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CPA Central is always looking for new, capable reporters. We try our best to hire only the best reporters and our site has a reputation for posting only the highest quality writing. If you feel like you have what it takes to work here, we encourage you to apply on this page, using the below Application Form. Read the rest of this page for more information about being a reporter.

Your Responsibilities

  • Get set up: After you’re first accepted as a reporter, you’ll be added to the CPA Central Staff Site. On this site, there are a few pages set up with guides to becoming a successful reporter and philosopher. You’ll be expected to fully read carefully through all of these guides and take them to heart, following all of the guidelines that are set out for your and the guides that are created for on how write high quality posts. These guides are fairly lengthy, so be prepared to do some reading.
  • Post once a week: Your primary responsibility will be to write a report about either a battle or army event at least once a week. These posts will be expected to be high quality and conform to the guidelines that we set out for you. We’ll give you all the necessary guides and help so you can learn how to write these posts quickly and efficiently, so these posts should only take you about 20 – 30 minutes. Although spending a half hour a week writing a post doesn’t seem like much, it has seemed to be difficult for reporter in the past to stay active, so the one major question you have to ask yourself before applying is if you can keep up with this one post a week guideline. If not, then this job really isn’t for you. Also, keep in mind that the guideline is one post a week minimum; we fully expect you to post more often and will definitely take notice and reward you if you take the initiative to work harder.
  • Check on the Message Board: The CPA Central Staff Site includes a Message Board, where staff members can communicate with one another. You’ll be expected to check this page every day, to see if any other staff members have important messages to share. You will be able to use this page to talk to other staff members.
  • Stay active and work hard: In the long run, you’ll be expected to simply stay active on the site. As you continue work hard, we’ll open up more opportunities for you. If you don’t, we’ll have to let you go.

What You’ll Get

  • Work on this site: As a reporter, you’ll get the chance to be a part of the most advanced organization in Club Penguin Armies. You’ll get to be a part of a staff that has a reputation for upholding quality.
  • Chance to work way up: Although we’ll start you as a reporter, if you work hard and stay active, you’ll have a chance to work your way up to higher positions such as Associate Producer, Editor in Chief, Vice President, Executive Producer and Chief Executive Officer. Of course, these positions come with an even higher position and more power in Club Penguin Armies.
  • Added to Staff Site: You’ll be added to the protected CPA Central Staff Site, which will let you in on all of the behind-the-scenes actions of CPA Central and will allow you to communicate with all of the other staff members.
  • Media experience: CPA Central provides the best media experience you will get in armies.
  • Writing practice: Writing is a highly important skill in today’s world. CPA Central will allow you to enhance your writing abilities greatly.
  • Payments: Since the CPA Central team makes money from the website, we decide to pay our hard-working reporters who meet our criteria.

Submission Form

To apply to work at CPA Central, fill out the following form in a comment on this post (a copiable version of the form is at the bottom of the page):

  • Name: The name you best go by. This can be your Club Penguin or Xat name.
  • WordPress email: If you don’t have a WordPress account, you likely don’t have enough experience to be working here.
  • Past experience: Write about any experience you have writing / reporting, in real life, or in Club Penguin Armies. Writing about media positions you have held will help.
  • Post: Write a post, approximately 400 words, about a recent event in Club Penguin Armies, such as a battle or other event (like a leader retiring or a declaration of war). Try to include an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. If you feel like pictures could be added to your post, add links to them (be sure to include captions!). Of course, use your best spelling and grammar.
  • Why you’d be active: Write a paragraph simply about why you have the mindset to be an active reporter and what you’ll do to stay active. We want to know what it is about you that says you’ll be a hard working member of this site.
  • Any other comments: Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to say regarding your Reporter Application.

Here’s a copy of the form to paste into a comment:

  • Name:
  • WordPress email:
  • Past experience:
  • Post:
  • Why you’d be active:
  • Any other comments:

Good luck with your application!

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212 Responses

  1. The old Work Here page was becoming pretty laggy, so here’s a new one. Some of the recent applications made on the old page:

    Name: Lord Jay
    WordPress email: Just use my wordpress username. jaybot101
    Past experience:
    SMAC Reporter, CPAU Creator and head, Club Penguin Warfare
    News Head Reporter, Club Penguin Army Daily News Head.
    Post: or
    Why you’d be active: Because CPAC is a very big source of Club Penguin Army media and I’d like to be a part of it.
    Any other comments: It would be an honor to work for CPAC.

    Name: Lop2009
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:
    Active in nachos private first class, Active in LS second liutenet
    Nacho Army have a huge problem! RPF wants to have 7 battles in one day!!! Many troops of the nacho army are mad and worried that RPF can have 6 free servers. The nacho army might attend one of the battles but it’s up to puckely to decide.
    Why you’d be active:
    Because it might allow me to become a better leader in nachos and Lightning Strikers. It could make me become a good writer as well. I found this out when I had a few questions about cp army.
    Any other comments:

    Name: ๖̶̶ۣۜ๖ۣۜKωι3
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Mostly active 24/7 except Saturdays.
    Post: RPF made it to the Finals!!!
    RPF work their butts over to the finals in the Legends IV tournament. They have amazing tactics and had over 55+ on events. They once died but came alive, Also, this army went up through 1st in the Top Ten! Who knows, maybe this army might be able to win the Legend IV Cup tournament. Anyway, its up to Elmikey . He may be inactive most of the times in vacation but he is still a Great Leader, for example: He couldn’t be online cause he was being Ddosed but he still lead his soldiers in the events even though he was not logged on. He is an amazing leader. RPF respects him fully. Comment your opinion below about what you think of RPF so far.
    Why’d you be active: I love to write in school and have bright ideas in my mind. I love to share my opinions and my ideas. Also, I am active mostly everyday except Saturdays cause I have Church in the morning. I am willing to become one of the Writers on CPAC and to tell the Daily News about the Major armies. CPA Central is an interesting site that gives Daily News to soldiers from all the Major Armies. So, I’m very interested to become a CPA Central reporter and a Writer. Thank you for your support, CPA Central.
    Any Comments: I’m also looking forward to this Job. I don’t really like to see “War” everyday.

    Name: Smartuin
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Former CPAC Army Historian
    Post: – I only had about a half-hour to write it, so it may seem rushed, but I think it’s decent enough.
    Why you’d be active: Because I don’t want to get fired for inactivity again.
    Any other comments: It’s a Philosophy position that I’d like to apply for.
    0 0 Rate This

  2. Name: skipper233
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: active 24/7
    Why you’d be active: yes
    Any other comments: nope

  3. Name:Spongebob007
    Past experience: 6 years as a veteran of CP (2006-2009 mainly). Including extensive participation in several major wars, including World War III and the Color Wars. 3ic of RPF, General in UMA, etc.

    Beeky and Elmikey stood across each other, along with several notable statesman in the meeting room. It was clear there was some tension between the two parties, after a considerably fought fight that resulted in many changes. In fact just minutes before a secret invasion planned out by a Nacho officer was thwarted by several soldiers, resulting in a heavy firefight. Commando717 and his peers were discussing with the leaders of Nachos to discuss a peace agreement and a cease fire following a heavily fought war in which both sides failed to stutter. The contract was declared, and edited to fit the demands of each party. Finally, on the 2nd of August, 2013, The Nachos and RPF had ended their heavily fought war. What was more eventful in this event, however, was the grand return of one of CP’s oldest armies, RPF.
    Something we never expected to happen in the world of CPA, was the beloved and acclaimed return of RPF, otherwise known as Rebel Penguin Federation. Previously one of the greatest rebellions ever to emerge in CP, RPF was infamously managed by two colorful characters, Commando717 and his right hand man, Elmikey. However, with retirement and sudden setbacks, RPF fell into a rollercoaster era, never able to reach the numbers it did in its prime. Although Commando717 would come back and continue his reign, the RPF fell into a dark era that lasted for many years. The bane of its formerly great reputation is often disputed, whether it be the overwhelming amount of leaders or the gradual weakening that all armies must come by, RPF lived in an era of mediocrity compared to its Golden era. Troops were lost, servers vanished, and in that time RPF never managed to get back to its spot on the CPAC Top Armies list, hovering around a 9 on its best day.That all changed, in the summer of 2013, when Commando717 and Elmikey returned, bringing up the RPF back to number one and shooting up its numbers. Recruitment increased, new strategies were constructed, and in the 6 year existence of the RPF, finally shot up to reclaim its spot as number one. That itself created another wave, as old veterans came back to serve in the army once more. The whole world of CP was shocked, including many of the top armies in CPAC who were suddenly thrown out into impotence in the awe of its glory. Truly, as Commando717 quoted many years before during his second reign, the iron curtain was back.
    What can we credit to the comeback of one of CP’s oldest armies? Surely it should be the veteran staff coming back to serve in CP once more, helping out and bringing the true message of war to CP. Sadly, this is an overexaggerated claim. What we can credit to RPF’s success is innovative tactics, tactics fit for a newer generation of CP’s hopeful recruits and the constant buffers put on by CP. A change in the old design of uniform was another reason for the change in recruitment numbers, as newer recruits could properly be established into the ranks of RPF. Finally, constant chat numbers ranging 20+ up to 2 AM EST time helps to represent those on other sides of the country, as well as the ever important UK/European soldiers.
    As we watch RPF in the continuing months, we will see these new strategies put to the test as the school year comes around, resulting in a shortage of recruits and participation. However, we must all recognize that RPF is truly back.

    Why you’d be active: I like to write, so CPAC would be an awesome place for me. Although I no longer have time for CP, I can still keep a head up on news and xat chats, so this job will be good for me.
    Any other comments: I got a nice butt for a dude. So thats a plus.

  4. Name: [Based] Jed
    WP Email:
    Past Experience: Toast Army: Leader
    The kingdom we call Breakfastfoodia is filled with victories and defeats, but over the course of history, our founders have won much more than they have lost. It all started when Breakfastfoodia was simply filled with clans. To the far north lay a clan called the Cakeofpanginians. In the southeast bay, was the area that the Wafflians lived. To the far west was the Baglese. And in the eastern coastal region was the Bread. But alas, none of these smaller clans could compare to the grand, Buttered Toast Empire. These clans lived separate, until one day, the leader of the Buttered Toast Empire, Toastello, declared that the clans should form an alliance in case of an attack. All of the clans agreed to this declaration, as they all knew they could rely on the Buttered Toast Empire for support.

    One day, Toastello’s guards alerted him that they heard that the northern nation known as Makenchese were planning on attacking. Toastello was not afraid, as he knew that the Bread people would protect them, so he sent a note to the leader of the Bread, Breadrick. Breadrick secretly despised Toastello because the softer and colder Bread people would always live in shadow of the Buttered Toast, so when the Makenchese army moved into the First Breakfast Food Alliance territory, the Bread didn’t resist, instead they planned to help the invasion.

    Toastello still wasn’t aware of the incoming invasion or that Breadrick had betrayed his orders. Two days after the Makenchese marched into the far northern border, they reached the capitol city of Crustia. They marched through the city, bringing fear into the civilians that witnessed it. Toastello, who was inside of his castle, awoke to see the Makenchese marching toward the castle. Toastello was very smart, so he knew that the allied army would not be able to assemble to defeat the enemy troops, so he ran out of the back of the castle, and fled towards the eastern coast. When he arrived at the Bread town of St. Wheatersberg, he was met by a few Bread tribe members. They instructed Toastello to go meat with Breadrick, who had a plan on how to defeat the Makenchese. So Toastello marched to Breadrick’s house, hoping to find out how to drive out the threat. Instead of support, Toastello was ambushed by six Bread soldiers, and was quickly stabbed in the back. The knife punctured the left atrium of his heart, and he bled out within three minutes. The great leader of the Buttered Toast Empire, was dead.

    The Makenchese ran through Crustia like vultures attacking a dead carcass. They looted all of the local business, stole artifacts from museums, and destroyed the castle. They left just as quickly as they came. Soon, the Bread people lead by Breadrick attacked the city of Crustia, committing mass genocide on the remaining Buttered Toast Empire. The other clans, in fear of the new powerful force known as the Bread people, kept to themselves.

    Over the course of seven months, the Bread army killed nearly all of the former Buttered Toast Empire. Luckily however, a small militia from the Empire’s army was able to survive underneath the city. Among this militia, was ex-general Crusty Overcooked. Overcooked was a local war hero in the Empire, and was infuriated when the Bread troops decimated the city, so he and a few of his followers began to fight back. Some of his followers included Lit of Slowtoaster and Change Bredtatoast. Lit was from the smaller village known as Slowtoaster. Slowtoaster relied on Crustia for supplies, so when Crustia was ransacked by the Makenchese, Crustia soon diminished. Change was born into the bread people, but quickly discovered how stupid bread was, and used magical powers to become a Toast. Change was one of the soldiers that helped Toastello escape the city during the invasion.

    The Bread tribe, assuming all of the Toasts had been killed, took over Crustia and called it, Sourdoughville. The underground rebellion was anything but dead however, as they gained more and more support from survivors. They began forming packs and taking out Bread troops one by one. When this came to the attention of the Bread government, they nicknamed the mysterious Overcooked, “The Toastface Killah.”

    Overcooked was planning on a major attack at the upcoming Bread council meeting. He realized that all of the major generals and political leaders were here and if he could kill them all, then they could probably push the Bread kingdom out of the city. Overcooked needed help in this battle, because his small militia would not be enough to defeat all of the guards and leaders, so he sought out for help from the local tribe known as the potatoes. The leader of the potatoes, Kkabc, quickly agreed.

    The night of the massacre was upon them. The small militia lead by “The Toasface Killah” approached Rye Hall, where the Bread council met. The potatoes took at the guards silently as the militia pressed in though the side doors. Overcooked went underneith the grand stands where the councilmen sat. Change and Lit lead there squads to the sides of the building. It was a large building, and it probably housed about one hundred people, which surprised the rebellion. Change saw Overcooked’s surprised expression and signaled for them to meet outside. Overcooked ran out real quick without drawing any attention to himself and the two discussed it over. They decided they would need to block the exits with there men and light the building on fire. Lit, noticing that the two were missing, ran out and found them talking it over. They gave Lit the rundown and ran back to talk it over with the squads, but their window was closing. One of the councilmen had seen the dead body of one of the guards and was alerting everyone. Change acted quickly by spraying down the area with oil and lighter fluid, and Lit and Overcooked quickly followed. Then, all of a sudden, Breadrick saw Overcooked. He ran at him and started firing his gun at him. Overcooked panicked, and lit the match on fire. Before he could drop it and llight the room on fire, he was shot seven times in the chest by Breadrick. He fell to the floor, the match falling out of his hand. All of the toast ran out, as the once great building fell to the ground. The toast grew overly emotional because they realized that Overcooked was dead.

    The Burning of the Bread had been completed, however there was still a war to be won. Over the next few years, Lit and Change led the Toast army up against the Bread army, which was now lead by Rye-an. Rye-an was mad about the attacks on the council, so he decided to take matters into his own hands, planning an assassination of both Change and Lit. He sent his spies to discover the location of the leaders. Once he got the location he brought his large army to destroy the small militia defending his enemies. The Toast Army, both shocked and unprepared, somehow fought off most of the Bread army. Towards the end of the battle, Lit and Change commanded the Toast army to retreat and regain supplies, but were separated from the rest of the army. They were lost, and had no idea where to go until Rye-an and some of his troops surrounded them.

    “Any last words,” said Rye-an as he held up his gun aiming straight at them. Change closed his eyes, fearing that this would be the end of a great rebellion.


    Change looked up, seeing Rye-an, fall to the ground.


    Crusty Overcooked jumped out of the bushes and started firing at bread soldiers. He killed them all. Crusty Overcooked… was alive.

    What had happened was during his days as a soldier for the original toast army, he worked up a resistance to bullets in the far arctic woods training with polar bears. Every day, he would fire a slightly larger bullet into his body, until he had completely trained his body to survive gunshots. And for the fire, well, he was already over cooked. Overcooked traveled to a rural town and was brought back to health by a small toast loyalist doctor. After he had heard that the war was still going on, he studied Rye-an. He learned his every move and gathered information on him. He asked questions about his appearance.

    Overcooked learned about the way Rye-an lead and was ready to attack him right as the surprise invasion happened. He traveled to the woods and heard the commotion, and decided to hide in the bushes. He saw Change and Lit surrounded, and waited for a good time to attack. He pulled out his .69 caliber pistol and shot Rye-an through the back. He felt like he had surprised Rye-an so well that he was cold blooded, just like Rick James!

    The three leaders returned to the city, now treated as heroes by the Bread people, as their evil tyrant had been killed. The bread people always knew that the Toasts were the greatest people in the world, and decided to join them. They all slightly burnt themselves, transforming them into toasts.

    Chapter 2: French Toast Revolution

    Over the next few years, the potato leader who helped them, Kkabc, was accepted as sub leedur. Lit returned to the town of Slowtoaster and was so popular that he was elected King of Slowtoaster, or Slowking for short. Overcooked helped draw more toast people into what was now New Crustia, in order to help reestablish the once world power colony. Change was the model for bread to toast magic, and helped turn thousands of bread people into toast. He lead these people into the new town, Changeville, named after him. These three cities became known as the Tri City Area, or TCA, and became the center of the New Toast Empire, or NTE.

    The NTE gained ground, and quickly became a world power like they once were. However, some people disagreed with the triumvirate of Change, Lit, and Overcooked. One of these people, was Burnt McFrenchtoast. Born in the French Quarter of Crustia, McFrenchtoast believed that the only way the NTE would ever become successful, was if a leader as powerful as the great Toastello would return to power. He believed, that he would be that leader. He was often hated by the leaders, but a large population of French-Toasts believed that he was right.

    McFrenchtoast’s main teaching that he was a distant ancestor of Toastello, or the Toasten One. He adopted the name Toasten, to prove his point even further. Toasten decided that the NTE was impure, and requested separation from the NTE. Overcooked quickly rejected this notion, which frustrated Toasten. Toasten decided he would need to forcefully break away from the New Toast Empire.

    Word spread of this new nation, the Toastfrance. Overcooked reacted quickly by declaring war on the Toastfrance, and picked his good friends from the rebellion, Lit and Change, to be generals. Toasten was displeased with this new war, but knew that he would have no choice but to fight back. The first conflict was the battle of Butterton, a border town. The Toast troops marched through the town on their way to Toastfrance, but were confronted by the French Toast army. The battle did not last long, and the Toast army decimated the French Toast. The Toast army continued on their conquest of Toastfrance. Word spread to Toasten about his army’s defeat, and he recruited thousands of new soldiers into the army, and set them up around the Toastfrance capitol, Toastparis. As the Toast army marched toward the capitol expecting little resistance, they were met with a force that challenged their own. Cocky and unprepared, the Toast army was taken out by the new French Toast army. Having lost a substantial percentage of their army in this battle, the Toast army had no choice but to retreat. This would be the only loss the Toast army would ever face.

    Overcooked was faced with a new problem, that the French Toast Revolution was a legitimate threat to the NTE. He went as far as to draft one man from every family into the army in an act to strengthen them so they could make their second march towards Toastparis. This time, they were ready for the rebels.

    The Toast army once again marched towards the capitol of Toastfrance, and once again, were confronted by the French Toast army. However, this time, the Toast army was nearly twice as big, and easily took out the French Toast army. They marched on towards the capitol, and surrounded the Toasten’s castle. Toasten sent out his small group of guards to buy some time as he tried to escape through the back. Lit commanded half of the army to attack the guards and raid the castle, and sent half with Change to chase down the escaped Toasten. Lit quickly demolished the guards, and conquered the city of Toastparis. The threat was over, but Toasten was still undiscovered.

    Change sent his army to search throughout Toastfrance for Toasten, but he was unseen. Change reported this back to Overcooked. Overcooked himself, ecstatic about the win, traveled to Toastparis in order to make an agreement. He was met by the second in command of the French Toast. In the agreement, it was decided that Toastfrance would become a colony of NTE, paying taxes to the empire, but could hold its own local government. It also stated the Toastfrance could not have its own army, and instead would become a part of the Toast army.

    Two months later, Toasten was found living behind a barn in the Toast countryside. He was immediately taken to Overcooked, who declared that Toasten must be killed, for disgracing Toastello, and treason against the New Toast Empire. With the Toast’s quick thinking, a major threat to the Empire was defeated.

    Why you’d be active: becuz im so darn cool
    any other comments: lil b=god

  5. Name: Not Mach
    WordPress email: It definitely isn’t
    Past experience: CPAC Director of Satire, CPAC Reporter, CPAC Philosopher, CPAA Head of Site, CPAA Head Philosopher
    Post: I have several examples
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because there is always news to be reported.
    Any other comments: I know how to make my words bold :D

  6. Name: Makenzie
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: none
    Post: none
    Why you’d be active: one i love club penguin and i have played it since 2008. na di am pretty good at it, two i am in many club penguin armies like RPF ACP CPR SWAT and heroes
    Any other comments: this would be my first job like this and i want to aply here

  7. Name: Kwi3

    WordPress email:

    Past Experience:

    Post: ^^^^

    Why you’d be active: I am mostly active 24/7. I have church on Saturday mornings but I can still be active in CPA Central. And also , I have a good grammar, and can spell any words right. I am smart , I love writing and sharing my thoughts with others.

    Any other comments: I am looking forward to work here instead of seeing violence in battles and wars 24/7.

  8. •Name: Cookiechoco3
    •WordPress email:
    •Past experience: I guess this is journalism? ClubPenguinista (Twitter) (Blog) Booga Bear’s assistant on blog.
    •Post: I am new to the CP Army journalism industry. Is it okay to submit another essay on Disney puffles & parties?
    Hi CP Readers, its me, CP journalist Cookiechoco3! Today we are covering the issue of Disney ruining CP parties. In September, we have a Fall Fair, correct? But when I wrote to Club Penguin in an email, they said they might not be having the Fall Fair, but maybe a new party and underlining maybe because this could just be something to distract me. Disney has also ruined Club Penguin with the Teen Beach Movie Takeover. We asked for 1. Summer Party! 2. Water Party! 3. Music Jam! They decided to combine the three into a terrible concoction. The Teen Beach Movie Takeover which is by Disney. We now know that Disney is just using Club Penguin to promote their dumb movies.
    We are tired of this, correct? Didn’t we all treasure the Summer Party, the Water Party and other fun parties instead of takeovers? Don’t you want to change that and bring back the Club Penguin that you liked? Write to CP, make YouTube videos, and message them on Twitter, Facebook, and comment on Instagram photos! Do what it takes! Even if we fail, at least we did the best we could to try and bring our CP back, right?
    We know address issue #2, which is puffles. This is a small issue but this is more like an interest story. Blue, green, pink and black puffles were released before the red puffles correct? Then why make blue and red non member puffles? Why not blue, green, pink, or black? Why not two of those? Is it because they are both early primary colors? Did people like the other colors better so they did this? I have written to CP regarding this issue and they said they will mention it to the team and get back to me soon.
    I heard that instead Team Blue vs Team Red this year, Club penguin said they might have a Team Green vs Team Yellow party? What are your thoughts about this? Do you think this is a good idea? I have found out that half of Club Penguin is blue team, a quarter is red team and another quarter is shared between green and yellow.
    Well that’s journalist Cookiechoco3’s story on CP! We really want to know what to know what you think about this story so comment down below!
    Follow @ClubPenguinista on Twitter for even more updates on stuff about CP and what I write to them!
    •Why you’d be active: I would be active because I really like reporting on things to do with CP and also journalism related to CP. I am a hardworking person and I am very active in what I do. Once I have my goal set on something I never give up!
    •Any other comments: I am very determined and I have lots of writing experience and I am working on creating a CPPS that will take over CPYS

  9. 1. Andy
    3. Past ex:
    5: I’m mostly active all the time. I have been working in the club penguin army new site bus since i joined armies and got a wordpress-acount since March. I have good spelling too.
    6. No Thank You.

  10. 1) spy agent388

    2)spy agent388

    3) well i was recuited to APC and stayed there for 1 month
    and i went to ST in december 2012 it was my home i was always active there but in Augest ST was dead so i went back to ACP for 2 weeks and i am here now
    4. one day i was sitting at Riffy chat i was recuited to SWAT i did not like SWAT so i was waiting at riffy chat so i was recuited to ACP and from ACP i was recuited to ST and i stayed there for 7 months then it died so im here right now

    5. i would be active cause this was always my dream job and i have been active in lots of armys and i would always go to chat and i have good spelling and grammer to

    6. i will try my best to go to CPAC chat every day

  11. •Name:cocoi25
    •Past experience:i am recrited to acp because st died
    •Post:i saw st so i went there and it died so i went to acp
    •Why you’d be active:so i can hav fun
    •Any other comments:
    i will try my best to go to cpac evry day

    • You can’t be serious?

  12. Hello,

    Name: Alias or Chelsey

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:
    My past experience in blogging took place in 2009, where I was an administrator on multiple, popular Club Penguin “cheats” websites. I haven’t been in any armies (Keep in mind: this doesn’t mean I know nothing of them), therefor my opinions/comments wouldn’t be biased. I’ve won many awards for writing, in and out of school, so I’d like to believe I would be a decent reporter. Also, I admin Club Penguin Private Servers (meaning I am trustworthy.)

    I’ve been isolated lately, so I haven’t anything to report. If necessary, I will write a post by request. Please give me a topic.

    Why you’d be active:
    This question is a silly one. I suppose I’d be active because whenever I’m into something, I give it 110% effort and basically obsess over it until I’m the best I could possibly be in that field. Considering I’m literally on the computer any time I’m awake (I don’t even go to school), there’s no doubt I’d be your most active reporter.

    Any other comments:
    I’m able to code HTML/CSS.

    Please add me on Skype (crayonkitty) for further discussion on the topic.


  13. Name: Wolfie1215
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I am a 2ic in the Nachos. I make a lot of posts on the site, ranging from simple event posts, to motivational posts to keep up my troops’ morale. One could say I have a way with words.
    Post: ACP’s Anti Bullying Campaign
    Today on August 14th, 2013, ACP leaders Capncook and Tori released a post regarding bullying, called “A Place for Friendship, Not Bullying”. In this post, a clearly upset Capncook states he is “infuriated with the amount of bullying he sees on the ACP chat.” Capncook goes on to claim that as a result of this bullying, there has been a loss of new recruits, and that people who were once friends of the ACP have now become enemies. Capncook believes the blame falls on not just the members and moderators, but even the owners, whom he states “are supposed to be role models, the ideal soldiers and have the most well behaved personalities.”
    Capncook issued a warning to all of the ACP, stating that if an Owner or a Moderator is caught bullying another soldier, they are to lose their chat powers for 24 hours. If a Member is caught bullying, they are to be banned for 24 hours. Capncook also calls out some people in specific for their actions, such as “Cassiusbrutus, Light, and retirees like Slider”. Lastly, Capncook offered a sincere apology to any troops who may have been victimized or bullied on the ACP chat.
    Tori’s part of the post begins with what seems to be a personal story about an experience she had with bullying. However, Tori explains that she wasn’t the one being bullied, it was her brother. Tori explained how her brother came home one day in tears, saying he wanted to end his life. Tori even states that her brother had to be institutionalized in a mental hospital on suicide watch. Tori even goes so far as to say that this generation makes her sick.
    The Club Penguin army community has come to known the ACP as a very child friendly environment, being one of the few armies that has a strict no cursing policy. Now it seems that they want to add a zero-tolerance to bullying as well. I asked Slider, one of the people singled out in Capncook and Tori’s post, asking how he felt about ACP’s new rule. Slider called them ridiculous, saying that “sometimes people joke around and don’t really mean what they say, but now you can’t even kid around without being banned for a day.” Slider explained how he and Joker, a former Nacho leader, were joking around regarding RPF leader Snaily, when suddenly he was banned for 24 hours on account of bullying. Slider also believes that the ACP owners are taking things too seriously, and are not able to tell a joke apart from an actual bully, and are just banning everyone they believe to be bullying, regardless of authenticity. These claims are yet to be confirmed.
    Is the ACP right for making a zero tolerance bullying policy in their army? Will their plan actually succeed? Or perhaps will a group of people from the ACP disagree with this plan and try to insinuate a rebellion from ACP’s tight rule? Is Bluesockwa a sly charming devil? All I know is the answer to only one of these questions is Yes, but I don’t know which one. (WARY) We can only see how the ACP’s plan works out in time.

    Why you’d be active: As stated above, I am a Nacho 2ic, and I have been in the armies since 2009, which is 4 years straight. I have given 100% dedication to the Nachos, and I’m sure I can do to the same and even more for CPAC, given the chance. I’m sure I wouldn’t let CPAC or anyone involved with CPAC down, and will be the best reporter I can be, if I get the chance, no, the PRIVILEGE

    Any other comments: Wolfie4President.

  14. •Name:Nintendo342
    •WordPress email: I am on blogger
    •Past experience: I have a blog on blogger and write about CP Cheats
    •Post: My Story is about World War VI.In October 2012 The Pirate Army started going to ACP Chat and threatning and swearing at the soldiers and owners.It got so bad that Pirates declared war on ACP and on November 2012 Pirates declared 2 wars on ACP.At the end ACP won.Pirates continued talking really big.ACP had a practise battle with the allies of Ice Warriors.then the Black alliance was born.The white alliance became of late.rThe Black Alliance was destroyed.As a result a couple months later.Pirates became allies with ACP and the Black Alliance has came back only once but has been destroyed again I am very happy that the ACP and Pirates have been in peace again.That is my take on WW VI
    •Why you’d be active:I will try my best to be as active as I can

  15. name;pikachu624
    past experience:ar private and dcp private
    Post:this post is abou the ceasfire about Acp and AR
    This ceasfire is about the Acp and AR they had this ceasfire because when the AR and Acp batlle and ledgends was going on so this is the equation AR+Acp Battle+Legends cup=ceasfire
    so,thats how the ceasfire started with Acp and AR.

    • You’re kidding, right?

      • dude plz

  16. Name: West

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: I post on DCP site now and again.

    Post: Thursday, August 15, 2013. It was a cool summer day. The Doritos, who have been on the rise in the famous “CPAC Top 10″, were set off to face the legendary Army of Club Penguin. The leaders, Mustapha10 and Toysoldier, logged their troops on at 2:50 P.M. The event was scheduled for 3 P.M. EST. They logged in 10 minutes early onto a server that Mustapha randomly picked from the Dorito Empire due to troops having issues logging on to Mammoth.

    To prepare the troops for what would be a fun day for both armies, the Doritos would quickly circle the town with about 35 troops and do tactics such as E-T, E-9, E-P and so on. The leaders of DCP were feeling good about the performance of the army and its tactics since it was a bit early before the event was ready to begin. 10 minutes later, the real deal was about to happen. The Doritos are standing in strong at 35 troops, still circling the town. They were having just about perfect tactics. But, the one thing they were asking themselves, where was ACP? In order to pass the time, the leaders of DCP agreed to move to the nightclub for a little bit of disco fun. Toy gave the command for his Doritos to spread out along the dance floor and do E-7 tactic while dancing.

    A few minutes after having a good time in the nightclub, they then decided to move out to the Forts. Once they arrived, their sizes quickly grew to 40+ and they were soon circling the the room. There was still no sign of ACP though. The Doritos were growing a bit impatient, so they decided to J-bomb the Forts out of their boredom. They then circled the room once more, to do tactics such as E-9, E-Q, and E-C. They stayed in the forts for about 10 minutes, doing pretty well with their tactics. After they were done in the Forts, they decided to move to the Ice Berg.

    15 minutes into the battle, the ACP finally met with DCP at the Ice Berg. As the ACP had about 12 troops logged on, they were appearing very meagre in size compared to the Doritos who were clearly out-numbering them. The Doritos were still at great sizes of 35+ when the ACP had arrived. The Doritos were quick to bunch into the tip of the Berg. They were doing an E-T tactic while they were bunched up in the corner. DCP then decided to E-M bomb them for about a minute or two. They then bunched up at the top once more to have an old school snowball fight with ACP.

    After a long, tough battle for Tori, the leader of the ACP, she admitted her defeat to the Doritos. She then went on congratulate them on their victory. Mustapha then went on to tell everyone how well of a job that they had done, and how proud he was of the entire army. Mustapha, Toy, and the rest of the Doritos then logged off of the server, returning to their chat as a happy army.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I have been in the Doritos for quite some time now. I have given nothing but dedicated service to them, and I will continue to do so. I have always felt I had the potential to be a reporter for CPAC, so I thought I should give it a try. I also plan to be in the community for at east another year.

    Any other comments: I plan to give nothing but quality work. I promise to give it my all, and not to let any of you good people down. Thank you for your time.

  17. Name: Dots

    WordPress email: -Don’t ask me why-

    Past experience:I use to be the head for my school’s newspaper.
    Vally Park Middle School TImes!

    Post: POST NAME:The Purple is gone?
    So, School is starting for almost everyone in the CP Army world.This has caused drastic falls but that has not stopped the armys as we have a lot unfolding and maybe another World War but we are missing
    a special guest.Purple Republic.Have they died again? They’re latest post was on August 11th 2013. It was about raiding a 1 Direction Wiki.
    Also a rumor is going around that “Purple Republic will become an real Club penguin army.”. Lately a war has broken out between Army Republic and RPF. Everyone is expecting PR to raid this war.
    Comment below what you think! PR is dead or they are planning for a huge raid?

    Why you’d be active:Well i have been very loyal to the armies i join. Never to betray unless betrayed and i am around all the armies so i catch news faster then light.

    Any other comments:Nope

  18. id just like to join

  19. Name: Dots

    WordPress email: -Don’t ask me why-

    Past experience:I use to be the head for my school’s newspaper.
    Vally Park Middle School TImes!


    Why you’d be active:Well i have been very loyal to the armies i join. Never to betray unless betrayed and i am around all the armies so i catch news faster then light.

    Any other comments:Nope

  20. Name: Joe
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAC Head Reporter
    Why you’d be active: I want to practice writing since school is starting soon.
    Any other comments: Hire me!

    • Hired. Welcome to CPAC! You’ll receive an invitation to the CPAC main site and the CPAC staff site.

      • Ok! Sorry I was on vacation. I will do this now! Thanks again!

  21. Name: Mohammed
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Non
    Post: I haven’t posted anything yet
    Why you’d be active: Sometimes I”m bored and i want something to do plus working here sounds really exiting :D
    Any other comments: Please hire me this would be an honour PLEASE!!

  22. Holy shirt,

  23. Name:Cody2143
    Past experience: I practice writing and looking at other people post’s for a long time
    Post:Why do army’s have to set a better example for other armies.
    Hi Guys it’s me Cody bringing you daily news. I came here to talk about why do armies need to set better examples for other armies. Well many armies have died lately If we set a better example it would make people less ferocious on winning and teach their troops better how to set a better army if we can do that it would better chances of achieving goals. By setting a good examples troops of many other armies would look up to you and act good like you making them better troops in front of their army and fellow comrades.

    By setting a good example for other armies it would prevent less deaths of army’s making it a better social army civilization. It would make armies better stronger and no thought of death or what so ever if we can keep good social friendship good hark kind work we will be making the better army universe better bit by bit so if we can do a better example you can be the next man or woman to make armies better.
    Lastly many leaders are quite hasty not appreciated but if leaders do fun stuff like games movies for their troops it will be fun and troops would not quit going for another army and setting a bad example so we can prevent that by doing a good example toward other armies and our troops making our army live longer and other army’s live longer to so if all work hard together and make the army society a better place there could be many great changes many armies have a good fun battles so if we can stop this anger and wanting to win very badly and make our troops and army’s much better there can be many great possibilities awaiting for us!

    So if we try hard and do our best to set a good example you maybe the next change in army society so bye for now I’ll see you next time!

    Why you’d be active: I love writing bout cpac its really fun and it uses our time well
    Any other comments: Cpac ftw

  24. Name: Localhost
    WordPress email: I would like to keep this private.
    Past experience: I make graphics, I’m currently an owner on the official xat chat for graphics. I could help you with some if I get a site advertisement in the sidebar. Meat me on for more info.

    • Meet* :S

  25. Name: Epfagent9421
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:I did editing stuff about club penguin alot.
    Post: This is about 311 words
    Why you’d be active:This is one of my first time writing in publicly writing.I will be happy to write anything for the cpac news. I always help people who are sad.
    Any other comments:This is a awesome cp army news site *wary*

  26. Name: Donut67890
    WordPress email: Use my username “donut67890dw”
    Past experience: I worked for the Woton regime
    Why you’d be active: Lots of free time + I like writing posts.
    Any other comments: CPAC (Y)

  27. Name: Sir Loyalty(Kwi3)

    Word Press Email:

    Past Experience:
    When I post, I make it Very long. Love writing and sharing ideas for other armies. And also enjoy posting updates/status from other armies.

    ~Example Post of RPF~
    Such a horrible chaos is happening in RPF. First , Elmikey [Leader of RPF] rehired Lord Pain! Unbelievable! After everything RPF has been through with Pain, Elmikey rehired Pain! Many others disagreed. Actually, Snaily [RPF Prime Minister] refused to let Lord Pain back to RPF, so he posted on RPF site about Lord Pain Fired. Many others of RPF troops lost respect for Elmikey. Most of them quitted cause of that situation. After Elmikey read the post, he deleted Snaily’s Post and fired Snaily. Wow. Elmikey actually supports Lord Pain for the first time against one of his trusted comrade. The RPF troops got furious cause they all love Snaily and supports her. So then they made a group of RPF troops added with other soldiers from other armies such as Nachos, Blue Team , Watex Warriors , Army of CP , etc. Currently , the group was called the RFA [Rebel Federation Army] Pain saw this and also has a group of his own. Like most of them were RPF and other troops from other armies. So now, they are going to war. A Civil War! This is outraging! Now its like. RPF VS RPF! This will bring RPF apart. If this go on, RPF will be wiped out for fighting each other. Snailys supporters vs Pains Supporters . Elmikey left for 2 weeks and left the problem to his own army. What kind of leader is he? He was the one that started this Civil War. Will he end it also? What will happen once he comes back? Will he see pure darkness in his troops fighting each other? Will he fire most of his troops? What happen to “When Darkness Falls”? Commando (Creator of RPF) was having a conversation with Snaily and agreed with Snaily. So its Elmikey and Lord Pain vs Snaily and Commando? This might be the biggest chaos that has happen to RPF. Its way worst than Leaders getting ddos or Chat getting hacked. Seeing RPF having a Civil War at each other will be meaning to destroying each other. By the time Elmikey comes back, RPF will be suddenly wiped out. The only problem that can solve this problem is for Lord Pain to Leave RPF. Half of RPF joined Lord Pain, and half of RPF joined Snaily.. 4 armies or more are supporting/helping the Rebels. So our main Q is ..Will this RPF Civil War go on? Will it end on time before RPF is gone? Will Elmikey come on time?
    Well lets watch and see what will happen while the Future of RPF comes.
    Comment Below about your opinion about the RPF Civil War.

    Any other Comment[s] :
    CPA Central For the Win! I will be glad to update CPAC status from other Major Armies. I will try my best to not let CPAC down. Don’t trust me? Ask anyone from any Major armies. I am loyal, and respectful. I will support CPAC at all times! *salute*

  28. Name: Doritodaily

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:Doritos 2ic, Water Vikings 2ic, Army Republic 2ic, Ice Warriors Mod, CPST Mod

    Post: ~Ceons Struck Again~ Recently weve found out Ceon has threatened RPF and Army Republic and to hack their chats. But today I have spotted another threat by him as hes threatened to hack CP Reds chat. <<<<< You can thank me and mister Subs AKA Meano4 for the evidence and please keep lookout for him anywhere. ~Rocky25721[AKA Doritodaily]

    Why Youd Be Active: I come onto the chats often during weekends although I have College but I only come for less time Mondays-Thurdays unless i'm off any of those days.


      • War between Doritos and UMA have ended cough*again*cough after dismal effort by the UMA against DCP will this be the end of war or just another chapter between these armies?

        • That would beh another post^:D

          • Probably my best post sofar

            • I bet Just cause Blue2 hasa problem with mee that I would never get my chance what hpyocritical BSSSS

              • New Post From Yours Truly: Doritos and UMA are once again at war after only few days of ending war between each other and it seems like neither side wants to accept defeat and admit whos right and wrong in this epic war between the two armies.
                ~From Rocky The Orange Hippo~

  29. Name: Grayrocket
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: None
    Post: “Armies using 5 bar to win”
    Is it a problem armies are using 5 bar servers? Some people complain and others don’t. All 5 bar servers do is give more armies “Rogues” they basically are just random people helping the army out. Witch gives the army a higher chance of maxing a higher number of members there actually is in the army. I’ve talked to several people. Most of them agree with the statement “5 bar servers are not fair”

    This statement statement is all an opinion, bigger armies like ACP, AR and Nachos, get a lot of complaints tht most of their members at there events are “Rogues” There are no rules that stop an army from going on a 5 bar server, so must armies do. Just so they can make a little more the usual. All armies have “rogues” at their battles, there is not problem with it, but it’s not the true army it’s self. If I may answer the question real quick. I truly think it’s not matter for “rogues” It’s basically like saying you’re getting some new comers. Besides that, their is no problem with having “Rogues” Or going onto a 5 bar Server.

    I also don’t think most armies set thier battles up for 5 bar server’s it just ends up like that. So, saying that.. It most come to a end of this post.. I think armies should be aloud to go on whatever kind of servers they want with you people Complaining about what they do!

    Why you’d be active: I would be active so I could inform the other armies about whats going on!
    Any other comments: Nope.

  30. Name:Lights
    Past experience:None, be quiet (sad)
    Why you’d be active:I would be active because this grammar would help me out with school too!
    Any other comments:Please hire me!

  31. Name: Tax1//Jay
    Wordpress email:
    Why Would you be active?: I’ve been wanting to work at CPAC for a long long long time now. Splasher wanted me to do a post to show how good I was that was not on a army blog. So I finally did it! My post was meant for smac but now I decided I want to move it on CPAC
    Any other comments: I hope I can be the next CPAC reporter :D

  32. Name: Kayla
    WordPress email: I dont have one :(
    Past experience: I am an amazing writer in school.

    Post: Hey guys! Its me again and I found out we have some battles coming up soon, so here are the details,

    Abomnaiable at 7pmCST Saturday vs RCF
    Zipline at 6am CST Sunday vs Nachos
    Klondike at 3pm CST Monday vs Doritos

    We are running low on recruits so if you can come, please reply in the chat box if you can come!

    Our most recent battle against the dark warriors was awesome! Not many people came though, as I said, we are running low on recruits so please apply today! My favorite part was when everyone was throwing snowballs at each other with mad faces!

    The stats are: 1. Army of CP [+2] [83.65]
    2. Dark Warriors [+3] [82.00]
    3. Rebel Penguin Federation [-1] [79.75]
    4. Nachos [-3] [78.88]
    5. Ice Warriors [+2] [63.75]
    6. Army Republic [-2] [63.69]
    7. Doritos [-2] [57.75]
    8. Underground Mafias Army [+0] [55.75]
    9. Watex Warriors [+1] [51.75]
    10. Team Blue [+1] [46.75]

    This was on September 15th so I don’t know when it will be updated.

    The army of cp I think is us. So far, we are number 1!
    The dark warriors, our most recent opponents, are 2nd with 3 recent wins
    The RCF just lost to a battle yesterday but they still win 79.75% of the time
    The Nachos just won to the RCF yesterday but they have had 3 loses recently which makes them number 4 on out list.
    The ice warriors have won 2 battles recently which is great for them! but they don’t win too often.
    The doritos have had 2 loses recently and don’t win to much.
    The underground mafia army has had no recent wins (probably because they aren’t as active)
    The watex warriors have had one recent win but they only usually win half the time
    And at tenth place team blue. I have no idea whats up with the name! Copying of of game day maybe…

    Why you’d be active: I really love club penguin and would love to be part of this army.
    Any other comments: (NONE)

  33. •Name: Peacock1807
    •WordPress email: non
    •Past experience: beginner
    •Why you’d be active: not so active
    •Any other comments:non

  34. •Name:peacock1807
    •WordPress email:non
    •Past experience: in the nacho army
    •Why you’d be active: I love cp
    •Any other comments:non

  35. I think somebody blocked me and I haven’t cussed for few weeks on here now unblock/unblacklist meh this has gone too far

    • Never mind test comment shows

  36. Name: Grayrocket
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Once been a CPAC reporter
    Post: RF Rises

    RF known as Redemption Force has rose from the past couple of months. Going from top ten SMAC in one week is pretty amazing! There a two amazing leaders known as Blaze and Reacon. They both joined in 2009, that’s decent experience for a leader.

    Their past events have been great maxing almost 20+ plus averaging 15+ (If not more) Most likely placing their self into a spot in the top ten of CPAC, so I did a interview with one of there army leaders known as Reacon.

    Me: Do you believe that RF has Potential?

    Reacon: Yes I know RF has Potential, and I promise you that we are here to stay for a long time, and the armies of CPAC should watch out for us because coming for the top spot.

    Me: What spot to you honestly think RF deserves CPAC/SMAC?

    Reacon: For anyone who does not know, we have been pulling of 21+ averaging 15+… Not considering we have been doing this for multiple weeks, I think we deserve the 10th spot or 9th spot.

    Me: On a honest opinion how do you think the army community is? (Off topic)

    Reacon: Well I’ve been in armies ’08 so really I’ve seen the golden age of armies and compared to today I honestly don’t think armies are the same, that’s why blaze and I came back to armies after retirement and try to make an army like old cp armies.

    Me: Thank you for you’re time and patients. You have a great night!

    After interviewing Reacon “One of the leaders of RF” I have learned some interesting stuff about RF, and there future! This army has great potential, already doing great on their first couple of months..
    This army has brought back some old times, even knowing it’s a newer army they have brought back the older feeling

    Reacon and Blaze “RF leaders” both have very high expectations for this growing army. Their is no doubt that this army will make it too CPAC top ten spot soon, very soon. Making the stakes high for this growing army is pushing there troops to the max, witch is a great way to show other armies they mean business. I hope the best for Reacon and Blaze with RF, and hope the best for the army it’s self!

    Your’s truly Grayrocket

    Why you’d be active: I would just love to work for CPAC, and inform others about what’s going on around the CP community!
    Any other comments: I would love to work for CPAC any response would be great!

    • Hire Grayrocket obviously he knows what hes talking about

      • Thank you! I actually have more but, I was stupid enough to send it off without writing it all.

  37. Name: Justin54
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: I’ve written mostly on different websites than club penguin armies. I usually write on my school website or on edmodo. I’ve also been in quite a few armies like HSA,AR,etc.
    Why would I be active? Well I honestly love to write it’s such a passion. It makes me feel so creative and happy.
    Any other comments? No thanks.

  38. I would like to be a cpac ambassador just to like an updater on anything new I am Sir justin I have experience in 4 armies but mostly Rpf But i have recently retired so i have no business in fighting in a while so i would like to be able to just Find anything new in Cp armies As an Ambassador

  39. Name: 78562cool
    WordPress email: 78562cool
    Past experience: CPAC Author, SMAC Author, SMAC Site Organizer, and SMAC Event Organizer

    Why you’d be active: I am active in CP armies, and there is always something to write about.
    Any other comments: NA

  40. Name: Skipper233
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAC reporter
    Post: last year
    Why you’d be active: I love to report and talk about history
    Any other comments: nope

  41. Name: Zach
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Other than being in CP armies and writing blogs every now and then, not much, but I do believe I am a great writer
    Post: CPAC tournement Light Troops vs. Rebel Penguin Federation! Today a chaotic yet exciting battle happened in the 2nd Round of the CPAC tournement. This match was very intense the whole time and brought full rooms and troops had to start doing tactics in different rooms! The troops maxed out the 45 mark and did a fantastic job at doing tactics. The judges were very torn about their decision and decided that the battle would be a draw. Now some may argue that one army multi-logs and the other usual excuses, but if you were there, you probably wouldn’t be able to chose which of these terrific armies would win… I think that this was a great second round for both armies, and even though none of them brought home a victory, their leaders should be proud of how their troops and the strategies they brought to the table today… Leader of Light Troops Spi said that he was very impressed with his troops for putting up such a great fight, and I’m sure the Rebel Penguin Federation’s Leader Elmikey would have said the same thing. Thank you for reading the post, and stay tuned for more!
    Why you’d be active: I like it’s a good idea to get stories out and explain what is going on in the CP Army Universe
    Any other comments: No thanks

  42. 1.Andre
    3.I was heavily involved in armies,i write novels here and there, and I get A’s on all of my essays.
    5. It’s not why I want tot work here, Its why you want me to work here. Its about whether I’m gonna help the site or i’m not, and I believe that I can.I’ll be very active, considering I’m not doing much right now, and will definitely be able to get posts out at least once a week.
    6.Thanks For Your Timme

  43. Name: Son Nav
    WordPress Email:
    Past experience: Well, I find CP armies very interesting, but other then that, I have a great blogging experience. I have worked for the past sites: SMAC, CPAF, and I have worked with these other blogs but there not related to CP armies, there related to CP news and stuff like that. I have great grammar, and when I do my posts I dig in! I am very nice, and before I post, say if “Nachos VS RPF” I would have to dig in and see if any of them multi-logged or so. I am a VERY experienced troop, in the CP army universe and am proud to be a blogger/writer. My dream is to work for CPAC, I am friends with many people who do work for CPAC such as: Pengton19, Wolfie, Kingfunks and Blaze. I add to the end: Stay tuned, and thanks for reading!- Name… Anyways, Yes, I really would love to work for CPAC!
    Any other comments: Yes, you may check out some CP ARMY posts: —– LOL, I wom’t bold anything and I will ask funks or someone to approve my work before I post thank you for reading.

  44. Name:Huner
    WordPress email (
    Past experience: I havent blogged alot i only blogged for MCA,PBK. Samuriasofcp,SR but I have good grammar but i can make LITTLE Tiny mistakes but ive blogged for 2 years now but sometimes i don’t blog becasue i have work but for CPAC i promise i will be good
    Why you’d be active: I’m working for CPAC one of the bst sites xD and i love blogging as well
    Any other comments: Please accept me as reporter (not my wordpress may not work)

  45. Name:Hunter
    WordPress email
    Past experience: I havent blogged alot i only blogged for MCA,PBK. Samuriasofcp,SR but I have good grammar but i can make LITTLE Tiny mistakes but ive blogged for 2 years now but sometimes i don’t blog becasue i have work but for CPAC i promise i will be good
    Why you’d be active: I’m working for CPAC one of the best sites xD and i love blogging as well
    Any other comments: Please accept me as reporter
    (i’m recomenting)

  46. Name:

    WordPress email:
    Past experience:

    - I have made a few blogs and they weren’t to good but now i’m making an awesome one for club penguin chats and see how it goes

    Post: Nachos and The War With ACP

    Nacho army has been around for a very long time it was one of the first ever army’s, but there is a another army that also was the very first army of Club Penguin and that army was called ACP aka Army of Club Penguin. On December 2007 ACP first declared war on the Nachos because the Nachos didn’t agree to have an alliance with ACP. That made ACP mad, very mad. So that is why ACP declared war on the Nachos. The war ended as a tie. Than ACP and the Nachos grew a large rivalry. The ACP leader named Oagalthorp was disliked by other army’s and some troops from his own army disliked him. The person who disliked him the most was Mpenguin123 from UMA. They had an anti-ACP and anti-Oagalthorp strikes which we’re held in the server mammoth. Oagalthorp was removed by the treaty and replaced by a ACP member. Now lets not talk about the history of UMA how about the next battle of the nachos and the ACP and how it started. In February 2008 ACP started making rant posts about Oagalthorp. Oagalthorp responded and sparked up a cold war with the nachos. ACP kept making posts which made the spark get bigger and bigger until that spark exploded! The Nachos declared war on the ACP. Mostly all of the battles were taken in the server Mammoth. Many of the battles was scheduled but some where not which would be unscheduled. One month passed which was March 2008. The first day of March there was a huge battle which would end it all. The Nachos and ACP debated over who won and the end result is that the nachos have won because they won more battles than ACP did.

    Why you’d be active:

    - I love writing and giving people ideas. When I grow up I hope to be a famous writer about books that come from my mind like Allison In Wonderland. I’m actually making some ideas now when I get older and correct them.
    Any other comments:

    - I’m 13 and I already have hundreds of ideas :D
    - Got info from here
    - DIDN’T COPY!

  47. TehBoss/Pikachu624
    Made a army site it was alive for 4 months now!
    Post: This Just in UWF WAR WITH MPFCP
    The UWF and MPFCP war continues! Is this a new dawn for a new world war? Can this come to an end?
    Is it 2006 again? 2006 was the start of the color wars and the ACP was founded.The UWF founded July 26th,2013. Now alive for 4 months.The MPFCP founded August 16th,2013 alive for 3 months.Then died September 19th,2013. Re-created October 22nd,2013.
    Source: Maytan cp army news
    Reporter: Hi shark.
    Shark: Hi Reporter!
    Reporter: So,what happened between UWF and MPFCP?
    Shark: UWF said that we dead. We just retired.
    Reporter: Do you want war?
    Shark: Yes.
    Reporter: Any other comments?
    Shark: No.
    I did not copy this it is from my site:

  48. Name: Max
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAC Vice President, Co Founder of CPAE
    Why you’d be active: i read ur site sometimes
    Any other comments: plz dont ddos me

  49. Zair67
    doritos reporter
    I go to all doritos battles!

  50. Name:Clover902
    Wordpress email
    Past Experience:Nickscparmynews worker former CPAE
    Post: I do many posts on different armies but my best posts are with dw and nachos
    Why you’d be active:I read CPAC every day and i always post on nickscparmynews daily
    Any other Comments: I go to a great University and im going into a writing degree Thank you!

  51. •Name: green barays
    •WordPress email:
    •Past experience: none
    •Post: green barays leader
    •Why you’d be active: so I can make friends and battle other armies

  52. Name: Brigade3
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Non
    Post: Post:
    Why you’d be active: Im on my pc daily and are always on chats
    Any other comments: I love CPAC!

  53. Name: Lord/DJ Mine Turtle (or) Bowser1231
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I have made 4-5 blogs and work for 3 blogs. The 3 blogs are Club Penguin Army Focus,Club Penguin Daily News with Iceyfeet and Bowsers club penguin tips,tricks and cheats.
    Post here:
    Armies need something to stay afloat. Some people say graphics,leaders and xats make a good army. Other people like me say dignity,active troops and activeness make the army founded well. But I want to list EVERYTHING that makes the foundation of the army satisfactory.

    2. FACT FILE
    3. OPINION

    Club Penguin armies always are built off of a cornerstone or a legend or even the name of the army. These are all good things to be built off of. Armies need something key to help them stay standing up. If they don’t have the key “powers” the army is basically just a big BLOB. This is why armies like Nachos,Doritos and Elites are very excelling in the army world.

    But what if their were no legends,cornerstones or old club penguin items? No they would not focus on the name.As if they are a smart army they would find a way to build around it with active troops,loyalty and yes,history. Armies need to be active to stay afloat,as if they aren’t active they can’t even SURVIVE in the army world.

    Here is a list of things an army needs to stay afloat,with a description of course.

    Legends: A legend is a well known person. A well known person is famous. That leads to many people joining/doing what the famous person is.

    Popular names: A name of an army of something that everyone loves like Doritos,Nachos and Tacos. Or something that sounds cool like Lightning Strikers,Redemption Force and Light Troops.

    Activeness: This is one of the main ones. If no one is active the army dies in like 5 seconds. To be active you got to get on whenever you can and show up to events. If you do show up you will get good sizes,then you will become well known and then more people will want to join you.

    Xats: This is a shocker to some. But yes xats to play a role. If you have lots of xats and you’re in Club Penguin armies,what do you do? Buy pro Graphics,buy advertisements from 1 month-infinity and use them to buy powers for your chat. If you do this you will become very popular with the advertising,you will look good with the graphics and the powers make the chat look good also.

    Troops: The troops are the soul and heart of the foundation. Troops are the ones who WORK towards getting leader in that army. The leaders work to become a legend. If their were no troops armies would be a big blob of owners.

    Powers: Powers fancy everything up. Like the army Greek sheeps,Army Republic and Lightning strikers,they have used their xats on powers for their chat. That makes the army look good.

    Uniforms: Yes uniforms are helpful,since Club Penguin is a kids game so everyone is like 5-10 year olds they have developed the word “Sexy” in their head. So they want to be “Sexy” and they look at uniforms for that. If you have a “Sexy” uniform they will join.

    I believe that legends,troops and activeness play the biggest role in armies. Legends make the army big,troops make the army big and put those to together and they are all active. If their was none of this your army would SUCK. No offense to those who don’t focus on this but it’s true. Then again it is MY opinion so we don’t know if it’s true.


    Me: BOLD

    Blaze: Italic

    Me:What do you think plays a key in an armies foundation? Simpler,what keeps an army afloat.

    Blaze: Well to keep an army alive-you have to be on the computer a lot. Recruit,make events,make the chat fun!

    Me: Now why do you think this?

    Blaze: That is how I raised Redemption Force. I used different strategies in different armies though.

    Me: Let’s say you were 3ic in this army. You went on vacation but didn’t tell anyone. When you got back you were demoted to lowest mod. What would you do?

    Blaze: Hell,I would already know I did wrong. But I would possibly work my way back up or quit it. I mean it’s that big of a demotion *Shrug*

    Me: Any last words?

    Blaze: Neegur <3

    Interview with Color50 Dark Knights Founder

    Me: BOLD


    Me:What do you think plays a key in an armies foundation? Simpler,what keeps an army afloat.

    Color50: Recruiting. It strengthens the army to fight strong.

    Me: Now why do you think this?

    Color50:Because it raises your army into the top 10 and helps you in battles.

    Me: Let’s say you were 3ic in this army. You went on vacation but didn’t tell anyone. When you got back you were demoted to lowest mod. What would you do?

    Color50: I would recruit hard and try to earn it back or talk to the leader about my mistake.

    Me: Any last words?

    Color50: Join the Dark Knights XD.

    In conclusion,armies are always built off something. Leaders,legends,recruiting and of course “neegurs” are in that category. If an army wants to survive they have to have something to build off of. If their is nothing that the army is built off of,the army basically dies off and becomes a useless,forgotten army.
    Why you’d be active: Club Penguin Army Central is the best news site around. I would provide my best as much as I can to keep the users content,joyful and excited to read every single post.
    Any other comments: Superoo wanted to talk to me on ACP chat about working for a "news site" but I am banned on ACP chat. Cassius wont un ban me *Wary* so if you can @superoo13 email me what you want .

  54. Name:Earthing
    Past experience:I have been the editor of Club Penguin army which also deals with Club Penguin.I was the Penguin of the day on 17th October 2013 and i am also a regular Cp blogger(Also registered).In fact i am very famous and popular around the internet too.I even have Club Penguin editors degree with grade A+.
    Post:i am the leader of Exrate army which is the official protector of the island and has about 230 penguins and 9 servers under its control.We are fighting for the right of non-members and we also organized penguin revolution which was a great success.More than 200 penguins took part in it and the mammoth even was held on server Whiteout(our capital server)
    Why you’d be active:I am a regular Club Penguin blogger also official.I play club penguin for 8 to 9 hours just like a moderator and i also have Spike Hike and many other moderators as my close friends.
    Any other comments:Add me as i would help you day and night just like i help Club Penguin.Please visit my website to know more!Waiting for reply!

  55. •Name: Blake/Vdmman

    •WordPress email:

    •Past experience: Um, I do have some past experience. I have served in the RPF for about a year now, but I have learned a lot since my time of joining the army. I love to write, I write all the time! It’s a good way to pass time, entertain others, and help you stay organized. I am in an advanced track Language Arts class for my grade, but I don’t know if that matters or not.


    •Why you’d be active: I believe I would be active because I have plenty of time to spend on Clubpenguin armies, and I stay up all night thinking about new ideas that would contribute to my army or new things to write about, such as battles my army won or lost. I also love writing, as I said above, so this will be an excellent pastime! I know I would write as many posts as I can each week if I am accepted into CPAC.

    •Any other comments: I like to know what’s going on in CP armies, so I tend to ask a lot of questions just to make sure what I am writing is correct.

  56. Name: Phantom
    WordPress email: PrinceTanner
    Past experience: Water’s New’s Site
    Post: The former Supreme Commander of the ACP, Cassius Brutus, got couped on Saturday, November 16, 2013. The owners of the Army of Club Penguin apparently have been plotting this coup for quite some time, according to Jerry, who is temporarily one of ACP’s three leaders (Flipmoo, Sercan, and Jerry). Although there are a couple of people who believe the coup is wrong, most people agree that it will be beneficial to the Army of Club Penguin in future. A handful of people say Cassius Brutus told Field Marshals and Generals to multilog (Picture: ). About 30% of the Army of Club Penguin’s population believes that in some ways the coup was fair but in some ways it wasn’t. After the coup of the Army of Club Penguin’s former Supreme Commander, Cassius Brutus took place, Flipmoo made himself permanent leader of the ACP and two others (Sercan and Jerry) temporary leaders of the ACP. According to a post on the ACP’s website ( ) Cassius Brutus caused a total of six wars in the 3 months that he was leader of the Army of Club Penguin. Here are some of the pictures that I found on ACP’s site of Cassius Brutus breaking some of the ACP’s rules, being rude to fellow soldiers, and cheating: (1. Proof of Cassius Brutus editing pictures of an event; ), (2. Trying to make Fluffyboy3, a former ACP General [3ic] choose ACP over WW; ), (3. Cassius Brutus implying that he doesn’t want his power to be limited at all; ) Personally I understand both sides of the stories and I believe Cassius Brutus was a strong leader in general, but he also did have his ways of persuasion and cheating, which I thought was pretty dirty. To avoid any bias towards either of the sides I will be interviewing two people, the first being Mr. Waffle 45 who doesn’t supports the coup, and the second being Fluffyboy3. who does support it:

    Mr. Waffle 45′s Interview:

    Me: What are your thoughts on the coup of Cassius Brutus, former ACP Supreme Commander?
    Mr. Waffle 45: I personally think it was either to get revenge for Tori, or personal dislike towards Cassius, or just to mislead people.
    Me: What do you have to say about all of those pictures that serve as evidence on ACP’s site?
    Mr. Waffle 45: They are out of context, and insubordinate proof.
    Me: Do you think Cassius will be made leader again, or do you think the coup will be permanent?
    Mr. Waffle 45: Probably permanent, although undeserved.
    Me: Is there anything else you’d like to say?
    Mr. Waffle 45: I would like to say that this coup was undeserving and wrong, Cas never did anything to hurt ACP and I don’t think he should have been couped.
    Me. Thank you for your time, Mr Waffle 45!

    Fluffyboy3′s Interview:

    Me: What do you think about the coup of ACP’s former leader, Cassius Brutus?
    Fluffyboy3: I think it was gonna come soon, since he left the army without any plans for the owners.
    Me: Do you think Cassius Brutus should be allowed back into the ACP as a soldier and member of the chat group?
    Fluffyboy3: I think so, but maybe not ownership.
    Me: Do you think Cassius Brutus will persuade Flipmoo to undo the coup and put him back into power?
    Fluffyboy3: I don’t think so since Flipmoo himself removed Cas from power.
    Me: Is there anything else you would like to say?
    Fluffyboy3: I like Unicorns.
    Me: Thank you for your time, Fluffyboy3!
    Fluffyboy3: Anytime!

    Like I said earlier, I think both sides are legitimate and believable. Both sides of the story makes perfect sense to me, and I agree with parts from both sides.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I look forward to bringing a few posts per week to the CP warfare community, thus informing them about what’s going on in CP warfare.
    Any other comments: I hope to get into CPAC and make fair and unbiased posts that are very informative.

  57. •Name: Ghost
    •WordPress email:Is it ok if I use my gmail email? If so it is
    •Past experience: Joined Acp in 2011 and quit in 2012
    •Post: I usually just post on chats about up coming battles
    •Why you’d be active: I like to tell the community what is going on in club penguin armies
    •Any other comments: No

  58. ★Name: Mach
    ★WordPress email:
    ★Past experience: CPAC Director of Satire, CPAC Reporter, CPAC Philosopher, CPAA Head of Site, CPAA Head Philosopher
    ★Post: I have several examples
    ★Why you’d be active: I would be active because there is always news to be reported.
    ★Any other comments: I know how to make my words bold :D

  59. Name: Sidie9 / Captain Australia
    WordPress email: Just use my WordPress username, aljemcp
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter and CPAN Vice President

    (This is about Nachos and their time in the bottom of the top ten recently)

    Why you’d be active: Because I enjoy reporting. Do I need to say much more than that?
    Any other comments: My username on xat is Captain Australia, and my ID is SidReports.

  60. Name: tompenguin6
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I have written posts for my army
    Post: If you are reading this right now then you most likely know about the big war between the Rebel Penguin Federation and Army Republic. You also most likely know about the server situation in which RPF leaders and AR leaders are figuring out.
    The Rebel Penguin Federation is still trying to work out with the other armies what is going on. AR states “ RPF is no longer an army. They have no servers.”. RPF says that they still have servers. The reason I wrote this article is to decide who will win the war between two of the most powerful armies.
    AR is part of an alliance called the Justice League. Their purpose- to get elmikey out of of office. However many armies such as Lighting Troops, Dark Warriors, and Greek Sheeps have made peace treaty’s with RPF. Other armies such as Nachos and Swat are in the Justice League but have not declared war on the RPF.
    “Due to the actions of Army Republic members and the evil Burritodaily the Rebel Penguin Federation declares war on the Army Republic. We will not stand by while members of our CP Army community are cyber-bullied by the members and creators of the Army Republic. We will not allow armies to bully kids out of this game. We will stand up to this and we will fight the good fight. AR, you didn’t learn the first time. RPF is coming”. Said RPF leader Elmikey in a post declaring war on the AR. This post was written November 10.
    The RPF and AR both have their strengths and weaknesses. RPF weaknesses are that not enough troops log on for the battles. Many RPF leaders have been saying that “ I am disappointed. Like half of you logged off chat before the event”. Said Elmikey in a post November 25. AR’s strength and weakness is how much they attack RPF. Almost half of their posts half to do with something RPF did (other than battle results). This is getting RPF owners very aggravated. It seems if all AR can focus on is how bad RPF is.
    I interviewed several troops from different armies. Here is what they said. “ It is a worthless conflict,” says weatherstorm from ACP. “ I think RPF is doing a good job. AR is evil,” says pengipoo5 from the APF (armed Penguin force/federation. “ A good close game. I think it is gonna be good. Because they are both big and good armies. It is going to be close”. States DJ rockingyaz from the IceHounds.
    Why you’d be active: I love club penguin armies and I love reporting. I am on the school newspaper. When I combine club Penguin with reporting= really cool stuff
    Any other comments:
    I think I would be a very good addition to your staff

  61. Name:

    WordPress Email:

    Past Experienes:
    I used to lead small armies in 2008-2012. I used to run my own clubpenguin news site, and I enjoyed it a lot! But I lost viewers back in 2011 and now I am looking for a new website to report on because I find it very fun. My cousin is Proteus, AR Leader, who is pretty experienced with post subjects, colors, and format. So that helped me out.



    Why you’d be active:
    Ever since I joined the army community, there has always been things I like to talk about, but I never have anywhere to show it, I love exploring the CPA Community, and I love reporting about it, I try to be as mutual as possible when I post! :D

    Any Other Comments:
    I would be active, mature, and respectful to who comments on my post.

  62. Name: Brigade3
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAF head reporter , CPAA reporter
    Why you’d be active: I’m on my computer daily
    Any other comments:
    I follow CPAC and would love to contribute

  63. •Name:Iconic79 Or Danny
    •word Press email: Just use my account name Iconic79
    •Past experience: I am a former Chaos uk leader, Nachos Lt , SBA 2ic, LT division leader
    •Post: Chaos have demanded to Have war with The 2nd gen army Sun squad. The former Chaos leader has demanded to destroy Chaos is this the end of Chaos? Most people are already leaving chaos for former leader Owlcity. ” Sun squad will win! ” Quoted Owl they seem Confident But will they win?
    •Why you’d be active: I am active everyday.
    •Any other comments: I love cpac and I follow them

  64. •Name: Iconic79 or Danny
    •WordPress email:Just use my name Iconic79
    •Past experience: Nachos lt, WW 5ic , LT division leader , SBA 2ic Uk leader Chaos
    •Post: Sun squad are back? The 2nd gen of the Sun squad is back It is lead by former Chaos leader owl city. She has quoted ” We will destroy anything in our way” So you heard it army’s watch your backs !
    •Why you’d be active: im on everyday
    •Any other comments: I love cpac and I follow them

  65. Name:Supa Em
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: When it was open,I wrote for STN (Swat’s news site.) Also in real life I write/have written for newsletters/magazines.
    Why you’d be active: I do a lot of cp army stuff anyway with armies such as DW, so I could easily do this as well.
    Any other comments: I would really like to report for CPAC, I read it all the time! :)

  66. Name: DaWheelo
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter & CPAU Secondary Head.

    Post: (This is only a short post as I don’t have much time)
    Hello viewers! I’m here bringing you news just in from the CPAC chatroom. In the CP Army Central Christmas Chaos battle, Ice Warriors faced off the Lightning Strikes, an army recently re-created by Kreatos. Ice Warriors were the favourites for this battle, while Lightning Strikes were the underdogs. Ice Warriors logged on 15 minutes, giving them time to reach 40+ by the beginning of the battle. The Lightning Strikes maxed four on CP, and the battle was quite controversial, as some believed the draw was unfair.
    Ten minutes into the battle, Lightning Strikers surrendered. Ice Warriors are now set to battle the winners of RPF (Rebel Penguin Federation) or RF (Redemption Force). Ice warriors went on to form different formations in the stadium, such as a V, box, and finally, three lines, where they performed a three-worded tactic. Lightning Strikes were helpless up against such a strong force such as Ice Warriors, but credit to them for putting up a good fight. IW’s creator & former leader, Iceyfeet1234 & IW’s former leader, Albert417 attended the battle.

    Who do you think will win in the next round? Ice Warriors or RPF/Redemption Force? Let us know! We’d love to hear your opinion!

    Why you’d be active: I’ve been taking in noted from posts on CPAC & SMAC posts, and have wanted to work here for quite a while now.

    Any other comments: Nothing much I guess. It’s up to you guys if you accept my application or not. Thanks anyway,


  67. Name: CP: LongWay1 Xat: Rockstar
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAF reporter
    Why you’d be active: I think I’ll love having thousands of people read my posts and maybe even learn from me.
    Any other comments: I hope you let me work here.

  68. Name: Goldpufflegy
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I was make posts on my personal site sometimes.
    Why you’d be active: To post about things we the people should know about.
    Any other comments: I will not disappoint you.

  69. Name: Hefman
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Oldcp News, School News/Editor. Ex-LS Leader. RPF 2ic, LSW 2ic
    Post: Elmikey is one of the best leader in armies. Elmikey has been around in armies since the founding of RPF in 2007. He joined during that year and was promoted to the first second in command of the army. Elmikey has spent most of his time helping the rebel penguin federation and finding new ways to recruit for armies on club penguin. When he came back to the rebel penguin federation in 2013, none of the armies based recruiting on club penguin. Elmikey’s method to recruiting on club penguin was to make lines that troops can use to recruit that would get past the club penguin censors. With the method started by elmikey most of the club penguin armies have started on recruiting on cp again.. The lines must be changed weekly due to the censors of club penguin. In the summer on 2013, the era for RPF called RPF Victory reached its climax. A mega war with the nachos caused rpf to work in overload. RPF was reaching sizes of 80, and nachos were around that size aswell. The war raged of for months, with much hardship on the RPF community. Elmikey successfully lead RPF to claim victory on the nacho war, and took them off the top 10 for CPAC for good. August and September has lead to many mini wars for RPF, all lead my elmikey and redgush, along with many leaders, who have come and go. The RPF would not be what it is without Elmikey and the current leaders/2ics. Without these people RPF wouldn’t exist.

    Why you’d be active: I would be active because I think it is important for army goers to know the current news.
    Any other comments: Im happy to do whatever needs to be done.

  70. Name Unkix1.
    Wp:Name Rockdog888
    Sun warriors leader
    water rangers leader
    Uma 5ic wn Lit cppa lit Please Add me
    Im very active posting stuff and on armys

  71. •Name:Iconic79/Danny
    •WordPress email:Use my wordpress name Iconic79
    •Past experience: I work at Cpaf so Yea
    •Post: Why do Have so many Servers?
    Klondike CPAC headquarters
    Why do we own so many Servers? Today im going to find out why do we have so many servers. Each army has a Capital but whats the reason on having so many? Like take RPF or ACP they have so many servers why do we invade or Claim servers? I went to a army and saw like they had 10 servers And what are they going to do with it?

    Armies often claim small unimportant servers as their capitals. For example Fjord for nachos and Tuxedo for the RPF. To the army that is their most important server. But often when a army loses it’s capital it just easily changes it. When the nachos lost Fjord to ACP, they just changed their capital to Breeze. This obviously shows capitals can be changed and therefore aren’t important as they are made out to be.

    So in conclusion why do we have to own so many servers?

    •Why you’d be active:
    •Any other comments:

  72. •Name:xcam4122
    •Past experience:youtube and website making
    •Post:elm is the best and rpf is cpac is boss
    •Why you’d be active:cuss I like this site
    •Any other comments:ive been playing cp for 5 years and in armys for 7 years

  73. •Name:xcam4122
    •Past experience:wordpress youtube im a reporter in real life like to read
    •Post:The Underground Mafias Army was first founded in 2006 by Pink Mafias. By far, they became the largest army on Club Penguin, bigger than the Empires of the Army of Club Penguin and the Romans. At some point, due to there mass sizes, Pink Mafias decided to split the army into two divisions to handle issues with ease. A general in the blue UMA, the smaller of the two factions, known by the name of Commando717, eventually rebelled against the leadership. He formed the Rebel Penguin Federation. Forever, he is to be banished. World War 3 was fought and lost to the ACP and the RPF.

    •Pioneers- Pink Mafias, Jtrotter, Compwiz5000
    •Notable Leaders- Angel G8i, Abercrombie27, Mpenguin123
    •Notable Troops- Admiral1234
    •Other Notable People- Commando717[Banished-RPF], Oagalthorp[ACP], Tom Wolf[Nachos], Zippy500[Nachos], Dj[Romans]
    •Allies- Nachos, Club Penguin United Nations Space Commision
    •Enemies- Army of Club Penguin, Rebel Penguin Federation
    •Why you’d be active:i really like this site and my dream is to become a reporter
    •Any other comments:my blog

  74. •Name: Danny/ iconic79
    •WordPress email: just use my wordpress name Iconic79
    •Past experience: CPAF
    •Post: Why do we have servers ?
    All armies fight for servers. But which one is the most important? This is a massive debate. Read on for more… Armies often claim small unimportant servers as their capitals. For example Fjord for nachos and Tuxedo for the RPF. To the army that is their most important server. But often when a army loses it’s capital it just easily changes it. When the nachos lost Fjord to ACP, they just changed their capital to Breeze. This obviously shows capitals can be changed and therefore aren’t important as they are made out to be.

    Another server considered important is Klondlike. This is a free server. Armies can go there to train and have practice battles. Also if a server being invaded is 3 bars or above they go on Klondlike. Without this server armies would have to log on busy servers when invading and risk rogues and lock outs. But of course armies could easily do this on another server with a similar principal. Although the idea of such a free server is phenomenal.

    In conclusion recruiting servers (Zipline etc) are the most important servers to own. This is because they help you get new recruits and your army will grow. Although Klondlike and Capital servers are important they can be replaced easily.
    •Why you’d be active: im online everyday.
    •Any other comments: I love CPAC

  75. Name: Rocky25721
    Wordpress Email: Use my wordpress profile name doritodaily <
    Past Experience: Creator Of Club Penguin Army Comedy Central (Admin Count 9)
    Post: Dear everyone, *NOTE: There May be Some swears.
    I have decided too consider myself as Retired until further notice starting after Monday cause it was nice to help my favorite armies such as Doritos, Army Republic, Water Vikings, Ice Warriors and Sun Troops. There’s few others too but these are main ones. I dont regret this decision what so ever and it was fun you guys. But lately the way Ive been treated here has caused meh too make this decision and I wont be on CPAC chats much anymore unless Fridays-Sundays most likely. I wanta thank now some of my best online friends that helped me the most and thats all that he (no not she) wrote for here. :D
    Best Online Friends That I’d Wanto Thank:

    1.) Albert417 – You were my best motha fckin online friend ever that I have and thank you for helping me when I was and wasn’t nooby adn you’re the coolest. :D

    2.) Jack (AKA Dataco) – I helped you become welcomed by the Ice Warriors chat when they were talking smack about you and you returned the favor and stuck up for me thank you for that cause your a great friend.

    3.) Kaboom – I know times were hard awhile after you were in Ice Warriors for a while but you came back and visited some and were great friend to me aswell too. :D

    4.) Carter (AKA Greeniscool) – You have been mah favorite dang troop from the Doritos and always will be my favorite of the Doritos Leaders and you were nice to me and stuck up for me alot too youra great friend. :D

    5.) Badboy – Lol I have to say that we started on bad note when I first met you came to respect me and your one of my best online friends too here thank you for everything you did for me right noww. :D

    6.) Kreatos – I’ve only known you for months really but I have come to think of you as a good friend no matter what thank you for being cool friend.

    7.) Emmarose – You are sooo fcking cool and I dont know how to thank you for the stuff you’ve done for me and you were nice to me also your soo great. :D

    8.) Boofgall – You were one of the darn coolest people I have known ever since we met from Ice Warriors chat but I will remember you the most from Sun Troops your great friend.:D

    9.) Bam117 – You were always one of the funniest to me and I wanta thank you for not ever hating me and being fair to me onn Doritos chat your great friend.

    10.) Wwebestfan – Now I wouldnt have been with Doritos without meeting you and you were great person and never mistreated me and we had funn times so thank you great friend.

    11.) Hershey658 – Lets just say you were like my College maniac buddy ever since I met you even though the first few months werent so good youra great friend. :D

    12.) Zee Daner – Youra great friend and you were soo funny and random at the same dang time stay funny friend. :D

    13.) Gill1097 – I would consider you as my mentor cause you were smart funny and nice to me all at the same dang time hahaa Ill miss the laughs and joking bout people great friend. :D

    14.) Gadunka – I hope you read this and you were also one of the funny ones and quite horny but we had funny times since I met you and youra great friend and the horniest. :D

    15.) Motoxjohn – Where have you been dude it was great knowing you and trolling and stuff was fun too great friend.

    16.) Mustapha10 – Lets just say wheni first met you we became friends right away youre funny but I know times havent been so good between us lately but I can forgive you if you forgive me and youra great friend. :D

    17.) XxToysoldierX – I have known you for just months but I consider you one of my great friends and stay horny lmao youra great friend. :D

    18.) Magma781 – We had fun times in the past with Ice Warriors and I know that we havent gotten along much lately but I can forgive you too if you do the same youra great friend to have. :D

    19.) Alfrondo – Lol you were great friend and we had fun times and yes you’re still my man whore great friend. :D

    20.) Wenny123abc – You were the nicest person tbh here you had the most faith in me and was great friend. :D

    21.) Sercan – You were soo fair and nice to me with Golden Troops when people were being dick to me and with Sun Troops too youra great friend.

    22.) Subs (AKA Meano4) – I miss the good times that weve had from the past youra great friend. :D

    23.) Samra – You were soo fckin cool and I dont know what to say your a great friend. :D

    24.) Meta (AKA Shyguy91) – You were funny and weird at the same dang time but great friend too. :D

    25.) Buritodaily – Thanks for treating me nice and youra great friend. :D

    26.) Vinny – You were quite funny and yeah I miss good times great friend. :D

    27.) Ben (AKA Surf) – The times were great from Ice Warriors, Golden Troops and Sun Troops chat youra great friend.

    28.) Teal Violin – Your sucha Michael Jackson fanatic but you were great friend. :D

    29.) 122344a – You were nice to me and quite funny too great friend. :D

    30.) Royilumbo – Your the coolest noob that I know haaha great friend too. :D

    31.) Taco – You were sucha cool person and great friend I dont know what to say.

    32.) Cece – You were quite funny in the past and times on Ice Warriors chat youra great friend. :D

    33.) Bepboy9 – You love Oreos too much seriously lmao youra great friend. :D

    34.) Kingfunks – Stay horny my friend and btw you were sucha great friend to meh since we met from Golden Troops.

    35.) Juju – You were the most generous dang person ive known right now youra great friend. :D

    36.) Brass Ass Dash – Whered you get that name from dude and you were soo nice to me even though I can be quite nooby youra great friend. :D

    37.) Zakary – You were great friend to have we had good times but honestly lol I wanta be the God Of Sausage. :D

    38.) Aaronstone42 – You used too joke around bout me and were nice to me also at the same dang time too but I will miss the good times broski great friend. :D

    39.) Shad – Where can I start you were soo funny whenever I was on the same chat and I remember you the most from Light Troops sadly but was still good my great friend. :D

    40.) Jo8093 – Visit some time again dude miss the good times we had great friend. :D

    41.) Penguin257 – Your a great friend despite the fact you aboose too much hahaa. :D

    42.) Aqua – Your funny and I miss the good times we had from the past great friend. :D

    43.) Aln007 – Where the fckkk are you cause I miss the good times we had and you will always be great friend. :D

    44.) Benji (AKA Firestar) – You were always great friend despite our bad start. :D

    45.) Awesome Austin – You and me had funny times especially from Doritos and Golden Troops chat and stay horny my great friend lmao. :D

    46.) Patriot – You have been great friend but visit Doritos some times. :D

    47.) Icey Cold27 – Your quite funny for somebody from ACP chat haaha but youra great friend. :D

    48.) Fluffy (AKA Superaalden) – You’re soo obsessed with sheep but youra great friend. :D

    49.) Blondie – I have known you for just months but youra great friend. :D

    50.) Arch – You were great Doritos Leader and visit dude great friend. :D

    51.) King Blooy – You were sucha great friend ever since I met you from what ever chat that was. :D

    52.) Christohper1 – Just lmao your sucha horny dang bitch in a good way youra great friend. :D

    53.) Alicia – Your quite the funny one and miss good times from Ice Warriors chat. :D

    54.) Crypto – Where have you been lately and I miss the funny times my great friend. :D

    55.) Funkikiflurry – Visit sometime I miss the good times we had from Ice Warriors chat my great friend. :D

    56.) West004 – You were great Doritos Leader and I miss good times my great friend. :D

    57.) 13yearoldnoob – You were epic Doritos Leader miss good times we had and can you visit my great friend. :D

    58.) Bearsboy – I have known you months but you were great friend. :D

    Best History Club Penguin Armies:
    1.) Doritos 2ic/Advisor (Owner)

    2.) Army Republic 2ic (Owner)

    3.) Water Vikings 2ic (Owner)

    4.) Ice Warriors Head General (High Mod)

    5.) Sun Troops General (High Mod)

    6.) Golden Troops General (High Mod)

    7.) Dark Warriors Head Colonel (High Mod)

    8.) Global Defenders Head General (High Mod)

    Thats all the b****** wrote for here peaceout. :D

    P.s Rocky made me post this :’( ~Penguin257

    Why youd be active: Online alot daily
    Comments: CPAC ish swagtasticly not biased

    • Okay listen I am only good with making specific types of posts like Retirements Couping posts that kinda stuff and Declaration of war posts and the stuff like Mach does sometimes but I promise you that IF you come to your senses and hire me as a reporter I will make good posts in those categories that I mentioned

      • Where am I?

        • What Exactly Is Satire IYO?: Interview With Aquabluejet, The Draco Joe, Stromae, Badboy, And Jester

          Today I have interviewed a few people to discuss their opinions on Satire and here is what I got from Aquabluejet, Draco Joe, Stromae, Badboy, and Jester.

          Aquabluejet’s Satire Interview:

          Rocky: What is your opinion on what Satire is (Good Or Bad)?

          Aquabluejet: Good if it has hentai

          Rocky: Do you think its good to have Satire?

          Aquabluejet: Yes with hentai

          Rocky: How so?

          Aquabluejet: Anime porn and its hot

          Rocky: Anything else? Lel

          Aquabluejet: Naked women

          Rocky: LOL Okay next one, What do you think Satire has done to the Club Penguin Army society?

          Aquabluejet: Decreased the population of people watching porn

          Rocky: What should we do to have more people enjoy Satire?

          Aquabluejet: I think Satire needs more Hentai and less of a bonerkill cause you dont know how many times one of Mach’s satire posts on CPAC has killed my boner it made my dick unharden and get soft again

          Rocky: Lmao okay the final question, would you consider Newgrounds as to be part of Satire in a way?

          Aquabluejet: Nigga bitch Newgrounds is the shit yes

          Rocky: Great interview lol

          Aquabluejet: I try my hardest man

          Draco Joe’s Interview:

          Rocky: What is your opinion on what Satire is (Good Or Bad)?

          Draco Joe: Gurrd because it gives me that same feeling when I eat cookie dough, ohhh sweet mama

          Rocky: Do you think its good to have Satire?

          Draco Joe: Yezzz because its funny and it takes away all the sweaty people like Elmikey

          Rocky: LOL Okay next question, What do you think Satire has done to the Club Penguin Army society?

          Draco Joe: It has given us the lulz and as the SPA would say We bring da Lolz

          Rocky: What should we do to have more people enjoy Satire?

          Draco Joe: Make fun of more peeps

          Rocky: Final question, would you consider Newgrounds as part of Satire in a way?

          Draco Joe: Ehh im no good

          Rocky: ????? Lolwut great interview lol

          Draco Joe: You’re welcome

          Interview With Stromae

          Rocky: What is your opinion on what Satire is (Good Or Bad)?

          Stromae: Good because it brings smiles to people’s faces including during the war and it brings out the brighter sides of people.

          Rocky: Do you think its good to have Satire?

          Stromae: Yes like I said before

          Rocky: What do you think Satire has done to the Club Penguin Army society?

          Stromae: Satire has done nothing major to this society

          Rocky: What do you think we should do to have more people enjoy Satire?

          Stromae: Be selective about it, make it rare to see a Satire post

          Rocky: Final question, would you consider Newgrouds as part of Satire in a way?

          Stromae: Newgrounds?

          Rocky: With the hentai and shit

          Stromae: Nope

          Rocky: Great interview lol

          Stromae: Did I pass?

          Rocky: Its not a test and interview is like a survey Lol

          Badboy’s Satire Interview:

          Rocky: What is your opinion on what Satire is (Good Or Bad)?

          Badboy: Its pure hilarity

          Rocky: LOL next question, do you think its good to have Satire?

          Badboy: I think its just pointless cause they’re just pointing out the Bad Sides of ppl in armies

          Rocky: What do you think Satire has done to the Club Penguin Army society?

          Badboy: It’s a waste of time we need to post more coverage of battles and wars not this bullcrap

          Rocky: What do you think we should do to have more people enjoy Satire?

          Badboy: You can’t enjoy it its all facts and bullshit just screw that stuff

          Rocky: Final question, would you consider Newgrounds as part of Satire in a way?

          Badboy: Idk what the fuck that is so forget it just get rid of it all we don’t need any of this stupid shit

          Rocky: Okay lol hahaa

          Badboy: Worry about wars and shit

          Rocky: Great interview lol

          Badboy: Chose not to respond lol

          Interview With Jester:

          Rocky: What is your opinion on what Satire is (Good Or Bad)?

          Jester: Bad I think Satire creates problems for armies and will start wars between eachother such as UMA and Dark Warriors

          Rocky: Do you think its good to have Satire?

          Jester: Well to my extent no it takes things way to far with people for example leads to stuff like the Anti Samra act and it all depends on the situation but I still dont like Satire

          Rocky: LOL Okay next question now, What do you think Satire has done to the Club Penguin Army Society?

          Jester: Satire has changed warfare and I have seen it with my own eyes too, recently the Doritos put a satire post about Pjayo which lead to some cold war but before this Doritos and Dark Warriors were friends

          Rocky: What do you think we should do to have more people enjoy Satire?

          Jester: For people to enjoy it well I think we shouldn’t take it way too far because on the inside it really hurts people forever no matter who’s being criticized

          Rocky: Great final question, Would you consider Newgrounds as part of Satire in a way?

          Jester: First off LOL, come on hentai doesnt even make almost every guy in CP Armies horny and because its porn that makes them horny so they could care less about Newgrounds and hentai, possibly many people don’t like to be introduced to the new thing such as CP Next either

          Rocky: Lmfao ohh wow

          Jester: Exactly

          Rocky: LOL Great interview

          Jester: Thanks I also enjoyed it as well too

          Okay well there you go this is what some people think about Satire.

          • Jamie:
            Really well did you know

            I think I would if i was there or in it.

  76. Name: Pinkratgirl
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I am a very good writer.
    Post: 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament Results

    The winner of the 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament is… The Rebel Penguin Federation!
    The Rebel Penguin Federation had 60+ players, while The Dark Warriors had 50+. When the room change to the pool was announced, The Rebel Penguin Federation beat The Dark Warriors, which resulted in The Rebel Penguin Federation’s victory.
    The Dark Warriors claim that The Rebel Penguin Federation multi-logged (which is against the tournament rules) but, until The Dark Warriors can give evidence that The Rebel Penguin Federation cheated, The Rebel Penguin Federation will remain the victors of the 2013 Christmas Chaos Tournament.
    Dark Warriors declared war on The Rebel Penguin Federation. This is the post made by The Dark Warriors stating that they declare war on The Rebel Penguin Federation:
    (WARNING: Mild Language)
    “Elmikey, you didn’t learn the first time. Enough treaties, this is a 1v1 war. No allies, No bots, no anything. Yes, this is a formal declaration of war by the Dark Warriors of CP. I remember in the last DW-RPF war, you guys lost against us in a UK battle and a US one. You’ve pushed both me and Freezie into a war twice already, and both of us let you go freely. You asked us both for a treaty, we accepted it because to us, It’s a formal surrender. This time though, nah. Not one leader is going to accept your next dumb idiot treaty, and not one of us is going to accept a surrender. I mean yeah, before I vowed to never accept a surrender from RPF, but I accepted it anyway because I felt bad for the Rebel Pedophile Force. You guys were getting beat by AR, Beat by Nachos, beat by us, It was a sight to see RPF losing. In addition, for the past 3 years or more, RPF has been an irrelevant army, maxing 3-5 to whatever event they scheduled. It was sad. And now, to this very moment, I see Elmikey shoving up infront of our faces, “RPF MAXED 100+ LOLOLOL OMG U GIUS ARE HATERS, AR IS EEVUL DW IS JEALOUS”. By far, I completely LOL’d to whatever statement he makes. I remember in the RPF-Nacho War in the summer, he kept claiming to be ddosed, even though he provided 0 sign of proof. I don’t even understand RPF’s Owners. How can you guys even put up with Elm forcing you to recruit 24/7, even though you guys have a life? Why are you rejoining RPF at the age of 18 and above? Wow, get a life, lmao. The day when RPF begs for a surrender is the day I will forever remember in CP Army history.”

    Why you’d be active: Because I think people should know what going on in the Club Penguin army community.

    Any other comments: I hope I get the job! It took me 3 hours to write this.

    This post was written by:Pinkratgirl
    Email me at:

    • If I get the job will you email me or put it in a reply to this?

  77. Also, if I get the job will I have to quit being in an army?

  78. •Name: Bella30468
    •WordPress email:n/a
    •Past experience: school
    •Post: I will work
    •Why you’d be active:proctect the army
    •Any other comments we are awesome

  79. Name:
    My proper name is Jacknat02, but I am casually called Jack.

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:
    I am a former SMAC Philosopher and CPAA Reporter

    A clash of two armies has begun. Today, the Rebel Penguin Federation has declared war on the Nachos. This interesting turn of events has been the breaking point for a long history of tension. To say the least, both armies have not been friendly with each other in the past. A grudge is held by both sides ever since the summer war between the two. Right now, we can hardly perceive what is going to come when this war is over. But one thing is evident, the losing side will have a burden that will affect them for a long time to come.

    Examining both sides of the spectrum, each has an interesting take on their reasons for war. The RPF have vaguely stated their reasons for the conflict. The rules they’ve laid down are, “Keep it clean, no allies, and no flame posts.” While on the other end, the Nachos have a through speech about their reasons, and desired outcome. Exerts from the speech say things such as, “The Rebel Penguin Federation must be sent back to where it belongs”, “These brutes jumped in on us in our weakest times”, and “I ask whoever aligns themselves with these brutish Rebels in the war to reconsider their stance.” These quotes shed light onto a strong hatred of the RPF. They beckon from their #5 CPAC position, to RPF’s #1 position, daring them to come their way. This examination shows the possible forming of a long dragging conflict. The Nachos stand with a very confident war cry, while the RPF are tall with their high ranking army position.

    In conclusion, both sides seem ready for war, taking it with a very bold position. Evidence shows that the war will drag, and define the future course of each side. A mere deceleration of war is something we are very used to. But this one will shake the foundations of simple life in the Nachos, and RPF. In the end it all comes down it. War in Club Penguin armies, something we are very used too, will once again surprise, shock, and show us it is more than meets the eye.

    Why you’d be active:
    I will be active because I have a passion for writing. It is one of my hobbies, and I enjoy very much. Outside of CPAC, I write for enjoyment and pleasure. It is a fun pastime that I cherish above most others. Writing here will also help me stick with armies, be more active and not miss an event. It will keep me up with late breaking news, and other events that happen.
    Any other comments:
    I really like the design of this website! It looks good, and flows well with the fast paced style of the news.

  80. name: ninja_64977
    word press email: N/A
    Past experience: RPF, they never told me what positions I’m in.
    Post: When I first attend my first RPF event , it went pretty good, then my second RPF event was WAR!! they turn on me, I turn on them, then on the x mas event, I fought them. so I fight them often.
    Why you’d be active: I’m a lonely, I need friends. so to prove myself, I will listen to you, I will do anything.
    Any other comments: HATE RPF

    • dam you

  81. Name: Bion

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: Formerly a CPAC Philosopher,and have over 5+ years use of WordPress and other platforms.

    Post: You can see some of my old CPAC posts here:

    Why you’d be active: In 2012, I happened to lose interest in Club Penguin. Now however, I am back and I will try my best to stay active.

    Any other comments: The CPAC Philosopher position was abolished which is why I haven’t been active. Also, keep in mind that those posts were made well over a year and a half ago. I’ve improved a lot and if you give me a chance, I won’t let you down.

    • Go CPAC,hire this genius…

  82. Name: Twist
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I’ve been posting about 2 years from now i’ve posted on many sites just not as big enough as here i’m a Nachos 4ic ACP mid member RPF Adviser Dark Angels Leader MCA leader RVA leader and posted in and about in other sites i really wanna see this how this job works out for me i love to post for various reasons i like posting and working hard to get things done so i really wanted to work here with some friends and just have a great time it’s been loving ot see how you can post for almost all these big armies!
    Post: As i well posted and made pages here:
    Why you’d be active: I’ve retired from CP Armies many times and i just can’t stop being in them so i just came back and i love to post
    Any other comments: Please accept me i’m a veyr good pposter if you think this and i love to see how good I am at this! :D

  83. Name:

    TondraX (Ktmkid01)

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:

    CPSMAC, and CPAF


    Why you’d be active:

    Not in many armies… and love reporting

    Any other comments:

    I know lots about CP, and CP Warfare. I have been in the “game” for quite some time. (5 years)

  84. Name:
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:
    I’ve been captain of the CPMR army, but I quit it and made something for other CP armies who need allies called CPRF. Club Penguin Recruitment Forces.
    Why you’d be active: I’ve always wanted this job.

    Any other comments: I tried joining the CP SMAC team about 30 times and CPAC, only 2 times

  85. minky2210
    i thought about army’s so i wanted to make my own up, and i used to watch armys on cp, once i saw LT vs ACP. (it’s my first website, i will make a better website in a few weeks or so.
    I have lot’s of curriage and it’s my hope of destiny that i will enjoy.
    My army (BRAND NEW) Is called lazer army of club penguin.

  86. Name:minky2210
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:i thought about army’s so i wanted to make my own up, and i used to watch armys on cp, once i saw LT vs ACP. (it’s my first website, i will make a better website in a few weeks or so).
    Why you’d be active:I have lot’s of curriage and it’s my hope of destiny that i will enjoy.
    Any other comments:My army (BRAND NEW) Is called lazer army of club penguin.
    Sorry about the comment up below it was a mistake.

  87. the form to paste into a comment:

    •Past experience:no
    •Why you’d be active:just for cp safety
    •Any other comments

  88. Name: Rockyiceman1

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: CPAF, Saajster cp cheats blog, Munchkin cp cheats blog.


    Why you’d be active: I am very active in cp armies as I am the UMA leader at the moment, and I am always interested to use my creativity in places like CPAC

    Any other comments: If I get selected I surely will be very loyal and very hard working on each word I type.

  89. Name: Penguin43201(CP), Nintendo360(Xat), and TheGamingPenguin404. (WordPress)
    I have experience in about 6 different armies. I have since retired, but I would love to become a reporter.
    Example Post(I predict this is 400+ words):
    Club Penguin has some excitement in their hands today as the recent event of Coins for Change has ended during the New Year’s celebration period! This year, we donated 25 BILLION COINS! That’s a lot of them, eh? That was enough to make a hospital chain in Africa and India, support for Ecuador, more everything for people around the world, etc. Sigh, if only we donated 99,000,000,000+ coins like last year. Anyway, the money we donated was enough for the team to make more than 3 SCHOOLS out of their own POCKETS! That’s insane, right? More than 3 schools! We should be proud of ourselves! We achieved a goal, and we donated enough coins to unlock all the accomplishments for this year! Good job, fellow penguins!
    Meanwhile, the armies are having a fresh new start in 2014, but with CPNext coming their way, could this cause problems for battles, treaties, training camps, U-lead sessions, and more? We’ll find out when it releases, but hopefully, it won’t be much of an impact. SMAC seems to have noticed the change as well, but it’s a different story for them. Smaller armies mean they might have a tiny edge in the army franchise, as they can move around more organized and easier than larger armies, as they have trouble sometimes at organization skills and difficulties getting around could effect the larger groups of battling and serving. We had some armies rise and fall over the last year, but CPAC and SMAC made it through another year!
    Mean while, the “Shitstorm” between WV and DCP is finally over. However, controversy seems to spark between the two armies, but they end it all well-rested, and there is no true winner as of January 3, 2014. Let’s see the armies fight through more obstacles over 2014, and we’ll see what this year has in store for us.

    While we are having fun in Club Penguin, we also want to make a difference outside of the Internet. To do this and still have fun on Club Penguin, attend next year’s Coin for Change event! Even though armies might be strict, we tend to help out time to time, and we aren’t afraid to help! Email the CPAC support team or any other member in the community about anything! We will do our best to answer your each and every question. Thanks for reading, and stay safe this winter!

  90. Name: carl
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: none (SRY)
    Why you’d be active: Well because i got nothin to do
    Any other comments: i didnt color the sample post but ill do it in real posts

  91. Name: Penguin43201 (CP), Nintendo360 (Xat), and TheGamingPenguin404 (WordPress).
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I’ve been posting on four different blogs for the past year, they haven’t been posted on since last year’s February, but I post commonly on forums, admin on one video game blog, and I think I’m ready.
    NOTE: Do not worry if you see another user posted it, it is a different account of mine.

    Why you’d be active: I love blogging and computers, I am on almost 24/7, except for any family time and school. I do check on this site very, very often, and I am interested in your posts.

    Any other comments: This would be my first job here as a writer, and I think CPAC is a good place for me.

  92. [b]Name:[/b] Zoo889
    [b]WordPress email:[/b]
    [b]Past experience:[/b] CP Army Files led by Joker before it merged into CPAC and or something as a live reporter
    [b]Post:[/b] Old post of mine:
    [b]Why you’d be active:[/b] I got back into CP armies.
    [b]Any other comments:[/b] Hire me or die

    • shit boldings didn’t work. Oh, and I have better grammar now.

  93. Name: Taco
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: SMAC Reporter
    Ice Breaker- Reds Capital, The Reds have returned to resume their past glory, starting generation 4.
    Generation 1
    The Reds were formed in the early days of CP Warfare. They were first made up of little red groups who liked to fight together for fun. The leader of those groups, however, eventually got together under Korns order. They gathered in a chat room on YIM, and was convinced by Korn to make this one big army with Korn has leader. This was because he had the most understanding of the things that went on, and he knew how to win. The following day the squad leaders told their soldiers and they had no problem with it, but to an extent. Eventually another person caught onto the idea, and did the same for Blues. Soon after, they started a rivalry. The way things ran for these two armies were a lot different. The Reds were under a dictatorship, meanwhile the Blues worked as a democracy. Korn knew what needed to happen, and declared war on the Blues. This started WW1. More people grew tired of those two armies ways of operating, and went to unite other colors, making it a true World War. Shortly after, they disbanded and they went on with their separate ways, only to return in 3 years.
    The Early Reds
    The Early Reds
    Generation 2
    In 2009, the Reds were recreated by ElitesOf, GodPlaya, SaW, and Dream. The Reds were a remake of SWAT, DW and Golds. Many troops had left these armies because they didn’t want to be in the army Reds. Reds was still a successful army without a lot of the troops that quit, maxing around 20+ troops at events. This generation defeated many armies in war, and took no bullshit from any army.
    Generation 2 Reds
    Generation 2 Reds
    Generation 3
    In 2013, a new and short generation was created by Taco, Hurricanex1 SpyGuy, Braveboy and TyMaTt. Spyguy retired shortly after their 1st event, and after he had retired, Taco and Hurricanex1 also decided retired. That’s when everything went downhill. The Reds ended up dying after a week. That generation had maxed 38+ on CP.
    Generation 3 Reds
    Generation 3 Reds
    Generation 4
    In August 2013, the Reds returned once again, but with Taco and Sub leading. They hit 19+ right away in their 1st event back, and then went on to max 25+ and 30+ in their next 2 events. They reached 8th in CPAC after a week, and continued to have great events.
    In my eyes I think that the Reds have a glorious future awaiting them.
    Today I will interview Bad boy, Reds 2ic. The interview can be found below.
    Me= Red
    Badboy= Blue
    Hello Bad, how are you doing?
    Good, how about you?
    Very well, I had a few questions about the return of the Reds.
    Ok, what do you think of this rise, and do you think you will continue to rise?
    Well, honestly, I think we will have a pretty long run and achieve great goals in CPAC, but eventually close.
    Do you think Reds have the potential to make it to the Top 3, or even get 1st?
    There’s a tight competition, Taco, but I think if all the troops try really hard, and we can hit 35-40+ at a couple of events, we might be able to reach 1st.
    When do you suppose the Reds will die out?
    I think we still have another good 2-3 months in us.
    Last question, will or will not Reds declare war on an army to become even more of a big story in the CP Army Community?
    We don’t really know yet, we are just trying to reach 35+ and make the Top 5 before we try anything else.
    Ok, thanks for your time, Bad.
    No problem.
    Well, there you have it. The Reds are once again making a big rise in CP Armies. But could it be enough to get the Reds to the top? We’ll find out.
    Why you’d be active:
    Any other comments I would either want page maintainer, or reporter.

    • Whoever disliked this comment should die in a gas chamber.

  94. King Red2921
    been a authour at CPAW , UEA

    The Rebels have won it again

    The rebel penguin federation seem on a winning streak.Weeks ago the dark warriors declared war on RPF for they blaming CPAC to be taking RPF side and giving them the win claiming the dark warriors had beaten the RPF to prove they were stronger a war was declared but elmikey and spi soon declared a treaty.As per reports the rebel penguin rebellion was formed so the treaty could have been proven broken as it was a different army .It consisted troops of both Dw and Nachos as they had formed a new alliance.This idea was not a success thus DW war was won by the RPF

    Soon RPF declared war on Nachos claiming it would be good for the troops the nachos take no war lightly ,so to protect their servers both armies fought.This was on my opinion the main event to make both armies ausia division shine and so they did it was going fare with nachos winning in the beginning but soon the army republic and Greek Sheep’s declared war on RPF AR claim was RPF had claimed many AR servers and AR brought gs to help them it was amazing how RPF was and is still managing to battle three armies at once the GS is currently losing from RPF and AR are are putting up a very good offensive alongside NACHOS i will consider that a tie tough the battle is still going on anything can happen in time.

    At the most recent victories RPF have defeated the NACHOS to enter the champions of 2013 finals.The nachos and rpf are on ceasefire for few days as there was cpac tourney going around there war will catch heat soon.
    Will the RPF winning streak continue…….. will they be able to defeat ACP on saturday………?????? stay tuned to find out!!!

    id be active cause ive allways wanted to be a reporter but never had enough exp but now i think i have and also interviewing judging all that and please tell me how was this post

    i wish i get this job

  95. i wish i get to work here

  96. filling form

  97. actually ill be back cpac i need more exp ill be back

  98. how do you join

  99. Hi! Um, where to start… I wanna be messenger. Like, have access to every armies Xat chat (unless they have something else, which is highly unlikely). I wanted to become the messenger, since today when I met Faith (dragonite) on the DCP chat. I wanted to help because RPF and DCP were going to have a fun battle. But, they both were on different servers… SO PLEASE reply to this and if you agree, then YAY! if u dont, im cool. but please, i really wanna be a messenger.

  100. Name:
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:
    I work for my Journalism team at school, and I’ve worked here twice, as well as for SMAC twice.
    Why you’d be active: I have no social life.
    Any other comments: You won’t regret hiring me.

  101. Name:

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:
    My first two armies were ACP and UMA. I rebelled from UMA in 2007 following Commando. At this time I found my home, RPF. I remained in RPF from May 2007, to now of 2014. I never once left RPF, however I retired once in November 2013. I rose throughout RPF ranks from Private to Leader. I have been in almost every CP army. To name a few, RPF, UMA, ACP, WW, CPST, PI, Golds, Romans, BB, FGR, and the Nachos. I am currently leading Lime Green Army, guiding RPF, and 4ic in Golds.


    Why you’d be active: I come on xat everyday and find myself in a boredom state. I edit LGA website for fun when I’m bored in the hopes of making it easier to navigate for new recruits.

    Any other comments:
    I will have 7 years of CP army experience in May 2014.

  102. Name: My Club Penguin and XAT name is Zing King To, on Twitter, I am known as KingZingJ.

    WordPress Email:

    Past Experience: I have written a large number of school newspapers at my school before as I am a B+ working my way up to an A grade in English. I have also had several blogs however never a Club Penguin Army blog. I used to do a few newspapers for the Watex Warriors forums however which Watex would tweet about. I do have experience with writing.

    Post: I actually wrote a post for the Nacho Army during one of their battles so I will post that.

    Hey Nachos,

    Today our US forces logged onto Crunch, this time to invade the server of Crunch and hopefully fight of the Rebel Penguin Force, RPF if or when they were to show up to the event. With help from several random members of the public on Club Penguin, we were successful in our efforts as the RPF did not show up and therefore, they did not beat us meaning a victory for the Nacho Army. Our tactics were well thought out and they seemed to be effective in getting people to notice our army. There were a few problems such as people being AFK at times however, it seemed to go quite well. Great job to the Nacho Army!

    List of people who attended the event in Crunch and wore Orange/Red for the battle in hopes that the RPF would turn up and take us on.
    – Darkman5
    – Danny9632
    – Jimichimi
    – Akabob223
    – Zing King To
    – Sassy3346
    – Guitar48300
    – Tamary
    – San Chivas
    – Baseball1043
    – Lexiegirl09

    Due to this battle being at the same time as the Ice Warriors battle, the RPF knew that if they split up it would be bad for them so they decided to attack the Ice Warriors in full force and you will probably know more about that on their blog. Due to them being on the Ice Warriors server, we were able to cruise through this invasion with ease although straight after we logged out, we raced to the defence of our ally, the Ice Warriors. “Cake to celebrate a victory!” “Viva los Nachos!” “No RPF, Just NACHO ARMY!”

    Overall, I have to say that everyone who turned up to this deserves a huge pat on the back. When ever a soldier wears the colours of the Nacho Army, it makes myself and the owners of this army really proud and for you guys to come online today and proudly show off your colours was great. Personally, I would like to see more of the UK warriors turning up! Yes, I know it is late and with School, it’s hard but at the end of the day, if you can get on the great!

    Huge thank you to everyone who came. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind you all that for every battle you attend, it raises your chances of being promoted! Promotions are coming out very soon so try to attend most the battles.


    Why you’d be active: I’ve loved writing a lot and I hope to have a career in it now, I never had many views or that much main spread media so I thought that a blog like this one, a blog like this that gets the tons of views that it does would be great exposior. I also have a love for armies. I used to be in the ACP in my early life back when Matre was running it, I then left and went onto the Ice Warriors whom I remained with until my father died. I was a general in the Ice Warriors and my father died so I put all the army stuff to one side however I came back recently too the Nacho Army so I want to prove to my self that although my dad is dead, I still have the strength and courage to work my butt of to get onto this site. The reason for me being active is my dedication. I am the type of guy who wants to accomplish things. I want to accomplish some great things on this blog and that is what would drive me to be active and keep coming on here day after day and making posts.

    Any other comments: Joining this site is something I really want to do and stay committed too. It isn’t just like when you get a new toy, you play with it for a week and then toss it in the trash, I really, honestly, 100% want this and I hope I’ve done enough to convince you.

    • When will I know if I’ve been accepted or not, if I’m not accepted please email me to tell me. If I am, then just add me and I will join.

  103. i also want to join

  104. Name: Rocky25721
    Wordpress Email:
    Past Experience: I have made posts for CPWN, Club Penguin Satire Club, And TSN and have my own site you already know about that soo here
    Any Other Comments: Bend over and hire meh

  105. I like what you guys are usually up too. This type of clever work and
    coverage! Keep up the excellent works guys I’ve added
    you guys to my personal blogroll.

  106. Name:rahuldc9
    Past experience:nothing
    Why you’d be active:to recuit and report
    Any other comments:hire me plz

  107. You’re being gay for not hiring me I know that I make good posts

  108. •Name: CP User:Cookiechoco3/Xat: TaylorWoods_IW_ACP
    •WordPress email:
    •Past experience: Cookie’s Stories:

    Hello guys, its your peng-tastic reporter here, Cookie. I will be discussing ‘Leadership’.

    So, the dictionary definition of leadership according to is:

    a person who guides or directs a group

    So, in CP Armies, leaders are in charge of an army. Sometimes the army is a failure, and sometimes the army is good. What kind of leadership is the best? A single leader, a duo, or a trio?

    Example of an army that has 1 leader: Light Troops (unfortunately led by Waterkid100)

    They are constantly in between low CPAC Top 10, and high SMAC Top 10, because with a single leadership, 1 person has ALL the workload. So, the person has a life, (can you believe Waterkid100 has a life?) and according to the schedule, an army will have ups and downs.

    Example of an army that has 2 leaders: Ice Warriors (led by Tes7 and Ben/Surferboysc)

    At the start of the leadership, they rose to No. 3 in CPAC’s Top 10. Why? The workload is divided between 2 people. Although they are in the same division, they have several events. They made a different decision, which was to stop the isolationism IW has been going through, when they teamed up with the Nachos against RPF.

    Example of an army that has 3 leaders: None (ACP hasn’t updated their rank page, so I’m not sure whether or not Jerry has been promoted)

    A army with a trio leadership where ALL 3 leaders are in different divisions would be the BEST!

    Each army takes on a division, and holds events. An army with 3 different opinions is good, because decisions are made based on 3 points of view.

    Duos and trios could lead to the army breaking up, when they see from different points of view. To prevent this, the leaders must be GOOD people. People with social skills.

    What do you think is the best type of leadership? Comment below and let us know what you think!

    •Why you’d be active: CP is my life. I check CPAC every hour (except when I’m asleep), and I <3 CPA! I can only post every Saturday/Sunday.

    •Any other comments: I hope to get this job, because this would mean a lot to me.

  109. Name: tompenguin6
    WordPress email: tompenguin6 (wp name) my email is my real name
    Past experience: -cpaf -CPACC -CPWN
    Post: funny,short little post-

    another funny post

    Why you’d be active: This is actually bad but i am on my computer like 8+ hours a day and i’m trying to change that from just sitting on chat so i would like to be productive with my time and write about the stuff I love.
    Any other comments: I would love to work here and have people learn from me. also if it is, would it be possible for me to get a job such as site maintainer along with reporter. I would love to keep this site updated with current leaders.

    • Post 1:
      way too short
      this is a story (doesn’t belong on CPAC)
      Many of the people you mentioned are obscure
      you switched tenses (WN have raided => Sonnav, Harmony, and Sapper decided to stick around at the coffee shop
      Capital is misspelled
      No conclusion

      Post 2:
      No context / exposition
      Confusing to understand
      Only 6 armies are mentioned
      No high school “army” is mentioned
      Poorly masks your affiliation to RPF
      Shit talks the Blues and Albaro
      No conclusion
      “real life” follows a linear path (Hospital => CPAC)
      “drugs” is not a verb

      • Post gives the idea that only RPF brings in recruits
        Post gives the idea that DW, Nachos, and SWAT are bad armies


          there is a real article just made it an hour ago…the other two were made in litterally 50 seconds

          • are you saying you rushed these posts or are you saying you can make good posts in a short period of time? Because the latter is false.

  110. Name: Flippers1807
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Very Experienced, owned 4 CP Cheat Sites, Own CP Army.
    Why you’d be active: I am on the computer constantly and I love posting and writing!
    Any other comments: I hope to make the site better, I am looking to do posting, editing, or make Top 10s, anything would be great. Hope you accept me!

  111. I would like to join it sounds awesome!!!

  112. Name: Gator
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAF Head Reporter
    Why you’d be active: Well I’m on the computer all the time. I have online school. So I could post whenever I wanted basically.
    Any other comments: I will my best if I make it into CPAC.

  113. Name:
    WordPress email:
    Past experience:
    Led GT, Sun Troopers, Highest Mod in ACP etc.
    I have worked here before my posts are at
    Why you’d be active:
    I have no reason, but I would.
    Any other comments:

  114. Name: Snowskitter/(Just Call me Snow)/Leo Snowsakowa I
    WordPress Email:
    Past Experience: IW 6ic, Dark Champions Former Main Leader, Water Vikings Former 3ic, Kowala Brothers Creator, SWAT, Green Marines Former 2ic.
    Why you’d be active: To make CPAC more interesting and to improve and express my posting, editing and Top 10 making to the CP Army Community! I also like it because I love POSTING and to have fun in CPAC.
    Any Other Comments: I do wish all of the CPAC Staff Good Luck! XD

  115. Name:Athena
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: At school newspaper I am reporter
    Why you’d be active: I love to post
    Any other comments: Please choose me

  116. Name: Tax1
    Wordpress user: Mrchip124
    Past exp: SMAC executive reporter
    Why I would be active: I want to learn more on the writing topic than I do now and I’ll take my chances
    Any other comments: search SMAC for mrchip124 for my posts

  117. Name: My Club Penguin and XAT name is Zing King To, on Twitter, I am known as KingZingJ.
    WordPress Email:
    Past Experience: I have written a large number of school newspapers at my school before as I am a B+ working my way up to an A grade in English. I have also had several blogs however never a Club Penguin Army blog. I used to do a few newspapers for the Watex Warriors forums however which Watex would tweet about. I do have experience with writing.
    Post: I actually wrote a post for the Nacho Army during one of their battles so I will post that.
    Hey Nachos,
    Today our US forces logged onto Crunch, this time to invade the server of Crunch and hopefully fight of the Rebel Penguin Force, RPF if or when they were to show up to the event. With help from several random members of the public on Club Penguin, we were successful in our efforts as the RPF did not show up and therefore, they did not beat us meaning a victory for the Nacho Army. Our tactics were well thought out and they seemed to be effective in getting people to notice our army. There were a few problems such as people being AFK at times however, it seemed to go quite well. Great job to the Nacho Army!
    List of people who attended the event in Crunch and wore Orange/Red for the battle in hopes that the RPF would turn up and take us on.
    – Darkman5
    – Danny9632
    – Jimichimi
    – Akabob223
    – Zing King To
    – Sassy3346
    – Guitar48300
    – Tamary
    – San Chivas
    – Baseball1043
    – Lexiegirl09
    Due to this battle being at the same time as the Ice Warriors battle, the RPF knew that if they split up it would be bad for them so they decided to attack the Ice Warriors in full force and you will probably know more about that on their blog. Due to them being on the Ice Warriors server, we were able to cruise through this invasion with ease although straight after we logged out, we raced to the defence of our ally, the Ice Warriors. “Cake to celebrate a victory!” “Viva los Nachos!” “No RPF, Just NACHO ARMY!”
    Overall, I have to say that everyone who turned up to this deserves a huge pat on the back. When ever a soldier wears the colours of the Nacho Army, it makes myself and the owners of this army really proud and for you guys to come online today and proudly show off your colours was great. Personally, I would like to see more of the UK warriors turning up! Yes, I know it is late and with School, it’s hard but at the end of the day, if you can get on the great!
    Huge thank you to everyone who came. I would also like to take the opportunity to remind you all that for every battle you attend, it raises your chances of being promoted! Promotions are coming out very soon so try to attend most the battles.
    Why you’d be active: I’ve loved writing a lot and I hope to have a career in it now, I never had many views or that much main spread media so I thought that a blog like this one, a blog like this that gets the tons of views that it does would be great exposior. I also have a love for armies. I used to be in the ACP in my early life back when Matre was running it, I then left and went onto the Ice Warriors whom I remained with until my father died. I was a general in the Ice Warriors and my father died so I put all the army stuff to one side however I came back recently too the Nacho Army so I want to prove to my self that although my dad is dead, I still have the strength and courage to work my butt of to get onto this site. The reason for me being active is my dedication. I am the type of guy who wants to accomplish things. I want to accomplish some great things on this blog and that is what would drive me to be active and keep coming on here day after day and making posts.
    Any other comments: Joining this site is something I really want to do and stay committed too. It isn’t just like when you get a new toy, you play with it for a week and then toss it in the trash, I really, honestly, 100% want this and I hope I’ve done enough to convince you.

  118. Name:tad77
    Past experience:dont have one
    Why you’d be active:cause iam
    Any other comments: no

  119. Name:
    Chris/Smsm3/Charlie Brown

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:

    Former SMAC reporter (when it was good :lol:)
    Former CPAC reporter


    I have worked here before. My writing skills have improved through the months. Maintaining the pace of the current CPAC will be equipped during my run.

    Why you’d be active:

    As stated in the text above, writing is a skill that is needed in everyday life. My experiences will hopefully place someone on the spotlight in the future.

    Any other comments:

    If you couldn’t accept me, please let me know why.


    • I remember you posting before and I feel you would do well at CPAC. You are going to be added to both the CPAC site and Staff site and I would like you to read how we like posts to be structured, although I’m sure you can and you’ve saw our posts before. Congratulations.

  120. am i hired?

  121. Name: Hefman
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPWN, CPAW
    Why you’d be active: I am always on armies, I can make the time for CPAC

    Tuxedo-RPF Headquarters. Over the last three days there have been much debate about the RPF Leadership. Elmikey, PJ and Lilstar each claim different things about eachother. On Monday of this week, Snaily and Lilstar tryed to rally people in kik to force Elmikey into retirement. They failed and were fired from RPF Tuesday morning. This caused an uproar in RPF. Many troops officers and owners alike started to question Elmikeys decision. On Wednesday Elmikey took all owners and high officers off ranks for “evaluation”. Sir Pj was one of the fired owners. He tried to gather troops up and cou elmikey, but failed and was banned from RPF. Yesterday the all mighty commando stepped in and removed all the leaders from power. The troops were given the chance to vote for PJ, Lilstar or Elmikey for the ultimate power in RPF. In an attempt to win the election some of the owners have been telling the younger troops lies in attempts to get votes. This morning rumors have been going around Elmikey left RPF for DCP. Did Elmikey really leave his beloved army? Is this the end of the mighty RPFs reign in the top three? Will RPF survive without Elmikey?

  122. Army hopping is something that has gained popularity in the past couple years. The only thing is, is it good for CP Armies?

    First off let me explain an army hopper. An army hopper is someone who joins armies, usually rising medium, for the intent to gain a high rank, and leave in a few months, then go to the next army. What happens is they get a long enough resume, that eventually some army members idolize them and follow them around to the armies.

    To be honest, I am not going to name names due to the impact or offensiveness it could take on most people.The problem about it is, that they help armies that don’t really need help, and when they leave, the army usually falls dramatically, So let me explain it like football.

    Player A was drafted to an expansion team, and with other young players around him, he help the team get better, but then he gets into feuds with other young stars, and eventually leaves the team after about 4 years, leaving that team to do horribly until they draft another star about ten years later. He signs with a powerhouse team, who could win on their own, and stays for about 8 years. This team wins multiple leagues

    Player B has been on one team for over fifteen years, everyone loves him on that team, and he has lead them to four titles. He has no plan on leaving, and people don’t even talk about him when he becomes a free agent.

  123. Name:Lolz
    Past experience:Im a moderator and I love to join this
    Why you’d be active:I love to help others and join in I would never give up I type quick I enjoy blogs
    Any other comments:Well my username for CP is QB1616
    But I’d rather go by Lolz and i would love to help and write about the amazing CPA central and Lolz isnt my realname

  124. Lolz here again We will be seeing you all again at the War and I wish you all good luck!

  125. because i like to write

  126. Name: Doritodaily (WordPress) AKA Rocky
    Wordpress Email:
    Past Experience: I am the creator and president of Club Penguin Army Comedy Central with my friend Sonic whos president with me right now. I am also working for Club Penguin Satire Club with sir Lord Allen. Finally I am working for The Stale Nacho with Shiver Pjayo 6789cool (Whos freaking cool) and many others.
    Title: Doritos And Army Republic War Rages On Further

    Ever since DCP hired Elmikey many armies have been declaring war on them but none more intenser than Army Republic. This also includes as figured the RPF also. But just recently DCP and the Army Republic negotiated a contract preventing war until March 1st but there’s more. Army Republic have recently scheduled invasions on certain DCP servers but DCP has done same on the Army Republic’s servers. These however are scheduled before the current contract is supposed to expire. This could lead to violation of the agreement but heck whatever smokes their buds I guess Lel. According to the Army Republic the DCP didn’t show when invading their server Fog. Plus, the Army Republic have said that they are ready for anything DCP throws at them same goes for DCP at the Army Republic. Recently DCP has maxed sizes of 60-67 chat wise and 50-60 on Club Penguin. However according to sir Buritodaily and Vinny they can take them down. This whole war DCP is having seems to be making many good turns and turns for the worst. However theyve just claimed 1st on the recent CPAC Top 10 obviously. Furthermore, we both can conclude that either army can win this raging battle of “Powerhouses” as I like to call the huge armies. And in addition without Musta and Toysoldier and most recently Elmikey, DCP wouldn’t be huge and to add of course, also without Burr and Vinny, Army Republic wouldn’t be huge either. But pretty much this should be quite the war. Which army will come out on top whenever this war end but more importantly will this war end? More updates will come later. This was your favorite 2ic sir cocky Rocky. Credits Towards Following: Cassius, Blue2 and Blue1 for 1/3 of the information. (Inserts war pictures.) Note: I will be interviewing Mustapha, Toysoldier, Burr, Vinny, Wheelo, Andrew, Whats Upp, and attempt to interview Elmikey.
    Any Other Comments: Yes I know that I would make a good reporter and you should know that too.

    • God damn you Ajman9011 OMG

      • Test comment see IFF shows

  127. Hey,
    I’m Jose
    My experience is posting on LT.
    It all started with a guy named, Spi101. Spi felt left out in the world. So, to feel great about him self he joined Light Troops. A guy named Ioioluk always raged at him for not being cool enough. Spi got mad, Spi got angry. Spi raged at Ioioluk and told him to kill him self. Spi later joined SWAT where he met a cool guy named Ganger90. Ganger was one of Spi’s best friends. Until Spi got mad at maxing 20 at a event instead of 40, he quit. He later found out Light Troops was getting led by a cool guy named Waterkid100. Waterkid has a deep history of CP army’s. Spi and Waterkid know each other from a past army. So, Waterkid aloud Spi to join as a Leading Commander along side him. Spi had a battle at Klondike against the Army of Club Penguin. This is Spi’s poem that he wrote during the battle. “As I watched ACP push into the Town I got worried… Fear over whelmed my body as I saw bullets flying and niggas dying. I knew I need to take action! I saw ACP commander King Funks in battle. I glanced at him for the longest time. I kinda got turned on by the way he fought. I knew I had to do what had to be done…. I had to slay him to prove my loyalty to LT. I pulled out my Battle Axe and planned it all out. I called for a attack on the North East territory so I could confuse the other ACP troops and catch Funks off guard. I told my loyal 3ic Pimp Daddy King Lord Jose to take the troops North East. Jose did it and just as I thought… There was Funks standing 50 yards away from me. I got my Battle Axe ready and ran towards him. Two ACP troops saw me and shot. I was shot in the shoulder before ducking behind a big rock. The ACP Troops were gonna corner me. I had to act fast, I thought of what Ganger told me before he retired SWAT. “Strike first, Strike hard, Strike fast!”. I knew the left acp troops came to my left and shot. I hit the gun with my Axe, which shot the other ACP troop dead on the floor. I then got my axe and sliced the other ACP troop. I saw Funks starting to run. I sprinted right at him, he pulled out a pistol trying to shoot my injured shoulder. I kicked one of his pressure points in his legs causing him to get off guard. I sliced him in the chest with my Battle Axe. Remembering who he killed that was my friend…. Ganger. I took a moment for Ganger. Off in the distance I saw the Light Troops, cheering over their flank on ACP. I was proud, I was stronger, I was a Light Troop.” Spi is still a LT leader to this day. I hope u enjoyed the story. My Email shall be where it says my email.

  128. Name: Ax12601
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: My first army was RPF, then I retired from RPF today.
    Post:Updated Ranks
    Posted on February 20, 2014 by Commando717 — 4 Comments ↓
    Today I have updated the ranks, it will be much easier to give out promotions and modify the rankings.. If you feel you deserve a higher rank (especially Privates) please comment on this post and I will review you.

    Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Replies
    Why you’d be active: I am available at Friday afternoon,Saturday, and Sunday morning. PS, my timezone is GMT +8.
    Any other comments: I want to be here because I have recently retired from RPF, so I decided to join CPAC. Ready to serve, Sir!

  129. i think club penguin should at lease sale clothes to non members and the fair it needs better prizes and better rides and u should be able to eat and drink on club penguin and if u think im wrong well im not u r and look for my cp user name breeanna1661

  130. Name: St Ransor

    WordPress email:

    Past experience: I joined Rebel Penguin Federation and i’m still in it.

    Post: Not made posts yet

    Why you’d be active: I want to work for CPA Central

    Any other comments: I’m ready to be a reporter. Like BBC News!

  131. Name: Bjkb1
    Past experience: I joined SMAC, CPWN and CPA Tribune
    Why you’d be active: I like to post and I really want to work for CPA Central.
    Any other comments: I’d like to be either a reporter or a person who helps organize tournaments and give my ideas.

    • I’ve also organized a few tournaments before for past news sites which I have forgotten.

    • You write well. I would like to add you to the CPAC training site. If you prove yourself there, I will admit you into CPAC. Since you work for CPA Tribune, you will not receive staff payment. If you quit CPA tribune, you would be allow to partake in the payment. Make sure to read the intruction post on the Training site. if you have any questions, you may email me here

  132. Name: Cpworld2001
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I joined Rebel Penguin Federation and i’m still in it.
    Post: Not made posts yet
    Why you’d be active: I want to work for CPA Central
    Any other comments: I’m ready to be a reporter. Like BBC News!

  133. Name: CP: LongWay1 Xat: Ryan
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: CPAF secondary head, SMAC reporter, CPAC reporter
    Why you’d be active: Because I like to post
    Any other comments: Nope

  134. Name: Dragold4178
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: i created a website its all about club penguin i like to work here.
    Post: i recently delete it my post there my website is
    Why you’d be post: because its more fun to help you to continue create this.
    Any other comments: i am using Ipad

  135. Name: SnowMcFluff
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: website that’s club penguin made it today.
    Post: This is my website
    Why you’d be active: I’d like to help you be more creative to your site
    Any other comments: I love New York, going there this year in april.

  136. Name:Dragold4178
    Wordpress email:
    Past experience: i created plase add me.
    Post: well check this
    Why you’d be active: i will help the CPAC staff and interview penguins.
    Any other comments: well i have school but i will work during my free day to school. I hope you like my post thanks.

  137. Name:Lights717
    WordPress email:Lights717
    Past experience:Smap
    Post:Title: Swat hires Elmikey
    Outback SWAT Empire- After swat has had some leadership change, they recruit an ex-rpf veteran.
    (Read More)
    The SWAT army has had many leaders in the past, but is Elmikey the best leader they have ever had? On Thursday March 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM the SWAT army hired the RPF legend Elmikey as leader. Some say Elmikey is an army hopper after recently leading DCP, but maybe is just looking for the right place to call home. After asking Elmikey a few questions, here is what he said: Question 1: Why did you join swat? Answer:” I wanted to make a SMAC army to be the top of cpac”Question 2: Is this just an April Fools joke? Answer:”No this is the real deal” And finally, Question 3: Why SWAT over any other SMAC armies? Answer:”I feel that SWAT is a good home for me” Do you think Elmikey in swat is a good, or bad decision?
    ~Lights717 CPAC Applier
    Why you’d be active:
    Because with CPAC in my life i’ll be able to get better grades at school.
    Any other comments:Nope

  138. Flynn12298 and my wordpress username Flynn12298
    I do a lot of reports at school
    XXtoysoldier retired DCP because of sporting but Mustapha10 is not happy about that. Andrew Has quit DCP and has gone to DW and Mustapha10 is not happy about that so now his army is army and other armies are trying to destroy or how they called it burn DW’s flag.
    I will be active because I kind of come on Xat CP army chats a lot so I will definitely come to this website.

  139. I want to be a top ten maker:
    Name: Arceus1296
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Top ten maker, Reporter
    Post: Quite old top ten I made but im better now
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because this site is absolutely magnificent and fantastic. I would gladly each week give out a lovely top ten taking it in turns with blue1.
    Any other comments: This application form is for me to get top ten maker.

  140. 1.Club Penguin Username and Email? Shiver and WP user is Chancellorshiver
    2. Experience in Club Penguin news sites? CPAC Executive Producer, TSN Executive
    3. Example post? (few on CPAC but heres one I found, not my best but good)

  141. Name: Coffykins (Coff)
    WordPress email: My username on WordPress is Coffykins.
    Past experience: I once reported the inauguration for Barack Obama; while I was bored, I attempted a news website although it failed as I had no time towards it. (CPA Tribune)
    Post: I have several example posts –
    Why you’d be active: I believe my time as a leader in the community is over and I would like to aim towards the media. I should have made this decision a long time ago.

  142. I would like to use my grammar Nazi instincts to become an editor. Is there a different form to fill?

  143. Name: Yeasy
    WordPress email: My username on WordPress is Yeasy
    Past experience: CPAC reporter and philosopher 2012-2013
    Why you’d be active: I must admit that I usually failed with the “post at least once per week”. However this time I will concentrate on simple battle reports, conflicts with a touch of philosophy here and there (when I truly have time).

    • Error: WordPress email: yuriandropov

  144. name doriboss all i want to do is join i have a amazing story to wordpress beastboy i do have some experience because im a big fan of reporting i have no more comments

  145. Name: Leafpool
    WordPress email: I don’t have word press yet but im getting mine
    Past expireance: I was in an army

  146. YouWrite for Galaxie3:

  147. Name: donythedruggo
    WordPress email: donythedruggo
    Past experience: dunno mate
    Why you’d be active: watrutalkinabeet
    Any other comments: nah m8

  148. Name: ๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§Ƭσм
    WordPress Email: Im getting one SOON.
    Past experience: I was a 3ic in LT and 4ic in Pirates. I used to post things on other websites. Got a writing experience.
    Post: Spi retiring from LT and LT shutting down. Much more information on that. Jerry retiring from acp TODAY. Much more information i will explain on that later. And i have news about Waterkid merging Lt troops into Pirates of Club Penguin.
    Why you’d be active: I would be active because i find LOTS of news on different armies. And im not very busy during days. Cpac is a BIG importance to some people and i will take care of the reporting.
    Any other comments: I hope you would be interested in me being a reporter!

  149. Name:Kumici
    Past experience:Im writting for my school,and i was writting for swat
    Why you’d be active:Cause i want to improve my english(im from small country in europe)
    Any other comments:I would like tofinish the server page

    • i forgot to add that my very first army was iw, then i went to gt where i were mod and last were swat where i were 4ic,and couple small armies

      • and new post:
        Is this democracy?
        Are we democratic army? We dont have elections,government,court…We dont have anything democratic in army. And thats not all we are monarchy.
         If “president” say ban we ban if “president” say owner someone is owner. I think thats the problem! Thats why troops leave cause they know if leader like them they will be promoted and if no you wont be promoted. When did we vote for “president”. NEVER! And this is not problem in only our army thats problem in all armys. All armys say we are  democratic. What did they do for democratic, nothing do you know why? Cause leaders want power and why would they lose it. Of course everyone want power but if army is worse and worse why dont you give someone else power to rule he or she maybe is much better leader than you or anybody else. We need revolution in armies.
        Thats all for now but if you agree and you support this pls add in your xat name REFORMATION!

  150. I have my wordpress account. Tommy7777771.

  151. Oh this was ๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§Ƭσм

  152. ๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§Ƭσм, add me as author on site please. I have some posts about the armies. This is ๖̶̶̶ۣۜ§Ƭσм!!!!!!!!!!!!

  153. Thats my account and you hired me. ill tell why thats my wordpress account.

    • They didnt hire you lol

  154. I tried out before did I make it

  155. please hire me I may not sound that good a reporting but I am

  156. Name: Spy
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: Written on a sports blog.
    How Judges should be implemented into everyday warfare.

    Club Penguin Warfare can be very confusing. It’s sometimes hard to know who the winner is in battle and often it causes disputes. In every official Club Penguin tournament there are Judges who deice which army is the true victor of this particular battle. Personally I think that Judges should be apart everything to do with Club Penguin Warfare not only tournaments but also in invasion and defenses. This will make it so there are much fewer disputes; and so that less armies will spend there time arguing who the true winner is

    A couple days ago a war between Golds Army and SWAT began. Golds Army decided to invade Outback one of SWATs servers. Both armies had around the same size but Golds Army were more organized with better tactics, such as formations and emotes being used on Club Penguin. So this should mean that Golds Army would win this battle, right? Wrong. This battle was disputed by SWAT and said they won. So they called this a tie and SWAT kept there server, but Golds army still think they won that server. So now both armies claim possession of the server Outback.

    If a judge was at this battle there would not have been a dispute there would be a true victor.

    Why you’d be active: Im on alot
    Any other comments: Find me on Golds chat

  157. flynn12298
    wwe best fan has came back to DCP. and RPF versing DCP what will happen
    I would be active because I like being apart of teams and when I am I really help

  158. •Name: Taibhse
    •WordPress email: / My WP is taibhsestradivar.
    •Past experience: None.
    •Why you’d be active: The Club Penguin Army Central is one of the best news websites around. I love posting and I love giving information to different people straight from the press. As I said above, I have no news media experience, but it would be a pleasure to gain my experience in CPAC! Also, I’d like to practice and polish up my writing skills. There’s always something going on in CP Armies to write about!
    •Any other comments: I’ve talked to Funks already about this. I’m commenting this application just in case if something happened.

  159. Name:

    WordPress email:

    Past experience:
    My first two armies were ACP and UMA. I rebelled from UMA in 2007 following Commando. At this time I found my home, RPF. I remained in RPF from May 2007-February 2014. I never once left RPF, however I retired once in November 2013. I rose throughout RPF ranks from Private to Leader. I have been in almost every CP army. To name a few, RPF, UMA, ACP, WW, CPST, PI, Golds, Romans, BB, FGR, and the Nachos.


    Why you’d be active: I come on xat everyday and find myself in a boredom state. I edit LGA website for fun when I’m bored in the hopes of making it easier to navigate for new recruits.

    Any other comments:
    I will have 7 years of CP army experience in May 2014.

  160. Name: Adster
    WordPress email: Username: GoldenAdster
    Past experience: Been around CP armies since 07, Have been owner in too many to list. A couple are: GT/CPST,WV,Golds, GD, UMA, FGR, AR, etc.
    Is a government worth it?
    Many armies have a Government to deal with “political” matters. But is it worth it? Let’s look at some different branches of the government.
    ~The Executive Branch.
    This branch of the Government is ran by the President and Vice President as well. The President is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. So the President plays a big part in the army itself. Yet what can a President do to REALLY, help a Club Penguin army? The President and Executive Branch controls the laws, etc. that are passed as well.
    ~Legislative Branch.
    This branch, consists of the Senate. The senators of the army have the power to try to pass bills. If the bill is reasonable, the bill can be passed. Once it goes through a big process of being looked over. The question is, does a Government even need Senators for a CP army?
    ~Judicial Branch.
    This branch is mainly the court of a army. Many bills go through it to be passed. The Executive Branch and Legislative Branch have control over who runs the Judicial Branch. The question is, for this Branch is, what bills really need to be passed in a Club Penguin army? Most armies only have several bills passed.
    All branches have a big part of the Government. Together they keep a big part of the nation together. But what is the point of a Government?
    In my opinion all a Government does is pass bills, plus they keep some other things together. But it seems quite pointless at times. Club Penguin armies are simply strong nations who own land and fight for it. We try to be the strongest. Yet, we are not some country trying to hold up a Economy! I feel a simple Government could be necessary to describe how the army works. But some forms of Government aren’t worth it in my opinion.
    You can also have Governments like this:
    Some Governments such as a Democracy might attract more soldiers. Since all soldiers can vote on things and have their opinions stated.
    Republic Government will probably attract a smaller amount of soldiers. Many may want to state opinions and have them looked over.
    ~Democratic Republic
    A Democratic Republic may not get as many soldiers in the army. Do to the fact, that there is not a large amount of votes being held.
    I am not sure why people would like to join a Dictatorship. I would have to say, I don’t think many soldiers would like to be stuck under strict orders that they are forced to follow.
    Yet, I feel armies should be more simple like back in the Color Wars. Or as some call it; “WW1.” I think armies have evolved in a good way since then. But, their organization is starting to be a pain. When Clans etc. were established there was a leader, and soldiers. Yet no Government until real armies were created.
    If a army has an organized Government, it does show they are professional. But armies with a simpler, less complicated Government might be more happy. Because the army can simply stay how it is and run itself more simply.
    Many big armies, have a tendency of having a very well and organized Government. Yet some keep it simple still. Medium and small armies usually have a less complicated Government.
    The question is: what exactly is the point of a Government? Is it worth it to establish so many branches, etc? Should armies just simply go back to a old state where it was just a leader and the soldiers?
    Yet some things are necessary. Servers are needed to keep the army in tact. So they have a place to set up and hold up their own land.
    The type of Government is good to know too. Since armies can range from Democratic, all the way to Dictatorship.
    Ally armies, neutral armies, plus enemy armies are a great idea. So other armies can know who is on who’s side.
    Government can be a good source of war at times too! Many different armies declare war on each other for being a certain type of Government. A good example is the recent war between IV (Ice Vikings), and GT (Golden Troops). The Ice Vikings declared war on GT for being a Democracy. There is other types of Government that could possibly be discussed. But these I would say, are most known through out the army world.
    My final opinion on Government is this; certain parts of a Government are needed. But, some can go overboard on the amount of Government that is needed to be established for a army.
    What is your opinion?
    Leave a comment about it!

    Why you’d be active: Limiting myself to a few armies. I also enjoy to write about CP armies and philosophy

    Any other comments:

  161. flynn12298
    I do a lot of reports at school.
    Has DCP and RPF gone to best friends to enemies. DCP and RPF are having a war. DW want a war with DCP what will happen.
    I would be active because I go on here everyday to see news.
    most of my reports might be on DCP, DW, RPF, ACP

  162. Name: Dragold4178
    Past experience: Being a Guest Reporter here so hard to think what i post!
    Why you’d be active: i like to post thats why i created a website!
    Any other comments: i wanna be a Top 10 maker or Reporter please accept my application! This is my 3rd application the post that i show is not good so i make one!

  163. I sent a message up the top but I got more news.
    DCP go to thirst to 7 in the top ten.

  164. Please tell me if I maid it

    • Flynn you’re example post was only like 5 sentences and it truly sucked. Do you know what a paragraph is? Maybe you should use them. You’re grammar is also terrible. And dont get me started about you’re spelling. Im pretty sure you wanted “made” instead of “maid”. Maybe you should stick on one topic too. You jumped from one idea to another. I really laughed when I read you’re post, like do you think you’re going to get this job. I suggest you stop coming here and posting comments like “Did I make it?” or “Im a really good reporter hire me!” and even “I got more news guys.” YOU WILL NOT GET THE JOB.

      • Are u from SMAC or SMAP

        • Neither. Im just trying to tell you to learn some grammar and write more than 5 sentences with 30 words. Maybe you should go look at articles on this website, they are WAY more than 5 sentences.If you had a brain in you’re head you could figure out that you suck and will not get this job. Please go tell you’re teachers that they are amazing because of how much they taught you. Please leave this page and never come back.

          • ok I didn’t right that well because I didn’t want to sit there and right a report for 20 min

  165. oh nvm

  166. 1. Jays6710


    3.My Past experience has been me leading Rebel Penguin Force for 4 months and nothing else

    4.Ice Warriors have a huge problem! The Ice Warriors are in the least 10 armys. I know because i am in the Ice Warriors and check at least once a week. Also l am in the Rebel Penguin Force and i applyed for The Golden Warriors but not yet checked my resultes. It would be nice if i was in The Golden Warriors or i think it was the romans i dunno i cant remember. And i have heard a army leader retiring very soon probely in about Three to Four weeks. We the Ice Warriors are declaring war on Sunday 20th April on Easter Sunday.

    5. In my spare time not on the laptop i like to well cook and watch TV and go outside for 10 mintues and i also like to play my Nintendo Wii and Playstaion 2

    6. It would be a privalige to work at the CPA Central.

  167. Woogybunch could you please read my latest comment on this page and get back to me soon?


  168. Name: colj8, but call me flipastro
    WordPress email:
    Past experience: I worked for my own thing called Small Medium Army Forums
    Why you’d be active: Because I have always wanted this job
    Any other comments: Brady said he will choose me

  169. Name:Pjayo


    Past experience:ACP, Romans, IW, DCP(controversial), Golds, LT, RPF, DW(blue), TSN reporter

    Post: Reacon Goes MIA || Will he return? || Where is he now? ||

    CPAC Bomb Shelter, Middle of DCP bombing, Klondike

    Hello CPAC, Recently Reacon, RF leader and founder, has gone missing. With no clues to where he is, or why he left, the army community is puzzled. Lots of RF (Redemption Force) troops have been trying to contact him thru wordpress, kik, xat- with no avail. for more info I went to Blaze, RF leader.


    NOTE:blaze was not online. this is just simulated

    Me: Hello Blaze, Tell me what happened to Reacon?


    Me: Ok. Why do you think he went MIA?


    Me: Ok. Tell me where you think he may be?


    Me: Any final comments?


    Why you’d be active: It gets boring sitting on chat, and sit on chat ALOT. I will be able to make a ton of time for CPAC
    Any other comments: OBLAHH

  170. Name: Doritodaily (WordPress) AKA Rocky
    Wordpress Email:
    Past Experience: I am the creator and president of Club Penguin Army Comedy Central with my friend Sonic whos president with me right now. I am also working for Club Penguin Satire Club with sir Lord Allen. Finally I am working for The Stale Nacho

    Title:The Club Penguin Army World: Land Of Confusion?

    Could you say that the world of Club Penguin Armies is into a state where it’s one big “Land of confusion” you might wonder? Here is what you’ll learn from this post. Ever since CP Armies began back in 2007 there have been many changes including the following:

    1.) How the army is ran
    2.) The types of Leadership in that army
    3.) The Army Whores (Hoppers)
    4.) The Noobs Of Armies
    5.) Allies And Enemies (And Neutral)
    6.) Love Hate Relationships In Armies
    8.) Recruiting
    9.) Getting Promotions And Avoiding Demotions
    10.) Activeness and inactiveness
    11.) The Social Aspect In Armies
    12.) How much power Leaders have
    15.) Army Chat Rules
    17.) The Ongoing Wars Between Armies
    18.) Coup D’état’s In Armies
    20.) Loyalty And Unloyalty
    25.) Retirement And Unretiring
    32.) Cyber Bullying
    33.) What’s appropriate and what’s not

    How The Armies Are Ran: Every Club Penguin army is ran in some different kind of way whether it’s being strict on rule enforcement and banning/kicking or the ranks.

    Types Of Leadership In Armies: Club Penguin Armies are either going to be known as dictatorship anarchy monarchy and such. But does leadership style have anything to do with the strictness of the army’s rules? You could say “This chat does harsher banning because its ran under a dictatorship” while you could say that “This other army is ran without less strict policies cause they’re a monarchy pretty much”. And then there are the anarchies. Anarchies would be considered as armies doing thing the way that they want without Leaders holding all of the power in a way. Let’s not start any rebellion here guys!

    The Army Whores (Hoppers): Every chat you go you’d see that this person was in that army and then suddenly they’re in a new army and the pattern continues.

    The Noobs Of Armies: You could say that every army has noobs there cough*Christohper1* but some aren’t as annoying as others but why do some of us treat them like slaves for some of us armies cough*Elmikey*? Noobs are just young children that are still learning new things guys be nice and don’t treat them like crap cough*Tap Dancer*.

    Allies/Enemies/Neutral: Ever since I joined armies in 2010, I have seen armies go from being close Allies to enemies. But are the reasons just too silly or ridiculous you think? Lately armies have been declaring war on each other either because somebody in one army doesn’t like somebody or some people from the other army or because they don’t like how its and how they treat their own troops. I would know because I am not retired. Any who know your allies and enemies when it does come to CP Armies. Anything can happen here ohnoes!

    Love/Hate Relationships In Armies: When you see how army chats are you can tell whether the troops get along with each other or they can’t stand one another (which could lead to leader/owner or lower rank fights) and you know what that leads to obviously. But to add most armies like the very historic ones seem to have more of a non-hateful relationship with their troops unlike today’s newer rising armies (not saying all of them). Just get along you guys we can make things work! Like they say it’s now or never.

    Recruiting: Ever since 2012 to be exact, I’ve noticed that people now have to avoid getting demoted not just by making events but by also recruiting. This in some cases is the right thing to have and in others the wrong thing depending on what army and how they’re doing sizes wise. What happened to the good old days where you only had to be active to keep your ranks (Wary)? Anyways, it’s good and not good you’d say. But also, some people are much better at recruiting than others and I would know. Some armies will make people recruit certain number of troops to keep their rank which is good and bad once again depending on the army. Whether any of this works or not Club Penguin Armies isn’t just going to die IF we don’t recruit. I will conclude this part by saying RECRUIT!

    Promotions And Demotions: Everyone loves getting them promos. But of course people can’t stand getting demoted especially IF they’re accused of doing bad job when they weren’t. But as they say “Life’s not fair”. We’ve got to deal with the fact that the army Leaders are usually right and make good choices with a few exceptions (Ain’t saying names). It’s get active or face the terrible consequences!

    Activeness And Inactiveness: Over the five years I have been in armies, I have seen certain people be very active for periods of time and then inactive and with the pattern repeating itself. I guess that means people do have real lives. Anyways, in my honest opinion IF you’re not active retire until you are again even IF that means losing you’re highly earned ranking. I would do that with the exception of vacation weeks. This advice will help you.

    The Social Aspect In Armies: This is probably the most interesting because as you can see on most army chats many are very social while some but not many are less social. For example, the major army chats seem to be the most social and less “AFK” as they call the term. That points to good signs ahead for those armies. Stay social my good friends. Speak what is good too.

    Power The Leaders Have: There have been many cases where in any army that too much or too little power is given to certain Leaders. While in others the Leader(s) share the power given to them. But for some having more power does good while others not so much (Elmikey with RPF). Plus, who needs complete power this isn’t the United States Government! I would also add that Ice Warriors, ACP, Water Vikings, UMA, and the Doritos are the least “Corrupted” armies right now probably. Fight the power within man.

    Army Chat Rules: For some armies, their chats have very strict policies while in others less strict and give more freedom of speech and rights. But is this good or bad you might ask? I would say it’s either good or bad depending on how much people will cuss, break the rules, or not cuss on chat and etc. But always enforce rules such as not being allowed to advertise and such. Basically follow the code period.

    The Ongoing Wars Between Armies: There has been so many times that the same 2-3 armies declare war on each other and are always intense. Many can take the pressure while others can’t. But that’s what happens when you’re at war with others. You are fighting for supremacy over the other(s). Stay strong, CP army strong. But don’t declare war IF your army isn’t even going to fight the other and just ignore them.

    Coupings In Armies Today: Recently there have been many coupings of Leaders. Some were smart and some were just plain retarded. For example, when Cass couped Tori, that wasn’t the smartest thing but he later went on to realize that when Sercan retired for doing what he thought Tori was doing. Also, when Elmikey got removed from RPF that was the right thing cause he tried controlling everyone including other Leaders. Plus, when Cass got couped from ACP that was probably the worst couping ever other than Lord Pain getting couped in the Army Republic. But let’s not start talking about all of Lord Pain’s coups. Coups are basically either good or dumb.

    Loyalty And Unloyalty: Listen, now if you’re going to join an army you have to be loyal and not betray them otherwise you’ll look stupid, like an idiot, backstabber, an epic ass, and etc. Stay loyal to the armies you have the best relationships and friends with. Don’t stick with ones that treat you like their slave in some slave camp. Otherwise you won’t ever be a good role model for other troops.

    Retiring And Unretiring: Where can I start here? First we’ve got records for most retirements in one army. Those are held by sir Bam1117 (Retired 13+ times for Doritos), Freezie (Retired 7+ times for them Dark Warriors), Puckley (5+ times for Nachos), Shaboomboom (4+ times for ACP) and finally the almighty Icey (3+ times with the Ice Warriors). But my advice is that retire for good and don’t keep coming back. Just retire when you know the time is right. That way you don’t look like you’re spoiled over an army. This gives me the laughs every time these occur. But stay retired don’t unretire.

    Online/Cyber Bullying: Most chats don’t tolerate bullying but you see bullying on half of them anyways. I think we should have a vote on whether bullying should be banned from armies or just have that person be banned for bullying with more time added per ban until forever (When they’ve gone far enough). Don’t let your army have bullying or they will certainly die. Keep armies Bully-Free people learn from what’s good and what’s not good. We don’t need pricks online. Let’s keep our chats clean from that stench. It’s literally chaotic for god sakes people.

    What’s Appropriate And What’s Not: Don’t allow racism inappropriate swear words, porn, anything filthy or anything that sets a bad influence on younglings on army chats because then they’ll either follow what you are doing or they might leave your army forever and never come back and none of us want that right guys? Just act appropriate and act your age when online whatever army chat that may be please.


What do YOU think? Comment your opinion!

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