CPA Weekly-Army Report!

I’ve decided to give everyone an extra day to apply to become a CPA Central Worker.

This week I’ve decided to do things a little different for the Top 10 Armies List. Instead of posting this weeks news, I’m going to compare all of the armies sites and chats.

I think that by doing it this way I’ll be able to get the most accurate list possible:


  • Site: The Nachos’ site is really great, probably the best one in Club Penguin armies. Because of their theme, they can pretty much use any sort of font of pictures in their posts, which they do. Person tends to do a lot of funky formating stuff with his posts that end up making this site a really fun place to be. However, their theme is pretty boring compared to other armies, but they do have nice CSS. Without it, the theme would be almost worthless. Along with the CSS, they also have a couple of different .com site URLs. They also get a ton of comments, the most out of all Club Penguin armies.
  • Chat: The Nachos used to have an average on chat of almost as much as ACP, but they have definitely been declining on chat. They still have a really active chat, but whenever there aren’t any owners on it isn’t that great. In the mornings, there are usually less than 8 people online. They still have a full chat throughout most of the day, but it’s not quite what it used to be.


  • Site: The ACP site used to be pretty great, but it has fallen a lot lately. Since the new leadership, there have been WAY too many posts and because of that, a lack of comments. Most of their posts are also pretty unorganized and the site has partially turned into a big chat room for leaders. There are way too many edits on posts. They have a good ammount of comments, but still not as much as would be expected of an army of their size. Their .com site URL is too official, though, and they don’t have a CSS or good header.
  • Chat: The ACP almost always has the largest chat. It is always full and even late at night they have 10+ people online. However, their chat does have a lot of “dead” people on it, which means that a lot of their online chatters are just there to be there. They aren’t actually talking or anything. Another problem with their chat is that ALL of their owners have the “No PC” power, which makes it so that you can’t PC them. They also don’t really talk much on chat. ACP has also been criticized for having way too strict rules, which is definitely true, however they DO have younger audiences on their chat.


  • Site: The IW have a fairly organized site, in terms of their posts. The also have an good .com site URL and good CSS / header. They have had a decline of posts lately, however, and usually only have one ever 2 – 3 days. They almost only post about upcoming battles and battle results, which makes them have a fairly large amount of comments.
  • Chat: Their chat has fallen a lot the past week or two. They used to have an incredibly active chat, but not really so much anymore. Since a lot of people visit their chat from their WordPress site, it gives the illusion that they have a full chat when they only have 10 people. However, the IW don’t have that many owner ranks, which makes it harder to keep a chat active. Their chat is pretty even with the FW, maybe a little bit less active. They both have their ups and downs.


  • Site: The FW site has a lot going on. They almost always have 2+ posts a day, which makes their comments only at average. They have a lot of authors on their site and a lot of their 2ics and 3ics post way too much. They also probably have the best custom CSS in all of the Club Penguin armies. They also have a good .com URL.
  • Chat: The FW chat is pretty random, however almost always has a decent – great amount of people online. They can usually not be seen with less than 10 people after 10:00 AM. They do have a fairly large amount of owners and get kind of inactive without any of them online, but not as bad as the Nachos. They usually have more people online than the IW, but have their ups and downs. They are also known for having quite a few fights break out of their chat, usually only if certain combinations of owners are online.


  • Site: The WW used to not have enough posts at all, but they’ve gotten a little better about that. They still probably need more posts, however. They are the only Club Penguin army site that also posts Club Penguin cheats, which gives them a bit more activity, but doesn’t really do that much else.
  • Chat: Despite being the 5th largest army in Club Penguin, the WW have a pretty bad chat. They can often be found with only a couple of people online and rarely have full chats. When owners are online they do have more people online, but not that many. There is often very little conversation going on, even durning battles.


  • Site: The BP site has a good, average amount of posts per day. However, a lot of their posts are fairly pointless and are just messages from one leader to another. They have a little bit below average on comments. They are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The BP chat also definitely has it’s ups and downs. They usually have a decent amount of people online and sometimes even have a full chat, but also sometimes have only a couple of people on. They also have a lot of owner ranks and do rely a lot on owners to keep their chat active.


  • Site: The ST site doesn’t really have quite enough posts a day, but they are really good about only having posts that matter. They have a slight lack of comments on their site, but have a really organized site overall. They are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The ST chat is very good compared that they are only the 6th most powerful army in Club Penguin. They often have a decent amount of people online, not great, but decent. Sometimes they do rely on their owners to keep the chat active, but they also have some times when their chat is mostly members. During wars the almost always have a full or nearly-full chat. However, their owners are very unfriendly. I went on the chat this morning to check it out and I was banned because I was “with IMAF.” I’m not even in IMAF and it’s not like they’re at war or anything.


  • Site: Out of all of the armies in Club Penguin, DW’s site probably has the least amount of posts per day. Sometimes they can have a post sitting there for up to 5 days. Despite the fact that the longer a post is sitting there the more comments it should get, they don’t get very many comments.
  • Chat: The DW have a fairly large chat. Sometimes their chat is almost completely made up of owners, sometimes mostly members. They have a pretty good chat compared that they are the 8th most powerful army.

A Note to DW: For a while I thought that you guys were completely dead. While I still think that you guys aren’t as powerful as you used to be, I’d like to apologize for kind of underestimating you!


  • Site: The IMAF have a pretty good site, a lot like the Nachos – they do a lot of awesome stuff with formatting and text. Despite their usually-though-of-as-boring theme, they manage to keep their site bright and colorful. Sometimes they have a good amount of posts, in which case they have a really good amount of comments, but when they have too many daily posts, they start to really lack on comments. Overall, IMAF has a really great site compared that they aren’t very high up on the Top 10 list, however they are one of the only Club Penguin armies that has neither a .com site URL or a custom CSS.
  • Chat: The IMAF have a pretty decent chat, however they are really ridiculous about how many owners they have. They have some very loyal and committed owners, but the chat is mostly completely made up of them. They rarely have many members on, even during wars.


  • Site: The UMA site is pretty confusing and unorganized. Sometimes they post too much, sometimes they don’t post enough, however they usually have a slightly below average amount of comments. Some of their posts are kind of pointless, and they recently decided to start posting Club Penguin news – all they’re really doing is ripping of my ‘Weekly’ name and copying all of Bike Boy93′s info.
  • Chat: Usually have a pretty small amount of people on chat (2 – 5). Even durning battles they don’t have many people online. They do, however, have more people than RPF.


  • Site: The RPF site is pretty weird. They usually have a really good amount of posts, and an amazing amount of comments. However, most of their comments are either arguments or their Leader replying to peoples comments. They also have a couple of troops that just comment a ton on every single post. Overall, a really nice site though.
  • Chat: Almost never have anyone one, even with an owner on. They are obviously in a very, very large slump. During battles they still only have about 6 people online.

Top 10 Sites:

  1. Nachos
  2. ACP
  3. IW
  4. FW
  5. RPF
  6. WW
  7. IMAF
  8. BP
  9. ST
  10. UMA

Top 10 Chats:

  1. ACP
  2. Nachos
  3. IW/FW
  4. ST
  5. DW
  6. WW
  7. IMAF
  8. BP
  9. UMA
  10. RPF

Top 10 Armies:

  1. Nachos
  2. ACP
  3. IW
  4. FW
  5. WW
  6. BP
  7. DW
  8. IMAF
  9. ST
  10. UMA/RPF

Featured Army:

Orange Rebels: This army was created when the DPR and Orange Warriors merged the other day. DPR: Was an almost-major army, but was pretty much made up of a bunch of friends that were all owner ranks (no offense). OW: Was a small-medium army with a lot of those same people and was mostly made up of people from the FW. They are still only an almost-major army. Once again no offense, but this army needs to get more people in it’s lower ranks. Most of the active people are in the owner ranks. Also, most of these people are high ranks in other armies and just decided to join together and make a little group of friends. It may sound like I’m criticizing this army (and in some ways I am) but this is what Club Penguin armies need. They need little groups of buddies that decide to make their own little army an actually end up becoming a fair-sized army. Sure, most of these people are just from the FW, but some of them aren’t. This army needs some work done to it, but overall, it’s pretty nice.

Army of the Week

Aqua Warriors!

Want to have your army be the Army of the Week? Click here!

There’s a huge line-up for Army of the Week and it might even be a couple of months before some of you get to go! Remember that if you have CPA Central’s banner on your site, you will get priority over other armies!

The new CPA Central Workers will be released tomorrow!


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