Top Ten Armies: 04/13/14

UPDATE: I honestly have no idea what happened to this thing before. Zak and I have redone the order totally and have adjusted the descriptions accordingly. This is the finished Top Ten. 

Yet in another edition of the CPA Central Top 10, we see some surprising changes in the rankings. In another week using the newest Top 10 formula, we see a lot of diversification in our community.

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CPAC Special Report: Multilogging in the Army of Club Penguin?

BREEZE, ACP Empire – ACP has been accused of multilogging to boost their sizes several times in the past. Now, new evidence, combined with old reports, has painted a conclusive picture that seems to lend new support to these claims.

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Jerry2cool, ACP and Former GT Leader, Retires Suddenly

BREEZE, ACP Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Jerry, ACP’s US Leader, disappeared for several days and then forwarded his retirement to fellow leader Sercan 44444.

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Important Announcement

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Top Ten Armies: 3/30/14

A few armies are on the rise, but overall it seems to have been a relatively stagnant week. Here we are with another edition of the CPA Central Top Ten Armies.

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Top Ten Armies: 3/23/14

As we move into the last week of March and the weekend of the CPAC March Madness II finals, we have another edition of the Top Ten Armies, with a number of unusually massive rises and falls.

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Treaty of Outback Signed || SWAT Falls to UMA

OUTBACK, UMA Empire - After several days of brutal war, the Special Weapons and Tactics Army (SWAT) has surrendered unconditionally to the Underground Mafias Army (UMA).

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Elmikey Defects From the Rebel Penguin Federation

UPDATE 9:17 AM: In a statement to CPAC, Sir Pj has stated that he told Elmikey very specifically that he was retired from RPF and did not plan to return unless DCP declared war. DCP announced their invasions shortly after this, with Pj saying “it was almost like Elm wanted me to come back to RPF”.

UPDATE 1:40 AM:  Elmikey has stated that he does not plan to return to RPF.  Click HERE for the picture of the conversation.  Read more for details.

UPDATE 9:05 PM: The Rebel Penguin Federation leadership election has ended. Read more for details.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire - RPF’s tumultuous leadership elections have finally come to a close – and Elmikey was not the victor.

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CPAC Special Report: Rev0lt Unmasked

UPDATE: 7:02 PM EST: After speaking with Brooke, a few additional notes:

1. The majority of the booting was done by a non-CP Armies based hacker, T-h3x, who had a more powerful booter. Brooke and Twitchy contributed but not to the same extent.

2. Brooke further clarified her actions, saying that Waterkid mocked and insulted her, calling her an animal, and additionally that she was told to kill herself by Jessie. She also emphasized that RPF was in no way involved in what she did, and mentioned her sorrow about committing what she called “immature” actions.

I have updated the publish time (effectively re-published) this post in order to point out the significant changes to the initial report and clear up any misconceptions that may stem from it.

UPDATE 3:34 PM EST: Further information regarding how this phishing took place from an anonymous source seems to say Brooke is innocent.

TUXEDO, RPF Empire - Rumors surfaced last night of a small hacker group calling themselves “rev0lt,” who were going after a variety of people in armies using IP Addresses obtained from the RPF site.

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Army Republic Declares War on RPF

TOBOGGAN, AR Empire - the Army Republic has issued a declaration of war on the Rebel Penguin Federation, adding another challenge to their growing war with the Nachos.

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Silver Bells, Silver Bells…

…it’s Christmastime in the city.

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CPA Central Twelve Days of Christmas Giveaway — Day Four


Be the first to comment on this post at 4:00 Eastern Standard Time (1pm PST 2pm MST 3pm CST 9pm UK) to be the winner of Snowman!

YouWrite: Why Armies Aren’t Attractive to CP Players

This post was written by Veolata using CPAC’s YouWrite Feature. 

Throughout the beginning of CP armies different people have had different ideas on how to improve the community. Now I think it’s time to share mine. CP armies are suffering and its all your fault.

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DW Threatens War with RPF

FROSTY, DW Empire - In the face of rising tensions with several armies, RPF has had yet another ultimatum issued to them — this time by their ally, the Dark Warriors.

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Top Ten Armies: 11/24/13

As armies prepare to move into the Thanksgiving Holidays for American troops, we have another edition of the CPAC Top Ten.

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