Dark Warriors and Light Troops Agree On Ceasefire

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters - With the recent invasions/defenses and raids between the two currently largest armies in the Club Penguin community, a ceasefire has been made between the two armies lasting until February 20th. Let’s get into the details including an interview with XxToysoldier and Jester both army’s leaders.

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[Battle In Review] – Golds vs Ice Warriors || Battle of Northern Lights

UPDATE: Results posts added

NORTHERN LIGHTS, Golds Empire – As the IW/Golds War begun some days ago, many battles have occurred between these two armies. Most invasions till now have been mostly one-sided or ending with the other army ignoring the battle. However, it is undeniable to say that most impressive battle in the war until now has been the battle of Northern Lights.

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Cherries Merge Into Omegas

After the recent rise with the new army, the Cherries the creator named Trevor has decided to shut down Cherries and merge into the army named the Omegas. Will this be the end of Cherries forever?  Continue reading

Albc & Gtudsd Temporarily Removed From Ice Warriors Leadership

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire – In what is described as a historic day for the Ice Warriors, Iceyfeet1234 and Albert, the 1st and 2nd leaders of the army, have taken interim charge – with Icey stating that several attempted coups were part of the reason for this.

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Army of CP Declares War On The Omegas ||WV/Omegas Tensions Rise

BREEZE, ACP Empire - The recently recreated Omegas, have unfortunately not made this week’s Top Ten due to a site defacement. However, it seems that the Omegas have tensions with multiple armies, notable ACP and WV, for troop stealing. The Army of CP didn’t tolerate this at all and have declared war.

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Top Ten Armies: 01/18/15

UPDATE: An Ice Warriors’ Ausia battle has been forgotten to be included in this week’s Top Ten. Changes have been made and the Ice Warriors are now ranked 3rd instead of 4th. We apologize for this misunderstanding. 

As the World War obviously didn’t lead up to its name – only a few points seperate the Top 2 armies and a new army created at the midst of this week has entered the CPAC Top Ten.

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Al Qaeda Army Formed & Raid Omegas With Bots

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ - Verum, former Rebel Penguin Federation Troops, assisted by current Special Weapons and Tactics owner, Dwain, have formed the Al Qaeda army – named after the terrorist group that were responsible for acts such as the Twin Tower Bombings. Already, the army has caused immense controversy.

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Elmikey Overthrown in a Coup D’état

Icebox, LT Capital – With the Light Troops, a current rising army which has been in the Top 2 for many few weeks now, Waterkid, Light Troops legend has couped Elmikey from the Light Troops Leadership and has banished him from the Light Troops forever.  Continue reading

January 2015 Legend Induction Results

This month the Legend Inductions Process lasted 10 days, with over 120 of you voting and 20 committee members submitting their votes – and three people have been inducted onto the Legends Page.

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DEBATE POST: The Importance of Servers

KLONDIKE, CPA Central Headquarters – Nations, a concept that hasn’t been around in CP armies since forever. There was a time when a club penguin battle was being held on a specific server, a specific room and armies would just simply battle with snowballs. However, as soon as the concept of nations was introduced, armies started to capture servers in order to expand their territory. For the first few years, it seems that an army’s strength is determined by the size of his nation. However, with the current multi-ownership of a same server, do you believe that servers are as important as they were back in the days?

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Water Vikings Accused Of Using Bots

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Nation - Recently, a moderator on the Water Vikings chat has made the elementary error of discussing the download of bots on Main Chat sparking outrage among several Light Troops owners including Epic Master.

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January 2015 Legend Inductions

The votes are now closed and will be counted for announcement tomorrow. Thank you to everyone that has voted. 

The first Legend Inductions of 2015 are upon us as the first of four chances to be inducted through the year is here – with 23 people nominated for this round of voting.

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BREAKING NEWS: Coup D’etat in the Nacho Army || Camperjohn64 and Shivertoe2 Ousted

FJORD, Nachos Capital – At around 8:12 PM EST, a coup d’etat was initiated in the Nachos, an army who just recently lost their formerly long-tenured leader, Beeky128778. After talks between a multitude of Nacho retirees, Camperjohn64 and Shivertoe2 have both been usurped, paving the way for an overhaul at the Leader position for the Nachos. The reasoning behind the latter of the two was quite damning.

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Response to DW, LT, and Those Requesting The Council’s Return

You brought this on yourselves.

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Light Troops Accuse Ice Warriors of Foul Play

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – As a huge World War has sparked on New Year’s day, tensions have risen between the armies of the Grand Alliance and the Resistance. On the day following the declaration of war by the Light Troops, LT has accused Albc of foul play.

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