As it turns out, either I need to post 4-5 times a week, or posts are very scarce.

It’s ridiculous you guys. We have 19 people on this site that have reporting jobs. Even if you each posted 4 times a month, we would be having 2-3 posts a day, but you all can’t even amount to THAT?

Absolutely pathetic. And there will be no more of it.


The Fired Staff


Before I get started on my firing rant, I have to say, no, some of you may not have been given warnings, but I don’t care. It’s too late to apologize ( 😮 ).

Here are the fired employees-

Tomb147 – No posts
Pie1530 – I already talked to you
Lsund No posts and low quality posts
Albaro Lord – Low quality posts and many complaints
Kyl – No posts
San Chivas – Hardly any posts since you were hired. I have no time for that anymore, even if you’re new.
Lorenzo Bean – It’s not that your posts are bad, but I want to get this site back to reporting. If you want a reporting job instead, come find me on ACP Chat.

Yeah. That’s 7 people. The only one’s a slightly sympathize with are San and Lorenzo – I’m just trying to cut down on reporters. The rest of you – not at all. You either didn’t post, or didn’t listen to all of the great constructive criticism. I gave you all enough chances.


The New Standards


Time to have a bit of an upgrade =3.

I think the 500 word minimum on posts has been doing well, so it’s time to add a few more things.

Minimum Requirements for All Staff

  • The 500 words per post rule still stands
  • Any posts with bad grammar will be drafted
  • Any posts that are biased will be drafted – NO GIVING JUDGEMENT. YOU ARE HERE TO REPORT.
  • All reporters must post at least 6 times a month.(4 a month for Historians)
    • This rule has no exceptions. And if you break this rule for 2 months in a row, you are fired. That includes posting 5 times a month for 2 months. YOU NEED 6.
  • At least 4 of the 6 posts must be about battles and vital info.
    • Battles and Vital Info is defined as: Wars, Practice Battles, Invasions, Interviews(should be part of the larger post), and large army changes such as coups.

You must follow these. If you break any of these rules for 2 months in a row, you will be fired.


The Format Options


So, now I’m offering YOU, the readers, some options on what way you think would be best to run the site. There are 3 formats to chose from:

Format 1

    • 3+ Posts per day (21+ Per Week)
    • Less tournaments (2-3 Per Year)
    • Less user interaction (YOP’s would basically be it)
    • Less detailed posts

Format 2

    • 1-2 Posts per day (About 10 Per Week)
    • Some Tournaments (3 Per Year)
    • Some user interaction (YOP’s and voting posts often)
    • Average detail in posts

Format 3

    • 1 Post most days (About 5 Per Week)
    • Many Tournaments (4-5 Per Year)
    • A lot of user interaction (YOP’s, voting posts, contests, etc.)
    • Very detailed posts.

Simple enough, yes?


The Final Promise


Like I said before, I’m done.

I’m getting tired, so here’s my final promise: If I am not able to restore CPA Central to it’s high standards that we all miss, I will retire from CPA Central and hand the site over to someone else.

I will give myself until New Years to do this. The day I post the Yearly Awards Voting, I will also post a poll with whether I should stay on the site or not. If a large percentage say I should leave, then I will.

Sklooperis: Head of Site


135 Responses

  1. Skloop i pc you im Sk8ter Boi and u dont talk to me and 1st 🙂

  2. Skloop i pc you im Sk8ter Boi but u dont talk to me and 1st 🙂

  3. Voted for Format 3 but to be honest I think there should only be one tournament a year.

    • I think more than 1 is good. It gets a lot of excitement going. Also, I will re-add you to the site as a reporter if you come and find me.

      • Like find where you live or like on chat?

      • Skloop, I applied on ACP chat yesterday, but you didn’t tell me if I got the job, oh well. heres my sample:
        There. Please comment or something that proves you read it.

      • Agreed.

      • Skloop ill be gone for the Thanksgiving Holidays but after that we need to talk a little. I have no problem with not being reporter but it is something else.

    • I agree with Lorenzo, it could be the big show down of Club Penguin Armies, and the first one could make an impact!

  4. Well I say that if multiple people are working, Idk why people can’t pump out 2-3ish a day and still have good detail.

    • Ik… stinkin’ reporters and they’re inability to post regularly T.T

      • Skloop. I would love to be a reporter!

        • Aslong as you aren’t biased like AlbaroLord was 😛

          • I learned my lesson. Never make a post about your own army. Then everyone says your biased even if you say the suck. “My are sucks!” Your so BIASED! GOD! -.- That was a pointless comment I think. xP

  5. Damn, I was preparing a post 😦

  6. Yah sorry for not posting. Just haven’t had the time. I’ve been working on a few other projects, and I still will try to get the chat thing done, Skloop.

    • You happened to have to time to manage 3 hate posts on TG.

  7. I would love to work for CPAC 😀 !

    • Hur, shutup. -_- Im still trying and if you take that spot I will be so pissed. lmao

  8. Maybe the tournaments could be like NASCAR. Like after all the tourneys the winner of the most gets a prize

    • how would you give a prize in cp armies?
      it cant just be like a free cp membership because it has to benefit the whole army

      • You could ummmmmmmmmmmmm….. Good point. hmmm

  9. Skloop can i be added as staff?- Toto

  10. I would like a reporter job also. I will give you my experience in armies, etc. Talk to me later Skloop.

    • *ehem* Skloop, I gave you leader postition in Ar. Now I want to be reporter so that can be how you thank me. NOT ENTERING! xP naw jk

      • Oops. I meant to say Shadow. Not skloop. Sorry.

  11. Format 2, hoping for high quality will get you no where as anyone can put a poll on a post and anyone can schedule a party.

    Also the low quality will just be barebones and pointless to read. It is like Buddhism, you should not shoot to high or too low, you should take the middle path.

  12. When I saw Albro up there I almost fainted…

    • I wasn’t surprised.

      • Mean either!


    • You really loved him.

      • Yep ya caught me.

        • ROFL

          • ehh being a reporter is hard when your enemies are trying to kick you off.

            • At least you guys got a CHANCE to be a reporter. You still got guys like me begging to report and would probably get told off for too much posts. xP

              • Aren’t you a SMAC reporter?

  14. I’ll hunt you down on chat then Skloop

  15. Skloops, Skloops, Skloops. Please don’t retire! You are on of the greatest CPACentral Heads I know. I am wondering why the thought of retirement even popped into your head. And, since I might not find you on chat, I will submit an application here, and maybe on chat:

    Penguin Name: Asdfghkl888
    What position: (Any, it doesn’t matter).
    Why me, and not somebody else: I have had some reporting experience with CPAHO, which you have heard of many times because I pestered you with it, and I really want to do the best I can in life. I know many of the rules, yet still trying to grab some that I don’t know. I have been in armies long enough to know most of the facts about them, and I have even taken place in a battle during the Color Wars (I almost typed Cold Wars XD). I am very active towards CPAC, checking it almost every day. I want to help this site to create excellent posts, and keep it one step ahead of everyone’s opinions. Uhhh, I get good grades in spelling (usually a 100, but never lower than a 90), and also grammar. I know this isn’t the best, but as I said, I only want to do my best in life. If I can’t? Oh well, I guess that isn’t where I am yet. Thank you for your time

    • Well, for the CPAHO thing, I’m the head of the site too! Just like you, Skloops!

    • And my xat for some reason isnt working. If I do get the spot, you can leave some of the info on a comment at Once I know all the information, I will delete the comment. Thanks!

  16. I would say Format 2 because on Format 3 you’ll expect way too much, not everyones perfect like you skloop xP It seems that Format 3 would be the right answer, but I rather stick to the expectations (Format 2) than the over achievement expectations (Format 3)…Format 1 for sure is gone 😛 Lol.


  17. Wait, we can’t criticize anymore? We can’t judge condition of an army anymore?

  18. Penguin name: Oh, you know who I am. (In case you don’t, it’s kieranfb)

    What position: Reporter, or possibly editor?

    Why me: I’m editor and reporter for CPAHO, and I generally write long, detailed posts. I’ve attempted to become a CPAC reporter for a long time though, but each time I fail. I’ve been in armies for a year now, and I have good grammar and spelling. I’m extremely active and I love posting. I have experience in armies like ACP, GT and various other small ones. I would absolutely love this to take this chance.

    Could you meet me on ACP chat at around about 4:00PM-6:00PM GMT on weekdays or any time on weekends? It would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading, *PCE*

  19. Option 3 but I think 2 tournaments is good :S

    • By the way I didn’t press the like button on purpose..

  20. Skloop, I will turn in a resume if needed and join the crew for reporting

  21. Okay, I’ll properly apply.
    Cp name: Chatosush
    Position wanted: reporter
    Well, I’m always snooping on army chats learning the latest info and wars. I’m a pretty good writer too, I get a above average in district assessment writing tests. I have pretty good spelling and grammar. I am really, really, good at writing news articles which is CPAC’s writing format. My sample is pretty short because I didn’t get much sources on it because it was done a day before. Okay here’s the sample: comment on it if I got the job or not, and since I made this comment, if I do get the job, you can track my wordpress e-mail and add it to CPAC.

    • Oh nvm, dont read that sample im working on a new one.

  22. Tournaments are great, and fun. Too many posts will be too much, more like one or two a day is fine.

  23. What’s the deadline of when hiring ends?

  24. Hi Skloop, I talked you in PC a bit of times and you offered me a spot in CPAC. I would like to take that spot if that is ok with you. My WordPress email isn’t the one connected to my “not logged in” username. It is just my CP email you could say. And Skloop, I bet no one is going to vote you to leave (to the exception of the people you fired) because you are a very great Head and also a great person in general.

  25. Hey i would love to be a author on here! I have been a author on Eunes site and many other famous ones! I have a army called Please choose me my email is
    Bobby 7845

  26. Ok, 4 army history posts a month is ridiculous. There isn’t even that much to write about.

    • I kinda agree, 4 posts a month is a bit of a stretch. I think I can manage it. I was a bit scared when I saw the title of this post, thought I was going to be fired, but really, army historian is a whole different set of expectations than reporter. Reporters have so much to write about, with me and Artic, it really gets tricky finding new things to write about. For history, its’ quality, not as much as quality.

  27. I would like a reporting job skloop you know me and I for some reason I can’t post I would tell you.
    what position:Reporter
    Why me:I have a lot of reporting experience I’m good at making Friends (that would help for interviewing leaders) I’m good with alot of leaders except iceyfeet and pie if he comes out of retirement.I know foreign languages and get good marks.

  28. Whatever you do we know you’ll have people who can back you up. You’ve got a good team of staff and you just need to believe in yourself. And your staff. And us. Where could we rant about nothingness apart from at CPAC! So grab a stress ball and squeeze into implosion because you better be in for the long run 😉

  29. Tournaments rule. They are a pain in the ass to run, but in the legends cup this site got it’s best three days for hits ever, and are really fun. Christmas/NewYear tournaments are the best, as people are off school and fits well to call an arm the army of the year, even if it’s a bit innacurate.

    • Wise Words.

    • HEY IAS!!!!

  30. Lmao, I’m laughing at Alb now because he kept bragging about how he was going to be the next Head of Site. Lmfao, what a noob.

    • This guy has smarts.


    • Epic win.

      • Ikr, all he did was schedule parties and conjure up this garbage he calls “ideas”.

    • I never bragged Blue…

      • “oh and btw, I’m the most popular reporter on CPAC XD.”

        “I’m going to be the next head of site!”

        “If ST pisses me off, I will remove them from their current position in the ranked armies.”

        Alb, the truth is certain.

        • ikr

  31. Please hire me.

    P.S I can’t find you on chat ( stupid timezones ).

  32. Skloop see me. It’s about you know what.

  33. Also, to find Skloop, come on ACP chat at around 5 PM PST.

  34. Hardly any posts? What the heck are you talking about? I made 5 posts, one of them was 2500+ words O_o other CPAC staff (not saying who) told me to stop taking all the stuff that was going on….

    • Ikr

      • I know O_O

        • you should not have been fired -_-

    • God I fail so hard. I forgot that people were complaining. Still, you shouldn’t have COMPLETELY stopped posting. Just post like once a week, k?

      Email me at with your WP Email and I’ll re-add you.

  35. Skloop, I retired like 2 months ago, and you said I could come back during the summer….remember?

    • O YA…..

    • thats unfair to other people who could be better then u, I mean holding a spot

      • I wasnt trying to hold a spot. I told him to take me off the site until summer till I could be more active.

      • Alb, you’re worse them him. He at least posts about battles.

  36. Skloop saty and i would be honered to be a reporter

  37. I’ve been slacking, I’m ashamed of myself. Starting a Post now!

    • Bad Mchappy! Bad! You should feel ashamed!


  39. Hey Skloop,
    It’s Delcrux. Sorry about all the difficulties you’ve been having lately. I’m a little occupied right now, but if you need some temporary reporting help until you can establish a permanent staff, I’m available.

    Best of luck to you.

  40. I would make a good reporter, especcially when I’m Co-Chief Reporter of Club Penguin Army Hangout

  41. can i be a reporter (goo) theres open spots D:<

  42. If you’re having posting troubles try these two ideas Skloop.

    1- Start a posting schedule. One person makes one highly detailed post on their day that at the very least has to meet your standards. For example, Penguin 1 posts on Monday, Penguin 2 posts on Tuesday, and so on. If they don’t meet the standards they recieve a strike which will be explained in idea 2.

    2- Create a strike system. If they don’t meet your standards, deal them a strike. Three strikes and you’re fired. This way all the bad reporters will be sorted from the good ones.

    I’d appreciate if you read this comment and gave it a try b/c it may sort out these posting issues. Furthermore, I don’t mean to beg, but please, please, please don’t quit. For now you are one of the very few people who make a well written post. By quitting you are practically ending the good posting in CPAC.

    • Clevurr.

    • I was already thinking of doing that first one, but not the second one. That’s a good idea. I’ll brainstorm…

  43. Thank god he didn’t start ANOTHER author-comment application. I think i’ve seen enough noobs for a lifetime.

  44. I want to be a reporter :O

    • Oh God no.

      • Lol.

        • Tj, that statement will die in a hole.



  46. i think there should be the
    Winter cup
    Spring Cup
    Summer cup
    Fall cup

    • Too many cups, even for some certain girls out there, sorry.

      • 0_0

  47. i know you said to find you on acp chat but i can’t. so im asking i can be reporter if ya want and reply for my email

  48. I have an idea for tornaments to make things fair major armies medium armies and small armies will be divided into 3 divisions small medium large.

  49. I may be out of the game but im not surprised, its hard to write a perfect post when your parents limit you to 1-2 hours on the computer and I have sports and other stuff and homework and my job(Monday and Sunday).

  50. Skloop, I remember you PCing me asking if I wanted on spot on CPAC. I replyed “yes”, but now I haven’t heard no feedback whatsoever. If you could, please reply to this comment responding your answer.

  51. I might want to be a reporter. Not sure yet. Those standards are really high though O.O. I think format 3, mainly because I don’t want to waste my time reading over 3 posts a day. One is good.

    • I think Godzilla would be a verry good reporter.

      • Ty 😀

        • He hasn’t even proved he’s worthy of the job yet..

          • I’ve been a head reporter for Nathan’s small army news site.

  52. It’s easy to get someones IP address off of chat. Google it -_-

    • I highly doubt that.

      • IP’s off of comments are easier. I accidently got somebodys city once. Its not that hard.

  53. Thank you sweet Jesus!

  54. CP Name: Coolmanc1
    Positon Wanted: Colmusit
    Why,me and not someone else: I am the head of CPSAS, have alot of army xp, can get alot of interviews with NW, and I got some good ideas to help armies get better. I also know every single thing about mostly every army.

    • My email is

      • You spelled columnist wrong…

        Skloop, please don’t hire him. He can’t even check his spelling in comments.

        • Yes I can. I use spell check on wordpress i just needed to get a memebership for the hush power so I just really went quick. *dhat* you should not judge people so fast

          • The fact that you rely on spell check is bad enough. The worst part of this is that you didn’t take the time to double check a job application. Lastly, it appears you don’t take this job seriously because you cared more about getting a membership for a hush power. You don’t go into a job interview, say a few things, pronounce words wrong, then later say you were in a rush. Doesn’t work that way, sorry.

            • Spell check isn’t very reliable, seeing as you can get “write” and “right” mixed up, but the spell checker doesn’t know something is wrong because the two words are spelled right.

  55. Skloop remember its me ballion54 u told me I could be a reporter when jobs are open so my email is

  56. Columnist =

    Can be biased at my own discretion

  57. Hola!

  58. All Alb posts about is parties. I wonder if he ever even posted on a battle. If he did, it was probably low quality.

  59. I can be a reporter. Majority of the time I’m on the computer (mostly from 2-5 hours). For 1st quarter Language Arts, I got an A+ and I’m still getting an A+. My grammar is 10 and my spelling is 10. I catch my errors while I type. I’m also co-leader of the Task Force Army of CP and leader of the Star Marines Army of CP. So, just let me know if I’m in for it.

  60. Should make an author application next time, the current reporters make crappy posts.

  61. Skloop, I just found out in the post you said you were retiring. =O Skloop, I love you. No one will even give me a shot in Cpac or for my army to bein Cpac if you arn’t here. Your one of the rare breeds who see younger army’s talent to get a chance in the top ten and don’t just hate on them. *cough* Cw haters *cough*
    Also, I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really want any job in Cpac. I was just looking at how you were saying people were inactive and I thought I would be like 20 X more active then those people. Well now im ending this long comment. People are going to look at me like im such a noob. Dont reply on that part.
    I know my pic sucks, It wont let me upload a new one xD. ——————>

  62. skloop i wuld like to be a reporter contact me at i may be in a lota armies such as acp dark titans im 2nd in charge of one army and the creator and i am working on another army but im shutting it down so i have time for this ill try to report on battles alot so plz answer

  63. can i be a reporter. i was a rp a reporter and am active very much. i check this site atleast 5 times a week. although not on mondays!

  64. IATW hacked Ar.


  65. I saw you on this chat Skloop, I`ve applied many times i hope you accept…

  66. I have much experience

  67. Skloop, Don’t Leave CPAC . 😦 . You Rock.

  68. TR have been hacked

  69. Is the IATW back? 😮

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