Purple Slime To Become ACP Leader

BREEZE, ACP Empire – CPA Central understands that Purple Slime will become ACP leader sometime this month or early next month to replace Sercan, following the retirement of Sercan from the UK division. His retirement came following multiple scandals and outrage in the community and now Purple Slime will get her chance to become ACP Leader and become the youngest leader since Oagalthorp himself created the army.

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Spring Smackdown: Divisional Round Times

Spring Smackdown

After a very interesting first round, filled with some surprise performances and upsets, we move on to the second round of the tourney, the Divisional Round. The Divisional presents a different type of format that has been seldom used in tournaments. Read on for the format and to check your armies’ battle times.

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Have The Multi-Log Accusations Become More of an Excuse?

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters - Multi-logging has become a problem in the recent era and there have been confirmed cases of people admitting to it, but has it become more of an accusation and a desperation tactic?

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The Golden Troops Return

Updates are listed at the bottom of the post.

HALFPIPE, Golden Troops-  Following the retirement of Jerry, former ACP Leader, a post was released on the old GT website by Jerry which suggests the legendary army from 2010-2013 could be returning for a ninth generation.  This is a developing story and more will be added later.  The post was commented on by former leader Riotors and well-known individual Lord Pain stating they will be around for this. The remainder of this post will be a brief summarization of the army’s history.

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Albert & Iceyfeet Temporarily Return to The Ice Warriors

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – Following the shocking fall of the IW, which saw them reach an all-time low by being named the 15th best army, creator Iceyfeet1234 and second leader Albert147 have returned to the army to try and get the Ice Warriors back into the top ten or top five.

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Forgotten Armies – Edition One

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters- As we know, there are many armies that are successfully thriving and are large in today’s world. But what about the older armies that were once legendary? Today I will be speaking about several forgotten armies that were once large, and their history. Continue reading

Buritodaily “Temporarily” Retires from the Army Republic

Toboggan , AR Empire – The Army Republic downfall continues as long-term figurehead Buritodaily confirms his second leave from AR this year, this comes  just a few days later after I reported about the AR struggling in recent months.

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Mach Investigates || The Mindset of Disney

Klondike, CPAC HQ, Mach’s desk, Potato Chips - Before I begin, let me inform you all that this post is somewhat a continuation (or a part 2) to “Mach Investigates || The Falling of Club Penguin“, where I went inside of Club Penguin’s fall. This post will tell about what Disney’s focus on Club Penguin has caused, and the dire consequences that may be falling upon our heads within the coming months. We’ll know somethings up if we get free memberships, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that. Keep reading onward for more information.

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RPF And Nachos Clash In An Unscheduled PB

FJORD, Nachos Empire – On Sunday, April 6th, 3rd Placed Nachos and 4th Placed RPF, who were formerly arch enemies under the leadership of Elmikey, clashed in an unscheduled Practice Battle that ended with no agreed winner.

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The Golds Raid Toboggan

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – Not too long after recovering from a war against the Doritos, the Army Republic has become a target for another army, the Golds.
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Shadow Troops Return From The Fallen

PARKA, Former Shadow Troops Empire – One of the most famous Club Penguin armies of all time a and major Black Alliance member, the Shadow Troops, have returned once again under army legends, Veolata (Ziro) and Cargo. But will this generation of the Shadow Troops be successful, or will it fail like many past generations?

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UMA Declare War On The Nachos

FLURRY, UMA CAPITAL - On April 1, 2014, the Underground Mafias Army have officially declared war on the Nacho empire. Wgfv, UMA leader, named it, “Operation Obelisk”. Wgfv stated that their objective was to “wipe out the Nacho war machine within a few weeks.”
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Battle for Mammoth 2014

MAMMOTH, ACP - Greetings, CPAC. It is time to announce that, for the umpteenth time since 2009 or so, Mammoth has changed hands once again. Today, around 10:15PM EST, a lone green penguin undertook a dangerous mission to regain honor both for herself and her home server…

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BREAKING NEWS: Elmikey and Pain Plot Return of Fire Warriors


Klondike, CPAC Headquarters– It was an average Monday night that became a little less average as a secret meeting was leaked that included a chat with Elmikey and Pain on a chat roomdiscussing a creation of the new site for the once great army Fire Warriors and terms of ranks, graphics, and css. The two are both known to be dictators with questionable methods, and have decided to recreate the army last led by Pochoma and Pringle, who changed it to Roman Fire Warriors and Ninjas then died.

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Army Republic Declares War on Doritos

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire – The Army Republic, after defeating the Redemption Force in a week-long war, declare war on the Doritos, who have fallen to the bottom of the Top Ten after a long reign at the top.

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