A New Form of Media

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters — Hello all, This is the Cynical Penguin presenting to you a Podcast that will be presented every Sunday to summarize the past week in CP armies. This is to create a simpler way of getting the news from the past week. I hope you all enjoy this project, and I hope you’ll like it.

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CP Armies – World Powers and What Makes Them Qualified

Klondike – Grapes of CP/Bluesockwa Warriors Nation/CPAC HQ

Hello, today we will be discussing what makes an army a world power, what are the world powers, and what should we consider superpowers. Continue reading

BREAKING NEWS: CPA Central Overtaken by “Grapists”

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – In a shocking turn of events, a group that call themselves the “Grapists” have taken over the site. To find out more about this scandalous hacking, please read on.

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January 2015 Legend Induction Results

This month the Legend Inductions Process lasted 10 days, with over 120 of you voting and 20 committee members submitting their votes – and three people have been inducted onto the Legends Page.

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DEBATE POST: The Importance of Servers

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Nations, a concept that hasn’t been around in CP armies since forever. There was a time when a club penguin battle was being held on a specific server, a specific room and armies would just simply battle with snowballs. However, as soon as the concept of nations was introduced, armies started to capture servers in order to expand their territory. For the first few years, it seems that an army’s strength is determined by the size of his nation. However, with the current multi-ownership of a same server, do you believe that servers are as important as they were back in the days?

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January 2015 Legend Inductions

The votes are now closed and will be counted for announcement tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has voted. 

The first Legend Inductions of 2015 are upon us as the first of four chances to be inducted through the year is here – with 23 people nominated for this round of voting.

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The Decades End Tournament: 5 Year Commemorative

Contained within these lines is a never-before-seen glimpse into the legendary Decades End Tournament, one of the greatest battles in the history of Club Penguin Armies. Let us go back, 5 years to the day, as we celebrate the anniversary of the historic climax of the 2009 Golden Ages.

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Christmas Chaos Final – Round Two

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2014 Year in Review [Satire]

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Advent Challenge: The Results

*** All winners of XAT powers MUST comment their XAT name on this post before approaching me for their prizes so we can confirm that it is you. If you want your comment to not be approved on our website and seen to the public, please state that in your comment. Winners of the adspace need to comment what they would like to advertise ***

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – Over 24 days, in the build-up to Christmas Day, we gave away a total of 106 tickets giving you the chance to win prizes in a huge giveaway with 6000 xats spent and other special prizes available. We are giving you Christmas Presents the day after the day itself, with the raffle results!

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Fluffyboy3 Inaugurated As Army Of CP Leader

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Following the retirement of AUSIA Leader Mrtchy, the Army of CP have been waiting for their new leader to be announced and Purple Slime stated that she would like to give the army ‘a terrific Christmas present’ – by naming Fluffyboy3 as the new ACP Leader.

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Ice Warriors Declare War on SWAT

SUB ZERO, IW Capital – The SWAT has been dealt in a blow days after their reopening, as the Ice Warriors have released a declaration of war upon them for different reasons including troop stealing and different disrespectful acts.  Continue reading

Waterkid Removed From Light Troops

ICE BOX, LT Capital – With Light Troops having tensions and various battles with both Dark Warriors and Ice Warriors, in the midst of the war a post was released by Zakster, the CPAC CEO released a post about Waterkid telling Camelogical bots where to go and who to raid. In that, Elmikey has removed Waterkid from the Light Troops.  Continue reading

Advent Challenge: Day Twenty-Four

TEN TICKETS are available in the challenge today.

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Advent Challenge: Day Twenty-Three

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