Do We Welcome Noobs?

KLONDIKE, CP Army Central HeadquartersHey there, my name is Wenny, and this is my first post since returning to CPAC.  The intent of this post is to shine a light on the treatment of new players in our community by disguising as a noob and visiting the chats of multiple large armies.

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New Dawn Alliance Reforms To Declare War On Water Vikings

UPDATE: The Army of Club Penguin has announced their withdrawal from the New Dawn Alliance. 

In an unpredictable turn of events, the New Dawn Alliance spontaneously reunite. However, they’ve returned with a new target in sight, declaring a full-scale war against the Water Vikings.

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Serpent Promoted to RPF Leader

Tuxedo, RPF Nation – Shortly after the retirement of Silverburg, RPF promoted 2ic Serpent to the role of U.S. Leader. Continue reading

Sprite Removed From DCP Leadership

SUMMIT, DCP Nation 45 days after being promoted into the DCP leadership, alongside Mustapha10x and Wwebestfan, Sprite was officially released from DCP. Later finding refuge in the Ice Warriors.

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How Do Armies Rise?

Klondike, CPA Central – Hey viewers! If you don’t know me, my name is Silver. I’m the leader of the Rebel Penguin Federation and I used to do work at CPAC back in 2014. Since then, I’ve been against CPAC’s policies. However, after getting paid a good sum of $1,000 Canadian by my good friend Mach and being given a trophy, I’ve decided to change my attitude and be in full support of CPAC! Anyways, back on topic. Today I’ll be talking about how armies rise, and how anyone, even YOU, can do it!

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The Plague of CP Armies

With over 8 years of experience in CP Armies, its safe to say I know quite a lot about this community. I’ve watched it evolve from the early snowball fights of Mammoth, to the numerous World Wars, from the battles with 100+ soldiers, to the crippled community that we are today. Today we are filled with laziness and greed, cheating our way to the top in order to make an effort to boost our public status. Armies have invaded the CP servers with bots, including my own army, causing hatred towards our community. There are many reasons why we are doing this; to build up, stay alive, and the most unfortunate and important reason of all, to earn our precious “Top 10 rank”.

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Retirement of SWAT Leader, Tacodaily

MAMMOTH, SWAT Nation – With lots of news about alliances, and Doritos declaring war on SWAT, a leader/legend of the SWAT army, Tacodaily retires from the army. Nitrohammer and Spikey are two names that Tacodaily pointed out to me, when saying that they are worthy leaders of the SWAT army of CP. Will Tacodaily’s leave of absence, effect the SWAT army in any way?  Continue reading

SWAT Claim Victory Over ACP || Doritos Declare War

Mammoth, SWAT Capital – After days of fighting ACP, SWAT have claimed victory over their rival. Not long after this annunciation, the Doritos have followed this up with a declaration of war on SWAT. Continue reading

The Legends Cup VI: Semi-Final Round Recap

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Over this last weekend, 4 armies battled it out, to see who would move on to the Finals. Those armies were the Blue Miners Army [BMA], Water Vikings [WV], ACP, and the Rebel Penguin Federation [RPF]. Both battles were defiantly something for all four armies to be proud of, and now we see who will be moving on to the Finals, to see which army will be crowned the Champion of The Legends Cup VI.

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Legends Cup VI: Semi-Finals Times

legendscupviAfter a wild Quarter-Finals round resulting in 3 upsets, we now move on to the Semi-Finals. The two winners of these battles will move on to the Finals, where they will have the chance to be crowned the champions of the Legends Cup VI. For the times and matchups for this weekends’ battles, read on below.

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Legends Cup VI: Quarter Finals Times


After a second round filled with some surprises, we come to the Quarter Finals, where things truly begin to get close. Below are the times for the Quarter Finals, along with the updated bracket.

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[Battle In Review]- Snow Ninjas Defeated by the Silver Surfers

BELLY SLIDE, SS Empire-  In a massive upset in a friendly practice battle, the Snow Ninjas were defeated by the Silver Surfers, who are currently in SMAP. What brought about this massive upset and what will the consequences be? Continue reading

Legends Cup VI: Second Round Times


After a rather lackluster first round, things look to heat up a bit in the second round of the Legends Cup VI this weekend. Below are the times for the second round, along with the current bracket. Please note that both the Red Ninjas and Silver Surfers, both losers in the qualifier round, have been plugged into slots where neither army is eligible to move on.

NOTE: The Blue Miners Army has replaced the Light Troops.

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Doritos Welcome New Addition To Their Leadership

SUMMIT, Doritos Nation – Currently engaged in a war with the Snow Ninjas, the Doritos look to fortify its ownership even further by introducing another veteran into the DCP leadership.

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[Battle In Review]- ACP vs Doritos

ALASKA, ACP Nation- After failure on the Nachos’ behalf to attend an invasion of Alaska, the ACP faced off with the Doritos for AUSIA supremacy and bragging rights. Continue reading