CPAC Invasions Review: 10/19/14

I have been inactive for a while with the Invasions Review and now they will be started up again! The only war invasions to report this week is the Ice Warriors against Pirates war. This post was made by me and West because I am part of the Pirate army that is currently in war with Ice Warriors. I wanted to make a for sure win for either army. So, none of these reviews are biased since most of them were decided by Lord West and not me. Let’s get on to it. 

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ACP Take On The Teutons With A Visitor

BREEZE, ACP Capital - With the ACP’s current rise in size their newly awakened “Navy Force” they call it took on the Teutons in a practice battle. Not in a raiding way the Dark Warriors showed up to the practice battle and it became a three way battle. Let’s get right into it.  Continue reading

Tensions Between HSA and Pirates

MIGRATOR, Pirates Capital – After a debacle on chat, Pirates Leader Final Chaser has issued a warning to the Hot Sauce Army. Read on for more. Continue reading

The Hot Sauce Army Face New Leadership

Half Pipe, Hot Sauce Army Capital – During an unexpected turn of events, both leaders of the Hot Sauce Army Chuckisthe2 and Fallen, have recently declared that they will be stepping down from leadership positions. Due to the legendary duo stepping down from their ex-position, it has also been announced that former second-in-command of the Doritos army Nitrohammer, has been recruited as the new leader of the Hot Sauce Army in an attempt to control the army properly and continue its new found growth. Continue reading

Battle Review: Battle of Arctic [CPPA vs IW]

Update 1 (10:33pm EST): Andrew24 has supplied proof that the Ice Warriors were informed that the battle was on Klondike.

ARCTIC, Disputed Territory – In a war between two huge armies, The Club Penguin Pirates Army and the Ice Warriors battled for the server, Arctic, marking the 3rd battle of this war.

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The October 2014 Legend Inductions

Members of the Legend Committee can, for now, PC their votes to me.

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – The CPAC Administration has gone through many former and current leaders and people of the army community and have created a list of 25 people who you and the Legends committee will vote on and decide who the new army legends will be.

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Pirates Declare War on the Ice Warriors

MIGRATOR, CPPA Empire – After an extremely intense Champions Cup Battle today, Andrew24, Final Chaser, Silverburg, Hulk, Tempah, and the Pirates have unexpectedly declared war on the Ice Warriors, led by Kingfunks4 and Tes7.

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Champions Cup III: Semi-Final Information

Quarter-Finals review post released on Sunday

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Moon Warriors Merge Into CPPA

GLACIER, Moon Warriors Empire – The newly ranked Top Ten army, the Moon Warriors, have decided to merge in to the Club Penguin Pirates Army.

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Dark Warriors and Pirates: A Growing Rivalry

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – As the school year continues and takes its toll on the community, a few armies somehow manage to stand strong, two of these being the Dark Warriors and the Club Penguin Pirate Army.

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Waterkid Overthrown From The CPPA


Update 1 (7:00pm EST): Waterkid has decided to revive the Light Troops.

MIGRATOR, CPPA Empire – Pirates Legend and Re-Creator, Waterkid, has been removed in a Coup d’État by the Pirates Leaders.

This is a developing story, news will be reported – as it comes.

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Lord Pain & Supa Em Retiring From The Golden Troops

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Supa Em and Lord Pain, Golden Troops Leaders, have retired from their leader rank.

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Editorial: Is It Time to Move On?

KLONDIKE, CPAC HQ, Mach’s Office – In the course of our lives, we’ve all done something that has brought upon our Involvement in this community. Even though we are extremely small in comparison to the amount of people who play Club Penguin daily, we have still left a mark, and caught the attention of every executive in the Disney offices from the coffee-boy to the CEO of Club Penguin. However, despite the fact that we were able to take something completely pointless like Club Penguin and make it into a social hub where we managed to make so many friends and memories is completely outstanding. It is the fact that throughout all of these years, we have been able to somehow persevere during this entire journey. The only reason Club Penguin Armies even exist to this day is because of the actions of you and everyone that has come before us. But is it really true when they say that, “All good things must come to an end?”

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Champions Cup III – Battle Three Review

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Badboy00923 Appointed Leader of the Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire – Following the retirements of 3 leaders this week, the Dark Warriors have decided to appoint a new leader: Badboy, Dark Warriors second-in-command.

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