BREAKING: Fire Warriors Stage a Coup D’état Against Elmikey

Rocky Road, Fire Warriors Nation - The Fire Warriors, a recently developed army, have overthrown Elmikey from their leadership. Continue reading

Redemption Force and Chaos Agree To Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After fighting an endless war between the Redemption Force and the Chaos, both sides have finally come to an agreement on a treaty and a ceasefire lasting until April 1st 2015. What will this mean for the two opposing armies?

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New Social Media Managers

CPA Central has picked three new social media managers who will recreate the social media department of the organisation. In this post also includes information on what their role is.

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Leadership Change in the Dark Warriors

FROSTY, Dark Warriors Empire - After a downfall in the Dark Warriors army from their number 1 streak in the summer and just continuing to be one of the major powers of the CP Army Community, they took a downfall but now with a leadership change we can already see improving.  Continue reading

Magnifying Modern Day Army Leaders

Suggestions for my next post would be greatly appreciated

*Thanks to my good friend Chrisi Blule for suggesting this post idea, greatly appreciate the suggestion buddy*

This post won’t be relatively long and will contain less “college level” words, as Badboy so eloquently (might want to google the definition of this Badboy) put it. In this installment, I will be covering egotism and a bunch of other stuff so take a seat and get some popcorn

Leadership(s) should flow naturally once the pill has been swallowed. Swallowing the pill just simply kills your alter-ego.

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Interwoven with Ethics and Morals: The CPA Community

While their colloquial meaning does significantly overlap, I would argue for a sharp distinction between their philosophical implications. Like my previous post, I am using real life historical figures, so if you don’t wish to read this post, then I advise against it, since most people can’t seem to take it.

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Applications – Social Media Manager

CPA Central is set to relaunch our social media network and we are looking for someone to take charge of a new and exciting section of our website.

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Water Vikings vs Doritos: The Battle of Summit

Summit, Doritos Empire – The Doritos, who have recently found their way back to the CPAC Top 10, soon found themselves at war against the Water Vikings. Continue reading

Water Vikings Declare War On Doritos

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings have recently become a consistent performer within the top three and they have now declared war on the reemerging Doritos, who have impressed in their opening week.

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Top Ten Armies: 02/15/15

In an interesting top ten, one army gets the top spot for the first time in nearly three years, as one former world power crashes to near the bottom of the top ten and another falls out of the top ten all-together.

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Waterkid and DrMatt3000 Rejoin Light Troops Leadership

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – The Light Troops, who dropped down to 4th on this week’s Top Ten, recently saw Andrew24, Jester and Mustapha10x, three of their leaders, quit the army or get sacked. This had left LT with Bam117 as their only remaning leader. However, after this week’s top ten, we see two LT legends return to lead the army.

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DW Chat Hacked


UPDATE 9:49 AM EST – Word is going around that someone may have tampered with DW’s bot and caused it do this.

UPDATE 9:37 AM EST – Ghost, DW Leader has come on and re-ownered Harooniaz. It was also found that two more mods, who weren’t even on during the hacking were guested. Ghost suspects that someone’s Xat account was either hacked or a chat glitch may have occurred.

FROSTY, DW Capital – At 10:00-11:00 A.M. GMT DW chat was attacked by a hacker. There is one main suspect and as DW chat goes wild, I will take an in depth look at what might have happened.

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Top Ten PSA: Event Labeling

This post is a follow-up to the one posted in November along with changes to the current Top Ten formula. It is designed to inform those who post event results on how to correctly label their events so that they are not surprised when CPAC categorizes them differently.

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Dark Warriors and Light Troops Agree On Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters - With the recent invasions/defenses and raids between the two currently largest armies in the Club Penguin community, a ceasefire has been made between the two armies lasting until February 20th. Let’s get into the details including an interview with XxToysoldier and Jester both army’s leaders.

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[Battle In Review] – Golds vs Ice Warriors || Battle of Northern Lights

UPDATE: Results posts added

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Golds Empire – As the IW/Golds War begun some days ago, many battles have occurred between these two armies. Most invasions till now have been mostly one-sided or ending with the other army ignoring the battle. However, it is undeniable to say that most impressive battle in the war until now has been the battle of Northern Lights.

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