CPA Central Armies Page


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – One of my many promises when I became Chief Executive Officer of CPA Central was to reform several pages such as the ‘Armies Page’ and the ‘Leaders Page’, I plan to make good of this promise, despite having only a fraction of the time I thought I’d have to accomplish this feat.

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Legends Cup VIII – End Of An Era: Seeding and Battle Information


UPDATE: The IAE have taken the open spot to face WN & RPF

UPDATE: SWAT has now died, and have been replaced with the Hippos Army

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Top Ten Armies 2/19/17

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – This week, we see the first and second spot separated by less than a point whilst other armies have a good week.

Note: Starting this week CPPS events were not counted towards the top ten. If you would like more info click HERE

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30 Most Influential Army Leaders Of All Time: #30-26


KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – One of the much debated topics in Club Penguin Army history is that of “Most Influential Leader” calling for a multitude of different opinions. The newer troops would not find themselves exposed to some of the faces embedded in the older generation’s minds believing the likes of Olimad or Super Edwin would be on the list. For an entire existence, we have seen many great leaders come and go but only some have had unmatched influence in their time within the community. For the purpose of this list, we have taken every leader into account since the dawn of armies. Thus, we bring you a six-part series that we are very excited to begin: The Top 30 Most Influential Leaders of All Time.

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[SATIRE] Nacho Army Colonizes Crossdressing Shops World Wide

FJORD, Nacho Army Empire – Upon a visit to the Nacho Army chat, CPA Central has uncovered a disturbing truth about a Nacho tradition going on among the troops in both Ownership and Moderator ranks. For the full story involving Crossdressing and Humiliation Kinks, feel free to read on for more!

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13YearOldN00b’s Final Departure From Armies

SUMMIT, DCP HQ – After leading the Doritos for months, 13YearOldN00b has decided to retire for good. How will this impact the Doritos? Click read more to follow on.

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CPA Central: The Changing Nature And What It Meant For CP Armies

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – It has been just under 8 years since Woton, creator of CPA Central, announced the launch of a new website. He stated that CPAC would strive to be factual, providing news and updating the community on anything that happens within CP Armies, but since then much has changed within both the structure of the website and armies themselves. In this post I will look into what CPA Central has actually meant to CP Armies, and the impact they had as a whole.

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Thugs To Become World Power?

Zipline – Thugs Capital, With the end of Club Penguin pushing in closer and closer we see the rise of the Legendary Thugs of CP, a once small and secluded army now matching strengths to the Top 3 armies. Is this a sign that the future may in fact be purple?

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Current Situation With Kings of Club Penguin

UNKNOWN TERRITORY,Kings of Club Penguin Territory – In midst of war with the Thugs of Club Penguin, digging and uncovering information has occurred which has led to a shocking revelation that has a dramatic impact on the current Kings of Club Penguin Army.

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Blue Troops Declare War On Thugs

WINTERLAND, Blue Troops Nation – With CPA soon coming to an end, armies have decided to take the path of war to end this community. With a lot of conflicts currently ongoing, we see another conflict rise to the occasion. The Blue Troops have officially declared war on the Thugs.

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My Experience As A Veteran Returning To This Community


The news of Club Penguin shutting down has, unsurprisingly, spurred armies and army leaders alike into one final run before the inevitable end of the community. Understandably, this game was a high point of many childhoods, so much that even those in their early 20s found it in their spare time to log on to the island one final time. Even those who had long outlived the game still had a special place in their hearts for it, so that they could enjoy it in its sorry state again. Many of these people had once taken part in this community. I am one of them.

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Is NationStates The Next Horizon?

I am reposting this after the deface; this got deleted. I’d like to take advantage of this to introduce some new terms in hopes that they will help popularize this idea. If you are a remainer, you do not want to leave the Club Penguin sphere (this includes CPPSes). If you are a mover, you want to leave the Club Penguin sphere. If you are a mayor, you want to move to NationStates. 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Club Penguin is closing. It is a sad, sad day for Armies. Not only have we lost our platform, but we have lost our childhood game. Nostalgia is said to be the greatest sadness, because it cannot be appeased. Look at the bright side, though. Think of it as a sort of omen that Club Penguin shut down so recently after I wrote my article trying to convince the Army community to move to NationStates. In some ways, the shut down is a good thing, because now everyone, including the people with conservative attitudes, are facing a life or death situation. We have to move, or we have to die. What will it be?

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Doritos Declare War On The Nachos

SUMMIT, Doritos’ Capital – Due to the fact that Club Penguin Armies is expected to end next month, the Doritos have decided to declare war on their fellow army who share the fact that they’re both named after crisps. Nevertheless, the Doritos on the 18th of February, 2017, have declared war on the Nachos.

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DrFlen Retires From Ice Warriors… Again

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Ice Warriors Headquarters – In a move that has surprised no one, DrFlen, also known as Jazzer, also known as the Bluesockwa’s Head Speaker, also known as CPWorld2001 has decided to retire from the CP Army Community.

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CPA Central Reporter Applications


KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Since its creation in 2009, CPAC has been the premier media organization for Club Penguin Army News. If you’ve ever wanted to join its ranks, now is the time.

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