Editorial: Why An Army Can’t Kill An Army

Klondike, DrMatt’s Office – Today we are looking deep and thinking real hard. Why can’t an army kill one army? Even though we say it in all of the declaration posts. Can we actually kill an army?

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Tax1 Removed From Ice Warriors Leadership

Husky, Ice Warriors Nation – After only two months of being leader. Tax1 has been removed from the leadership by S Cargo 2. Read more to find out why Tax had been removed.

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Ryan Steps Down From The Dark Warriors

Frosty, DW Nation – After only being leader for 3 weeks, Ryan steps down and retires from the Dark Warriors. We also see the return of a former leader.

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Whats Up 11 Overthrown from Doritos

Summit, Doritos Nation – It was only a few weeks ago, we saw former DCP Leader, Mustapha10x, step down. Since then, Whats Up 11 has taken his place, only to be overthrown by Sprite.

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Editorial: Why Server Maps Never Work

Klondike, CPAC HQ –  In this editorial I’ll be explaining why all server maps never work. Remember the server map Commando made? Yeah, that hasn’t been updated since September.

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RPF Surrenders the War Against Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – After a week of war, the RPF have surrendered to the Nachos. Since then, a treaty has been created between both armies and a leader retires.

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Pray For Paris – CP Armies’ Message

CPA Central, on behalf of the Army Community, sends out its condolences to those who have lost a family member after 130 people died in terrorist attacks in Paris. Acts of terrorism are to not be tolerated and we join the rest of the world in uniting to support the end of terrorism. Innocent people should not lose their lives.

I hope you all join us in wishing for the safety of all citizens of France and Paris, and all people across the world.

CPA Central Staff

Leaders’ Lounge with DrMatt – Whats Up 11


Klondike, DrMatt’s Office – As another week goes by, another Leaders’ Lounge comes out. This week we will be interviewing once of they stars of this community. That person is Whats up 11 also known as Agent 11

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Editorial: Why The Club Penguin Community Hates Us, Recruits Point Of View

Klondike , CPA Central HQ – Over the years, our relationship with Club Penguin community has become smaller and smaller. Now in 2015, Almost the whole entire Club Penguin community hates us. Why? I’ll tell you why.

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Champions Cup IV: Nachos vs Water Vikings Final Results

The Trophy has been added to the bottom of the post. Keep an eye out for Zing’s history of the Champions Cup post that comes out in the coming week! 

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After five weeks of battles, with many upsets and surprises along the way, we were down to two armies – the Nachos and the Water Vikings, who both had aspirations of lifting the Champions Cup for the first time and winning the 2000 xat prize fund.

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Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War on Nachos

Tuxedo, RPF Empire – After being defeated from the Champions Cup by the Nachos. A lot of tension has risen that has sparked a war between the two armies.

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SWAT Ends War With LT, Declares War On ACP

MAMMOTH, SWAT Nation – Just moments after completing their war with the Light Troops, SWAT sets their aim on a not-so-new target. SWAT has released a heavily anticipated declaration of war against the Army of Club Penguin.

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Leaders’ Lounge with DrMatt – Change


Klondike, DrMatt’s Office – Hello and welcome back to another post of, Leaders’ Lounge. Today, we have one of the most hottest leaders out there with his army conquering the top 3 for the last few months. That person is…..CHANGE!

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Sprite Retires From The Ice Warriors, Spy and Ghost Return

Klondike, CPAC HQ – With the Ice Warriors having a few crazy months, we see many changes in the leadership as one retires and two return. Will the Ice Warriors become the most powerful army?

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Champions Cup IV: Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Last weekend we saw the Water Vikings and Nachos prevail in their Semi-Final rounds of the annual Champions Cup. This Saturday, only one army can win and take home the trophy – but who will it be?

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