Declassified: ACP’s Operation Double F

BREEZE, ACP Empire – Back in the spring of 2013, the Nachos had smashed the ACP in a huge war that saw the army drop from 2nd on the top ten to an, at the time, record-low 9th placement on the top ten. The leadership was getting desperate and the Nachos had demanded that I were to be removed from the army. This is when Operation Double F was put into place.

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Ice Warriors vs. Light Troops — The War So Far

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – Following the retirements of Roberto and Waterkid the Light Troops have been on a steady decline illustrated by their fall to 10th in this weeks Top 10. These retirements have also been coupled with a declaration of war from the Legends Cup Champions the Ice Warriors, in this post I will take a look at how the war has panned out so far.

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Zakster Appointed Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, GT Empire – Following Tempah’s return to the army, former Nachos and WV Leader, Zak has joined the Golden Troops leadership as they aim to get to the top spot on the top ten for the first time since they were recreated. This came two days after Zak left the Water Vikings.

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Zakster, WV Creator Retires from the Army

FROSTBITE, WV Capital – With the Water Vikings and Special Weapons and Tactics [SWAT] war ending yesterday, a new report has arose from WV with the retirement of their creator and now former leader, Zakster.  Continue reading

SWAT/WV War Ends || WV Issues Threats

MAMMOTH, SWAT Capital – After a semi-short war between the Water Vikings and the Special Weapons and Tactics army the 2 armies have agreed to a treaty and a ceasefire lasting until November 24th.  Continue reading

Ice Warriors Declare War on Light Troops

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Capital – With Ice Warriors’s latest win in the Legends Cup, the day after they declare war on the Light Troops for the fact of Light Troops harassing Ice Warriors in multiple ways. What does this mean for the Light Troops?  Continue reading

A New Platform For Club Penguin Warfare

EDIT: The new server VPS took longer than expected to install; party has been postponed until Friday. 

CPA Central has teamed up with Club Warfare (soon to be named CP Army Server) to create a CP Private Server (CPPS) dedicated to CP Armies.  The link to this CPPS is Continue reading

DW/RPF War Over; RPF Surrenders

FROSTY, DW Capital – The Rebel Penguin Federation surrenders the war only after a short amount of time. The leaders: Elmikey and Tom agreed to an end of the war and a ceasefire giving the Dark Warriors 7 new servers.  Continue reading

The Retirement of Roberto, Light Troops Leader & Legend

Icebox, Light Troops Capital - Today, the Light Troops say farewell to their long time legend and leader, Roberto.  Continue reading

Legends Cup V – The Editors Predict #5

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – After a month of battles, 22 armies being knocked out and a lot of the top seeds being knocked out early, we are down to the last two armies. The Ice Warriors and the Nachos will battle on Sunday for the Legends Cup trophy and, for the last time this year, the Editors have made their predictions on who they think will win.

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[Exclusive] Inside The Top Ten Spreadsheet

In March of this year, CPAC was faced with criticism over its Top Ten formula, as many armies began to abuse it in ways which had not occurred previously, leading to numerous controversial placements for the armies involved. As a result, I set to work creating the formula we now use for our Top Tens. Seeing that the resulting formula was significantly more intricate, and in empathizing with those poor souls who would now have to calculate it, I created a macro-enabled spreadsheet to make the process smoother, more efficient, and with lower risk of error.

Documented below is the first real inside scoop into the processor behind the Top Ten.

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Tanman626 Joins Fire Warriors Leadership

ROCKY ROAD, FW Capital – CPAC Legend and former Nachos leader, Tanman has joined the Fire Warriors as the US Leader. “I’m very pleased that we have a CP Army Legend joining us as our US Leader.” -Max. The current leadership now of the Fire Warriors is Max/Cassius, Stromae, Vexillarius Sidie, and Tanman626. What does this mean for the Fire Warriors?  Continue reading

Legends Cup V – The Editors Predict #4

KLONDIKE, CPA Central HQ – We are down to the last four armies after some close and interesting Quarter-Finals with some armies causing major upsets and some favorites came out on top, There are only two places in the final and four will try their best to get there. The Editors have given their opinion on who they think will reach the Final of the 5th Legends Cup.

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Legends Cup V: LIVE

All the action from the Legends Cup V can be viewed live on

CPAC Battle Analysis: Army of Club Penguin vs Ice Warriors

KLONDIKE, CPAC Headquarters – After a close battle which turned up to be an upset between the Golden Troops and the Night Warriors, another good battle started between ACP and IW. This battle review will be extremely in-depth, done using a newly conceived formula that hopefully will put an end to major disputes over battle winners once and for all, being the second battle ever to be reviewed in such a manner.

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